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Was Cal Lampley?

by Martin Gladu (Jan. 2017)

They [the musicians] loved him.
Former Prestige Records staffer Bettina DiRese

Calvin Douglas Lampley (March 4, 1924July 6, 2006)

Born in Dunn, NC. Died in Baltimore, MD. Pseudonym: Jay Douglas.

Pianist, educator, record producer, composer, music critic, band director, organist, A&R executive,
radio show host, and principal of Johnese Music (BMI).


Early 1940s
Organist at Chapel Hill Presbyterian, Chapel Hill, NC (Reverend Charles Miles Jones)

April 15, 1942 to January 22, 1946
US Infantrys 364th Regiment (Service Company)

March 30, 1951
Piano concert at NYCs Carnegie Hall

Late 1949 to May 1954
Music/tape Editor at MasterWorks (Columbia Records)
Reported to Vin Liebler and Howard Scott

May 1954 to November 1954
Assistant Recording Editor at Columbia Records
Reported to George Avakian

November 1954 to April 1957
A&R Music Editor at Columbia Records
Reported to George Avakian

April 1957 to October 1958
Recording Director, Pop Albums A&R at Columbia Records
Reported to George Avakian, then Irving Townsend
Produced Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Victor Borges, Robert Casadeus, Zeno Francescetti, Mahalia
Jackson, the Metropolitan Opera, Liberace, Patachou, What Is Jazz?, Johnny Mathis, Dave Brubeck,
Judy Garland, Doris Day, Erroll Garner, Sir Thomas Beecham, Guiomar Novaes, Benny Goodman,
Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Vic Damone, Arthur Godfrey, J.J. Johnson, etc.

October 1958 to November 1960
Recording Director at Warner Bros. Records
Reported to George Avakian

Produced Chico Hamilton, Tab Hunter, Lonnie Satin, Bill Haley, The Last of the Red Hot Cha Chas, etc.

November 1960 to March 1961
A&R Director at VictorRCA Records
Reported to George Avakian, then Robert L. Yorke

March 1961 to June 1964

Freelance record producer
Nina Simone (Colpix) and Erroll Garner (Octave)(also his road manager)

June 1964 to late 1968
A&R Producer at Prestige Records
Reported to Robert Weinstock
Signed Houston Person, Billy Hawks, Wally Richardson, Freddie McCoy, and Montreal, Canadabased
Duke Edwards & the Young Ones
Produced Sonny Stitt, Gary McFarland with guest Antonio Carlos Jobim, Andy Bey & the Bey Sisters,
Bobby Timmons, Frank Foster, Chuck Wayne, Sylvia Syms, Richard Groove Holmes, Pucho & the
Latin Soul Brothers, George Braith, Freddie Roach, Willis Gator Jackson, Johnny Hammond Smith,
Boogaloo Joe Jones, Pucho, Morris Nanton, Pat Bowie, Morris Nanton, Buddy Terry, Don Friedman,
Pat Martino, Eddie Daniels, Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones, Eric Kloss, Trudy Pitts, Dan Patterson, etc.

Late 1968 to 1971
Instructor at Peabody Conservatory of Music, and Director of Sound & Recording Studio
Taught band, the Jazz Workshop, and classical piano
Appointed to the Radio & Television Production Committee in December 1970

1971 to 1989
Professor of piano and composition at Morgan State University
Created the Jazz Workshop course and the institutions first Jazz Band

Host of Peabody Presents on WCBMAM

Music Critic on Maryland Public Televisions The Criticss Place


1939 to 1942
A&T College (now North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University at Greensboro)
Bachelor of Science (Music)

Private study with Warner Lawson

circa 1943 to circa 1946
Private study with Hans Paiglas

Private study with William Stein Newman

1946 to 1949
Juilliard School of Music
Irwin Freundlich (piano) & Richard Franko Goldman (composition)
Artist Diploma (piano)

circa 1946
Private study with William Russo

1969 to 1972
Peabody Conservatory of Music
Jean EichelbergIvey & Richard Rodney Bennett (composition)
Masters in Music (composition)

Works have been performed by ensembles such as Res Musica America, Chromattica USA, the Prince
William Symphony Chamber Players, the Baltimore Wind Ensemble, the Baltimore Chamber
Orchestra, and the Morgan State University Concert Band








Backstage at the 1957 Newport Festival. Credit: Sony Music Archives.



With Res Musica composers. Credit : Vivian Adelberberg Rudow