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European Expansion
Kate Burton, Brian Garie, Jacob Huegel,
Richard Stiftinger, and Adam Wisniewski

•Current Supercross Target Market
•Cultural Barriers
•Strategic Plan

Current Supercross Target Market
• Males 18-34
• 840,000 annual attendance
• Digital: followings on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Inside Dirt, and Cross Club
• Competes January through May

France Demographics
• 3rd largest economy in Europe (GDP of 2,464.790)
• Financial services, banking and the insurance sector are an important part of the economy
• World's 3rd biggest exporter of agricultural products
• Tourism: Most visited country in the world
• 2012- 83 million international tourists
• Population: 66.6 million
• 3rd most populous country in Europe
• 20th most populous in the world

United Kingdom Demographics
• 2nd largest economy in Europe (GDP of 2,760.959)
• The automotive industry is a significant part of the UK manufacturing sector and employs
around 800,000 people
• UK has a significant presence in auto racing
• Tourism: 6th most visited country in the world
• London has the most international visitors of any city in the world
• Population: 64.1 million
• 4th most populous country in Europe
• 22nd most populous in the world

Germany Demographics
• Largest economy in Europe (GDP of 3,467.780)
• The service sector contributes approximately 71% of the total GDP (including information
technology), industry 28%, and agriculture 1%
• The automotive industry in Germany is regarded as one of the most competitive and
innovative in the world
• 4th largest by production
• Tourism: 7th most visited country in the world
• 2012- over 30.4 million international tourists
• Population: 80.62 million
• 2nd most populous country in Europe, after Russia
• 2nd most popular immigration destination, after the U.S.

Cultural Barriers
Political Environment
● Terrorism in Europe is at a high
○ France & Germany have had shootings within the past year
● Xenophobia
○ France, specifically, has racist behavior
○ Protesting going on to get people out of the country and not to let people in
● Brexit
○ UK voted to leave the EU this past summer
○ Big threat to their economy
○ This could affect economy, jobs, trade, immigration, status in Europe, and position in
the world

Cultural Barriers
Alcohol Advertising Regulations
● United Kingdom
○ Advertising Standards Authority hold strict regulations on how alcohol companies can
advertise their products
■ Advertisements must be ethical, not misleading, and honest
● France
○ Advertising at sport facilities is not forbidden but broadcasting is banned
○ Broadcast of sport events which shows billboards promoting alcoholic beverages
○ Example: Heineken Cup
■ Exception: multinational sports events specifically targeted at the french public is
● Germany
○ Federal Protection of Minors Act - Cannot market any alcohol to minors
○ Code of Conduct on Commercial Communication for Alcoholic Beverages

Cultural Barriers
Bans on energy drinks
● Countries have begun to ban the sale
energy drinks to minors
○ Lithuania
○ Latvia
○ India
● Germany and UK have called for stricter

Strategic Plan
•Sponsorship Activations

Venues: France
Circuit du Puy de Poursay/Motoclub Angerien
(St. Jean d’Angely)
• Used for Motocross World
AccorHotels Arena (Paris) - 84.7m tourists/yr
• Used for ATP World Tour and various
• 16,394 capacity
• Hosting Nitro Circus Live in 2016
Allianz Riviera (Nice)
• Used for UEFA events
• 35,624 capacity

Venues: United Kingdom
Matterley Basin, Winchester (Great Britain)
• Used for Motocross World Championship
Emirates Stadium (London)
• Home of the Arsenal Football Club
• 60,432 capacity
Manchester Arena (Manchester)
• Home of Manchester Storm, Phoenix, and
Giants – UFC and
various concerts/events
• 21,000 capacity
• One of the busiest indoor arenas in the

Venues: Germany
Talkessel Track (Teutschenthal)
• Used for Motocross World Championship
• About 50,000 capacity
Olympianstadion Munchen (Munich)
• Used for FIFA & UEFA championships and
various concerts/events
• 69,250 capacity
Allianz Arena (Munich)
• Used for FIFA & UEFA events
• 71,000 capacity
• Has a large capacity with various premium
seating options (suites, clubs, VIP)

General Seating
● 4 general seating price ranges depending on
level and viewing area
● Pricing: $25-$100
Package Deals
● Club seating with Pit Party Access
● Voucher for food in arena
VIP seating and standing areas
● Private pre-event tailgate in Pit Party
Exclusive Access
● Rider meet and greets
● Test drive a supercross bike (sponsor)

● Campaign Videos
○ “What Drives You?”
○ Focuses on the popular
Supercross riders for each
country with the same format for
■ Marvin Musquin
■ Ken Roczen
■ Dean Wilson
● Social Media
○ #99DaysToRide Campaign

Social Media
○ Women Crush Wednesday
○ Featuring Female riders with bios to
bring awareness
● TV Broadcasting
○ Fox Sports International - Fox Sports Go
○ Sky Sport, Sport+

Sponsorship Activations
Game Presentation

Fueled by Total

Sponsorship Activations
In-venue promotion

Be the QUICKest to
the Finish Line!

Sponsorship Activations
World’s largest bank – use for commercial

“We understand this won’t
be a race all by yourself”

Sponsorship Activations
Use for a break in action

This break is brought to you by Michelin
because so much is riding on your tires.
No tire helps you and your family brake faster.

Sponsorship Activations
World’s largest cosmetics company - use for a break or commercial
Give out free L’Oreal products

Because Supercross
riders are worth it too.

Sponsorship Activations
Corporate responsibility
Any designated driver receives a free Monster energy drink

Know Your Standards
Be a responsible rider
and driver

Sponsorship Activations
Global sustainability and responsibility

Help Shell protect the

Sponsorship Activations
Fan Text Trivia – Chance to win a prize

Educating the fan on the
sport of Supercross.

Who was
the 250SX
in 2014?

Sponsorship Activations
Coupon to Sea Life attached to ticket

Save What Matters
“Use this coupon to save on admission to a Sea
Life Aquarium. Come see how we save and protect
marine wildlife across the world”

Sponsorship Activations
Big Air Replays

Sky Cam Replay

Sponsorship Activations
Video Campaign sponsor
Show room for luxury cars during party in
the pits

What drives you?
Presented by ____

Sponsorship Activations
Bring tickets to store for discount
Virtual reality activity

Connecting the world
through Supercross.

Sponsorship Activations

Official Airline Partner

Sponsorship Activations
Attend Supercross event and receive a
percentage off your next visit to TUI
TUI customers will receive a percentage off
Supercross event

Official Travel Partner

Sponsorship Activations
Video leading up to event portraying how
effective Persil ProClean is at keeping even
the Supercross athletes’ clothes clean after
getting dirty during the event

Dirt is good.

•Plan for European Expansion