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Weekly Reading Report #2

Directions: After reading and annotating, complete the following table and collect it with other
weekly reports to help you develop your findings and prepare for the assessments.
Title: From #BlackLiberationsMatter To Black Liberation
Author: Keeango-Yamahatta Taylor

Pages read: 21-49

Guiding Question(s): Racial Inequality Between Blacks and Whites
Summary statements of the author’s main ideas

In chapter 1, A Culture of Racism, it gives us a brief summary about the history of racism. We
are introduced to some speeches that people like, Malcom X and Martin Luther King said. The
book then goes into detail about how they were such a great influence to the blacks that fight for
racial inequality today. The book was trying to show that the problems we faced a hundred
years ago are still the same problems we face today. If anything it got worst. The cold war was
one of those wars that started the discrimination of the blacks. With all these movements that
the blacks did, I wonder if they thought that it was useless. All their failures had to have affected
them and lowered their confidence that this was possible, but here we are today still facing the
same problem.
Embedded quotation (page #)

How does it answer/relate to the Guiding Question?

“This is our basic conclusion: Our
nation is moving towards two
societies, one black, one white—
separate and unequal” (47).

This relates to the guided question because it
shows the inequality in our society. It says that we
are moving to “separate and unequal,” which
means that we are actually going further into racial
inequality. Before it was “separate but equal,” but
not it’s “separate and unequal.” There is a huge
difference. It got worst.

“My children are hungry and my
oldest one is missing school
because I have no money to
send her…. I am American born.
I think I deserve the right
treatment. Fair treatment, that is”

A black woman named Theresa Vasta stated this.
She was protesting the lower pay that blacks get
and the poor housing for higher prices. She is
obviously on the verge of being extremely poor.
She states that she wants “fair treatment” because
she wants her kids to not suffer the same way she
is, and she wants them to have the same
opportunity as white people, which was pretty crazy
back then.

Unfamiliar words



A system of ideas or ideals, especially one that
forms a basis of economic or political theory and
A bicycle with seats and pedals for two riders, one
behind the other.
Having two things arranged, one in front of the


Deprived of or lacking something, especially a
nonmaterial asset.