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Title Transformation of Indian Retail

Background of study
Retail in India has transformed from non-organize to organize sector, from bricks to
click and from ecommerce to brick & click. In the last decade all this transformation
has happened in the Indian retail sector.
With the Iots (Internet of things) coming up, there is still vast hope for the massive
transformations in the retail business.

Significance of study
This study will define the transformation happened till now and what
transformations will be happening in this sector. This study reveal will how changes
in technology will impact the retail sector.
Also the how different segments in the retail have changed in the past,
what are they doing now and what will be there future actions.

Literature Review
This topic is constantly changing with the time. The previous research will let us
understand the previous era of retail. But no research has been done on the future
of Indian retail. My research will fill this gap and it will open many doors for the
further research in this topic.

Problem Statement
What transformation has happened in Indian retail, what is present state and what
will be the future of India retail?


To provide the history of Indian retail

To state the present situation in the retail
To forecast the future state of Indian retail
Role of technology in Retail
Transformation in different segments in Retail

Scope of the study

Scope of the study will be constrained to only Indian retail sector. But it will have
the implication of international retail on Indian retail. It will provide the
transformation in retail up to next 10 years.

Research Methodology
For this study both quantitative and qualitative methods will be used. This will give
the more accurate analysis of the future of retail. Exploratory method will be used
for this type of study as we are exploring about the retail.

Data collection tools and techniques

Both primary and secondary data will be used in the study. Techniques will be Direct
interviews and secondary data will be collected from research paper, retail editorials

Practical utility of study

This study will be most useful for the all the stakeholders of retail sector. This report
will reveal future of Indian retail which will help to building of infrastructure, policy
making , technological advances etc.

Expected outcome and result

This study will give us what are the factors that affecting the retail sector, what will
be the future challenges and what will be the state of Indian retail in future.