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FashionTrade Onboarding & Integration Documentation

dec 2016, Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Table of contents
Rollout steps & timeline
Login Details
Upload your Data
Data Collection (Manual Flat File)
Data Collection (REST API)
ERP Integration
Retrieve Your Orders
REST API (in JSON or CSV format)
Set up brand profile
Upload your retailers
Train your team
Retailer Support
Questions about specific products or conditions before an order is placed
Service for the Clients
Further questions?, Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Introduction is your leading wholesale marketplace to find new retailers, trade smarter and gain
valuable market insights.
Please follow this guide, to ensure your success on and create an automated way to
manage your business and transactions. The timely upload of your latest collections, never out of stock
(NOOS) styles, regular stock styles and ensuring that your stock levels are current; will provide your retail
customers with a smooth buying experience.
In this guide you will find information about the integration options with the
marketplace and a step by step description of how to get started.
You can contact your customer success manager at all times via or the chat
icon in the lower right corner., Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Rollout steps & timeline

The onboarding is a 4 week process. Please take a minute to asses what is needed from your side to
achieve this. Think about the data which you will deliver as well as who within your company will be
working on the onboarding process.

Step 1 - Personalised onboarding support

Please fill in our intake form you will find below.
As soon as you have completed and returned the form, you will be contacted by our customer success
manager who will give you the personalised support you need.
The details you provide us, will help us to advise you more efficiently and provide you with an even clearer
estimation of the data required and prospective onboarding time.
LINK INTAKE FORM: FashionTradeIntakeForm

Step 2 - Planning, Timeline & Process

Below is the proposed timeline once we agree on a startdate:, Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Login Details
You will receive your login details from your Customer Success Manager.


Upload your Data

There are three ways to upload your product data, via our REST API, ERP Integration or Flat File. Please see
the table below for the pros and cons of each option.

Manual Flat File


ERP Integration

Batch product updates

Individual product updates

Individual product updates

Can be done manually by by

someone with little or no
development skills

Frequent updates
(real time)

Frequent updates
(real time)

More options, such as:

Granular price lists
Pre packs / bundles

More options, such as:

Granular price lists
Pre packs / bundles

Full control over update

frequency & mappings
Decreased/Less frequent

Requires development on
your side

For selected ERPs that are

not customised too much

Can be slower if you have

many items
We recommend to use the REST API or ERP integration if you have more than 2000 new products per year
and if you need real time updating with the most accurate stock and pricing information.



FashionTrade uses broad top level categories: accessories, clothing, shoes, furniture, toys - roughly
corresponding to the top level GS1 GPC categories.
Below that we employ GS1 GPC categories pairs to classify your styles in one or more categories. You can
supply multiple tag-value pairs for a single style. In the flat file template you can find a list of supported
tags and values.
We want to avoid losing metadata on your styles when importing/mapping to our platform, so please
contact us if you miss tags or values. You can send unsupported values (not tags) to us at any time. We can
not promise that we will add these values immediately, but they will be stored and might be used in the
future. By sending them to us we will learn what we have to improve.



Share your images by providing the URL where they can be retrieved as part of the product data.
At this time we do not support (S)FTP upload for images. Please contact us if you need other ways to
upload your images., Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4.3. Data Collection (Manual Flat File)

Please note that this Manual Flat File is used for the pilot phase only. Do not build any
final/production code on this before discussing further with your success




Use this to upload product & variations as well as the default price and stock.
Upload each variation as a separate line, repeating the attributes for the
parent product.
An upload will overwrite an existing product (and all its variations)
Variations of a single product should be on consecutive lines
To make a product unavailable/hidden set the active attribute to FALSE


Use this to supply image(s) for your products


This file is optional

Use if you have multiple stock locations / reservations.


This file is optional

Use only if you have multiple price levels or currencies.

4.4. Data Collection (REST API)

Please contact us for your API key before you start build any final/production code.
The REST API specification can be found on the link below:

4.5. ERP Integration

For selected ERPs that have not been heavily customised, we are testing driving drop-in integrations.
Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested and want to look into this option.


Retrieve Your Orders



In the pilot phase you will receive an email for every order that is placed by a connected retailer.


REST API (in JSON or CSV format)

You can retrieve incoming order by our JSON or CSV format. Please refer to the REST API documentation.


Set up brand profile

In the pilot phase the setup of a brand profile is not available. This option will be available soon!, Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Upload your retailers

After you upload your retailers and you have given us the go-ahead we will send the retailers an invite to
join and connect with your Brand.






Use this file to upload your retailers

Upload each address/location as a separate line, repeating the retailer account

Train your team

In order for you to maximise your results we advise you to get to know our platform.
The platform is naturally intuitive which facilitates the standard selling/buying options, however there will
be constant updates and added advanced features which will allow you to sell smarter and more often to
the right buyers. We truly encourage you to remain up-to-date with our latest platform advancements
through your Customer Success Manager and our blog or newsletter. Training sessions will be planned by
the Customer Success Manager and your team.


Retailer Support
Retailers will have questions for you as the brand partner and us as the platform provider. Most
commonly, a retailer will contact customer support first for both brand and platform
queries. As you are the expert of your products our customer success team will not answer brand-specific
product related questions. In anticipation of that, we have provided various contact options. The customer
support manager of FashionTrade will contact your customer support to agree on the follow up.


Questions about specific products or conditions before an order is


On FashionTrade the retailer will easily be able to ask you their question via the built-in
chat/messenger/mail. You as a brand will receive the question in your own mailbox/via chat? Once you
answer the question, they will receive a notification on their dashboard.


Service for the Clients

We have the mutual expectation that both FashionTrade and your Brand will answer retailer questions
within 24 hours. Additionally, we monitor the number of questions that we both receive and work to
prevent a backlog of questions, by, for example, ensuring that your product information or our process is
clear to the customer.


Further questions?

We are happy to help! Please contact your Customer Success Manager. They can answer all your additional
questions about selling via, Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands