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Henry VIII
In the portrait of Henry VIII he tries to make himself
look really important. His over coat is red and gold, the
two most important looking colours; he also has a red,
gold and black hat. On his hat he has silver jewels in
the shape of circles and triangles he also has fur around
the edge of the hat. Around his neck he is wearing two
necklaces. The bigger necklace of the two is gold with
spaced out rubies on it. The rubies are surrounded with
gold. The smaller necklace is a gold chain with a gold
circle on it; the circle has a ruby in the middle of it. His
`shirt` is a really light gold and it has diamonds sewn
on it different places. The buttons on the shirt are
rubies surrounded by gold. On the sleeves of his `shirt`
he has a diamond followed by a ruby surrounded by
gold in two lines. He has one ring on two fingers on
each hand. The ring is a ruby surrounded by gold. In his
left hand he is holding a birding glove. In his right hand
he is holding a hunting knife. His `skirt` is light gold
(the same colour as the `shirt`) with a pattern on it. He
is wearing white garters. On the top of them it says
something in a different language. He is wearing light
gold slippers. In the background there is a gold
patterned curtain, a patterned rug and a green wall.
All of the things make Henry VIII look masculine,
important and wealthy. Henry VIII found this really
important as he liked to show off and prove that he is
the most important man in the world.

Anna Whittle