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August 2006 (Vol. 2, No. 7)

Notable & Quotable: "We are facing a 'constitutional crisis' in medicine--a crisis over our
own constitution, the nature of our mind and its relationship to our physical body [...]

"Many studies reveal that healing can be achieved at a distance by directing loving and
compassionate thoughts, intentions, and prayers to others, who may even be unaware these
efforts are being extended to them. These findings reveal the ability of some part of our mind
or consciousness to escape its confinement to the brain and body and to act anywhere,
regardless of distance. The medical implications of this are profound [...]

"[E]vidence suggests that the mind, like light, does not need to be helped along by anything
else. It is genuinely present everywhere in space and time. Since it is already everywhere, it
has no need to 'go' or be 'sent' and therefore needs no sender or carrier [...]

"As we explore [nonlocal medicine], let's bear in mind how profoundly ignorant we are about
the nature of consciousness."

Larry Dossey, M.D., Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era of Healing
(HarperSanFrancisco, 1999)


1. "Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing," by Cynthia Sue Larson & Elisabeth Targ

2. "Clearing the Way: How I Got My Life Back," by Sol Luckman

3. "Reversing the Curse," by Jean-Claude Koven

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing

Cynthia Sue Larson & Elisabeth Targ

In the past thirty years, hundreds of distant healing studies have been conducted to help us
better understand the connection between our thoughts and feelings and nonlocal effects in
the physical world. Of these hundreds of studies, some stand out as statistically significant, 26-6-2010
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well-designed, reproducible experiments. These landmark studies confirm that people are
able to influence the health and wellbeing of people being prayed for, even across great
distances, and even when those doing the praying do not know the people they are praying

What Is Distant Healing--And Why Should We Care?

Basically, distant healing has been defined as a conscious, dedicated act of mentation
attempting to benefit another person's physical or emotional wellbeing at a distance. Prayer
and spiritual healing both fall under this definition, as do general "well-wishes" by those who
insist they have absolutely no religious or spiritual beliefs. Essentially, all belief systems are
equally powerful at providing nonlocal healing, as we are beginning to see from the results
of several remarkable new experiments. Our own health, as well as the health of those
around us, and even the ecosystems in which we live, all benefit from distant healing.

Distant Healing Research Begins on Humans

Cardiologist Randolph Byrd conducted a rigidly designed randomized, double-blind

experiment in 1988 to determine the effects of prayer on patients in the Coronary Care Unit
at San Francisco General Hospital over a ten-month period. A computer made the random
assignments as to which of the 383 newly admitted patients involved in this study would be
prayed for, and which would not. The statistically significant findings of this study were that
prayed-for patients were five times less likely to require antibiotics and three times less likely
to develop pulmonary edema--and none of the prayed-for patients required endotracheal
intubation (in which a tube is placed in the patient's throat), whereas twelve of the non-
prayed-for patients required this procedure.

Byrd's remarkable findings might have been widely accepted when they were first reported,
were it not for some rather sharp criticisms directed at the study participants (only born-
again Christians were selected) and the lack of consistent directions given to the prayers
about how they should pray (no directions at all had been given). Furthermore, the study
could not confirm that those doing the praying actually prayed, nor could it tell how
experienced those doing the praying were at praying. In addition, some very serious ethical
questions were raised about praying for people who feel morally opposed to prayer
intervention and/or not praying for people who devoutly believe in the power of prayer to
heal. Due to these shortcomings, many felt that Byrd's study was inconclusive.
Recent Exciting Research Findings
In 1999 researchers from the Mid America Heart Institute at Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas 26-6-2010
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City, Missouri, set out to conduct a more scientifically valid version of the Byrd study.
Researchers William Harris, Manohar Gowda, Jerry Kolb, Christopher Strychacz, James
Vacek, Philip Jones, Alan Forker, James O'Keefe and Ben McCallister designed a
randomized, controlled, double-blind, prospective, parallel-group trial to determine whether
remote intercessory prayer for 990 hospitalized coronary care unit (CCU) patients would
reduce overall adverse effects.
This time, the intercessors represented a variety of Christian traditions, with 35% listing their
affiliations as nondenominational, 27% as Episcopalian, and the remainder as other
Protestant groups or Roman Catholic. Intercessors were recruited with no particular
denomination by investigators via contacts in the local community for their experience in
prayer, and were required to agree with the following statement, "I believe in God. I believe
that He is personal and is concerned with individual lives. I further believe that He is
responsive to prayers for healing made on behalf of the sick."
The results of this replication of Byrd's study were that the prayed-for patients stayed in the
hospital the same average length of time as those not prayed for, but their overall CCU
course scores were significantly lower. In this study, only 51 (10.9%) of the prayed-for
patients required major surgery, whereas 76 (14.5%) of the control group did; and only 12
(2.6%) of the prayed-for patients required intra-aortic balloon pumps, whereas 20 (3.8%) of
the control group did.
Researchers William Harris and his colleagues were careful to point out some of the factors
that they were unable to control for in their prayer study: "In evaluating the results of this
trial, it is important to note that we were most likely studying the effects of supplementary
intercessory prayer. Since at least 50% of patients admitted to this hospital state that they
have religious preference, it is probable that many if not most patients in both groups were
already receiving intercessory and/or direct prayer from friends, family, and clergy during
their hospitalization. Thus, there is an unknowable and uncontrollable (but presumed similar)
level of 'background' prayer being offered for patients in both groups; whatever impact that
group assignment had on healing was over and above any influence background prayer
may have had."
Another recent small-scale study involving the effects of intercessory prayer on 40 humans
was conducted by Elisabeth Targ, co-author of this article, and several of her colleagues at
San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center, in conjunction with the Geraldine Brush
Cancer Research Institute and UCSF. This randomized, double-blind study set out to
determine the effects of distant healing on people suffering from advanced AIDS. With
admirable attention to experimental detail, this study controlled for variation in severity and
prognosis of different AIDS-related ilnesses, utilizing the Boston Health Study (BHS)
Opportunistic Disease Score to measure the degree of AIDS-defining and secondary AIDS-
related diseases.
The 40 experienced distant healing practitioners in this study came from a wide variety of
backgrounds and beliefs (including Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American and
shamanic traditions as well as education in secular schools of bioenergetic and meditative
healing). The distant healers (DH) were required to have had a minimum of five years
regular ongoing healing practice, previous healing experience at a distance with at least ten
patients, and previous healing experience with AIDS. These healers had an average of 17
years of experience and had treated an average of 106 patients at a distance. The prayer
treatments continued for six months, over which the DH group required significantly fewer
outpatient doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations, fewer days of hospitalization, fewer new
AIDS-defining diseases, and a lower illness severity level as defined by the BHS scale.
Further Studies Show Great Promise
Clearly, distant healing researchers are honing in on addressing the concerns voiced by 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY August 2006 Page 4 of 11

critics. In addition to these groundbreaking human prayer studies, there are literally
hundreds of scientific studies that researchers have conducted with yeast, molds, sprouts
and other life forms that vividly demonstrate the significant difference that human thoughts
and prayers make in the physical world. Because these studies are free from many of the
ethical and "extraneous prayer" problems commonly found in human prayer experiments,
they are likely to lead the way in helping us discover how consciousness changes the
physical world.

Researchers at Spindrift have shown remarkable laboratory evidence that indicates that
some people are naturally more proficient at producing nonlocal effects, and that non-
directed prayer (where instead of a specific outcome, a general sense of what is best is
intended) can produce extremely powerful results. Indeed, it is usually best for growing
organisms to receive the non-directed form of prayer, rather than receive prayers to "grow
HUGE," because non-directed prayers keep organisms in better balance.

Byrd, RC, "Positive Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer in a Coronary Care Unit Population" (Southern
Medical Journal, 1988, 81:826-829)

William S. Harris, "A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Effects of Remote, Intercessory Prayer on Outcomes in
Patients Admitted to the Coronary Care Unit" (Archives of Internal Medicine, October 1999, 159:2273-2278)

F. Sicher, E. Targ, D. Moore, and H.S. Smith, "A Randomized Double-blind Study of the Effect of Distant Healing
in a Population with Advanced AIDS: Report of a Small-scale Study" (Western Journal of Medicine, December
1998, 169:356-363)

Spindrift Research Foundation dedicated to the scientific research of consciousness and healing through prayer
using experimental testing.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Cynthia Sue Larson and Elisabeth Targ. All Rights Reserved.

[Cynthia Sue Larson is author of critically acclaimed books Karen Kimball and the Dream Weaver's Web and
Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success. Her
latest work, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, is now available as an ebook.
She is a spiritual life coach who helps people transform from accidental manifestors into conscious reality
shifters. Cynthia's popular ezine, RealityShifters News, is eagerly awaited each month by more than 4,000
people worldwide through her website.]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Morphogenetic: adjective popularized by biologist Rupert Sheldrake to characterize the

"ener-genetic" field constituted by DNA that connects all biological species regardless of
time and distance.

2. Clearing the Way: How I Got My Life Back

Sol Luckman

As a younger man, I was a "golden boy." My senior year of high school I quarterbacked,
headlined the school play, sang solos with the choir, and was valedictorian. I won a major
academic scholarship, finished near the top of my college class, landed a Fulbright and an
Ivy League fellowship.

At twenty-seven life came crashing down. One day I was playing basketball three hours on
end, able to eat and drink whatever I pleased; the next I was gripped by a mysterious illness
that took away the foods, drinks and sports I loved, even--in the way chronic illness has of 26-6-2010
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stripping one clean--many people I loved.

At first I was diagnosed with "depression." I felt deeply, however, that depression was the
result not the cause of all that had suddenly gone haywire in my body. But I dutifully popped
my pills until I nearly died of an adverse reaction. Growing desperate, I headed into
"alternative" territory seeking solutions.

My first stop on a journey into the Wonderland of complementary therapies was at my

mouth. A holistic doctor suggested I'd been poisoned by mercury and other metals leaching
from my dental work, so I spent a fortune getting my crowns and fillings replaced with
supposedly benign materials. For all the damage this did to my wallet, it provided me with
almost total symptom relief--for several months.

When my problems with Candida and chronic fatigue returned, it was with a vengeance. My
old nemeses were joined by a bewildering array of seemingly unrelated symptoms that
defied medical diagnosis. Despite a series of "negative" tests, I lay in bed at night afraid I
was dying. In addition to my debilitating food allergies and fatigue, I suffered facial neuralgia,
muscle spasms, back pain, hypoglycemia, and chemical sensitivities.

After discovering that my dentist had replaced my metal dental work with other metals, I
underwent the nightmarish experience of having it all redone! This time there was no
"spontaneous remission." My health continued to deteriorate even though I took handfuls of
supplements and tried everything from acupuncture to homeopathy to meditation.
Eventually, I was forced to withdraw from my doctoral program, citing ill health. I scraped
together funds, packed up what I could and moved to New Mexico to study qigong, the
ancient Chinese technique of energy healing.

Three hours of qigong a day over the course of a year succeeded in getting me back on my
feet, but I was still far from healthy. My problems with Candida continued to fester, my diet
remained limited, my gums were receding … Two years later I was teaching high school
when a round of abscesses hit me and I was forced to take antibiotics that wrecked my
fragile immunity and gut terrain. Almost overnight I was practically bedridden. I slept fifteen
hours a day and had to quit my job.

At this juncture I discovered the remarkable world of energy clearing, specifically Dr. Devi
Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET employs a form of muscle testing
called kinesiology to determine allergies--a term encompassing chemical, environmental and
nutritional sensitivities that derange the immune system and contribute to a variety of
"incurable" ailments. The goal is to treat chronic conditions by removing allergic "blockages"
that keep bioenergy from flowing properly through the body.

For all its promise, NAET left much to be desired. I tried a similar therapy called BioSET,
developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler. BioSET expanded on NAET by clearing not just for allergens
but simultaneously for underlying toxic factors such as heavy metals. While initially providing
some additional symptom relief, BioSET also failed to unknot the tangled web of my chronic

After a year spent making my living with a therapy derived from BioSET, I realized that a
shortcoming of this type of energy clearing is a typically "Western" focus on the physical--
even though the techniques themselves employ pure energy! I became interested in
addressing the physical body's electromagnetic blueprint: the governing auric fields.

The auric fields might be thought of as an interlocking set of high-frequency "force fields,"
each responsible for the proper functioning of a particular gland, organ, emotion, etc. The
critical concept to grasp here is that disruption of the human bioenergy fields creates 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY August 2006 Page 6 of 11

disturbances in the body's blueprint that underwrite all disease processes, whether
physiological or psychological.

I came to believe that the nervous system, used in NAET and BioSET clearings, is
inadequate for carrying the vast number of signals required to "reset" a damaged blueprint.
Especially in chronically ill people, the nervous system is overwhelmed by the amount of
data needed for an integrated repatterning with the potential to correct systemic functioning.

After nearly seventy NAET and BioSET treatments, I still suffered from many debilitating
symptoms. But encouraged by my ideas about auric fields, which were substantiated by
kinesiological testing, I committed to developing the technique I was already calling
Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning.

My partner Leigh and I moved to South America where we could perform research. With her
help I healed myself first, which took several months and involved considerable
detoxification, then began working with others. Our approach was to map a completely new
type of synergistic clearing, using sound and intention to activate the latent intelligence of
DNA. This allowed us to work across the body-mind-spirit continuum of the electromagnetic
fields. It also allowed us to work noninvasively to stimulate the body's own self-healing

The rationale for clearing this new way is straightforward. My own experience suggests
chronic illness requires a radical, simultaneous electromagnetic repatterning. A clearing of
this magnitude would exceed the carrying capacity of the healthiest nervous system; but
DNA, when properly activated by sound and intention, is designed to process just such vast
quantities of data. This has been experimentally proven by the Gariaev group in Russia
whose research reveals DNA can be activated by radio and light waves (sound and
intention) keyed to human language frequencies.

Another innovative, and convenient, aspect of Potentiation is that it can be performed

remotely. This approach was partly inspired by Dr. Larry Dossey's concept of the
"nonlocalized mind" and its capacity to use prayer to transcend spatial limits. This approach
is further validated by recent genetic theories comparing DNA to a "bio-computer network"
that, being present anywhere, is simultaneously present everywhere--effectively doing away
with distance.

Potentiation employs particular combinations of sounds embodying positive healing

intentions that are remotely transmitted to the recipient's DNA, initiating a domino effect of
electromagnetic repatterning designed to reset the body's bioenergy fields. This is done
without altering the individual's basic DNA by simply activating a genetic potential that
already exists.

The session, a one-time event, takes thirty minutes. The resultant shifts surface in the
weeks and months following as the DNA activates and the auric fields recalibrate. For some
those shifts are felt dramatically, for others they flow into a subtle upswing. The entire
process takes just over nine months (42 weeks) to complete: interestingly, a human
gestation cycle.

In my own case, Potentiation was a metamorphosis. The journey was challenging as my

body-mind-spirit healed at an "ener-genetic" depth I hadn't imagined possible. But there can
be no doubt as to the profundity of my transformation. At thirty-eight I can swim two miles at
full speed, my problems with Candida and leaky gut have disappeared, I can eat and drink
whatever I please, and--though no longer exactly a golden boy with my hair starting to silver-
-I'm like a fine wine, getting better with age. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY August 2006 Page 7 of 11

Copyright (c) 2006 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is author of the critically acclaimed Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method,
editor of DNA Monthly, and cofounder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics. His articles on the Regenetics
Method have appeared in numerous print and online venues, including Atlantis Rising, Well Being Journal,
Renaissance, Sedona Journal of Emergence, and Metamorphosis, and also have been featured in the
alternative medicine anthology Message of Spirit: A Manual for Your Mind, edited by Amy Biddle, and Heal
Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound and Water by Denis Ouelette. Nexus New Times called Conscious Healing,
which also received a five-star endorsement from the Midwest Book Review, a "paradigm-reworking book" that
introduces a "revolutionary healing science that's expanding the boundaries of being." The Developers and
Facilitators of the Regenetics Method offer DNA activation as educators and ordained ministers, not medical
doctors, and do not purport to diagnose or treat illness. For more information click here.]

Preview Conscious Healing.

Did You Know ... that, in the words of Deepak Chopra, "the similarity between a thought
and a photon is very deep"? A photon is a particle or quantum of light or other
electromagnetic radiation. Dr. Chopra is implying a connection between thought and light. In
many shamanic traditions, thought is considered a form or function of higher-dimensional
light. Mind is "the illuminating energy which 'Lights the way' of an idea or form to be
transmitted and received," wrote Alice Bailey. "Upon a beam of light can the energy of the
mind materialize." Following this line of reasoning, we can imagine ourselves not only as
"frozen light" (to quote Dr. Richard Gerber) but also as "frozen thought."

This way of looking at the human body as a congealed thought, which may at first strike the
reader as strange, is in the final analysis deeply empowering. Quantum physicists have
repeatedly demonstrated that a scientist always affects the outcome of an experiment simply
by observing it, a realization now universally accepted in the scientific community as the
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Even more amazing is the paradigm-altering discovery
that gives rise to the particle-wave duality: the probability that the physicist actually creates
the quantum particles that he or she observes, since in unobserved states these particles
appear to exist only as waves.

A fundamental and revolutionary truth emerges from this information: consciousness

creates. As human beings imbued with free will, we can use the power of our thoughts to re-
create our reality: including but not limited to a body, mind and spirit free of disease. 26-6-2010
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3. Reversing the Curse

Jean-Claude Koven

More than 99 percent of the population is still subject to an ancient curse that was
deliberately cast to make slaves of the human race. For the first time, the deadly effects of
this genetic tampering can be permanently reversed.

I first heard of the Anunnaki some twenty years ago when I read The Twelfth Planet by
Zecharia Sitchin. His book, the product of extensive research into Sumerian tablets and
other ancient writings, describes the Anunnaki as the inhabitants of Nibiru, a planet that
circles the sun in a 3,600-year elliptical orbit opposite in direction to all the other planets in
our solar system. It is not easily seen, the story goes, because its orbital plane deviates
considerably from ours and only passes through our rotational plane once every thirty-six

The myth of creation related by Stichin says: "Soon after our solar system began to form, a
planet thrust from another solar system passed near ours, was attracted inward, collided
with a planet called Tiamat, broke her up to create Earth and the asteroid belt, and itself was
captured into a great orbit around our sun to become the planet Nibiru. It was so 'Earthlike'
that the Seed of Life, begun there, was transferred to Earth during the collision."

Eons passed as life evolved on both Earth and Nibiru. In time the Anunnaki faced the
prospect of extinction as they discovered Nibiru was slowly losing its air supply; the only
solution was through an elaborate process involving the dispersal of great quantities of gold
into their failing atmosphere. When Nibiruian technology evolved sufficiently to allow space
travel, the Anunnaki came to Earth, where they discovered vast stores of the gold they
desperately needed.

After an extended period of successful mining operations on Earth, the mine workers
brought from Nibiru rebelled, and the Anunnaki rulers on Earth decide to replace their own
laborers with native Earth life. Their initial attempt was unsuccessful, so they resorted to
genetic engineering to splice the native Homo erectus genes with the more complex
Nibiruian genes. After several attempts, the Anunnaki succeeded in creating a hybrid
species ideally suited to their needs--the one we now call Homo sapiens.

The myth goes on to relate the trials and tribulations that arose as a consequence of
interbreeding and uncontrollable population growth. War broke out, and a decision was
made to rid the planet of the new species through massive floods. From there, Sitchin's
saga parallels many of the Bible stories that he claims are adaptations of earlier Sumerian

It all makes for a compelling story--especially with Sitchin's extensive supporting

documentation. I assumed, however, that if Nibiru and the Anunnaki were real, it was surely
in some parallel universe and the "facts" were to be taken far more metaphorically than
literally. That is, until six weeks ago when the impossible happened and the margins
separating the two parallel universes started to fade.

In late March of 2006, shortly before delivering a talk at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in San
Diego, I was introduced to Ranan Shahar, the founder of the New Dawn Clinic in Los
Angeles. He had recently returned from a course in Switzerland concerning a process called
Atlasprofilax that realigns the topmost spinal vertebra, called C1 or the atlas. This curious
part of our anatomy, exhibiting little resemblance to all the other vertebrae, fittingly received
its name from Atlas, the Titan in Greek mythology who supported the Earth on his shoulders. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY August 2006 Page 9 of 11

According to Shahar and the Atlasprofilax literature, the C1 of virtually every single human is
dislocated (luxated in chiropractic terms), causing an energy blockage in the spinal column
along with a host of physical and mental disturbances. Astonishingly, I was told that the
luxation is always in the same direction--statistically impossible if this displacement was
simply the result of physical trauma.

Although it was just a half hour before I was scheduled to speak, I accepted Shahar's
invitation to experience the process for myself. Sure enough, despite all my previous
metaphysical practices, countless Rolfing sessions, deep tissue work, and chiropractic
adjustments, I was among the 99.9 percent of humanity with a significantly luxated atlas.
The treatment involved the massaging (including the use of a pulsating probe) of the soft
tissue surrounding the C1 vertebra. Apparently only one fifteen-minute treatment is
necessary, and if properly performed, it lasts a lifetime.

Despite being told about the nature of the process, I had completely underestimated its
effect. Imagine standing in a dry river bed just below a dam as it is being demolished. That's
about as close as I can come to describing what occurred. The "old me" was ripped away in
a torrent of freely flowing energy, and I could all but see myself emerging from my personal
chrysalis. Within minutes, the flood modulated into a steady flow, and I received a distinct
message telling me that I had broken through a blockage deliberately engineered into the
human genome.

While I enjoy a good story every now and again, this one begged for independent
corroboration. A few days later I called my friend Wynn Free, author of The Reincarnation of
Edgar Cayce?, who teams with Terry Brown in channeling an evolved extraterrestrial
intelligence called the Elohim. When he responded several days later with a message from
the Elohim, my information was confirmed: the luxated C1 was deliberately engineered into
the Homo sapiens coding by the Anunnaki in order to render their native pool of mining
slaves more docile, programmable, and controllable. This mechanism has remained in the
human genetic makeup ever since, and I suspect it is well known to those who understand
how best to exploit such things.

The story is apparently acknowledged by the Atlasprofilax practitioners in the United States.
(See for a listing of both of them.) Synchronistically, Theodor
Haene, the only person in America other than Shahar trained in the process, happened to
come to our home a week and a half ago for a visit (forget calculating the odds of that
happening; the universe has never been required to play by man's rules). At first Haene was
reluctant to speak beyond the biomechanical aspects of the process. But when I shared my
story with him, he turned in amazement and smiled.

Although realigning one's atlas seems a good and necessary process, it does not come
without a price. Who knows what darkness is amassed behind our dam walls? Once the
energy bursts free, both the physical and emotional bodies have considerable catching up to
do. While my spiritual body soared, and my emotional body quickly adjusted to the new
game at hand, my physical body is just beginning to find its footing within this higher
vibratory state. Ten days after the treatment, I experienced a severe spasm under my left
shoulder that lasted for seventy-two hours. Within weeks I needed the work of a healer to
help clear considerable blockages in my digestive tracts, and even as I write these words, I
am recovering from an onset of sinus and chest infections that is cleansing years of
accumulated debris.

I am told that Atlasprofilax (currently offered in ten countries) is not the only process
available for realigning the C1 vertebra. Apparently some network chiropractors, doctors
employing the Blair Upper Cervical Technique, and possibly other therapists and shamans 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY August 2006 Page 10 of 11

are skilled in the business of reversing the effects of this ancient curse. Both Haene and
Shahar are open to sharing their work and are willing to train as many practitioners as

I support the spread of any knowledge that frees the human race. This is the time of
awakening, when each of us is being challenged to emerge from the false comfort of our
hiding place in the still, dark waters behind our dam. Albert Einstein once said, "No problem
can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." If we are to put an
end to the insanity that has a death grip on our collective sensibilities, then we all need to
move to a higher level of consciousness before it is too late.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Jean-Claude Koven. All Rights Reserved. This article is copyrighted, but you have
permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper copyright and credit line are included.

[Jean-Claude Koven is a writer and speaker based in Rancho Mirage, California. He is a featured weekly
columnist for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum and the author of Going
Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, the Allbooks Reviews editor's
choice for the best metaphysical book of 2004 and recipient of the best metaphysical
book award. For more information click here.]

Coming in our September issue ... "Tetrahedral Relativity & Sub-stratum Science"
& so much more!

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