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Company Background
M N Dastur & Company (P) Ltd. (Dasturco),
incorporated in 1955, is a leading design and
engineering consulting services organisation based
in India. Dasturco offers integrated design services
to its global clients.The engineering design and
consultancy services offered by Dasturco cover
the entire project life cycle i.e. from concept to
commissioning. It has expertise in engineering fields
such as metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, power,
infrastructure, environmental, and heavy industries.
Dasturco has also established an IT services
company. Its software development center is
located in Bangalore, India.The company employs
over 150 professionals catering to the IT
requirements of its clients in various industry
domains such as manufacturing, power and finance.
Dasturco has a strong team of over 2,000
professionals, with ten sales and marketing offices
across the globe, including its head office in
Kolkata.The company has successfully executed
over 300 projects in different sectors all over the
world.The business processes at Dasturco are
accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Global Footprint
of M N Dastur & Company (P) Ltd.
Dasturco offers a wide range of services, such as
techno-economic studies, integrated design and
engineering services, project and construction
management services, inspection and expediting

services, and IT consultancy services.The projects

executed by Dasturco cover several developed and
developing countries.
The company has two subsidiaries - one each
in Germany and the USA. Dastur's US subsidiary,
Dastur International Inc., is located in Pittsburgh,
PA.The German subsidiary, Dastur Engineering
International GmbH, is located in Dusseldorf, and
has a branch office in Tokyo (Japan), which caters
to its Japanese clients.

M N Dastur & Company (P) Ltd.

in the United States of America
Mode of Operation
Dasturco operates in the USA through its
subsidiary, Dastur International, Inc.
Dastur International, Inc. (Dastur International)
provides consultancy services to several clients in
North, South and Central America as well as other
countries, with back-up support from its parent
company.The company plans to increase its
presence in the USA by adopting aggressive sales
and marketing strategies.

Success Factors
Leveraging its Vast Experience
Dasturco has a vast experience in engineering
design and consultancy services.The company has
successfully executed over 300 projects and has
continuously worked to build its domain expertise.


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Major Clients
Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co., USA
ThyssenKrupp Robins, Inc., USA
Technology Implementation and Management, Inc. USA
Indeck Energy Services, Inc., USA
Unifacs, USA
Industrias Metalurgicas Van Dam,Venezuela
Ispat Mexicana, Mexico
Caribbean Ispat Limited,Trinidad & Tobago
Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises, Abu Dhabi, United
Arab Emirates
Pan Kingdom Investment Co., Saudi Arabia
Rajhi Steel, Saudia Arabia

This has helped it in catering to its clients'

requirements in an efficient manner.The company
has expertise in latest software and hardware
for rendering engineering consultancy services.
It has placed high focus on engineering design
and consultancy services, and this assisted it in
gaining business from its customers and creating
a brand name.
Customer-Centric Approach
The company has placed strong emphasis on
custom requirements of its clients. It has developed
many processes suiting its clients' needs, and has
ensured immense value-addition to them.The
company is targeting customer satisfaction with
innovative technology solutions to gain market


Future Plans
As a part of its growth strategy, the company is
targeting IT services along with engineering design
and consultancy services.The company has long
been present in the engineering design and
consultancy domain, which has helped it in
developing domain expertise and a brand name
in the market.The company plans to expand the
services it provides to its clients. It plans to identify
the latest technology in-sync with its capabilities
and develop an innovative services portfolio
to provide latest solutions to its clients.