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This is a free 9 page sample. Access the full version online.

This is a free 9 page sample. Access the full version online.

Catalogue of Australian Standards

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This is a free 9 page sample. Access the full version online.

This is a free 9 page sample. Access the full version online.

About this Catalogue


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About SAI Global Information Services


About Standards Australia


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Australian Standards in Numerical Order

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Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016


About this Catalogue

This Catalogue contains a complete list of all Australian
Standards as at 1 January 2016, listed in their numerical
order. It also contains an extensive subject index to help
you identify Standards that may be relevant to your needs.

Copyright Service

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Copyright exists on all Standards Australia and SAI

Global publications and other products. SAI Global is

exclusively authorised by Standards Australia to permit

third parties to reproduce Standards Australias copyright
material and generally no material may be reproduced
without permission from SAI Global.
The SAI Global Copyright Service accepts enquiries for
the reproduction of published Standards material, whole or
partial, print or electronic format. SAI Global will always
consider granting permission for the reproduction of
Standards Australias copyright material, including
publications for resale. However, written approval must be
obtained in advance.
For more information about our Copyright Licensing
Services and royalty rates, please submit your request
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or write to Copyright Licensing Services, SAI Global,
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SAI Global helps organisations manage risk, protect
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About Standards Australia

Australian Standards and a range of related publications

are developed by Standards Australia , an organisation

that is recognised by the Government as the peak, nongovernment Standards body in Australia.
It works to meet the expectations of the Australian
community, industry and government through the effective
development of Standards and the recognition of other
standardisation bodies by providing an active forum for

discussion, debate and consensus. The Standards

Australia website is at

Glossary of Terms
Amendments and Revisions
This Catalogue covers all Australian Standards available
as of 1 January 2016. It should be noted that the
subsequent revision of any Standard, whether by new
edition or amendment, supersedes the previous edition or
part of the Standard so revised or reprinted. Published
amendments are usually incorporated when a Standard is
revised. Further information on revision or amendment of
Standards or availability of new Standards may be
obtained from
Responsible Technical Committee
A reference to the technical committee responsible for the
preparation of each Standard is shown in parentheses
following the entry, e.g. (EL-002).
Available Superseded Standards
An available superseded Standard is one which has been
made available for a period of time although it has been
formally superseded by another Standard. Its availability is
maintained where it is referenced in legislation or
regulations or in other Standards, and its use should be
restricted to where so referenced.
Obsolescent Standards
Obsolescent indicates that the Standard is not
recommended for new equipment or as a current practice,
but is retained in order to provide for servicing of existing
equipment or requirements.
Interim Standards
Interim Standards are temporary or provisional Standards.
Joint Australian/New Zealand Standards

Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand

produce and publish Joint Standards through joint
technical committees. Adoption of an existing Standard
from either country can also be made at either revision or
reprint stage, at which time it is reproduced as a joint
single document.
Relationship between International and Australian
Many ISO and IEC Standards have been adopted as
Australian Standards. To identify any equivalence
between national and international standards, visit and go to International
Equivalents under the Search menu option.

Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016

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Australian Communications Authority


Australian Communications Industry Forum


The Australian Gas Association




American National Standards Institute


Australian Standard


Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard


Australian Standard Certified Reference Material


American Society for Testing and Materials


British Standard


International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee


European Committee for Standardization

CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization


Construction Industry Development Agency


International Special Committee on Radio Interference


German Standard


European Telecommunications Standards Institute


International Electrotechnical Commission


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


International Standard Book Number


Irish Standard European Norms


International Organization for Standardization


International Telecommunications Union


New Zealand Standard


Standards Australia


Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific


Standards New Zealand




Technical Report


Water Services Association of Australia


Welding Technology Institute of Australia


National Precast Concrete Association Australia (NPCAA)


Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)


Decision Easy

Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016

Example of Catalogue Entry

Standard prefix and number

Generic title
Part number
Part title
Relationship to International Standard

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AS/NZS 3350
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
AS/NZS 3350.1:1994
General requirements
IEC 335-1:1991
Amdt 1


Number of pages

March 1995

Specifies general safety requirements for household and similar electrical

appliances. It is a base Standard which, when combined with a particular
Standard in the AS/NZS 3350 series, becomes a complete Standard for the
particular appliance. This Standard is technically equivalent to, and has been
reproduced from, IEC 335-1:1991.
Committee number

Designation and Title of Standards

The designation of a Standard consists of a prefix
referencing the publisher(s), a serial number and the year
of publication.

been reconfirmed (Rec). Amendments, Supplements and

Rulings also have a number, starting from 1 and relevant
to that Standard only. These additional suffixes also have
a publication date, separated from their own number by a

The prefix AS denotes an Australian Standard.

The prefix AS/NZS denotes a joint Australian/New
Zealand Standard. The prefix AS/NZS ISO (or IEC or
ISO/IEC) denotes an International Standard which has
been adopted as a joint Australian/New Zealand Standard.
The prefix for other documents consists of a publisher (SA
or SA/SNZ) and a document type (HB for Handbook, TR
for Technical Report, TS for Technical Specification or MP
for Miscellaneous Publication). The prefix is followed by a
number which may include a part number, separated by a
point from the main number. The part number may also
contain sub-part and sub sub-part numbers, all separated
by points.
Titles include a generic title which is given to a standalone Standard, or which is the same for all parts of a
series; a part title, which is specific to a particular
Standard in a series; and potentially a sub-part title and a
sub sub-part, if applicable.
The year of publication is added at the end of the
designation, preceded by a colon. Additional suffixes may
also be added, signifying that the publication is an
Amendment (Amd), Supplement (Sup) or Ruling (Rul) to a
Standard or other document, or that the document has


Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016

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Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016


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Catalogue of Australian Standards and Other Products 2016

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CATALOGUE 2016 Australian Standards and

Other Products Catalogue 2016

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