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Rules and Regulations Governing Polish Alliance Ladies Circles

Accepted and approved in the year 1943

Revised in 2004
1. The Ladies Circles are an auxiliary of the Branch of the Polish Alliance of
Canada where they are situated, subject to the control of the Alliance with
respect to financial, moral technical and representative matters. Each Branch
of the Ladies Circle is represented by the Ladies Central Executive Board,
who is turn is responsible to the Head Executive Board of the Alliance.
2. The Ladies Circles draft their own programs pertaining to handicrafts, social
functions, excursions, humanitarian and philanthropic matters which are not
contrary to the principles of the Alliance.
3. In all the matters of a national, social and political character Ladies Circle
must act in accordance with the bylaws of the alliance, while having the
opportunity to express its opinions during the monthly meetings at the said
branch and through its delegates at the annual conventions of the Polish
Ladies Circles.
4. A minimum of 10 candidates of Polish origin can organize a Branch of the
Polish Alliance Ladies Circle, elect an executive and become affiliated with
the Head Executive of the Polish alliance ladies Circle.
5. The Name is: Polish Alliance Ladies Circles.
6. The emblem of the ladiesCircle is the same as of the Polish Alliance of
Canada: a white eagle and two clapped hands on the background of a maple
leaf. Every member of the Ladies Circle has the right to wear the emblem of
the Polish Alliance of Canada, worn by the members of that organization.
7. The motto is: To teach and to uphold Polish speech, and to propagate and
spread the principles of brotherhood, tolerance and knowledge.
8. The aim of Ladies Circle, an organizational group within the Polish Alliance of
Canada is defined within and bound to the framework of the Alliance.
9. a) The tasks of the Ladies Circle consists of bringing together under the
Polish Alliance standard all women of Polish origin, irrespective of their faith
and convictions. A wife of Pole, but of a different national origin who
considers herself a Polish woman, can belong to the Ladies Circle in order to
take part in the common work of spreading knowledge and information of

cultural, instructional and national progressive character, as well as in the

matters pertaining to citizenship and health.
b) To uphold our Polish language and traditions by supporting Polish
Language Schools and Choral and Dance Groups.
c) Assisting Polish youth to retain their language as well as encouraging them
to join Polish Organizations.
d) Offering within their possibilities, moral and material help not only to their
own members, but to all persons in need of it.
e) Calling on sick in their homes and in hospitals.
In the fulfillment of these tasks, Ladies Circles use the following means:
10 a) Cooperation is essential with the Branch of each Group, with Youth
Clubs, Polish Schools, etc.
b) Organizing gatherings of interest to members on various subjects, such as
Polish traditions and culture and also current events, handicrafts and similar
c) Organizing various excursions, picnics, etc.
d) Holding regular monthly meetings in the Polish language, when possible.
11.Ladies Circles posses their own funds resulting from:
a) Membership dues.
b) Various undertakings of the Circle.
c) Donations.
Each Ladies Circle assess their own membership dues.
12.Founds should be used as follows:
a) Subsidies to Polish schools maintained by the Polish Alliance.
b) Contribution towards the cost of building and maintenance of Polish Halls
belonging to the Alliance.
c) Educational purposes, founding, enlarging and maintaining libraries and
reading room of the Alliance.
d) Flowers or useful gifts sent to sick members and friends.
e) Contributions towards the running expenses of the organization.
13.All bills should be paid and transfers executed by cheques.
14.The bank cheques are to bear the signatures of the President of the Ladies
Circle, and its Financial Secretary. In The event that the latters signature is
unobtainable, than the Treasurer of the Ladies Circle shall sign the cheques.
The signature of the Polish Alliance President is not required.
a) A written financial report of the Ladies Circle is to be presented at the
Annual meeting of its own polish Alliance Branch.
b) The Branch Audit Committee has the authority to audit the financial
books of the Ladies Circle.
c) Each Ladies Circle controls its own funds, to use as it deems necessary in
the best interest of the Ladies Circle and of the Polish Alliance Branch.

15.Membership in the Ladies` Circles may be obtained by any woman of Polish

Nationality irrespective of her age and Civil Status. With the approval of he
Branch to which is an auxiliary, the Ladies` Circle may accept a member of
another Nationality which they feel will be beneficial to the growth of their
15 (a)
1) Application for membership must be filled in duplicate. The original copy
stays with the Branch, the duplicate is forwarded to the Central Executive
Board within thirty days.
2) Transfer forms are issued to a member upon leaving her Branch for
another Branch.
3) The Executive of the respective Branches will notify by the Central
Executive Board of the transferring out and transferring in of each
member within 30 days.
4) All forms relating to the above must be obtained from Central Executive
5) The Executive of the Branches must inform the Central Executive Board of
any members non-payment of dues prior to the termination of her
16.Every member of the Ladies` circle is duty bound to be a moral guardian of
regulations contained in the Circle`s bylaws and to strive for the Circle`s
development numerically as well as morally.
Each member should:
a) Defend the good name of the Ladies` Circle and constantly strive to
preserve the dignity of their membership in all places and at all times.
b) Take an active part in Polish national celebrations, to support amateur the
article and choral groups, projects and excursions in the Circle.
c) Regularly attend meetings whether monthly or extra-ordinary.
d) Members in areas with their dues for the three months and not attending
meetings during that period of time, cease to have the right to vote.
Members guilty of the above breaches of their duties for 6 months,
automatically lose their membership. Nevertheless, they should be
notified of the above fact by Circle`s financial secretary before the
expiring date.
17.When attending a meeting, every members of the Ladies Circle should
behave in a quiet and dignified manner, not interrupt the speaker, and should
she want to speak, she should obtain permission from the chairman of the
18.A majority of those present at the meeting can make decision with regard to
all administrative matters of the Circle, with the exception of financial
matters and those not encompassed by the bylaws.
19.Every matter within the scope of activities of the Circle should be presented
at the meeting in the form of the motion made by one of the members and
seconded by another. Then, after a discussion, the motion should be voted
upon. A simple majority of votes is sufficient to make the decision of the
gathering valid.

20.No member or even an Office holder has the authority to make a decision
about financial matter without previous approval of a meeting of the
members. Only in case of great urgency, when there is no time for calling a
meeting, a decision can be made by the Executive of the Ladies` Circle,
jointly with the president of the given Branch of the Alliance and only in
matters not exceeding $100.00
21.Ladies` Circle can designate and vote funds from its account with the
approval of a simple majority of votes.
22.All funds derived from donations and undertaking should be handed to the
Circle`s Financial Secretary who, after entering them in the books, gives them
together with receipts, to the Treasurer. The Treasurer deposits them to the
account of the Ladies Circle of the Polish Alliance of Canada at the bank
designed by the Executive.
23.Every member can vote on any matter pertaining to the Ladies` Circle.
24.After a membership of one year, any member who is inarrears with her dues,
can be candidate for any office of the Circle. Exceptions to this can be made
in cases of necessity where are not enough candidates to fill offices.
25.Sanctions will be applied in accordance with bylaws of the Polish Alliance of
26.Members excluded on the basis of the above bylaws can apply to the Circle
for readmission. The application must be in writing and handed or sent to the
Recording Secretary for submission to the meeting. The applicant can be
reinstated upon approval by at least three quarters of the votes cast at the
meeting. The result of the voting will be communicated in writing to the
applicant by the Secretary.
27.Duties and privileges of the Ladies Circle are defined by the bylaws of the
Polish Alliance of Canada.
28.The Executive of the Ladies Circle consists of:
1. President
2. Vice-President.
3. Recording Secretary.
4. Financial Secretary.
5. Treasurer.
6. Manager in charge of the inventory.
7. Manager in charge of the undertaking.
8. Organizer.

9. Three controllers entrusted with control of the property of the Circle.

29 a) The President presides over all the meeting of the Circle, enforcing
rules and regulations contained in the bylaws of the Polish Alliance of
Canada, and sees to it that provisions of the above by-laws members. She
supervises the officials of the circle and strives for the development of the
Circle. Also reports on the activities of the Circle during meetings of the
Circle and the given Branch of the Alliance, and submits new plan for
future activities of the Circle.
b) The Vice-President should assist the President and, in case of the
absence of the latter assume her duties.
c) The recording Secretary carefully prepares the minutes of the meetings
of the Circle, which should be entered in a special book. Keeps up to date
the list of members with the addresses. Conducts and signs the
correspondence indicated by the meeting. Also keeps the archives and
exercises all the functions connected with her official duties.
d) Financial Secretary keeps the ledgers, receives all the moneys and,
after entering them in the books, hands them over on the same day to the
Treasurer, with receipt. Should read a financial statement in the course of
every monthly meeting of the Ladies Circle.
e) The Treasurer, within 48 hours, deposits all funds received from
Financial Secretary at the bank indicated by the Branch of polish Alliance
with which given Circle is affiliated, presents the bank book for control at
every monthly meeting. The Treasurer should make all payments only on
the ground of invoices or, in case of private persons, of personal bills, a
signed receipt.
f) Manager of the inventory takes care of all inventory and all objects
belonging to the Circle. She should keep a list of all additions and
decreases in the inventory.
g) Manager in charge of undertakings has the supervision over the
organization of all undertakings decided upon by the meeting of Ladies`
Circle. She is helped in the exercise of her duties by an appropriate
number of members of the Circle. At the termination of the undertaking,
prepares a financial statement and hands the funds to the Financial
Secretary, makes an appropriate report at the meeting of the Circle. All
outlays made by her should be covered by receipts.
h) Three Controllers must verify the books every three months and check
all the property of the Circle every six months.
The duties of the officials should be read aloud by the chairman before

30.The election of the officials of Ladies` Circle should take place every
December by means of secret ballots.
31.A month before the elections, a nomination meeting should be held, in the
course of which candidates for officials are nominated.
32.Candidates who received an ordinary majority of votes are proclaimed as
elected to their offices.
33.During the electoral meeting, before the distribution of voting Ballots, the
chairman designates three members not running for the office, as scrutinizers
whose duty is to count votes given to each candidate. After counting the
votes, they give the results to the chairman so that the name of elected
candidate can be given to the assembly.
34.The installation of the newly elected officials should take place at the next
monthly meeting, in the month of January of every year.
35.Ladies Circles Central Executive Board functions on the same principal as the
Executive Board of the Polish Alliance of Canada according to the constitution
of the Polish Alliance. It is elected at the Conventions of the Ladies Circles for
the term of two years. The Central Office is located at the Head Office of the
head Executive Board of the Polish alliance of Canada.
36. The officers forming the Polish Alliance Ladies Circle Central Executive Board
are as follow:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Recording Secretary
4. Financial Secretary
The president of the Central Executive Board automatically becomes a
member of the Head Executive Board of the Polish Alliance of Canada, also
the Committee of Education, She represents the Ladies Circles at all
conventions of the Polish Alliance of Canada: due to these functions, she
must be a member of the Polish Alliance of Canada. The President of
Central Executive Board reports on the activities of all the Ladies Circles
before the Convention of the Ladies Circles, and the Head Executive
Board of the Polish Alliance of Canada. Whose meetings she attends. The
internal operations of the Central Executive are regulated by the President
in cooperation with the Secretaries. The term of office begins on the 1 st
day of June after each convention and ends May 31 st.
37.Each Branch of the Ladies Circles must pay dues of $2 for each member
every year to the Central Executive Board. Non-payment of dues will be
regulated by the same bylaws, which apply to each Branch of the Polish
Alliance as set forth in the Constitution of the Polish Alliance of Canada.
38.The President at the end of her term of office will dispatch all documents
pertaining to this term to the archives of the Central Executive Board, which
will be preserved at the offices of the Head Executive Board of the Polish
Alliance of Canada.

39.Ladies Circles hold their own Bi-Annual Conventions at the time and place
designed by the previous Convention. A Convention may be called by the
Ladies Circles Central Executive Board before the date agreed upon in cases
of dire emergency or on the written request of half or all the Ladies Circles,
also Head Executive Board of the Polish alliance of Canada may call
Convention of delegates whenever the need arises. The program of the
Convention is arranged by the Central Executive Board of the Body calling it.
The convention costs are borne by each Circle for their own individual
delegates attending.
40.Each Ladies Circle designates at its monthly meeting, one delegate for each
ten members of their circle, whose yearly due have been paid to the Central
Executive Board. Members of the Central Executive Board have full voting
powers at the Convention.
41 a) No Branch of the Ladies Circles of the Polish alliance of Canada is
allowed to exist outside the jurisdiction of the Central Executive Board.
b) All grievances within our organization will be looked into and dealt with by
the Committee of Grievances, eventually by the Head Grievances Committee.
c) The Grievances Committee will be bound by the rules and regulations of
the Grievance Committee of the Polish Alliance of Canada.
d) If, after hearing the findings and resolutions of the Head Grievance
Committee called by the Convention, said Committee being the highest
authority, the Ladies Circle does not accept the findings and carry out the
said resolutions, the said Ladies Circle is dissolved.
e) On dissolution of the Ladies Circle in the above instances, the Assets are
divided as follow: 75% to the Branch of the Polish Alliance of Canada to which
it was s=affiliated, 25% to the Polish Alliance Ladies Circles Central Executive
42.All amendments or additions to the bylaws of Ladies Circle can be made
during the convention of Ladies Circle, provided they are approved by at
least two thirds of the delegates present and are confirmed by the Polish
Alliance of Canada.
43.The estate of the Ladies Circle after its dissolution can be held for two years
by the Branch of the Polish alliance with which it was affiliated, against the
possibility of the founding of a new Circle. After two years, the given Branch
can divide the estate in the following manner:
a) 25% to the Branch with which the Circle was affiliated.

b) 25% to the polish language school conducted by the given Branch. In case
no school exists there, this part of the estate goes to the Executive of the
Polish Alliance of Canada for its school found.
c) 25% for Central Executive Board of Ladies Circles.
d) 25% for W. Reymont Foundation.
The Dissolution of the Ladies Circle can take place in accordance with the
bylaws of the Polish Alliance of Canada.
44.The order in which the meeting should proceed should be the following one:
1. Opening of the meeting.
(Calling the meeting to order)
2. Introduction of candidates for members.
3. Admission of new members.
4. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
5. Reading of correspondence.
6. Report of Commissions.
7. Matters pending.
8. New business.
9. Interpellations.
10.Closing of meeting.
Orders of the day of annual and semi-annual meetings are fixed by
executive of the Ladies Circle.
These bylaws have been confirmed by the 29 th General Convention of the
Polish Alliance of Canada and by its Executive.
Additions to these bylaws have been passed by the 20 th Convention of the
Polish Alliance Ladies Circle and have been approved by the Executive of
the Polish Alliance and confirmed by its 29th General Convention.