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Super Saints in Training Faith News

January 3/4, 2017


The Bible

Meal Prayer

Bless us, O Lord

And these thy gifts
Which we are about to receive
From thy bounty
Thru Christ, our Lord.

Ariel is coming
to the
Arts Center
January 13!

Say meal prayer every
day at least once this
Parent sign_______

Time with God

The children practiced the
Prayer before Meals. Most of us
have never missed a meal! We
must be grateful. The children
also listened to the stories of
the loaves and fishes, the Last
Supper, and the Road to

What is the Jewish

feast celebrated every
year to remember how
God brought the
children out of Egypt?
a) Hanukkah
b) Christmas
c) Passover

Explore Being
Egypt & Exodus

There are a lot of Bible stories

everyone knows. Moses is one
of the most well-known
beginning as a baby floating
down the Nile River. He also
is the main character in the
parting of the Red Sea,
leading the Israelites out of
slavery and the Ten

Sharing Gods Story

Matthew 2:1-12
Epiphany celebrates the search of
all peoples for God. Epiphany
means manifestation. This feast
day celebrates the revelation of
Jesus as king of the Gentiles as
well as the Jews. The Magi or wise
men or kings represent all of the
non-Jewish people who were
looking for signs from God.
All we know about the Magi
comes from this Sundays Gospel.
Their names, their races, their
ages, and their place of origin are
all legend. Because the Gospel
mentions three gifts - gold,
frankincense, and myrrh - we
think they were three kings. We
give them names and make them
of different ages and races.
Melchior is the old man with the
white hair and a white beard;
Balthasar is young and fair;
Caspar is black.

The pope on Twitter:

May nonviolence become

the hallmark of our
decisions, our relationships
and our actions

Faith-Filled People

(Venture Pflaum Gospel Weekly)

Feastday: January 4
Patron of in-law problems,
against the death of children,
widows, death of parents, and
opposition of Church authorities
Birth: August 28, 1774
Death: January 4, 1821
Beatified By: by Pope John
XXIII on March 17, 1963
Canonized By: by Pope Paul
VI on September 14, 1975
3 years old: Mother died.
19 years old: Got married.
26 years old: Dad died.
29 years old: Husband died and
left her with their five children to
raise on her own.
31 years old: Became Catholic
34 years old: started a school
for girls in Baltimore.
35 years old: Became Mother
Seton and founded the Sisters
of Charity, the first religious
order founded in the USA.
36 years old: opened the first
free school in the USA.
38-42 years old: Two of her
daughters died from
47 years old: Died from