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Senical 1

Trey Senical
AP Lang
Mrs. Taylor
4 January 2017
Question 3
Postmans assertion said that George Orwells 1984 feared that What
we hate will ruin us. Also Postman said that Huxleys Brave New World fears
that what we love will ruin us. Although Huxleys vision is to be feared, it is
not as relevant as Orwells because today Americans are watched, truths are
kept from the people and there are people like Big Brother in this world. It is
true that people can be drowned in a sea of things they love like Huxley says
in a Brave New World. There are some things that should be kept from
people. Technology is taking over this generation and may allow the human
race to drown in the irrelevance. There may be a point where no one cares
what they say. Also people should not be free to do anything they want so
the government should be able to control some things in daily life.
Though Huxleys vision could be possible Orwells theory was right
about lack of privacy. Today in America with all the new technology,
Americans are able to be watched. People might be spied on better than the
telescreens and thought police in 1984. Edward Snowden came out in 2013
saying that the government can see what Americans are doing on their

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phones. Snowden said in an interview that just from a simple search the
government can find out many things including the persons thought
process. This makes Huxleys theory of being uncontrollable go down in
relevance because obviously with the government having this much
surveillance power makes his theory not true.










government keeps things from its people. For instance, how the government
did not tell their people that they can look at them through their phones.
There may be even more things that are hidden from Americans much like
the people of Oceana in 1984. Huxleys vision says that people will know so
much that we are in a sea of irrelevance, but with so many things hidden
its more like we are in a drought of irrelevance.
Huxley also does not fear being a Captive culture, but with all the
controversy in the world it is possible that one day America may have a Big
Brother. An example of the controversy is North Korea whether or not they
can take over America is a question, but if they are successful it would look
more like Orwells vision. Since North Koreas leader is the same as Big
Brother rationing his people and starting wars (probably without telling North
Korea) is a lot like 1984.
In conclusion, Huxleys vision is not valid compared to Orwells. Even
though Huxleys vision could be possible it will probably be long after this

Senical 3

generation. Orwells vision is the most relevent because there are more
things that happen in todays society that are much like Big Brother in 1984.