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Pronouncement of the Autonomy of the

Independent Salinmoor Empire

I, King Korenth Neheli Secunforth, as Monarch and Sovereign
of Salinmoor, do pronounce and proclaim Salinmoor as a free and
independent Empire, on this first day on Needfest, of the Common
Year 617. The Independent Salinmoor Empire herewith renounces
the Kingdom of Keoland, all acts and laws of said land, and all
edicts and decrees from the Court of the Land.
I do further declare and ordain that the union existing between
the Salinmoor and the Kingdom of Keoland is hereby dissolved,
and that Nume Eor is in full possession and exercise of all of
those rights of sovereignty which belong to a free and
independent country, forthwith to be known as the Independent
Salinmoor Empire.
King Korenth Neheli Secunforth,
King of the Independent Salinmoor Empire