Black holes: Introduction: Many scientists have written theories about black holes.

Not to touch their writings and will not go against anyone in what they wrote, but I will write what I think about black holes. And will not go back to the references that inspired my writing of my knowledge and my imagination. I ask those who contradict me in this article come well-grounded process and not enough to be a theory. What I write is very consistent with practical matters. Write to increase knowledge and global research centers sing simple and my information is received and may be highly important. I read a lot about corn and from several sources and making it easier to understand, I am very familiar with things classical mechanics. Tbhrt has a lot in trying to find the form of a model of the atom, which corresponds with a lot of things scientific and practical. So imagine me in every physical accident How are things Bmejraha practical away from the philosophical complexities of sports. This is what makes any researcher or inventor to imagine that the logic of a practical idea of what the future and govern their settings mathematics. Subject: Atom is the smallest parts of the subject and the individual may be a gas if we tried singled out by methods mechanics. Particle interconnected via two atoms or more, and the ability to be linked, ranging from electric power to the electric power and heat. Black holes: a case of maize in its classical mechanical. Change the case of maize cases of negative pressure to positive pressure situations, taking into account the presence of heat. The heat or thermal neutrons do not have a locked door in front. But there are cases only to close the door before it. That freedom to enter the thermal neutrons and out of the corn is very large. And may play a role maize forced to accept such thermal neutrons. In the case of the intense pressure and heat of water turn into a fission bomb as announced by NASA in its research. In space there is a negative pressure and this makes the atoms in the case of evil to any parts of the corn for stability. Scientists announced that black holes swallow up galaxies, but perhaps forgotten to mention that the black hole does not swallow another black hole. And perhaps this idea far-fetched because this hole is the result of the case and is not the cause in this matter. Provide for the electrons and neutrons and protons. All of the requirements of the black hole. These requirements are found in each subject, and even ions in the nebula. A black hole swallows up the light. And may the mercy and the presence of other planets and the planet. Typhoons launches solar magnetic clouds and may affect the movement and the path of the planets.

We all know about the relationship between the earth and the sun and the rotation movement resulting from the forces of attraction and repulsion between the relations of heat. Where the cold is attracted to cold and heat repel from each other, regardless of other values resulting from the heat. That Mlahazatna thermal neutrons to enter and exit in simple cases as a pressure gas and scrambled. How can we keep the heat in the material alkaline earth more than acidic substances. How to heat her reactions to the ground. How Tnthbq heat the surface of the sun and to bounce back. Finally: Say that the black holes is the case Mikhanyp negative pressure in severe need all the components of the atom. May have a change in place According to the figures the process. Could return to stability only if its requirements. May increase if the expansion of the universe more. Expansion of the universe: the expansion of the space in the mist. Conclusion: I have I failed in many things, but wait for your responses to sing the topic more. Thanks to readers

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