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ofthe Phibines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION . 1 Conta Visa ot > TAGBILARAN CiTY SCHOOLS DIVISION «Eg At ‘oF Taba NOTICE OF MEETING SGOD - SBM Acnviry: Consultation Meeting with School Principals on the Schoo! Heads Development Program (SHDP) Module 2 SIP Processes, I's relevance to | replicating their experiences to the majority of the SHs in the Division as well 48 to the CID & SGOD Personnel for enhancement. 1. Sharing of Experience and/or realizations relative fo SIP ond its processes ‘AGENDA: uring the SHDP seminar; 2, Proposed Replication of SHOP Module 2; 3. Next Step Planning &. When, Where, Who and What - oie: Motes ee es Clementine Gamil 10. Jonet T. Butalid Eufe Rhoda Galon 11. Jenelou John israel Lorelie Anore 12. Neolita Serabia Concepcion Gatlentes Proserpina Doroy Aima Angalot ‘Melchor Daniet Jr. Evangeline Canda ize Maquiling PENS MREDa|D January 4, 2017, 3: | Waere: SGOD Office | EXPENSES | REQUIRED CHARGEASLE |10 Called by: Approved: VIRGINIA C_ZAPANTA, Ed.D.CESOV _ ‘Schools Division Superintendent oc of masting. SBN Asem Page 1h 3