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Nutrition Improvement Plan

Clients Name: Warit Phakratchatanon

Date of Birth: August 12, 1999

Date of Visit: 11/9/2016

Social Security #: 091-462-6446

Initial Findings:

Commendations: Warit gets an adequate amount of bad cholesterol, fats and

carbohydrates in his diet. He consumes a fine amount of protein, refined sugars, and

Recommendations: Warit needs to consume less LDL (bad cholesterol) and Animal
Protein. He eats too much of sweet snacks which is only source from refined sugars. He
needs to start eat less of proteins because somehow your body must remove more
nitrogen waste products from your body which stresses your kidneys. In addition, he
needs to consume more fruits so that he increases fiber. Good fat is one of the good
source he needs to take more.

Dietary Recommendations:

Warit should eat homemade food that cook with olive oil or coconut oil so he can
increase his good fats. Every time he eats salad, he is recommended to put avocados as a
healthy fats.

Warit should lessen his animal products intake because they contain LDL. Instead of
drinking milk from animals, he should drink milk that are from plants such as almond
milk or walnut milk. They have adequate amount of proteins and vitamins.

Warit should eat more complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat, whole grains, and
brown rice which recommended in breakfast and lunch. At dinnertime, fruits and
vegetables are recommended to be the majority of the meal. If he wants to lose weight
he should eat less amount of carbohydrates in the evening.

Warit should take different type of sugar. He usually eat sweet snacks which contain
refined sugar so instead of consuming snacks with sugar, he should eat maple syrup as a
substitution of sugar. Moreover, he can find other healthy snacks such as nuts, granola
bar, and plain oatmeal.

He needs to start playing some sports to lose belly fats. His nutrition tracker result is
quite different from his body size.

Mr. Daniel Simonds

Health Center

Ms. Tara Kenyon

After consulting with Warit, he will change from eating processed rice to whole grains. The big
problem is that he lives in the dormitory and he cant cook homemade food. He sometimes eat
7-11 food because he has no choice. Instead of eating 7-11 food, he will try to look for clean
food store. Moreover, he does not have to consume good food because he eats what he can find
around the dorm. We also suggested that he should avoid sweet snacks and eat nuts or seeds
instead. From now on, he must exercise everyday to lose his belly fats. He said that he decide to
run every evening around the university and he will go to the gym everyday. Our client agrees
with the rest of the plan.

Wait will keep a food journal for the next month.

Mr. Daniel Simonds

Health Center

Ms. Tara Kenyon


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