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Small, Moving Parts

A Century of Fairs, Fiches, and Fantasies

Shannon Mattern

The New School | New York | @shannonmattern

Code and Clay

Dirt and Data
5000 Years of
Urban Media

Coming Fall 2017

Sound + Space

Urban Intelligence
Spring 2017

Hannah Waldron

Christian Boltanski

1964: Space-Age Intelligence

Weegee, Jet Man Flying Over Unisphere, 1964

NCR Game Room; NCR Souvenir Print-Out; IBM Russian-to-English Translation

1939: Files and

Systematic Management

Westinghouse Exhibit, w/ Elektro and Sparko

NYPL Digital Collection 1686377, 1686391

AT&T Exhibit, NYPL Digital Collection 1652518, 1652487

NYPL Digital Collection 1670859

Seeing the New York Worlds Fair, Elsie-Jean

World Fair Employees, Bundling Letters + Proofreading

NYPL Digital Collection 1679007, 1679047

NYPL Manuscripts & Archives

NYPL Digital Collection 1679555

Hagley Museum

NYPL Digital Collection 1681293, 1681295

Hagley Museum

1890s: Cards and Universalism

1893 Columbia Exhibition; 1900 Library Bureau Catalog

Via Mundaneum Digital Archives

Universal Bibliographic Directory; Universal Iconographic Directory

International Union of Lawyers

Brussels Exposition

Palais Mondial, via Mundaneum Digital Archives + Wikimedia

Indexing the World



U.S. Veterans Affairs Administration

Roland Barthes; Mark Lombardi

Lucy Lippard

Lucy Lippard

@ Union Square After Presidential Election

Hatcher Design

Otlet @ Muse International

Thank you.

Offices of the Central Social Institution, Prague, 1937