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RODINE 92B: Acid Inhibitor

Processing equipment cleaners



Effective cleaning of equipment in the food

processing industry is required to reduce chances
for contamination of during preparation,
processing, storage & serving. Cleaning prevents
attraction of lower life forms like food pathogens,
increases equipment life, boosts employee morale
and efficiency and accounts for aesthetic
considerations of consumers. The primary cleaning
agent is water; free from disease producing
organisms, toxic metal ions and objectionable taste
& odor. But such quality of cleaning water is hard
to achieve and chemicals are tailored to meet
cleaner specifications based on water composition
and operation type.

Acid Type Cleaners & Corrosion:

Acid cleaners are used in the food processing industry for milkstone removal and cleaning equipment like broth tanks,
ingrediators etc. A wide choice of acid type cleaners for mineral scale removal exist today but organic acids and blends
of organic acid type cleaners and chelating agents have found much popularity in recent times. This is because they are
much less corrosive than mineral acids and alkaline cleaners. Citric acid and EDTA are frequently used for this purpose
owing to a better pH regulation and less aggressive surface action.
Nevertheless, acid cleaning chemicals are corrosive to the base metal and are responsible for corrosion & pitting of
surface. Inhibitors for Citric Acid descaling solution are usually applied at very low concentrations (1000-3000 ppm) to
provide upto 99.8% corrosion inhibition during acid cleaning processes. Depending on the acid type used, specific
corrosion inhibitors are designed to remove scales and deposits from equipment while minimizing base metal loss. They
are of mostly polymeric origin and act by forming chelating structures, proving high efficiency as inhibitors in acid
chemical cleaning operations.
RODINE 92B is a blend of semi-foaming corrosion inhibitors specifically formulated for preventing corrosion by Citric acid
and EDTA based cleaners. It is highly efficient at protecting metal surfaces such as steel and copper alloys commonly
associated with equipments in food processing and packaging industry. It has been shown to assist in surface cleaning
and descaling actions by acid cleaners without any pitting or corrosion on metal surface.
With respect to the nature of industry where rodine acid inhibitors are used, toxicity issues for inhibitors is of prime
concern & exposure to humans due to improper/inadequate rinsing is a possibility. Rodine 92B has been designed for
such special applications and contains ingredients generally recognized safe to humans thus suitable for cleaning of food

Key product features are:

Modifies metal surface to prevent corrosion

Excellent wetting properties for better cleaning
Enhances cleaning efficiency

Rodine 92B is effective upto a temperature of 85C/185F and can be applied in all types of food processing, packaging &
storage industries as inhibitor for acid cleaning systems.
ChemEqual is a free online global database for Acid Inhibitors where Rodine type & its equivalent inhibitors can be