165 WEST 20th STREET, #1D, NEW YORK, NY 10011

December 22, 2016
Thomas F. Prendergast, CEO & Chairman, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
347 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation
55 Water Street
New York, NY
Via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested

Re: Community Concerns about the Planned 14th Street L Train Closing for Repairs
I am sending you this letter on behalf of the Council of Chelsea Block Associations [CCBA],
a coalition of 15 block associations covering 25 blocks in our Chelsea neighborhood. Formed in
1962, CCBA now meets on a monthly basis striving to improve the safety and quality of life for
those who live in, work in, and/or visit our Chelsea community.
At our last meeting, CCBA unanimously voted to ask the MTA and NYC DOT not to divert
private traffic away from 14 th Street while the L train is shut for repairs beginning in 2019.
Residents of Chelsea strongly fear the impact on their safety and quality of life, having lived
through similar diversions.
State and City officials and agencies must meet with the residents, stakeholders, property
owners, and real estate tax payers of the local residential streets, especially those on streets
adjacent to 14th street, from the beginning of the traffic study and planning process and not after
decisions are made.
CCBA wants to meet with you about the plans for 14 th Street and we look forward to your
response. I can be reached by phone at 646-637-5775 and/or by email at .
Thank you for your attention to this request.

William Borock, President
Council of Chelsea Block Associations

See attached cc list

cc list
Andrew Cuomo, Governor, State of New York
Matthew J. Driscoll, Commissioner, New York State Department of Transportation
Bill Di Blasio, Mayor, New York City
Jerrold Nadler, Congress Member
Letitia James, Public Advocate
Union Square Community Coalition
Maria Gustafson, President, West Thirteenth Street Neighborhood Association
Michael Ayre, President, West Thirteenth Street Block Association
Arthur Schwartz, West Village Community Alliance for Parks and Playgrounds
The New York Times
The New York Post
The Daily News
The Village Voice
The Villager
The East Villager
West 17th Street Block Association
The 18th Street Neighborhood Alliance
Brewster McCall, Board President, 130 East 17th Street Coop Board
David Allyn, President, 11th Between 2nd and 3rd Block Association
Alexis Adler, 12th Street Block Association (Ayes A-B)
Gale Brewer, Borough President, Manhattan
Marilyn Appleberg, President, 10th Stuyvesant Streets Block Association
Arlene Harrison, Gramercy Park Block Association
Tobi Bergman, Chair, Community Board 2
Dick Gottfried, NY State Assembly Member
Scott Stringer, Comptroller, New York City
East Twelfth /Thirteenth St. Block Assn.
Brad Holyman, NY State Senate
Florence Friedman, Board Member, 145 E 15th Street Tenant Corporation
Dr. Gil Horowitz, Washington Square-Lower 5th Avenue Block Association
Gale Fox, LoCal-15/16
Gary Tomei, President, West Thirteenth Street 100 Block Assn.
Deborah Glick, NY State Assembly Member
Dale Goodson and Andrew Coamey, North Avenue A Neighborhood Association
Marilyn Dorato, Greenwich Village Block Association
Andrew Berman, Executive Director, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
Simeon Bankoff, Executive Director, Historic District Council
Save Chelsea
Daniel Garodnick, NY City Council Member
Susan Steinberg, President, Stuyvesant Town/ Peter Cooper Tenants Association
Jennifer Brown, Executive Director, Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership
Diane Bartow, President, Murray Hill Neighborhood Association
Jennifer Falk, Executive Director, Union Square BID
Delores Rubin, Chair, Community Board 4


Brian Kavanagh, NY State Assembly Member
Keith Canton, Al El 0th St Block Association
Lauren Danziger, Executive Director, Meatpacking District BID
Lewis Flinn, President, 105 East 16th Street Coop Board
Art Levin, West Eleventh Street Block Association
Michele Golden, Co-Chair, The Flat Iron Alliance
Corey Johnson, NY City Council Member
Carolyn Maloney, Congress Member
Marguerite Martin and Carol Greitzer, Co-Chairs, West 12th Street Block Association
Marie Tupot Stock, Mulry Angle/W.11th Street Block Assn.
Nydia Velazquez, Congress Member
Vikki Babero, Chair, Community Board 5
Richard Eggers, Chair, Community Board 6
Rosalee Isaly, President, Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association
Marco Carrion, Commissioner, Mayor's Community Affairs Unit
Liz Krueger, NY State Senate
Chelsea Now
Sonja Alaimo, President, Upper West Thirteenth Street Block Association
Caroline Kaboli, Chair, West Eleventh St. Action Block Association
Jamie Rogers, Chair, Community Board 3
Marty Barrett, Stuyvesant Cove Park Association
Trevor Stewart, Cambridge Co-op Board
Vincent Sheehan, Coop Board President, 22 Irving Place Corp.
Torn Judi., EVORA East Village Owners Renters Assn
Rosie Mendez, NY City Council Member
Allan Ishach, West 9th Street Block Association


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