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Michael Gregory speaks to groups that
want to reduce conflict and stress in the
office, improve productivity and enhance
employee and customer satisfaction.

How to Work with the IRS

Understand the IRS and how it


Your investment in Mike will pay off right away by making it easier
for your members and others to de-escalate, work with difficult
people, effectively listen, and focus on issues. Using neuroscience
and practical experiences, lessons learned can be applied
immediately directly impacting your bottom line.

Take the lessons learned about

the IRS and apply these to your

Focus on relationships, listening,

education and negotiation


Learn to center yourself first.

Second, Mike will design and deliver around your desired topic so
you receive exactly what you and your members need.

Control the two stinky twins of

BO (blaming others) and BS
(blaming self)

Understand how to focus on the


Third, hell give you a free set of handouts that you can reproduce
for your participants. Many speakers charge $15 to $50 if they
provide these handouts.

Using Neuroscience to
Overcome Conflict

Why Hire Michael Gregory?


First, Mike will visit with you before the program and speak with
whomever you suggest.

How to De-escalate and

Resolve Conflicts with Clients,
Associates and Others

Understand key concepts of


Practical applications with

difficult, real-world situations

Best practices going forward


Mikes style is high energy, high content, and high involvement.
Mike wants his audiences to feel, know and do something differently
when they leave his program. He provides them with hard skills and
new strategies to address conflict. No theory. No fluff. No bull.

Mike has never given the same presentation twice. He customizes
his programs based on client needs whether that client is a
corporation, association, or institution. There is no cookie cutter.
YOU are the cookie. Mike will incorporate your organizations
theme, vision, values or language.

Michael Gregory
Consulting, LLC

To book Mike now:


What people are saying about Mike

It is a rare combination when delivery matches vast
technical expertise. You have that rare duo; kudos to you! Thank
you for sharing a small sampling from your immense reserve of
experience and knowledge! I listened, learned, and laughed over
what seemed to be a very short time. I hold the IRS in higher
regard for having had someone of your caliber in their employ.
Cathy Mitchell, CPA, Senior Manager, Allen, Gibbs & Houlik,
Wichita, Kansas

I am very happy to tell you that we got the best overall

responses to your presentation of any program we have
had in a long time! We often have good responses from
attorneys if an attorney speaks or good responses from
CLUs if someone speaks on risk management issues that
involve insurance-related products, but your presentation
was appealing to a broad swath of our membership and
the information was useful in a very practical sense.
Conrad L. Slate, Sr. CLU, ChFC, MSFS, Knoxville, Tennessee

The Tax Institute course you conducted for Minnesota

CLE was a big success in terms of attendance and
feedback from attendees. Your evaluation score of 6.0
is outstanding lawyers are tough graders. One person
attending your session on DLOM wrote: He is a 7!
Extremely good presentationgreat background info, and
branching into other aspects of dealing with the IRS was
very useful.
Mary Jo Cole, Program Attorney, Minnesota Continuing
Legal Education, St. Paul, Minnesota

The feedback we received after Michael Gregorys

presentation was very positive from our membership
base. His insight based on his background gave everyone
something to take back to their practices with how to
interact with the IRS.
Diana Veid, President Cincinnati Estate Planning Council

I just wanted to say thank you for the presentation you

gave at the Praxity conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the
presentation and learned valuable information on how
the IRS looks at valuations, in particular discounts. By any
measure, you are a very effective speaker and educator.
Thank you for a memorable presentation and hope I will
have the opportunity to hear you speak again in the future.
Courtney N. Mussatt, CPA, ABV, BKD, LLP, Indianapolis,

We are aware that you took extra care and time to

adapt your presentation to our group and we thank
you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with
our participants. This would not have been as strong a
conference without your contribution! Very relevant topic.
Great IRS knowledge.
Marina Blosser, Moss Adams LLP, Portland, Oregon

Michael Gregory is an internationally-acclaimed

expert known for his high-content, high energy
presentations with humorous interjections and tools
that that his audiences apply immediately to real
world issues.
Your investment in Mike pays off by making it easier for
CEOs and business owners to attract, engage and win
more customers without digressing into conflict now
more than ever.
Mike is the author of 10
books including NEW
Peaceful Resolutions: A
60-step illustrated guide
to the art of conflict
resolution and How
to Work with the IRS,
Second Edition, to help
you in these areas.
Since 2011, Mike has led over 200
presentations with clients in the
United States and Canada.
Mikes keynotes are interactive and include lots of
how-to oriented content. He uses stories, metaphors,
examples and humor to make his seminars and
keynotes highly memorable, practical and profitable
for your audience. Mike offers executive working
sessions, panel lunches, seminars and other materials
beyond his keynote addresses. He offers a complete
package and is committed to his audiences.
He has spoken to attorneys, accountants, judges,
business owners, managers, employees, associations,
professional societies, academics, and others.
Mike is a professional member of the
National Speakers Association and is a
member of the NSA Minnesota Chapter.
Check out Mikes blog at
for posts related to recent, relevant IRS issues,
negotiations, conflict resolution and mediation.

Michael Gregory
Consulting, LLC

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