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From Michael Gregory:

An Invitation to You
Dear Colleague,
I would like your state chapter to invite me to make a proposal
for a presentation to your state CPA society as a keynote and/or
technical speaker to a general session, your business valuation
section and/or other technical section CPE.
As a member of the National Speakers Association I have been
a keynote and technical speaker more than 40 times annually to
state CPA societies, bar associations and others and I host about
a dozen of webinars on the internet annually.
For those interested in numbers I have earned regarding
knowledge and presentation, the following are ratings from
various presentations:
My two-day CPE with the Nebraska Society of CPAs was rated

4.8 on a 5.0 scale;

My all-day CPE with the Rhode Island Society of CPAs was

rated a 4.6 on a 5.0 scale; and

My two-hour presentation to the Tennessee Society of CPAs

was rated a 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.

See my Speaker Kit for commentary from participants. Check

out my web page blog, books, videos and
events and free materials.
I encourage you to print out various pages and/or circulate the
entire brochure to your colleagues. Please contact me via email
at or by telephone at 651-633-5311. I look
forward to hearing from you.

Michael Gregory
Consulting, LLC

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Technical Tax Topics
How to Avoid an Audit and What to
Do if Audited by the IRS
Based on his book How to Work with
IRS: Second Edition, IRS classification
Steps to take to avoid an audit
What you should do if audited

Expert Witnesses and the IRS

Insights for even experienced experts
How to work with experts
How to leverage experts
Discount for Lack of Marketability
and the IRS
The most current perspective on
DLOMs beginning with the IRS Job
Aid for DLOM,
Current thinking from Mikes book

on the subject

Discount for Lack of Marketability

and the IRS

Insight on the latest models

What the IRS Looks at When

Evaluating a Valuation Report
Understand who the valuers and
decision makers are
Understand how they look at
valuation reports
Take steps to avoid conflicts
Subchapter S-Corps: What the IRS
Looks for in a Business Valuation
With his books Business Appraisals
and the IRS and How the IRS Values
Non-Controlling Interests in S-Corps
and Updates:
Up to date material is presented
Specific recommendations are


How to Approach Reasonable

Based on his book How the
IRS Determines Reasonable
Compensation, and updates
Experiences at and with the IRS are


Lessons learned can be applied


How to Write a Business Valuation

Report for the IRS
How the IRS uses professional
standards for classification
The most common errors are
presented so you can avoid them
Lessons from key court cases drive
points home

Leadership and Avoiding Conflict

How to Work with the IRS
Understand the IRS and how it works
Take the lessons learned about
the IRS and apply these to your
Focus on relationships, listening,
education and negotiation
Using Neuroscience to Overcome
Address time and stress
Develop strategies for coping
Identify and assess support systems
How to De-escalate and Resolve
Conflicts with Clients, Associates
and Others
Learn to center yourself first.
Control the two stinky twins of BO
(blaming others) and BS (blaming
Understand how to focus on the
How to Work with the IRS to
Overcome Conflict
Using Mikes book How to Work with
IRS: Second Edition, Mike explores:

Developing relationships
Listening technically
Educating judiciously
Negotiating successfully

Overcoming Conflict
Using tips from his most recent book,
Peaceful Resolutions, Mike presents
How to work with difficult people
Understanding the art of de-

escalation, communication,
conversation, discussion, listening,
negotiation, mediation. and
Real world examples bring it home
Leadership and Opportunity
Leadership is hard, continuous and
an art.
Leadership begins with you.
Opportunities pull and attract
Leave with ideas and tools to take
control of your life and apply the
lessons learned to manage your
time effectively.

Delegation Made Easy

Learn how to communicate

effectively whether youre a

delegatee or a delegator
Checklists are provided as a take
away to ensure application
Make for a win-win situation
Enhancing Effectiveness
Learn how to provide service over
Learn how to bring a positive
attitude and apply the skills
necessary in order to bring others
on board
Develop actionable items going
forward to advance yourself.
How Firms Can Attract, Develop
and Retain Top Talent
From his book The Servant Manager:
203 tips from the best places to work
in America and Mikes four-part series
with the World Continuing Education
Mike focuses on lessons learned

from best practices to help make

your firm an even bigger success.

Managing Your Time and Your Life

Participants reflect on their priorities
Tools are provided to set goals,
prioritize, and take actions.
Useful time management
techniques are provided and ideas
are presented to discover the habits
of uncommon leaders, and identify
ways to bring self-fulfillment to your
work environment.
Interactive Training: Communication,
Diversity and Perspective
This is an interactive and fun training
session focusing on communication,
diversity and perspective
Training topics include Issue
resolution, trust, delegation, listening,
dealing with difficult people, thinking
like a leader and others.
Participants leave able to apply
information learned here in their
work settings.

Michael Gregory
Consulting, LLC

651-633-5311 | |


Michael Gregory
Consulting, LLC

651-633-5311 | |