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Em7 DD Am7_-Em7 D Am7 GS T ; 05 Em? D Am7 Em? 41. She calls out. to the man on the steet, — “Sir can youhelp wa D Em7 D Am? ‘ 40 ee &, : a Lt A met its cold and ve 0. = where 1 sleep, — a qe Em7 D $$ Em7 is there some-where. you can tell___ me?" 2, He walks on, — ‘s 3% D Am7 Em7 D ‘ 2}, : Se 4 e& does. lok back =i pretends hecat ear ha Em7 D Am7 o Music u, Text: Phi Colins Interpret Pil Coline Slans to whistle as he crosses Se a i rs Fempo: Moderato 2. She calls out tothe man on the street, he can see she's been crying, ‘seems em-bar - rased to be there. , think ‘She's got blisters on the soles of her feet, = Cinaj7/E she can't walk, but she's trying ‘8. You can tl from the lines on her face, you can see that she's been ther. twice, ‘cos its an - other day for you and me in Probably been moved on from every place DE Em DIE ‘cos she didn! fit there pa- ra- dise,— oh, think twice, “00s its an - On Lord, is there n0- thing more a - ny- bo-dy can do?__ | Oh Lord, Em D G % D.S.210-@ af there must be some thing you can say. — @ D Am7 Em7 D Am7_— Em7 D Am7 = its just an. other day for you and mein. pa-ra.di8@. — Its jostan - Repeat und fade out