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September 2006 (Vol. 2, No. 8)

Notable & Quotable: "DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, the basic substance, which takes the
form of a double helix, found in the nucleus of every cell which is associated with the
transmission of genetic information) is a specific vibration of light that comes from the sun
and becomes matter. Every kind of life on Planet Earth, from the stones to humans, has a
specific vibration from light that comes from the sun. Each plant, animal, virus and bacterium
has a specific ray of light. It is condensed by Mother Earth and the information carried in the
light becomes matter. This reproduction is the method whereby the silent knowledge is
passsed down from generation to generation of different life. DNA is specific to every form of
life. Science has not yet differentiated the subtle distinctions in forms of DNA."

Don Miguel Ruiz as recorded by Mary Carroll Nelson, Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy
(Council Oak Books, 1997)


1. "Tetrahedral Relativity & Sub-stratum (S2) Science," by Ron Cusson

2. "The Dark Night of the Soul & Brain Science," by Christian Opitz

3. Review of Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, by Nexus New

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. Tetrahedral Relativity & Sub-stratum (S2) Science

Ron Cusson


This article addresses new levels of the science of nature and how an expanded theory of
relativity contributes to this sub-stratum (S2) of our knowledge. One reason this new theory
deserves everyone's attention is that it impacts all aspects of our lives. There are eminently
practical applications of S2 Science to technologies such as S2 nutrition and S2 agriculture.
These applications are starting to show up in the world and offer a vision of vastly improved
health for all of us. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 2 of 12

Science deals with our knowledge and understanding of nature. As our understanding has
grown, it has usually happened that the phenomena we observed at a given level of
refinement and detail could be explained by delving into a deeper level of detail--in effect,
into a sub-stratum of the given level. Such a sub-stratum we call an S2 level from the current
levels of detail being considered in consensus science.

The most refined level of science that we currently have involves quantum physics in the
context of Einstein's theory of special relativity. We note in passing that these two are not
totally free of contradiction with each other, especially when it comes to the theory of
measurements and observations. Such contradictions are usually a sign that there may be a
relevant S2 level that needs to be considered to resolve the contradictions.

Special relativity deals with phenomena that take place in 4-dimensional space-time--that is,
three space dimensions (x, y, z coordinates) and one time dimension, usually labeled t. In
this model, space is assumed to be made of points with no size of their own.

Starting with such a 4-dimensional space-time, quantum mechanics derives the existence of
six electromagnetic fields: three electric fields, Ex, Ey, and Ez, and three magnetic fields, Bx,
By, and Bz. This derivation uses sophisticated functional integral methods that we will not
examine in detail here, since there are good textbooks which go into many more of these
details for those who have an interest in such things.

It is believed in some quarters that from the notions of physics derived from quantum
mechanics and relativity, one should be able to derive the properties of chemistry and from
the properties of chemistry, derive the properties of biology. Such a program has had rather
modest successes, so that a great many questions in biology and chemistry remain
unanswered. Two most interesting ones are: "What is the life-force?" and "Does it arise from
consensus physics and chemistry?" So far, no satisfactory answers to these questions have
been given.

In this article, we will examine what happens when we study relativity at the S2 level, a level
that goes deeper than 4-dimensional space-time. This S2 level of relativity is what we call
Tetrahedral Relativity. Then we will discuss some concepts of S2 chemistry and lastly,
notions of S2 biology. The big surprise is that the life-force (or a very good candidate for it!)
emerges at the level of Tetrahedral Relativity.

Tetrahedral Relativity as an S2 Level of Special Relativity

The gist of Tetrahedral Relativity (TRel) is that it is possible to extend Einstein's theory of
relativity, defined in 4-dimensional space-time, to a larger one where a point in three
dimensions is replaced by a very small tetrahedron (a 3-sided pyramid) with four distinct
apex points. Thus TRel operates in a 13-dimensional space consisting of the usual
Einsteinian 4-dimensional space-time and nine internal dimensions, being the internal
degrees of freedom of a vibrating and rotating tetrahedron. These tetrahedra are not
normally visible to the naked eye, because they are extremely small, perhaps many times
smaller than even the smallest known particles.

In TRel, we can do a similar derivation as was done with special relativity and find that there
are now fourteen electromagnetic fields, eight more than the usual six (three electric and
three magnetic fields) of Einstein's relativity. The properties of these fourteen fields are best
studied using quantum physics as applied at the S2 Level of current consensus physics.

S2 (Quantum) Physics 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 3 of 12

Quantum Physics deals, among other things, with creation and annihilation operators for
individual quanta of fields. We soon find that, at the S2 level where we operate in a 13-
dimensional space, the fourteen fields break up into two groups of seven. The first group
consists of fields that we are already familiar with--namely, electric fields, magnetic fields
and the gravitational field (G). In component form, we have seven fields: Ex, Ey, Ez, G, Bx,
By, and Bz.

It is somewhat surprising to find gravity put on par with ordinary electromagnetism, but there
has been considerable speculation in the alternative physics literature in the past decades
that such unification should be found. We will not go into the mathematical details now as to
how gravity shows up here, other than to say that TRel offers a novel physical interpretation,
that involves consciousness itself, of covariant versus contravariant coordinates. It is this
alternative interpretation of these two mathematical concepts that allows gravity to enter in
the above way.

The greater surprise comes when we study the properties of the other seven
electromagnetic fields of TRel. For one thing, they show up as having a memory effect. One
consequence is that once created, it is practically impossible to destroy these fields, as this
would require a detailed knowledge of the field history and of its complete environment since
its creation. The mathematical tool, out of which this property emerges, is the lack of
associativity of the propagator that traces out the field history. But enough said about
mathematical physics. Instead, we turn to attempts at constructing a theory of elementary
particles and atoms, using S2 quantum physics.

Three decades ago at Cambridge University, England Salaam and his student Philips
studied properties of the particles that one might find by considering the group theoretical
structures that are possible in the 10-dimensional space that results when we consider the
9-dimensional internal space of TRel along with the time variable. Although their technique
did not say anything about the elementary particles that were known at the time, it did
predict with amazing accuracy the masses of hundreds of neutral atoms known to exist in
the current science of chemistry.

Philips did not study in detail the physical properties predicted for these atoms, but in the
last three decades many atoms such as gold and other rare earth elements have been
found to have wondrous new properties, when treated in new and unique ways, such as
apparent room temperature superconductivity and even psychedelic properties when
ingested orally in various preparations. Such properties are unexplained using consensus
chemistry models but can be understood through the S2 chemistry of these atoms.

The S2 physics of atomic properties is substantially different from normal physics and as
such has given rise to considerable controversy. For this reason we will not delve further
here into this intricate and amazing realm. Instead, we will explore briefly some of the
elements of S2 chemistry.

S2 Chemistry

Chemistry is often partitioned into several branches, such as inorganic chemistry, organic
chemistry and biochemistry--the chemistry that is observable in living biological systems.
Over the last thousand years of recorded science history, there have often been reports of
processes that might have been classified as chemistry of one kind or other but which
occurred in a context that seemed rather incongruent with the science principles known at
the time.

Such reports have become known as "alchemy." Perhaps the single greatest characteristic
of these reports is that of being fickle and difficult to reproduce, as if it mattered who was 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 4 of 12

doing the experiment, implying that the consciousness of the experimenter could affect the
results. When S2 chemistry intrudes into inorganic chemistry, it is often called alchemy, with
its contradictions and difficulties. But when S2 chemistry intrudes into biochemistry, the
resulting controversies unfortunately often degenerate into calls of quackery.

One famous controversy arises from 17O, Oxygen 17, which has 8 protons and 9 neutrons
based on a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance study of the line broadening of water coming from
various sources. A qualitatively plausible argument has been made that if the water clusters
contain a large number of molecules, the line width will be large because such clusters have
incoherent vibrational modes. Similarly, when the cluster size is small, the line width should
be narrower, indicating greater coherence. That said, it has not been possible to derive this
result from formal statistical mechanics applied to large clusters of water molecules.

It is known that tap water has some of the largest line widths, up to 125 Hz. It is also known
that mountain spring water has some of the smallest line widths at around 63 Hz. It has
been observed that bottling mountain spring water will often increase the width almost up to
the width of tap water. Recently, some sources utilizing novel water treatment have reported
line widths around 50 Hz, thus deepening the puzzle.

The S2 chemistry of water vastly enlarges the domain of possible structures for water. Water
molecules can be made by attaching one atom of oxygen to two atoms of hydrogen, but this
is not always a permanent structure. Under appropriate circumstances, water molecules can
undergo a phase transition in which the oxygen and hydrogen disappear and are replaced
by 324 ANU (see Occult Chemistry by C. W. Leadbeater and Annie Besand) which undergo
complex orbital motions in the water atom.

It is probable that the line width varies depending on the fraction of time during which water
is in the ANU configuration. Such an explanation suggests that the line width may not
depend only on cluster size and shape but also on time spent in an altered state. The
existence of this ANU state of water is a property of the S2 chemistry of water. There is a
vast array of other properties of S2 chemistry that will be mentioned below.

S2 Biology

It is often pointed out that the molecular complexity of DNA allows these extraordinarily large
molecules to carry all sorts of information about the cell in which DNA is found and, when
appropriate, about the organism to which individual cells belong. S2 biology concerns itself
with the range of phenomena that come into play when one considers that each atom in
DNA has the ability to transmute itself into its ANU representation where the number of ANU
is around 18 times larger than the atomic number. Such a transmutation allows the same
DNA to carry astronomically larger amounts of information than just the base pair
information mapped in the Human Genome Project.

In S2 biology, one recognizes that these S2 levels of DNA are continuously being
programmed and reprogrammed with information that is pertinent to the participation of the
particular cell in the organism as a whole. This happens through the existence of bioenergy
filaments that emerge from the DNA of each cell and then travel through the body up
through the pineal gland, to emerge as a thick, divergent bundle of antenna-like filaments
that extend up to twenty feet away from the head.

These filaments carry queries from the cell into the surrounding space, which is full of
tetrahedra, around the body where the information about the whole organism is stored as
vibrational modes. This collection of vibrations and the fourteen tetrahedral fields that
accompany it constitute the "lightbody" of a person. The lightbody formulates an answer to
the cell's query and transmits it back to the cell via the bioenergy filaments, so that the cell 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 5 of 12

can take appropriate action--for example, shifting its protein fabrication profile to suit the
goals of the organism.

In essence, S2 biology offers a mechanism to correlate the behavior of trillions of cells in a

coherent fashion that is structured by the goals and attitudes of the individual's
consciousness, which resides in the lightbody, substantially outside the physical body as we
usually perceive it. We have here a much deeper level of psychosomatic phenomena than
can be explained by dissecting a cadaver, which is but an empty shell with no lightbody left.

In this approach to S2 biology, it becomes possible to formulate nutritional programs and

agricultural programs that can greatly facilitate the healing of all sorts of conditions and can
ultimately allow the organism to develop many new capabilities that are sometimes written
up in Eastern mystical texts, such as bilocation, teleportation, and even a form of time-travel.

Applications to S2 Agriculture & S2 Nutrition

In the S2 model of human biology, it becomes important to supply nutrients that take into
account the relationship between the lightbody and the atoms and molecules of our physical
body. The ideal nutritional profile for health should resemble that received by a fertilized egg
in the womb. Clearly, this implies a certain nutritional profile for the mother, and her mother,
and so on up to several generations back.

We can imagine what biological catastrophes can befall our body and lightbody when the
nutritional profile is selected from an agricultural profile that has ignored the right principles
of S2 chemistry in growing crops used to prepare food for the body and lightbody as the
individual grows from fetus to adult.

Given that the overwhelming majority of the planet's population is currently fed from plants
grown by ignoring the principles of S2 chemistry, our immediate attention needs to be
focused on implementing rules of agriculture and nutrition specifically aimed at healing the
most egregious of our biological deficiencies acquired through decades and generations
"misnutrition," defined as nutrition abundant in calories but deeply deficient in S2 nutritional

In the raw food movement, it is often stated that one needs to ingest "live food," or food that
remains as close as possible to its form while still growing. This is certainly a worthy goal,
but it is not as effective as it may sound if we fail to apply the principles of S2 nutrition and
S2 agriculture in our animal diets and vegetable foods during growth and preparation. In
other words, there is a vast range of "aliveness" in our animal and vegetable foods, both on
the hoof and when reaching our table. The "organic" food movement goes to great length to
specify what should not be included when growing food but says preciously little about what
should be included to maximize S2 nutritional value. As a result, organic foods are often
hardly more nutritious than their commercial counterparts.

Biologists have known for a long time that the mineral profile of our blood is amazingly
similar to that of sea water. Many enlightened growers have found that they could fertilize
their fields with whole sea water, even though it contains too much sodium for optimum plant
health. Other researchers have found ways to decrease the sodium content of their sea
water fertilizers so that plants can thrive even better.

S2 chemistry offers an explanation for the value of using such broad-spectrum, mineral-rich
fertilizers. It turns out that the very small amounts of rare earth elements in such fertilizers
have the ability to generate substantial amounts of S2 bio-fields that are sometimes called
"life-force" when present in crops and the body. These S2 bio-fields can, in turn, greatly
strengthen the communication between the DNA in our cells and our lightbody in the space 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 6 of 12

surrounding our physical body by fortifying the bioenergy filaments that run through our

Another method of receiving high levels of S2 nutrition is to ingest seafood and sea
vegetables prepared and served with as little processing as possible. The highly refined art
of sashimi in Japan is an example. One of the great delicacies of this cuisine is krills,
shrimp-like creatures which constitute the staple food of the majority of the sea mammals on
the planet.

Another example of S2 nutritional applications is the ancient limu (brown seaweed) drink
that the citizens of Tonga have been consuming for millennia. Research has shown that limu
contains a complex of glyconutrients called fucoidan. These rare-earth-rich polysaccharides
have the ability to stimulate adult stem cells for the purpose of healing all sorts of conditions,
especially those whose roots lie in the fundamental misnutrition of our time.

Given the ease with which this seaweed can be grown just about anywhere in the tropics, it
is easy to conceive of a situation where not only would limu and other similar seaweeds be
used as nutritional supplements, but the leftovers from the fabrication of these supplements
also could be used as excellent organic fertilizers for landlocked agriculture. This would
open the door to growing agricultural products with many times more life-force, and
therefore healing capabilities, than those currently availble. Similarly, since our farm animals
are largely vegetarian, feeding them produce with more life-force would result in superior
animal feeds.

It is often said that our oceans are currently so polluted that many of its products are
contaminated. S2 chemistry can help here too by strengthening our immune system so that
we can automatically detoxify ourselves of heavy metals, for instance. Here it is important to
keep in mind that when an element undergoes its phase transition to S2 form, its nucleus
and electrons disappear and the element contains only ANU. In that state, the element can
actually undergo a biological transmutation to another element that is less damaging to our
physiology. Research into this phenomenon performed over many decades by Louis
Kervran of the French Academy opens up new vistas for how the body can naturally cleanse


One question that might well be on the reader's mind is why do we not give a lot of attention
to S2 technologies, as surely they must exist abundantly. We will give two reasons for this
omission here.

First, our planet is currently in an emergency situation with respect to health and disease
and this is the issue that needs to be addressed most urgently. Under these circumstances,
we can easily argue that inventing new ways to teleport our automobiles across town can
wait a while longer while we heal ourselves.

Second, we received an interesting surprise during the development of the basics of

Tetrahedral Relativity: the very basis of the structure of space-time involves consciousness
at its S2 level. Therefore, we should expect that S2 technology will have the interesting
property of being directly affected by the consciousness of its users. When users are sick
and unable to contemplate a healthy outlook on the phenomenon of growing and changing,
there is a great risk that these machines could be thwarted by such unhealthy attitudes and
used for destructive purposes, instead of benefiting life.

Over time, I offer that S2 technologies will have a great deal to offer humanity, especially
when we have set in motion the healing of our physical body and lightbody. Once that 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 7 of 12

happens, truly we will be able to say that we have created paradise on Earth.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Ron Cusson. All Rights Reserved.

[Ron Cusson obtained a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics from the California Institute of Technology in 1965
and for twenty years practiced nuclear physics in the academic world and for the US Government. He retired in
1998 to focus on developing healing modalities through applications of S2 science. This work is ongoing. Visit
his website here.]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Deeksha: newly popularized form of energy healing developed in India by Sri Bhagavan.
The editors propose that deeksha is a form of DNA activation.

2. The Dark Night of the Soul & Brain Science

Christian Opitz

In 1977, Ilya Prigogine was awarded the Nobel prize in theoretical chemistry for his
discovery of dissipative structures. Prigogine described how every natural system grows in a
nonlinear way: the organizing structure of a system is at some point no longer useful and
has to disintegrate before the new structure can emerge. A prime example of this principle is
the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. A caterpillar does not really become a
butterfly in the cocoon. Rather, it turns into a chaotic molecular mesh. Out of this chaos, the
structure of the butterfly spontaneously emerges.

Mystics have always been aware of this principle. The dissolution of the current sense of self
and God before one can experience the true self and God is a common theme in the
spiritual teachings of the ages. The medieval Christian mystic Meister Eckhart expressed
this knowing in his famous prayer: "Lord, free me from you so that I can truly find you."
Christian mystics called this passage of losing oneself before finding absolute truth the Dark
Night of the Soul. The term Dark Night does not necessarily refer to a horrible experience;
rather, the word Dark implies that one does not see anymore where one is going or how to
get there.

While every person and every deeksha are unique, this process seems to be a very
common one for those how have received deeksha. From a scientific point of view, the
deeksha is a uniquely effective means of not only inducing the Dark Night experience but,
more importantly, actually making it fruitful.

Many people experience some kind of crisis and loss of identity in their spiritual journey, but
until now very few have emerged out of such experiences into full enlightenment. In my
opinion, the deeksha process is the first ever means to make this transition possible for all of
humanity. There are two primary factors that make the deeksha process far more effective
than anything else to guide people through the Dark Night into full enlightenment.

Activation of the Quiescence & Arousal Systems

Sri Kalki says that everything fully experienced turns into joy. There are two basic systems
of awareness in the brain, the quiescence and arousal systems. When someone can
experience something with a fully functional quiescence system, which means total
awareness, the arousal system becomes activated and joy is experienced. Thus Sri Kalki’s
statement is fully supported by neuroscientific insight. This also matches the Taoist teaching 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 8 of 12

that at their end points, yin and yang transform into each other.

The normal human brain, however, does not have a functional quiescence system and
therefore we tend to recoil from so many of our experiences in life because they do not
become joyful. When the parietal lobes are chronically overactive, as I describe in a
previous article, the quiescence system of the brain is severely handicapped. Likewise, with
chronic underactivity in the frontal lobes, the arousal system of the brain is equally
underactive. This leads to a biological urge to never fully experience anything, thus
preventing the transformation of any experience into joy.

Without fully experiencing the inner sense of disorientation and chaos in the Dark Night
phase, one cannot pass through it fully. The caterpillar does not resist its own dissolution
and can therefore emerge as the butterfly out of its own destruction. Human consciousness,
however, does resist these experiences as long as the brain is functioning the way that has
been normal for human beings until now.

Biological urges are simply stronger than conscious intentions. Imagine someone told you
that you get fully enlightened if you just don't sleep for six months--there goes your chance
of enlightenment. No matter how dedicated you are, the biological urge to sleep will be
stronger. Therefore, spiritual practices that are performed while the brain is stuck in the
limited patterns of an underactive quiescence-arousal system can only give temporary
states of enhanced awareness and joy, but for most people this cannot lead to a dissolution
of the old sense of self and the emergence of enlightenment.

If our brain is biologically wired to the pattern of not experiencing full awareness, the best
intentions to change this are quite powerless. A direct attunement to the original design of
the brain, however, can effortlessly activate the natural functioning of the quiescence-
arousal system. This is what the deekshas seem to bring about very effectively. Then one
can naturally surrender to whatever one's experience is, because there is a biological base
for such surrender.

To illustrate the difference in effectiveness between intention-based change and a biological

change via direct attunement, let's take a look at strength. Strength is a neurological
function, not a quality of muscles. The factor that limits a person's physical strength is
neurological inhibitions. That's why a person during an epileptic seizure can have
superhuman strength, because neurological inhibitions fall away. These inhibitions affect
other brain areas than the inhibitions that keep a person from being naturally enlightened,
but otherwise they both are really the same process.

The world record for the bench press is 897 American pounds. This is the result of an
extremely talented athlete working very hard with all his desire and intention to be super
strong. A gorilla shares 99% of the genetic makeup of a human being, yet without any
intention, training or effort, the average gorilla has strength sufficient to bench-press 4,000
pounds! Gorillas are simply attuned to their natural design. They don't try to be strong, they
just are what they are.

A human being disconnected from the original design, on the other hand, can never match
the natural strength that comes effortlessly to a gorilla. Since the biochemical process of
neurological inhibition is the same, whether it's the inhibition of physical strength or of the
quiescence-arousal system, this example can show us why the deeksha as an attunement
to our original brain design is so much more powerful than merely intention-based efforts.

Activation & Regeneration of the Septum Pellucidum

In the 1950s, neuroscientists discovered that activation of the septum pellucidum, a brain 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 9 of 12

center right in the middle of the brain, can instantly heal chronic pain, depression and
anxiety, in addition to producing a sense of deep peace and, above all, of joy. Due to the
neurological overactivity in the parietal lobes and the resulting lack of neurological energy for
the rest of the brain, however, the septum pellucidum of almost everyone is chronically
underactive. This leads to a shrinking of the size of this important brain center, which in turn
makes joy and aliveness less and less available. This state, in turn, activates a person's
search for experiences that induce joy, because joy is natural and we are biologically wired
to experience it.

The problem is that once the septum pellucidum is diminished, only extreme stimulation can
activate it to produce some joy. This is the real biological base of addictions to drugs,
overstimulation of the senses, and all things of a rajasic or tamasic nature. The septum
pellucidum is the brain's reward center and when it is not functioning naturally, we
experience reward or joy mostly through unnatural means. Even in people who live a very
pure lifestyle, the experience of joy is often dependent on specific conditions.

One of the most common descriptions of the enlightened state is that it is unconditional joy.
In other words, a truly enlightened person has a naturally functioning reward center, which is
always "on," not just under certain circumstances. A naturally functioning septum pellucidum
makes the experience of life rewarding, no matter what it is. Again, as Sri Kalki says,
"Everything fully experienced turns into joy." A healthy septum pellucidum allows us to
experience joy in everything, making everything rewarding, including the experience of the
Dark Night. This makes it possible to actually go through such experiences of inner chaos
without a biological urge trying to direct us away from them.

For the last seven years, I have invented and investigated methods for activating the septum
pellucidum. Looking at the brain changes in people who undergo the deeksha process, I
have come to the conclusion that this is by far the most powerful means to activate and
regenerate the septum pellucidum available today. This alone makes the deeksha process
incredibly effective as a means for total inner transformation.


From a scientific viewpoint, the deeksha process is unsurpassed in its effectiveness and
logic, because it works according to the natural design of human beings. The old way of
trying to transform oneself against the momentum of biological urges and programming that
manifest the experience of separation and suffering was never based in natural principles
and has therefore only worked for a few people. If enlightenment is our natural state, as so
many mystics have said, then only a natural process will be effective in awakening humanity
to it.

Our search for the solution to humanity's suffering must come from a different foundation
than the reality of suffering. Working against biological urges with intention-based effort is
part of the reality of suffering, not part of its solution. Being given an attunement to our
original design through Divine Grace is the way of nature; all other life forms already live in
this natural manner.

Currently, I am conducting further research into the effects of the deeksha process. This
includes investigating factors that could perhaps make the human brain more receptive to
the deeksha energy. It is an exciting new horizon that might finally bring science and
spirituality together in a whole new way where both complement and support each other for
the sake of humanity.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Christian Opitz. All Rights Reserved. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 10 of 12

[Christian Opitz is a neurophysicist, biochemist, herbalist, and author. He has developed a new paradigm of
healing called Radiant Life that combines whole brain functioning, raw food nutrition, exercise, and nature
awareness. Christian has taught in Europe and the United States for the past fifteen years. For information
click here. For information on Sri Bhagavan and deekshas, click here.]

Did You Know ... the root cause of many autoimmune illnesses is genetic damage through
factors such as vaccines compounded by cellular toxicity? Cells collect and hold toxicity for
the purpose of slowing down the many mutant pathogens, such as simian 40 retrovirus
("monkey AIDS"), released in the organism under the radar of the immune system by
vaccines. The body knows that toxic substances--heavy metals and pesticides, for instance-
-are not only poisonous to the host, but also to pathogens. Such a Catch-22 can lead to
environmental illness and immunological breakdown in which the body starts attacking its
own toxic cells, but it may be the only choice a biosystem operating with damaged DNA has.

Many people are led to believe that since they have an autoimmune disorder or disease,
they are more toxic because of their chemical, environmental or nutritional sensitivities.
Another way of saying this is that it is commonly assumed the body becomes more toxic in
autoimmune states because it cannot or does not know how to detoxify. The truth is that
autoimmunity is induced by foreign genetic invaders (which can include genetically modified
foods) that negatively reprogram DNA by utilizing the RNA transcription process, instructing
the body to replicate artificial codes inside cells. In other words, once DNA is reprogrammed,
it literally has the ability to grow new pathogenic--perhaps "pathogenetic" would be a better
word--cellular cultures.

According to Leonard Horowitz and many other researchers, vaccine-induced pathogens, in

addition to simian 40 retrovirus, can include prions, mycoplasmas, bovine lymphotropic
virus, feline leukemia virus, Epstein-Barr virus, and Rous sarcoma virus--to name only a few.
When these are "uploaded" into the genetic code using the reverse transcriptase ("backward
writing") enzyme, any number of autoimmune conditions can result--from lupus to leukemia,
depending on the individual's constitution and lifestyle and the number and type of vaccines

The body, in its wisdom, realizes it has been fundamentally altered, but like a computer it
must carry out the codes in its reprogrammed DNA. This can lead to a degenerative defense
response as the body accumulates more and more toxicity in an attempt to "short-circuit" the
foreign pathogens being grown like weeds in the cells. The body simply uses what is
available from the environment in its makeshift "chemotherapy" against itself.

3. Review of Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method

Nexus New Times, July-August 2006

In this paradigm-reworking book, author Sol Luckman develops the concept of "Ener-
genetics," a synthesis of age-old and new-age wisdom with a sound- and light-based
technology that has huge potential for human evolution and self-enlightenment.

The athletic Luckman developed a debilitating series of illnesses following vaccinations in

1995, and in the ensuing years tried every alternative therapy he could to rebuild his
immune system. He also read masses of literature in his search for a cure, and became well
acquainted with sources including Leonard Horowitz on vaccine dangers, Rupert Sheldrake
on morphic resonance, Richard Alan Miller on quantum bioholography, David Tansley on
radionics, Larry Dossey on mind-body healing and Jonathan Goldman on healing sounds. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2006 Page 11 of 12

A few years later, working with partner Leigh, Luckman developed techniques based on the
energy signature imprinting therapies of Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique
(NAET) and an offshoot, BioSET, developed by her student, chiropractor Ellen Cutler. In
essence, these "Regenetics" techniques involve identifying blockages in the system,
clearing them, calling up "spare" DNA and resetting the "bioener-genetic" blueprint. With the
help of kinesiology and numerous willing clients, Luckman and partner identified 3,000
energy signatures and 12 basic human energy types, which they've applied to make their
approach more efficient.

Incorporating light and sound energies, their method takes nine months for full DNA
reactivation to take place. In effect, inefficient neurological and biological programs are
cancelled out and replaced with ones based on the ultimate Source: the energy of
unconditional love. The individual is allowed to transcend limiting, dualistic thought patterns,
raise vibrational energy, repattern the electromagnetic blueprint, and seal the "Fragmentary

This is revolutionary healing science that's expanding the boundaries of being.

Preview Conscious Healing, Odyssey Magazine's Editor's Choice Book for August-September, 2006.

Coming in our October issue ... "Historical & Scientific Overview of

Enlightenment" & so much more!

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