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Mobile: +91 8008566697

Looking for a challenging and Responsible position in the field of Information Technology and have the
flexibility to adapt to any new environment and work on any project wish to utilize this experience in an
organization as part of them.
Having 3.6 years of Experience on Data Warehousing in analysis, design, and development of
software applications using Informatica Designer 8.6 & 9.0.1
Data warehousing experience implementation using Informatica Power Center 8.6,9.0.1 &
ETL Concepts.
Extensively worked on Informatica Designer Components - Source Analyzer, Warehouse
Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformation Developer, and Workflow
Creating the mapping using transformations Filter, Source Qualifier, Joiner, Aggregator,
Expression, Lookup, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator.
Expert in DWH concepts.
Knowledge of data warehousing techniques Star/ Snowflake schema.
Experience of implementing slowly Changing Dimensions.
Good Knowledge on Data Warehousing concepts like Star Schema, Dimensions and Fact tables.
Used ETL process to Extract, Transform and Load the data into stage area and data warehouse
Developed full and Incremental load mapping's to populate fact and dimension tables by creating
dynamic mapping variables with parameter file process.
Optimizing Informatica Mapping's and Sessions to improve the performance
Error handling and performance tuning.
Worked with different data sources like Flat Files and Relational Databases
Working experience in Oracle 9i&10g, SQL, SQL Plus, TOAD, Windows XP/2000/98/95, Win NT
Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, team coordination and versed with Software
Development processes.

ETL Tools
Operating Systems

: Informatica Power Center 8.6,9.0.1

: Oracle 9i&10g
: Windows, UNIX
: SQL and PL/SQL

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Applications Tools

: Toad

Educational Qualification:
Master of Computer Applications in 2008 from Kakatiya University.
Work Experience:
Working with SS Tech Systems Pvt Ltd ,Banglore , from Nov 2009 to till date.

Projects in detail:
Project # 1:
Project Name


Global Revenue
Tyco Safety Products -Boca Raton, Florida.
Informatica 9.0.1, Oracle10g.
Jan 2011 to till date.


Tyco Safety Products is part of the Tyco Fire and Security division of Tyco International Ltd. Tyco
Safety Products' businesses design, manufacture, and distribute electronic security systems, fire
protection, detection and suppression systems, sprinklers and fire extinguishers including more
than 60 brands distributed in markets across the globe. Informatica is used to Extract data from
disparate ERP systems, transform the Data by implementing complex/simple business logic and
loading the data in data warehouse.
Roles & Responsibility:
Understanding the Source System, Analyzing users requirements.
Involved in Extraction, Transformation and Loading of the data from different data
sources like Flat files and Oracle to the Data warehouse.
Importing Source Tables from the respective databases and created Reusable
Transformations and Mapping's using Designer Tool set of Informatica.
Checking logs in case of Workflow/Task failure.
Created batches to run several sessions sequentially and concurrently.
Developed mapping's using Informatica Power Center Designer to load data from
various source systems to target database.
Involving performance tuning.

Project # 2:

CSM Data Mart

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Informatica 8.6, Oracle10g.

June 2010 to Dec 2010.

Chartered Semi conductor Manufacturing Company is One of the worlds top dedicated semi
conductor manufacturing company which provides innovative solutions for manufacturing ICs
that power todays consumer communications and computing products.
This project is aimed to reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the sales by identifying
the key factors like the total sales revenue on a monthly and quarterly basis on the region
and sales amount. The decision support system is focused on analyzing the entire business
process in order to provide critical information like daily revenue, total sales, goals
information on employees and new plans to company for developing business intelligences
system based on B.Os and information products.
Role & Responsibility:
Understanding various business requirements.
Developed the informatica mapping to load the data into staging table from multiple
data sources such as Oracle and text files.
Developed mappings using various transformations depend upon requirements to
implements business logic and also tuned them better performance.
Prepared the required Unit test cases for assigned tasks to self review the test cases.

Project # 3:


Informatica 8.1, Oracle10g.
Nov 2009 to May 2010.

ICICI Prudential, one of the biggest Life Insurance Companies in India. This project is to
maintain the Database which has lots of historical data. So data warehouse plays a major
role in enabling various stores to view the data at a lowest level and help them to make
decisions to bring more revenue to company with new policies. Different entities of this
project were to identify user data from all data sources on diversified systems.
Roles and Responsibility:
Developed ETL mappings, transformations using Informatica Power Center.
Developed mappings using various transformations like update strategy, lookup,
stored procedure, Router, Filter, sequence generator, joiner, aggregate
transformation and expression.
Involved into source code review, the mappings created by my team members.
Prepared deployment document and assisted to deployment team while migration.

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Involved in performance tuning by optimizing the sources, targets, mappings and
Mappings were designed to cater the slowly changing dimensions.
Developed several reusable transformations and mapplets that were used in other