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Winter/spring 2017


From the editor

Every issue of Carolina Bride, I notice a thread of similarity

tying all of our features together. This time, its the couples
If you have a touch of cynicism about you, I can appreciate
that. But the couples we interviewed this issue are so smitten
with their new spouses and their plans for happy marriage so genuine that
you cant help but cheer them on, wishing them a happily ever after.
This is an issue for your inner hopeless romantic.
We have lots of young love: Elizabeth, our cover bride (page 10), met her
husband, Christian, days after they started their college careers at Clemson

Our cover bride is Elizabeth Binnicker,

who married Christian Brown on Nov. 12,
2016 at Forest Lake Presbyterian Church in
Columbia. Read their story on page 10.
Photos by Liz Roberts

University. And theyre on the older end of our young-love spectrum.

MLee and T.J. (page 40) met when she was 14 and he was 16, and they
never looked back. I love MLees description of their relationship: You
might say we didnt really fall in love, but rather grew into love.
Mary Lee and Hunter (page 18) have known each other since elementary
school. After cultivating a deep friendship, they started dating cautiously
their junior year in high school.

Volume 13, Number 1

Winter/spring 2017

Sara Johnson Borton

President and Publisher
Bernie Heller
Vice President of Advertising
Kathy Allen
Director of Marketing
Rebekah Lewis Hall
Special Projects Coordinator
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Jessi and Bryant (page 44) had a shy young love; they went to a high school
dance together as friends because neither would admit to a crush on the
other. (Spoiler: They eventually admit it, but it takes a while.)
Heres another plot line: A girl sees a guy at a party. She thinks hes out of
her league, but she walks up to him and introduces herself anyway. When
Carrie and Mitch (page 48) started running into each other in the Vista after
that, they werent strangers. And now theyre happily married.
And Id be lying if I said I didnt have a favorite.
In 2014, Sonya (page 36) went to the Dominican Republic with her
girlfriends and met Richard at the casino. She cried the whole flight home.
They eloped four months later, living in different countries while they
waited a year and a half for the government to process Richards visa. They
had a gorgeous celebration last fall at the Lace House after he joined his
Curl up with some tissues, and embrace the romance.

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bride in the United States.


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Church in Columbia. A reception
followed at the Capital City Club.

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Kayley Dodson and Parker Kenney were

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& Christian

Their next
By Lezlie Patterson

Special to Carolina Bride


y the time a beaming Elizabeth Binnicker

walked down the aisle on her daddys arm,
by the time Christian Brown loudly and
clearly pledged his devotion to his bride, and
by the time the couple danced the night away at an
elegant reception, Elizabeth and Christian already
had a lot of shared memories.
They had stories, funny and sweet. They had a
favorite place, mutual friends and promising
careers. And their Nov. 12 wedding created
Elizabeth and Christian met within days
of arriving at Clemson University their
freshman year. During those first days of
college, they fell in with a group who
remained good friends throughout their
time at Clemson, and who stood up
with them at their wedding.
Some of those friends were also
the ones to encourage Elizabeth to
ask Christian to be her date for her
sororitys cabin weekend getaway
in Gatlinburg, Tenn.
We were supposed to take a
date, and some of my friends
said I should ask Christian,
Elizabeth recalls. They
helped me write a text, asking him to be my date. I
sent it, then we all sat
there waiting for him to

Photos by Liz Roberts,

Liz Roberts Photography

reply. It was very dramatic.

Mostly because Christian took several hours
to respond yes.
I honestly wasnt sure how to respond to
her text and thought about it for a few hours
before texting back, Christian says. Most of
my friends remembered her as the nerdy girl
in school, but I got to know her as a confident
and boisterous college freshman. I said I would
go with her, and its all history after that.
That was in February 2009. They look back
on photos from that trip and laugh about how
young they were.
By the end of that trip, we were dating,
Elizabeth says. We never went out with anyone else.


lizabeth spent one semester abroad but

returned to spend the summer with
Christian at his familys home on Avery
Island in Louisiana. After they graduated from
Clemson in 2013, Elizabeth took an office job in
Washington, D.C., and Christian worked at an
outdoors business in a small Colorado mountain town.
We couldnt have been living two more different lives, Elizabeth said. We made it work,
but after a year, we decided we wanted to live
in the same city.
That city ended up being New Orleans,
Christians hometown, where he is employed
with Iberia Bank. Elizabeth got a job with
SMG, which manages facilities including the
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, where the Saints
host NFL games, and the adjacent Smoothie
King Center and Champions Square. She made
new friends and embraced the city.
They talked about getting married, and
Elizabeth knew Christian would ask her soon.
But his timing was a complete surprise.
I did not see it coming that weekend,
Elizabeth says.
Christian made up an excuse to take
Elizabeth to a picturesque spot on Avery Island
in Louisiana, where his familys hot sauce company, Tabasco, is headquartered. Avery Island
is a special place for Christian because of his
family ties and childhood memories there. It
was special to Elizabeth because of the summer she spent there with Christian.
The surprise was a group effort on both
sides of the family, Christian says. It was a lot
of trickery on everyones part.
I made up something about how I had to be
at a dinner with family members that Saturday
night. She, of course, took the bait and wanted
to join me for the weekend.
But the subterfuge didnt end there.
Right when she was finishing getting ready
Saturday afternoon, I asked for her help in
running a quick errand for my uncle (who was


waiting nearby with my aunt and a camera). I

told her we had to wait on him at the boathouse, a shed where my uncle keeps his boat
that has a perch on the top of it overlooking the
At that point, Elizabeth actually contributed
to the cause. I was about to suggest we go up to
the perch to watch the sunset when she took the
words out of my mouth, which probably contributed a lot to the surprise, Christian says.

he sunset was incredible, Elizabeth

says. I had him taking pictures because
it was so beautiful. Then I turned
around, and he had my ring.
I immediately started bawling and tried to
say yes at the same time!
When she began sobbing, I knew I had successfully pulled off the surprise, Christian says.
Then Christian, whom Elizabeth says is not
good at keeping secrets from her, started tell-

ing her all of his surprise plans for the weekend. Her family had arrived in New Orleans to
help them celebrate with a big family dinner.
It was more than I could believe, she says.
Ive joked with him since saying, That was so
much fun! Lets get engaged again!
Elizabeth did not want a long engagement. I
was too excited, she said. I couldnt wait.
The proposal was in February, and the wedding followed nine months later.
I had a vision of what I wanted my wedding
to be, Elizabeth says.
The problem: Elizabeth lived in New Orleans
and was planning a wedding that would happen more than 650 miles away in Columbia.
The solutions: Elizabeths mother, Kim
Binnicker, and wedding planner Cricket
Newman Designs.
Cricket Newman took pictures I sent her in
a million emails and put together an amazing
wedding, just what I wanted, Elizabeth says.
They are seriously amazing! Planning from

so far away in a short time frame is difficult, but

they made the process so easy and fun. And of
course, I could have never done it without my
Kim Binnicker enjoyed the process from
beginning to end.
There is not one thing we would change
about the entire weekend, Kim says. It was
such a perfect weekend. We wanted everybody
to just have a good time. And I think that was
Sara Eaves, the wedding planner from
Cricket Newman, said the Binnickers made
planning the wedding easy.
They were such a sweet family, Eaves says.
It was a very elegant, beautiful winter wedding, the type of event that could convince
anyone to get married in the winter.
Finding a place for the wedding was easy
Elizabeth and Christian got married at Forest
Lake Presbyterian Church, where her parents,
Jeff and Kim Binnicker, are active members.

Finding a venue for the reception

wasnt as easy.
That was tough, Elizabeth says.
We looked at a lot of places, and I
wasnt loving anything.
Until she walked into 1208
Washington Place.
The historic former bank building
in downtown Columbia, with its
recessed textured ceilings, vintage
floors and chandeliers was exactly
what Elizabeth had been waiting for.
It was exactly what I had in mind,
she says.
The rehearsal dinner, also planned
by Cricket Newman, was held at City
Market in the Vista.
It was magical, Elizabeth says.
There were so many toasts. I cried
the entire time, I was so happy. All our
closest friends and family were in one
The food was delicious, she said,
and included recipes and favorite
dishes from Christians family.
Her wedding day brought more
magic. Elizabeth and her seven bridesmaids spent the day at an upstairs
ballroom at 1208 Washington Place.
Staff members from Pout and Blue
Orchid came and fixed the girls makeup and hair.
It was super relaxing, Elizabeth
says. They had visitors stop by
throughout the day before they left for
the church at 4 p.m.
With daylight saving time ending
the week before, the 6:30 p.m. wedding was a nighttime event. Elizabeth
liked that.
It gave it an elegant tone, she says.
I loved it was dark.
Kim Binnicker will always remember the moment when she saw her
daughter walking down the aisle on
Jeffs arm.
A calm came down on me, Kim
Binnicker says. I saw her look at her
daddy and saw the look on her face.
She was so happy.


ne of Elizabeths favorite
moments was when Christian
said his vows.
He was so clear, so loud and very
direct. He just did an awesome job.
That was the highlight of my entire
Christian nerves had been settled
once he saw Elizabeth appear at the
other end of the aisle.


I was a nervous wreck for about

the three hours up until the
ceremony, Christian says. Once I
walked through the doors and toward
the altar, everything seemed to wash
away. Seeing Elizabeth walk through
the doors at the other end of the
church was probably my favorite
moment from the wedding.
Photographer Liz Roberts caught it
all for the Browns.
She captured some amazing photos, Elizabeth says.
Christian had 10 groomsmen, and
Elizabeth had seven bridesmaids.
Elizabeth veered away from vibrant
color, opting for more neutral, elegant
colors. The bridesmaids dressings
were platinum, and flowers were
white and green.
Elizabeth had wanted camellias, a
flower Christians great-great-grandfather had cultivated on Avery Island.
But the flower was out of season, so
they used the foliage from it.
The bridesmaids bouquets had
Sahara roses.
Elizabeths maternal grandmother
had passed away, but she made sure
her presence was felt at the wedding. In
her bridal portrait, she wore her grandmothers fur stole. She wore pendants
on her veil from her grandmothers
wedding dress, and she had a swatch of
fabric from her grandmothers dress
sewn into her dress, with her initials
and the date embroidered in blue.
She also used the lace from her
mothers wedding dress on her custommade gown. On a pearl bracelet, she
wore a pendant that had been passed
down from her great-great-grandmother. All of the women in her family
have worn it on their wedding days.
Photographer Roberts loved the
traditional touches.
At the reception, they drank champagne from a cup that had been drunk
from at many weddings on the grooms
side, Roberts says. These are absolutely beautiful people on the outside,
and they are genuinely as beautiful on
the inside.
Elizabeths dress was designed and
created by Suzanne Perron in New
Orleans. She wanted a long train for
the ceremony (Every young girl
dreams of walking down the aisle with
a long train) but she didnt want to be
encumbered with a bustle during the
reception. So she took off her

removable train after the

wedding ceremony.
That was perfect, Elizabeth
says. It was the same dress, but
had a totally different look.
And it worked. Elizabeth and
Christian danced until the end of
the reception. People were literally dancing all night long, she
It was most certainly a party.
The band, The Company Band, was
so awesome. And so much fun.
Christian says seeing all of their
friends and family from around
the world all in one room together
was a highlight.

I distinctly remember thinking

during the reception that this was
probably going to be the only time
this would happen, he says.
Elizabeth and her father, Jeff,
danced to Brown-Eyed Girl for
the father-daughter dance. I have
dark brown eyes, and my sister has
blue eyes, so this was one of my
dad and my favorite songs when I
was growing up.
Southern Way catered the reception, incorporating New Orleans
dishes such as fried shrimp poboys
as the late night snack.
It was an elaborate, big party
but also warm and relaxing,

Roberts says.
Elizabeth and Christian left to a
canopy of sparklers. And then it
was time for Elizabeths second
favorite moment of the day.
It was when we were in the
getaway car, Elizabeth says.
Christian and I were cheering. We
were just so excited. Excited we
were married. Excited that we
pulled it off. It was just the two of
us in the car, and we were cheering
the whole way to the hotel.
It was a shared favorite moment.
We pulled up to the hotel after
the reception, and I thought, Its
just us from here, Christian says.

That was an extremely exciting

but humbling moment for me.
They boarded a plane a few
hours later a 6 a.m. flight for
their honeymoon in Palm Island,
St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
My favorite memory (from the
honeymoon) was waking up in our
villa on a private beach and opening up the doors to a turquoise
ocean just feet away from the end
of our bed, Elizabeth says. It was
amazing and the most relaxing
week. We also loved traveling to
get there. We were in multiple
planes and boats, and getting to
the island was half the fun.


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July 19, 2014

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Mary Lee



Photos by Katie Hart,

Palmetto Duo

Faith and friendship

By Lezlie Patterson

Special to Carolina Bride

ary Lee Frees wedding

was not the one of
which she had always
dreamed. But it still
ended up being her dream wedding mostly because she married
the man of her dreams.
Mary Lee always had wanted to
get married in Charleston, but when
it was time to plan her July wedding,
she decided that wasnt practical
and opted to stay in Columbia.
She wanted an outdoor wedding. A last-minute thunderstorm
changed that plan.
But Mary Lee and her husband,
Hunter Coultrap, loved every second
of their indoor Columbia wedding.

When Hunter heard about the

storm, he worried that his bride
would be disappointed.
I knew that she was so excited
about the pictures, and outside was
so pretty, he says. I called her on
the phone and told her everything
was going to be OK. And once I
stepped into the new inside space, I
knew ... this place was gorgeous, and
everything was going to be fine.

unter has known that all

Mary Lee and Hunter
met in elementary school. They
grew up as childhood friends in
Raleigh, North Carolina, and
evolved into high school pals before
they began dating their junior year.

Early in high school, we became

very good friends, Mary Lee says.
We lived in the same neighborhood and would take walks together. And talk.
During those walking talks, they
discovered that they both wanted
religion and music to be a big part
of their lives. Still, Mary Lee was
reluctant to date Hunter, fearful
that if that relationship didnt
work out, she would lose the
friendship she treasured.
I didnt want to break up and
miss the friendship I valued, she
says. So we went into it like, Well
see how it goes.
It went fantastically.
It was always so easy, Mary Lee
says. It was never awkward.

Hunter was never worried.

I knew that we were best
friends before we were ever
romantic toward each other, so I
figured with friendship as the
foundation, then we could build
the romance and affection on top
of that, Hunter says.
Mary Lee grew up in a Gamecock
family and knew she wanted to go to
the University of South Carolina.
She was thrilled when Hunter decided to pursue a music degree at USC.
What is cool for me to see now is
that God was working all things for
me to be close to Mary Lee, close to
an awesome church that brought
us closer together, and surrounded
by friends and people that continued to build us up, Hunter says.


After dating for six years,

Hunter proposed to Mary Lee at
Asbury Hills, a United Methodist
Church camp near Greenville in
the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mary
Lee had spent time there and
shared it with Hunter as one of her
favorite places in the world.
So in December, following their
May 2015 graduation from USC,
Hunter took Mary Lee to Asbury
I kind of knew it was coming
soon, Mary Lee says of the proposal. But she didnt think it was
coming when it did. Hunter made
sure of that.
The proposal, which Hunter
calls the long game, took about
18 months to plan.
Mary Lee told me that she
didnt think that I could ever surprise her, Hunter said. And I
thought, challenge accepted.
I know that she has a highly
analytical brain and is amazing at
noticing and anticipating details,
so I figured I would have to have a
plan that seemed to be going
nowhere in the day-to-day.
Unknown to Mary Lee, Hunter
had driven from Columbia to
Charleston to have dinner with
her father and ask for his blessing.
Not everything went as planned,
Hunter says. The camp where we
went was technically closed that
week, but I pleaded with the groundskeeper to let us in. I also got a phone
call from my photographer ... that he
overslept and was an hour behind
us on the trip, so I had to make some
small adjustments in timing on the
way to the mountain.
But as a whole, I couldnt have
asked for a better result. I love the
Hunter took Mary Lee before the
big cross at Asbury Hills, played
worship music, told her how much
he enjoyed doing life together and
asked her to marry him.
She said yes.

hey had a short engagement, getting married

July 16, 2016.
Were both teachers and knew
we wanted to get married in the
summer, Mary Lee said. She
teaches music at St. Josephs

Catholic School, and Hunter

teaches at Conder Elementary.
I had it in my head that I wanted an outdoor wedding, Mary Lee
said. She liked the idea of being
able to have her outdoor wedding
in a picturesque setting and then
have a climate-controlled reception at the same location. Senates
End fit the bill perfectly.
And that climate-controlled
space turned out to be important.
At the end of the rehearsal the
night before, when everyone was
anxious to get to the dinner, Mary
Lees father insisted that they do a
quick run-through of Plan B the
just-in-case-it-rains plan. Everyone
who moaned and groaned appreciated it the next day when the thunderstorm struck about 20 minutes
before the wedding.
It was amazing how quickly the
staff at Senates End moved the
chairs and decorations inside and
made it a beautiful wedding spot,
Mary Lee says. It ended up being
so pretty.
And Mary Lee got her outdoor
What is really cool is that the
sun came out after our ceremony
so we were still able to get pictures
taken outside, which is what I
wanted the most for her, Hunter
Photographer Katie Hart of
Palmetto Duo snuck Mary Lee and
Hunter outside during the reception.
I love being a part of weddings at
Senates End because the venue has
so many pretty, photogenic spots,
Hart says. They have the garden
area, the woods behind the venue,
the river and the downtown skyline
within walking distance and the
Hall itself is stunning, with the
brickwork and hanging lanterns.
Mary Lee and her bridesmaids
spent most of the day at Senates
End. They started the day at home
with coffee, watching The
Princess Diaries. Then at 11 a.m.,
they went to Senates End, where
they decorated the venue, had
lunch, and had Image Makers
Salond do their hair and makeup
before the 6 p.m. wedding.
Mary Lee put framed photographs of Hunter and her through
the years around the reception.

ceremony, which was really good

for my nerves, Mary Lee says. She
stood on one side of a door, Hunter
on the other. They reached around
and held hands while he prayed.
He stayed with me until he
made me laugh, Mary Lee says.
We got to connect. I needed that.
Hunter said he could tell Mary
Lee was a bit overwhelmed by the
people, details and wedding chaos.
She is a rock star, so I knew
everything was going perfectly ...
but I wanted to calm her nerves by
reminding her that at the end of
the day, God is still worthy to be
praised and we would be husband
and wife, Hunter says. I couldnt
see her behind the door, but I told
her that her hand looked nice and
she laughed.
I have this thing in our relationship that when she is upset, we
cant leave the moment until she
smiles, and thats how I wanted to
leave her.

Hart caught the moment.

You could really see the emotion of the day on their faces, Hart
says. I love when Hunter kissed
her hand.
Mary Lees wedding might have
been in Columbia, but she had a
whisper of Charleston with
sweetgrass and cotton in her floral
Our florist (Woolbright
Flowers and Gifts) knew that we
wanted to incorporate the
Southern, Lowcountry theme into
our decorations, so he added the
cotton, Mary Lee says. The sweetgrass and cotton also were in the
It was ... the perfect Charleston
touch we wanted.
She saved the sweetgrass and
uses the cotton as dcor in their
house. That isnt the only wedding
keepsake adorning the Coultraps
During both the ceremony and

the reception, the newlyweds sang

together, with Hunter playing guitar. After saying their vows, they
sang Jesus Paid It All.
We wanted to lead worship as
husband and wife, Mary Lee says.
It was one of their favorite
moments of the day.
At the reception, they sang
Meant to Be, a song they listened
to Melissa Polinar sing while they
were growing up.
Hunter used two old guitars for
the songs. Guests signed those
instead of a book, and the guitars
hang in the Coultraps home.
We had so much fun (at the
reception), Mary Lee says. It was
the fastest three hours of my life.
They spent their wedding night
at the Inn at USC and left two days
later for Banff, Canada. The Rocky
Mountain resort town in Alberta
was a great escape from the hot
Columbia summer and a perfect
honeymoon spot.


he wedding party consisted

of six bridesmaids, six
groomsmen, a 9-month-old
flower girl and a 4-year-old ring
The flower girl, Mary Lees niece,
Mary Dale, was pulled in a wagon
down the aisle by her father. She
was more the bearer of cuteness
than flowers, Mary Lee says.
The bridesmaids wore blush
pink dresses from Evelyns Bridal
(also where Mary Lee got her
dress), and the groomsmen sported slate blue bow ties with their
gray suits from Granger Owings.
Mary Lee and Hunter decided to
wait to see each other for the first
time until the ceremony.
I actually teased Hunter and
told him, Youd better cry when
you see me, Mary Lee says.
But they did spend some time
together prior to the ceremony,
sight unseen.
Hunter prayed for us before the



From this day forward



Denise Gonsales Photography

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }

osalie Bott didnt want a wedding.

It wasnt because she was struggling with
choosing vendors or colors, or making a guest
list and seating charts.
And it surely wasnt because she had cold feet.
I was really struggling with the idea of being
the center of attention, Rosalie said. At one
point Rob joked that he would carry me down
the aisle if he had to.
But her doubts began to fade when she met
Jessa Overbeck, catering and events director at
the South Carolina Yacht Club on Hilton Head
I think a lot of planners have it in their
minds what they think brides want rather than
reading their brides. Jessas ability to reassure
me that she could make the day low-key and
casual really put me at ease.

An opinionated person by nature, Rosalie was

able to pick what she liked right away, making the
wedding planning experience relatively simple.
I chose the colors blush, ivory and gold. And I
wanted to keep things soft and simple, so we used
a lot of garden roses, peonies and hydrangeas,
she said.
Rosalies dress was layers of silk and tulle, and
adorned with delicate lace roses. She added a
hint of sparkle with a rhinestone headpiece and
ivory heels with crystal embellishments her
favorite part of the outfit, she said.
Rosalies two sisters served as maid and matron
of honor and wore blush-colored lace dresses
with beaded belts.
Rob wore a navy blue tuxedo and black bow
tie, while two brothers wore matching navy suits
with rose-colored ties.

The couple exchanged vows at a 2 p.m. ceremony at Holy Family Catholic Church. A reception
followed at 4 p.m. at the Yacht Club, where guests
mingled outdoors enjoying a cocktail hour with
an open bar before heading inside to feast on
plated surf and turf dinners of steak and salmon.
The menu was phenomenal. Food was one of the
most important things to us. Our No. 1 priority was
making sure we got to eat our meals, Rosalie said.
The Yacht Club made the couples chocolate
layer cake, and each guest received homemade
pecan and caramel turtles, made by Rosalie.
The newlyweds shared a first dance before their
photographer, family friend Denise Gonsales,
whisked them away for a portrait session that
made the most of a beautiful Lowcountry sunset.

The next morning, guests were invited to Sunday brunch hosted by Rosalies parents at their
Hilton Head home.
From the first day, one of the only things I
cared about was the brunch on Sunday morning.
It was by far my favorite part because it was more
my style, she said. It was relaxed and it was a
different setting where we could talk and catch
up with friends and family.
At brunch, Rosalie put out the top layer of their
wedding cake and every guest took a slice as they
relived the memories of the night before.
Its important to remember your wedding day
is the first day in your new life together. Its not
as much about that day as it is how you get to that
day. Remember to not pick fights or try to take
things too seriously.


Rosalie and her husband, Rob Cameron, met

through a mutual friend while working toward
their MBAs at the University of Notre Dame. After
continually being pushed together, they gave in.
They dated two years the majority of it long distance before Rob asked Rosalie to marry him one
evening in November in after dinner in Boston.
He was a complete basketcase. He was so
nervous he could barely pay at the end of the
meal, Rosalie said, chuckling at the memory of
Rob, a Navy man, unraveling under the pressure.
When he proposed on the walk home, he was
trying to tell me how much he loved me, but I
dont know if any of his sentences really made
sense. Although, he did manage to say, will you
marry me?

By Cate Fitzpatrick

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }

By Britt Croft

he world of weddings haschanged

so much in the past few decades,
evensubstantially in just the last
few years. I love when couples really
make their weddings their own and a
true display of what is most important
to them.
If youre looking for a way to make
your wedding a little more unique, here
are a few things Ive seen that arent
necessarily "traditions," but easily
could be.


While some couples write letters to

each other to read on their wedding
day, its not as common as I wish it was.
This is definitely one of the things I
would have done differently on my own
wedding day. I think its such a special
way to connect and it really drives
home the significance of the day.


The moment a dad sees his daughter on

her wedding day is very special. They
can be some of the most emotional
moments of the day. I love having these
moments captured for my couples. A
daddy-daughter first look can be very
candid, or more planned similar to
bride and groom first looks.


Bridal portraits are a very Southern

tradition, but I think more brides
should take advantage of the opportunity to get in front of the camera before
their wedding day. The benefits are
endless, including getting a trial run of
your hair, makeup, and dress.
Its also such an opportunity to slow
down and enjoy whats coming. Having bridal portraits done before the
wedding means you and your photographer arent pressed to take quite as
many formal portraits of you alone on
your wedding day, which in turn frees
up time for other photos or more time
with your groom, friends, and family.
Britt Croft is a South Carolina and Georgia wedding and
portrait photographer. She is passionate about creating
real, timeless, and romantic images that tell a story and are
full of life. Contact her at

Your first

home furnishings

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sparklers, fireworks, or a boat departure

off a dock.

Georgia Furniture

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Quality Name Brand Furniture

Accessories - Rugs
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2934 Bee Rd. Savannah, GA 31404 912-354-9742
Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm Sat 10am to 5pm Closed Sun


Everlasting Moments.
Unforgettable Memories, for a Lifetime.


Relationships between siblings are so

special. Its one of my favorite things
to see a bride or groom dance with
their brother or sister after the first
dance and the parent dances. Siblings
play such a big role in our lives and a
wedding day is a big time for them too.
Sibling dances can be a great way for
a bride to honor her brother or for a
groom to honor his sister.



Reception exits arent exactly uncommon, but I think they should be a thing
at every wedding. Since you have a
planner and/or a venue team taking care
of breaking down your reception, leave
with all the excitement of your friends
and family sending you off. Its such a
great part of the night and its so sweet
to see couples soak in that moment as
they set off to their vehicle. Reception
exits can be as simple as bubbles, seeds,
or streamer wands, or as elaborate as


5 photo moments that arent

traditions, but should be

DA W N . FA R R E L L @ M A R R I O T T SA L E S . C O M
8 43-686-8 470

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }

Simplify your

Custom Experience
with unparalleled

Ambiance & Service

Hilton Head Island, SC
843-681-SCYC |


{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }




Kim Branagan Photography

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }

Seaside elegance


was New Years Eve and Missy Kubasek

and Scott Bower were headed out to
dinner. At the door, Scott stopped and
tossed her a fortune cookie leftover from
the previous night's takeout.
It read youre about to make someone very
happy in your life. I didnt really think much
of it, Missy said. Then he threw me another
one. I opened it and theres the diamond ring.

Missy and Scott chose Shipyards Beach Club

on Hilton Head Island as the setting for the
light, airy, elegant wine-themed affair. The
venue gave the couple a space to have an outdoor ceremony with an ocean setting without
having to hold the ceremony on the beach.
Missys wedding dress mirrored the casual
elegance of the day. The sleeveless ivory
gown had a lace overlay and a corset back.
A dusty rose sash with a diamond broach
added to the elegance.
The couple participated in a wine ceremony
during their vows, each pouring their separate decanters of red and white wine into a
marriage decanter. The mixed wine was then
poured into glasses for Missy and Scott to
drink. A whiskey barrel tabletop was created
for this ceremony using wooden pallets.

About an hour before the wedding, and

just as vendors finished staging the outdoor
ceremony, Mother Nature surprised everyone with an afternoon thunderstorm.
Photographer Kim Branagan said the
sheeting rain and wind would be enough to
make any bride anxious, but not Missy.
She could not have been more composed.
Rather than stress, she trusted her vendors
and, staying true to the wedding theme, had
a glass of wine, Kim said.
About 30 minutes before the ceremony,
the rain subsided. And at 6:01 p.m., Missy
walked down the aisle under clear skies.

Elegance spilled over to the reception,

where five rustic farm tables were placed
end-to-end and set with chiavari chairs,
ivory and silver table runners, votives,
greenery, flowers, and tall vases topped
with pale pink roses and green hydrangeas.
Wine corks held place cards and dinner
was served family style under the warm
glow of cafe lights. Servers kept the glasses
full, pouring from a wine list specially
crafted by Missy and Scott.
As a show of appreciation, each of the
three dozen guests received an empty wood
picture frame and a thank-you note.
During the reception we went around
and took photos with every guest. Then we
mailed each person a photo for the frame,
Missy said. Thats the great part of having
a small wedding. You can do very personal
things like that. Theres a lot to be said for
keeping your wedding small.


It wasn't long after that the Ohio natives

decided on a July wedding on Hilton Head.
With six months to plan a destination
wedding, Missy knew she needed help.
That's when an online search for a planner
connected her with Lisa Kenward of Lisa
Kenward Events.
Missy and Scott wanted their wedding
celebration to be an intimate event with
a touch of elegance. They wanted their
guests to feel welcomed and all the details
to reflect their personalities, Lisa said.
Missy and Lisa chatted weekly by phone,
sorting out details such as lighting, linens,
floral, music, transportation, and timelines. Then, two months into the planning,
Missys mother was diagnosed with brain
We were an inch away from giving up,
Missy said. Lisa told us to take a step
back and she took the bull by the horns,
lining up vendors and sending us photos
of venues. If it wasnt for her, the wedding
wouldnt have happened.

By Cate Fitzpatrick

Relaxed romance
{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }



Reese Moore Photography

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }

By Cate Fitzpatrick

oftly crashing waves and a subtle ocean

breeze set a picturesque backdrop and
perfectly captured the relaxing spirit of Katelyn
Chiappazzi and Ian Fletchers intimate Sunday
afternoon wedding on Hilton Head.
We kept the guest list to less than 20 of our closest friends and family, Katelyn said. Everyone was
so comfortable and it was wonderful to spend time
with the people we dont often get to see.

love with The Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa

and its bullhead lawn and deck space.
This allowed us to have the ceremony near the
ocean without having it on the beach, Katelyn
said. Another perk: The venue had a planner.
She took care of everything, Katelyn said of
Dawn Farrell, the Marriotts event manager. She
was the most down-to-earth person and I didnt
stress. She was on top of it all.
Once the big things were decided venue, food,
and photographer (Reese Moore Photography)
the details fell into place.

A small guest list meant the couple could treat

friends and family to a premium party.
We have expensive taste, so we went all out,
Katelyn said. Guests noshed on nearly a dozen
different hors doeuvres and sipped from a premium open bar. Dinner included, among other
things, a prime rib carving station and multiple
pasta stations. Dessert featured treats from
Sweet Carolina Cupcakes and wedding cake
decorated with colorful chocolate seashells.
On the tables, centerpieces of white hydrangeas and glass bowls of sand and candles sat
atop shimmery gold-and-white chevron runners
Katelyn's wedding gown was actually a bridessprinkled with shells and votives. Place settings
maid dress. It featured a romantic lace overlay and included gold chargers topped with navy linens
contoured cap sleeves that continued around to a with gold starfish napkin rings.
keyhole back. She added a hint of sparkle with a
The couple left the music to Pandora We
beaded belt. The bride carried a bouquet of white put it on shuffle and it was perfect, Katelyn
hydrangeas tied together with gold jeweled ribsaid. and shared their first dance to George
bon. Her maid of honor wore a knee-length navy
Straits Give It All We Got Tonight.
lace dress and carried a similar bouquet.
Our wedding was so intimate and everyone
Across the aisle, the groom and his father wore felt like they had a place. Having a small wedding
navy pants and vests, blue-and-white checkered made the day feel so much more real. I would do
shirts and gold ties.
it again in a heartbeat, Katelyn said.


North Carolina residents Katelyn and Ian were

dating two years before he surprised her with an
engagement ring.
Ian proposed one afternoon while we were
fishing on the dock. I cast my line near his and he
pretended to get annoyed when they got tangled,
Katelyn said. So I went to the other side to fish
and when I turned back he was down on one knee
with a ring. I honestly thought it was a joke!
Ians timing was thoughtful and perfect. He
knew Katelyn wanted to get married on Hilton
Head and proposed a week before they were
headed to the Lowcountry on vacation.
After visiting a few venues, the couple fell in

{ Hilton Head Island Bluffton Beaufort South Carolina }


Reception Venues
Advanced Sail Catamaran
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Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
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Hampton Lake
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Harbour Town Yacht Club
843-671-1400 149 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head Island
Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park
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Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort
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Oyster Reef Golf Club
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Palm Key
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Palmetto Dunes Resort
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Port Royal Golf Club
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Rose Hill Mansion
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Sea Pines Country Club
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Sequins Ballroom
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Shipyard Golf Club
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Shipyard Plantation Beach Club
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Sonesta Resort
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Hilton Head Island
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The Beaufort Inn
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The Sea Pines Resort
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The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort
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Vagabond Cruise
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Hilton Head Island
Wexford Plantation Club
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Hilton Head Island
Windows on the Waterway
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Lisa Kenward, PWP


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Carolina }}
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Coligny Plaza North Forest Beach Drive 843.422.7327

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S E AT E D A N D S E R V E D F O U R - C O U R S E M E A L S

10 0 E A S T E XC H A N G E P L A C E C O L U M B I A , S C
8 0 3 -7 8 3 -1 0 6 1 T H E S O U T H E R N W AY. C O M




Photo credit: Mark Green

| 803 771-0101



Sonya Richard

after starting our relationship.

She gave me the yes, and within
three months of our relationship,
she told me to set the date because
she could not spend more time
without me. I asked if she would
like to come live with me in my
and she said yes. That
When did you know your spouse country,
was a wonderful answer. We later
was the one?
decided to live in the United States,
S: When my friends and I arrived at where we could have a better life.
the airport to return to the United
In the year and a half we waited for
States, I could not stop thinking
my visa to be processed, we were
about him. I cried the entire flight. separated. My wife visited every
R: Two hours after I met her, she
two months, and every time, we
had stolen my heart.
grew closer. When there is true
love, a chain can break open; seas
Tell me about the proposal.
and mountains can be crushed.
S: We knew it would be a challenge with us living in separate
What was your favorite part of
countries, and we knew that we
the wedding day?
were made for one another and
S: Hearing my husband say his
did not want to prolong our time vows in English. He had written
apart. So, we decided to get marhis own vows and memorized
ried after dating for four months. each word. I knew he had worked
R: I proposed marriage two months hard to do this.

How did you meet?

S: My girls and I were at the casino

in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Richard and I were introduced,
and it was love at first sight. We
kept in touch, and he dedicated
himself to learning English.


Sonya Capell was on an all-girls vacation in the Dominican Republic when she met Richard
Desena Bautista. Four months later, on Dec. 2, 2014, they eloped with only Richards immediate
family present. On Sept. 2, 2016, they celebrated their marriage and Richards move to
the United States with a big ceremony and reception at the Lace House. Sonya, 33, is from
Columbia and works in human resources, and Richard, 28, is a chef. They live in Atlanta. Sonya
translated Richards responses from Spanish; answers have been edited.
R: The brightest moment for me
was when I saw my wife arrive
with her father such great beauty
and happiness that made me cry.

How has having different

native languages affected your

S: We are constantly learning from

each other. In the beginning, I
thought it would be impossible,
but my husband did not want language to be a barrier. I usually talk
to him in Spanish, and he replies
in English. He will tell you that I
am fluent in Spanish since I can
communicate with him and he
understands every word; however,
I am still learning with the help of
my in-laws and my husband.
R: Before I met my wife, I knew
basic English for the performance
of my work. (After we met) I felt
her heart in the air; all the time
that we spent together, I began to
understand more of her language.

Love is the language that my wife

and I are both fluent in, so I am
able to understand and communicate with her very well.

Tell me about the first wedding

ceremony and why you did
them separately.
S: Our first ceremony was simple
and quick. My father wanted to
give me away; since I am his only
daughter, he was upset he would
not have that opportunity. Also, I
had always envisioned my fairy
tale wedding, so my husband
promised that when he could
come to the U.S., I would have my
American wedding. Needless to
say, that made my father happy.

What part of marriage are you

looking forward to?

S: I am looking forward to starting a family. I cant wait to raise

bilingual babies. Richard will be a
great father.

BRIDES ATTIRE Bravura Bridal (Marietta, Georgia), Maggie Sottero gown;

TK Bridal (Atlanta), reception dress GROOMS ATTIRE Savvi Formalwear
(Atlanta) WEDDING PARTY ATTIRE, Bill Levkoff
BAR JW Bartending CAKE Gardenias Custom Cakes & Catering
DESSERT BAR My Dessert Bar CATERER Simply Delicious Catering
DECOR South Carolina Wedding Company DJ DJ Babyface
(Aukeaus Solomon) FAVORS/GIFTS LuckyDucks2650 on Etsy
FLORIST American Floral HONEYMOON Dominican Republic
Design (College Park, Georgia) JEWELRY Jared and Kay Jewelers,
Vera Wang Love rings LIGHTING Ambient Media MAKEUP Kimberly Asia
Hall, Sarah & Co. Studio OFFICIANT Rev. Anthony Bracy
PHOTOGRAPHY Studio Two One Two PLANNER Avila Dawn Events
PRESERVATION Ed Robinson Cleaners REHEARSAL DINNER Liberty Tap Room
RENTALS Party Reflections; Lake Murray Event & Rentals
SOLOIST Cyretta Crowell, The Root Doctors
TRANSPORTATION First Class Limo Service VENUE Lace House

Photos by Patty Hallman,

Studio Two One Two


Wedding Album

Photos by Studio Two One Two

Saima Walima and Zeeshan Khaliq were married Sept. 24, 2016, in
Chicago. A grooms reception followed Sept. 30 at the Columbia Marriott.


Palmetto Duo

Megan Gunter and Joey Pender were

married Sept. 9, 2016, at the River Road
House and Jasmine House.

Offering Wedding Registries and

Unique Gifts & Accessories for the Bride,
Groom & Wedding Party.
803.661.7651 WWW.UPTOWNSC.COM ECHiil

Historic Occasion
...because its a


Weddings | Receptions | Special Events


301 Gervais Street, Columbia | 803.898.4901|

Photos by Shandi Wallace,

Shandi Wallace Photography




engaged for two years. You might how beautiful everything was. I
say we didnt really fall in love, but realized our dream wedding was
rather grew into love.
about to come to fruition.
T: Hearing the ukulele music
Tell me about the proposal.
It was our sixth year attending his begin and seeing my beautiful
bride-to-be walk down the aisle
familys Easter lunch together.
and take my breath away.
This particular year, T.J. wanted
my family to join his family. I
What advice would you give a
bride or groom whos planning a
didnt think much about it because our families certainly knew wedding?
each other. (He wanted my family Plan for unexpected expenses
there for the proposal, but I didnt because there will be some.
know that was why he invited
Your reception looks like fun.
them.) We always get in a big circle Whats your recipe for making
and pray. Right before the prayer, sure everyone has a blast?
said he wanted to say someKnow your audience, and try to
When did you know your spouse T.J.
thing. He called me out, got down
satisfy the majoritys taste with
was the one?
on one knee and proposed. This is food, beverages and music. Mingle
We were so young, but neither
another way that T.J. is so special
with all your guests, and let them
of us had any interest in anyone
to me he included family.
know you value their presence. If
else once we met. Talk about
children will be at your wedding,
young love and childhood sweet- What was your favorite part of
involve them in some way. We had
the wedding day?
hearts we fit the bill perfectly.
M: Arriving at the venue and see- the children circle us and blow
Prior to our wedding, we were
sweethearts for eight years and
ing all the vendors setting up and bubbles as we danced our first

How did you meet?


Childhood sweethearts MLee Grandy and Timothy T.J. Guy were married Sept. 16 at
Southern Oaks in Gilbert. MLee, a 22-year-old radiologic technologist from BatesburgLeesville, was just 14 when they met. T.J., 24, is originally from Saluda and works as a curing
operator at Michelin in Lexington. After MLee graduated from college and started her job last
spring, they bought a restored farmhouse in Batesburg-Leesville . We have actually had a very
busy year, MLee said. Answers have been edited.

We met at a friends birthday

party on Lake Murray when I was
14 and T.J. was 16. We realized
that we had common interests
and mutual friends. Although I
was attending King Academy and
T.J. was at Saluda High School,
we were surprised we had not
met before. We are both big
Harry Potter fans, enjoy playing
Scrabble, fishing, camping and
we both love spending time doing
things with family. It appealed to
me that he loves and appreciates
family as much as I do.

dance. Also, take care of the formalities cutting the cake, toasts
and speeches early, before your
senior guests begin to leave.

Newlywed life is...

... exciting and full of new responsibilities. It can take a while to

settle into a routine. There are
things we have both had to learn
about maintaining a home. We
are careful to let some things go
in order to have a date night.

What part of marriage are you

looking forward to?

We want children in the future

just no time soon. We look
forward to landscaping our yard
this spring and other projects at
our home. Right now, we are a
content couple, enjoying living
together and being on our own.

What else?

Our last name is Guy, so our

hashtag was #ItsAGuyThing.

BRIDES ATTIRE Fabulous Frocks (Charleston), Wtoo by Watters gown, Erica

Koesler veil; Aldo, shoes GROOM/GROOMSMENS ATTIRE Kennedys Mens Clothing
DJ Yarboroughs Entertainment VENUE Southern Oaks, wedding, reception,
rehearsal dinner CAKE Tinas Cake Boutique CATERING Hudsons BBQ;
Southern Oaks FAVORS/GIFTS Marys Cakery & Candy Kitchen (King George,
Virginia; transported by grooms aunt), custom candy wrappers FLORIST
White House Wedding Flowers HAIR/MAKEUP Brooke Moseley, bride; Southern
Gentlemans Barbering Co., groom HONEYMOON Royal Caribbean
INVITATIONS/PAPER GOODS Vista Print, save-the-date cards and invitations;
Nancey Keeler, calligraphy; UPS Store, wedding and reception programs;, napkins and custom matchbooks OFFICIANT
Rev. Brian H. Coker (grooms uncle) PHOTOGRAPHER Shandi Wallace
Photography PLANNER Pam Reeder, Southern Oaks PRESERVATION/
ALTERATIONS Elite Alterations REGISTRY Target; Bed, Bath & Beyond



Convenient location, competitive

costs at Orangeburg Country Club

he Orangeburg Country Club is a perfect

backdrop for the wedding you have always
imagined and so much more. Situated between
Columbia and Charleston along the banks of the
Edisto River, OCC is not only exquisitely beautiful, but also
conveniently located and competitively priced.
Our on-site event planner, Lauren Gray, cares as much as
you do about making your wedding day perfect. From lush
flowers to elegant dcor to a scrumptious menu, Lauren is
happy to discuss options to fit your budget
while providing you with impeccable customer
service. From the moment of your initial inquiry
until your grand exit from your spectacular
reception, our staff pays careful attention to
every detail.
Bride Shannon Upchurch shared her experience this way: I
still cant get over how perfect everything was for our wedding
day! The food was fabulous, and the staff did a phenomenal
You owe it to yourself to investigate this gem! One other
surprise: Membership is not required to schedule your
wedding or any other event at OCC! Visit or call Lauren Gray at
(803) 534-5988 to get started on your happily ever after.


Capital City Club offers

weddings at highest level

t the Capital City Club, we have a

saying: The only thing we overlook
is the view.
With our executive chef executing
world-class dishes, our experienced
private events team delivering personalized
professional service, and our detail-oriented
staff meeting your every need, we never fall
short on delivering magical moments.
The Capital City Club is your one-stop shop
for the perfect occasion, with more than
25 years of wedding experience.
Capital City Club is on the top floor of the
tallest building in the state no one can offer
more romantic views, dramatic sunsets and
natural beauty. Our ballroom looks west and
offers sweeping 180-degree views of the
Congaree River and beyond.
Although Capital City Club is Columbias
premier private club, you dont have to be a
member to host a wedding or other private
events. Contact Jacquie Lee at jacquie.lee@ to plan your special day on top
of the capital city!
1201 Main St., Suite 2500
803-256-2000 |

experience begins here...

Courtesy of Lifes Treasures Photography, LLC.

A once in a lifetime

Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions | Rehearsal Dinners | Luncheons

Non-member bookings welcome. Call and schedule a tour today.


2745 Grifith Drive | Orangeburg, SC 29118 | | (803) 534-5988




How did you meet?


We were introduced through

friends in middle school. (Bryant
attended E.L. Wright, and Jessi
attended Cardinal Newman.) We
became better friends in high
school when Jessi transferred to
Spring Valley, and we reconnected a few years after college.

Jessi Dickerson and Bryant Fuller were married Sept. 10, 2016 at the Lace House. Theyve
known each other since middle school, but they didnt date until after college (though they
did go to a high school dance together. We went as friends and were too shy to realize that
we both had crushes on each other, Jessi says). Soon after they started dating, a promotion
transferred Bryant to Atlanta. Four years of long-distance love later, Jessi, 29, and Bryant,
30, live in Atlanta together. They plan to adopt a kitten soon.

up Black Mountain. There was no

one else I would have as much fun
with in a situation like that.

Tell me about the proposal.

B: Sept 9, 2015, at 15,000 feet,

hiking in Colorado. Freezing and
close to miserable. I had to ask a
couple days before I originally intended because I thought she was
When did you know your spouse going to kill me. I got the answer
I sought, but I dont think shell
was the one?
ever go camping with me again.
B: It was more of an evolution than J: Bryant might be right this
a lightning strike. I knew for about might have been my last off-trail
a year before asking, but gave it an camping trip. Although it was
extra year for good measure.
planned for a long time, we had
J: I knew the first time we went
no idea what we were getting
camping together. I grew up going ourselves into. About an hour
camping, but we always stayed
into the five-day hike, I was thinkon trail and had tons of preparaing, What have I done, and why
tion maybe even a camper or
am I doing this? It was the most
two. The first time I went camping intense and strenuous thing I
with Bryant, we got a late start. It
have done in my life. Well worth
started snowing as it turned dark, it when he proposed overlooking
and we had to set up camp halfway a 15,000-foot cliff. I was on cloud

nine, and that is the only thing

that got me through the trip alive.

What advice would you give

a bride or groom planning a

B: Try not to stress. Its over before you know it and much better
than you could have imagined.
J: Hire a wedding planner even
just for the day. Meagan Warren
was amazing and affordable. I am a
huge planner, so I thought I would
be able to do everything, but I
wanted to be able to enjoy it, too!

Whose war medals did you

incorporate and how?

J: I had a rosary, a Bronze Star and

a Purple Heart tied to my bouquet.
The rosary was handmade by
my maternal grandmother, who
I miss every day. She, next to my
mother, was the strongest lady
I have ever known. The medals
belonged to my maternal grand-

father, Jeronimo Garcia-Soto.

He was killed in action during
Vietnam. I wanted to honor them
for building the foundation that
established our family.

Your flower girls were adorable.

How did they enhance the day?

J: My flowers girls were so excited

and had been practicing their
roles for months. They took their
jobs very seriously! Olivia Kay
Hite is 4, and Margo Mae Dickerson, my niece, is 2. I will always
remember walking back down
the aisle after the ceremony and
hearing them yell, Titi and BB,
wait for me! as they were running to hold our hands.

Newlywed life is...

Better than people have warned!

People have told us the first few
months would be difficult, but
we are enjoying it! We love finally
living in the same city!

Photos by Becky Williamson,

Becky Williamson Photography

with Brackish bow ties BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE Bella Bridesmaids BAND Men
of Distinction CAKE Parkland Cakes CATERING Southern Way FLORIST Fern
Studio HAIR/MAKEUP Jennifer Nolan Beauty HONEYMOON Secrets, Maroma
North Carolina) LIGHTING Ambient Media MUSIC, CEREMONY Columbia
Strings MUSIC, COCKTAIL HOUR Chase Asmer OFFICIANT Rev. Jacob Helsley
PHOTOGRAPHER Becky Williamson Photography PLANNER Meagan Warren
Weddings REHEARSAL DINNER VENUE 701 Whaley RENTALS Party Reflections


Golden Isles: A romantic

getaway close to home


ew companies specialize in
lighting design for
receptions and special
events, so Rufus Carson
and Joe Bates at Ambient Media
are literally lighting the way.
Dramatic lighting services for
weddings and receptions have
gained popularity over the past few
decades, letting couples control
the mood of their event
illumination with a purpose.
Inspired to bring big-city pizazz
to celebrations in the Midlands,
Carson and Bates maintain high
standards of knowledge and performance among their technicians and
emphasize safety, knowledge of
electrical distribution, calculated
rigging of lighting and loads, and
professional courtesy.


iverbanks Zoo & Garden is an exotic alternative to the traditional

wedding venue, providing a magical backdrop for your special day.
They have two unique facilities and ceremony areas for weddings
one located in the zoo and one set in the botanical garden.
It was an absolute perfect day, and we had a fabulous time, said Tracey
Hagerty, whose daughter recently married here, adding that the staff was
easy to work with.
They handle everything for the facility and catering menu, bar, room
layout, chairs, linens, setup and tear-down making the planning process
easy! Contact McKenzie Roland at 803-602-0847 or mroland@riverbanks.
org to get started.

500 Wildlife Parkway

n the Georgia coast, midway between Savannah,

Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida, lie the Golden Isles,
made up of four barrier islands St. Simons Island,
Sea Island, Jekyll Island and Little St. Simons Island and the
historic port city of Brunswick.
The mild climate and southern hospitality, along with fine
restaurants and shopping, phenomenal golf and sundrenched beaches unite with modern technology and an
array of function spaces to accommodate groups of all sizes
and types: destination weddings, honeymoons and more.
The Golden Isles create a magical setting for any coastal
wedding or romantic getaway. Pristine stretches of beach are
punctuated by century-old trees draped in Spanish moss. The
breathtaking landscape, historic churches and landmarks
define an atmosphere of a bygone era filled with romance.
This stunning location will make your special day a
memory that will last a lifetime. Whether youre looking for
an on-the-beach, toes-in-the-sand ceremony, or a formal and
traditional indoor event, the Golden Isles have plenty of
wedding venues to choose from.
To learn more about the Golden Isles and available wedding
vendors, please visit, or call
800-933- 2627.

The P erfect Place for Weddings,

M e etings, and Social Events.
Seating Capacity for up to 250
Tables & Chairs Included
Set-up & Tear-down Services Included
Attendant On-site
Dance Floor & Stage Available
State-of-the-Art Audiovisual Equipment
Free Parking and Free WIFI
Catering Kitchen

Located in Doko Meadows Park,

171 Langford Road, South Carolina 29016

Contact Steve Hasterok at 803-754-0501 or for rates,
information, and tours.


Photos by Julia Murray,

Julia Fay Photography





Tell me about the proposal.

Mitch proposed Nov. 25, 2015, the

day before Thanksgiving. A few
days prior, he asked if I wanted to
put up the Christmas tree and go
to dinner. I didnt think anything
of it because Mitch enjoys holiday
festivities. On the 24th, he confirmed our plans, but a few hours
later, my friend Kayla invited us
to a Friendsgiving. We put up the
Christmas tree and decided we
would go to Kaylas. Right before
we walked out the door, Mitch
asked if I knew one of our ornaments opened. I replied yes,
which he wasnt expecting! Then
he asked, Did you look inside?
When I opened the ornament,
there was a note inside that said,
Will you marry me? Mitch was
down on one knee, with a second
ornament with a ring in it. Im not
even sure I said yes. I just grabbed
him and hugged him. After a few

Carrie Howle and Mitch Malyerck were married Nov. 12, 2016 at Wavering Place Plantation.
Carrie, 27, is a registered nurse who grew up in Columbia, and Mitch, 33, is a machine
operator from Ballentine. They met six years ago when Carrie introduced herself to Mitch at
a birthday party. I remember thinking on my way home I would never have a chance with
someone as handsome or kind as he was and now were married! she said. They live in
Irmo with their dog, Goose. Answers have been edited.

minutes, I finally saw the beautiful

ring! (My father is a custom jeweler. Mitch and my dad made my
engagement ring together, which
is extremely special!) Then we
celebrated with our friends, even
though that wasnt Mitchs plan.

and we fell in love the first time we

walked the grounds. The grounds
and house are so beautiful that it
really makes decorating easy.

You had a table of sweets

instead of a big wedding cake.
Why? What kinds of sweets did
you have?

What advice would you give a

bride or groom whos planning a We are not big cake people, but
we do love our cookies. Mitch
Just sign the papers! ... Just
kidding! Let the small things go.
Everything is not going to be perfect, and everything is not going
to go the way you think it will. Let
it go. Youre surrounded by family
and friends who love you, and
they will never know that you had
the wrong chairs, or your brother
walked down the aisle before the
groom (true story).

Tell me about Wavering Place.

There is something romantic

about Wavering Place Plantation,

and I probably make cookies at

least once a week, maybe twice.
Dont judge! So cookies are our
thing. We wanted the wedding to
be all about things that we love.
We met with Nicole Story from
Izzabees and tried an assortment
of amazing sweets and picked our
favorites! Nicole has so many great
ideas that I ended up giving her
some freedom. That was the best
decision! We did a small two-tier
naked strawberry champagne
cake to cut, sea salt chocolate chip
cookies, pumpkin whoopie pies,

brown butter Rice Krispie treats

and shortbread cookies. The
Rice Krispie treats and pumpkin
whoopie pies were to die for!

Newlywed life is...

Mitch said the bomb. No, but really. We genuinely love being married. Some people may not feel
this way, but something changes
when you get married. You deal
with problems together easier,
you compromise, and you always
know youll work it out. Because in
the end, you are in this together.

What part of marriage are you

looking forward to?

We hope to buy some land, build

a house, and start a family there.
We cant say what the future
will hold, but we know that we
are always going to get through
obstacles together, celebrate
together, and support each other
100 percent.

BRIDES ATTIRE Jo-Lins Bridal, Allure Bridal gown; Etsy, Mi Bridal Veil
GROOMS ATTIRE Belk, Austin Reed suit BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE Davids Bridal,
biscotti dresses GROOMSMENS ATTIRE Belk, Ralph Lauren suits
CAKE Izzabees Confectionaries CATERER Southern Way DJ Butch Davidson
(brides uncle) FAVORS/GIFTS Etsy, Sip Sip Hooray koozies
FLORIST Patty Boykin; Marie Taylor HAIR/MAKEUP Kathryn Langston,
Bombshell Beauty Studio HONEYMOON Asheville, North Carolina
HOTEL BLOCK Hampton Inn & Suites INVITATIONS Etsy, P27Creative customdesigned; Mitch printed at his print shop JEWELRY Howle and Howle Jewelers
LIGHTING Ambient Media OFFICIANT Scott Malyerck (grooms uncle)
PHOTOGRAPHER Julia Fay Photography PLANNER Carrie said, Myself!
REGISTRY Bed, Bath & Beyond; Amazon REHEARSAL DINNER Hay Hill Garden
Market; Moate Backyard Caterings RENTALS Party Reflections;
Thompsons Rental Service TRANSPORTATION Columbia Brew Bus




he charm and
of our
building and
the hospitality of the staff
ensure that each wedding is
special in its own way.
What sets us apart is the
ambiance, the vibe of being in
a venue that is more than a
century old. Another
advantage is that each guest
is free to choose the catering,
bartending, floral and
entertainment business they
want for their special event.
Our goal is to provide
a space where memories can
be made where people
come together to celebrate
life and love and in an
atmosphere of comfort,
excitement and joy.
Contact Tom Chinn at
803-771-0101 to start
planning your event.
701 Whaley St.

ith more than

10 years in the
wedding industry,
the DJs at Big
Time Entertainment are no
strangers to carrying off a
successful wedding
The teams attention to
detail and communication
with clients create seamless,
stress-free events for
couples. Big Time has won
WeddingWires Couples
Choice Award for the past
six years.
According to one couple,
Even the venue staff said
(Big Time was) the best
entertainment and lighting
company they had ever
worked with!
Trust Big Time to read the
crowd and keep your dance
floor packed so you can
enjoy your celebration with
family and friends.
Contact Cameron Glover
803-429-6001 |

701 Whaley was the absolute perfect venue for our wedding. It was the best day of our lives,
and we are just so happy we experienced such amazing moments in such a beautiful location.
JAMIE AND MICHAEL FULLER | married December 2015


DJs Musicians Decor Lighting Photo Booths

The wedding was a
great success!


Even the venue staff said you

were the best entertainment &
lighting company
they had ever worked with.








et us take care of
the details you
focus on making
Situated in downtown
Columbia on the scenic
campus of the University of
South Carolina, the Inn at
USC Wyndham Garden is an
elegant boutique hotel
offering a blend of historic
grandeur, modern living
amenities and Southern
The charming hotel
delivers impeccable services
and a perfect location for
out-of-town guest
accommodations, rehearsal
dinners, bridal luncheons,
send-off brunches and small
Our 3,000 square feet of
agelessly romantic event
space can be arranged in
various layouts.
1619 Pendleton St.
803-779-7779 |
Jana Medlin, director of sales
Macy Hill, events manager



icture a storybook wedding on an intimate island against the

backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean with a pristine beach
and lush, subtropical surroundings, where wildlife runs free.
Add to that everything you and your guests could possibly
want to enjoy as you prepare for that magical day two championship
golf courses, tennis, pools, chartered offshore fishing and even cocktail
sunset cruises. This is Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort, casual elegance
in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.
It all starts with a phone call to our wedding team at 1-866-522-4399.
They would love to help you plan the most important day of your life.

Wedding Album

and David
Oct. 8,
2016 at
Church in
West Columbia. A
at Stone

Studio Two One Two


Everything under the sun!

e offer a wide range of rental facilities, from beachfront

shelters, to indoor and outdoor park facilities, to lake houses,
to historic plantations.
Charleston County Parks include venues to suit all tastes and
price ranges.

Visit | 843-795-4386


oko Manor offers an elegant, serene setting for a wedding. The

unique facility is set in a 25-acre park and boasts fantastic
customer service and attention to detail.
The Manor offers indoor and outdoor spaces at reasonable
rates which include tables and chairs, setup and tear-down, a bridal
room, WiFi and on-site attendants. Clients may choose their own
caterers, and a full catering kitchen is available.
Adjacent to Blythewoods Town Hall, Doko Manor is easily accessible
from Interstate 77. The venue is an easy drive from two metropolitan
centers 30 minutes from downtown Columbia and 75 minutes from the
Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
Contact director Steven Hasterok or assistant manager Johna Sutton at
803-754-0501, or find Doko Manor on Facebook.







The marriage of Erin Louise Taute and Steven Charles Eigenbrot was
celebrated May 14, 2016 at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel in the Golden
Isles of Georgia. The bride is the daughter of Debe Taute of Orlando,
Florida, and the groom is the son of Carol and Ed Eigenbrot of
Mantua, New Jersey.
Jekyll Island became a special place for the
bride and groom during their courtship. The
dog-friendly beaches and unique history of
this little island were among the many reasons
they love and ultimately decided to celebrate
their special day there.
The bride has a bachelors degree in
psychology and masters degree in sports
studies from Miami University. The groom
received a bachelors degree in finance and
international business from the University of
Maryland, an MSA and MBA from Ohio
University, and a Ph.D. in higher education
leadership from the University of Nevada Las
The bride and groom are both employed
with the University of South Carolina. Erin
serves in the College of Education as the director of development,
while Steve functions as the associate athletics director for Athletics
Development. The couple resides in West Columbia with their dog,
Riley. They are proud Gamecocks.



Sharing our family

recipes since 1946.

Advertiser Index


(803) 584-4475

(803) 771-7385



Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort

Happily ever after begins here.

Golf & Beach Resort

DJs Musicians Decor Lighting Photo Booths

The wedding was a great success!


Even the venue staff said you were the best

entertainment & lighting company
they had ever worked with.





2015 2015






T: 803.602.0900



We believe its the details that make
the difference.

803-788-3080 x103
300 Spring Valley Road
Columbia, SC 29223
Contact: Rhonda Stone
Clubhouse Manager/Special Events Coordinator


Lake Murray SC
Wedding Services

Reception Venues

1208 Washington Place 1208 Washington St., Columbia restored bank building with two ballrooms, twin vaults and a library 803-476-0285

403 North Lake 403 North Lake Drive, Lexington historic home with 1.5 acres of English gardens
Contact Marcie Huber or Rodney Huber 803-808-2992

701 Whaley 701 Whaley St., Columbia flexible space for large and small events
Contact Tom Chinn 803-771-0101

Agape Conference Center 1622 Main St., Columbia restored historic conference center
Contact Bob Lane 803-528-9556

The Big Apple 1000 Hampton St., Columbia historic grand ballroom, balcony, dance floor and banquet facility; dance lessons available
Contact Richard Durlach or Breedlove 803-518-6147

Ariels Special Events Facility 1734 Mobile Ave., West Columbia banquet hall with on-site catering 803-936-0505

Brookland Baptist Conference Center 1066 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia

Contact Marnie Robinson or Monique Flowers 803-744-7909 or 803-744-7927

Buck Ridge Plantation 231 Gundog Trail, Neeses banquet hall, covered veranda, gazebo, and picturesque lake
Contact Melissa Clarke 803-531-8408

Capital City Club Capitol Center, 1201 Main St., Columbia ballroom
Contact Pamela Richards 803-256-2000

City Art 1224 Lincoln St., Columbia art gallery

Contact Wendy Wells 803-252-3613

Clarion Hotel Downtown 1615 Gervais St., Columbia ballroom and smaller banquet rooms
Contact Stacee Davenport 803-771-8711

The Club at Rawls Creek 2121 Lake Murray Blvd., Columbia banquet space and outdoor pavilion
Contact Jessica Duncan 803-781-0114

Columbia Conference Center 169 Laurelhurst Ave., Columbia ballroom

Contact Kelly Beasley 803-772-9811

Columbia Country Club 135 Columbia Club Drive West, Blythewood wedding ceremony and reception venue with full-service catering
Contact Heather Lathrop 803-754-8100

Columbia Museum of Art 1515 Main St., Columbia museum, lobby, atrium, conference room, terrace and exterior patio
Contact Special Events Office 803-343-2212

Corley Mill House and Garden 221 Corley Mill Road, Lexington home with garden space
Contact Sheila Hall or Stephanie Hall 803-957-1818

Courtyard Columbia Downtown at USC 630 Assembly St., Columbia banquet space


Contact events manager 803-726-1603

Doubletree by Hilton 2100 Bush River Road, Columbia elegant event space with a Southern touch
Contact Norine Morris 803-744-0141

EdVenture Childrens Museum 211 Gervais St., Columbia museum, outdoor terrace, galleries
Contact Theresa Dozier 803-400-1151

Embassy Suites Columbia-Greystone Hotel 200 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia two ballrooms
Contact Alexa Wegner 803-252-8700

EventUs, LLC 709 Woodrow St., Suite 307, Columbia

Contact Annette Hoover 803-608-2242

A sampling of sites for weddings and receptions near the Midlands

The Farm at Ridgeway 3248 U.S. 21 South, Ridgeway rustic reception hall with outdoor ceremony venues

Fort Jackson Officers Club 3630 Semmes Road, Columbia outdoor wedding venues and elegant reception space
Contact Carol Neal 803-782-8761 or 803-751-4906

Fripp Island Resort 2119 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena indoor/outdoor facilities including screened Creek House and Beach Pavilion
Contact Group Sales Department 888-741-8974

Gibson Commons 140 Gibson Road, Suite C, Lexington ballroom and outdoor gazebo
Contact Amanda Kammer 803-358-7122

Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens 1615 Blanding St., Columbia indoor-outdoor ceremony and reception venue 803-252-7742, ext. 11

Hilton Garden Inn 434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia ballroom

Contact events manager 803-407-6640

Historic Lace House at the Governors Mansion 800 Richland St., Columbia historic home with garden area
Contact Michelle Langdon 803-737-2235

HoFP Gallery 2828 Devine St., Columbia urban art gallery with outdoor terrace
Contact Tensia Cassinetti 803-799-7405

Inn at USC 1619 Pendleton St., Columbia elegant boutique hotel on USCs historic campus
Contact Ashley Foster 803-231-3606

The Lake House at Lake Carolina 100 Lake Carolina Blvd., Columbia open-air space with screen windows and doors
Contact Julia Burley 803-461-0915

Leaside 100 E. Exchange Place, Columbia ballroom, Florida room and secluded patio
Contact Alex Cebry 803-783-9136

Lourie Center 1650 Park Circle, Columbia flexible space in Five Points with two ballrooms and six classrooms 803-779-1971

The Manor at Doko Meadows 100 Alvina Hagood Circle, Blythewood banquet and reception rooms and a lakeside pergola
Contact Steven Hasterok 803-754-0501

Marriott, Downtown 1200 Hampton St., Columbia two ballrooms and a tremendous two-story atrium
Contact sales director 803-771-7000

McCutchen House University of South Carolina campus, Columbia restored home with Horseshoe as backdrop
Contact Carolina Catering


The Medallion Center 7309 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia banquet space with pavilion, grand ballroom, salons and spacious entry
Contact Brandi Owens 803-256-1222

Robert Mills House and Gardens 1616 Blanding St., Columbia outdoor event rental space with beautiful gardens 803-252-7742, ext. 11
Contact Alex Cebry 803-783-1061

Mitchell House and Gardens 421 North Lake Drive, Lexington historic home with covered patio pavilion; full-service facility
Contact Phyllis James 803-359-5325

Mossy Oaks Farm 2986 S.C. 174, Edisto Island creekfront pecan plantation 803-414-2898

Orangeburg Country Club 2745 Griffith Drive, Orangeburg grand ballroom, banquet facilities and scenic ceremony options
Contact Lauren Gray 803-531-9673


Millstone at Adams Pond 5301 Bluff Road, Columbia home with tentable areas, covered back porches and dining rooms

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Palmetto Collegiate Institute and Leonard L. Price Gardens 104 Hendrix St., Lexington renovated school and gardens
Contact Jennifer Dowden 803-356-8238

Pine Island Club 331 Pine Island Road, Columbia reception hall on Lake Murray

River Center at Saluda Shoals Park 5605 Bush River Road, Columbia park area, conference center and wedding gazebo
Contact Jennifer Cantey (River Center) or Angie Senn (outdoor space) 803-731-5208

The River Road & Jasmine Houses and Gardens 2204 North Lake Drive, Columbia homes with garden space
Contact Sarah Christmus or Elizabeth Christmus 803-315-4953 or 803-781-3315

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens 500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia botanical gardens, unique animal houses, Magnolia Room, Ndoki Lodge 803-602-0900

Rock Bottom Pond 1530 Buck Hill Road, Ridgeway outdoor ceremony area overlooking pond and enclosed reception shed with fireplace 803-438-9788

Seawells 1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia banquet hall

Contact Cal Seawell 803-771-7385

Seibels House and Garden 1601 Richland St., Columbia indoor-outdoor ceremony and reception venue 803-252-7742, ext. 11

Senates End 316 Senate St., Columbia hall, manor house, reception area and garden in unique Vista location on the Congaree River 803-748-4144

South Carolina State House 1100 Gervais St., Columbia grounds, gardens, steps and rotunda
Contact State House events coordinator 803-737-3880

South Carolina State Museum 301 Gervais St., Columbia main and planetarium lobbies, mezzanine, observatory, Vista Room
Contact Margaret Farish 803-898-4901

Southern Oaks 2401 U.S. 378, Gilbert rustic home and barns; new 5,600-square-foot reception area; antique furniture and decor
Contact Pamela Reeder 803-647-4518

Spring Valley Country Club 300 Spring Valley Road, Columbia country club and reception venue
Contact Rhonda Schock Stone 803-788-3080

Springdale House and Gardens 3150 Platt Springs Road, West Columbia house and garden pavilion
Contact Kathy Wright 803-794-5557

Stone River 121 Alexander Road, West Columbia event venue, wedding planning
Contact Patti Ginther or Lindsay Colvin 803-727-8047

T&S Farm 3500 Pond Branch Road, Leesville banquet hall with beautiful grounds

Contact Sherrie Jumper 803-532-8135, ext. 213

Wavering Place Plantation 427 Adams Hayne Road, Eastover house and gardens 803-269-7761

The Windermere Club 1101 Longtown Road East, Blythewood ballroom and patio on golf course


Contact Bill Chandler 803-786-6088

Wintergreen Woods 1032 Corley Mill Road, Lexington reception hall, covered veranda and two courtyards
Contact Casey Covell or Dixie Covell 803-957-8888

Woodlands Country Club 100 Norse Way, Columbia private dining rooms and banquet space
Contact Derrick Owens 803-602-0253

Woodrow Wilson Family Home 1705 Hampton St., Columbia outdoor event rental space with beautiful gardens 803-252-7742, ext. 11

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