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March 2007 (Vol. 3, No. 3)

Notable & Quotable: "First of all, is there some scientific basic for the idea that when the
winter solstic sunrise 'stands' on the Galactic Center that any unusual physical effects might
be expected? Today science answers in the negative. But science, unlike religion, is ever-
growing and revisiting and revising its own past simplifications. Do the spiral structure of the
galaxy and the spiral structures of the molecules that create and maintain all life exist in a
relationship of resonance? This should be investigated. 'As above, so below' taught the
alchemists of our own esoteric traditions. Did the Maya make more than a metaphor out of
the perception that man is the mirror of the macrocosm? [Are] human fate and the larger
drama of the galaxy somehow linked? Coupling mechanisms may be difficult to prove, but
elucidation of subtle coupling mechanisms is what the new science of dynamics is designed
to do."

Terrence McKenna, from the introduction to John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True
Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date (Bear & Co., 1998)


1. "Biopsychic Transformation, the Dreamspell & DNA," by SELF (the Super Essential Light
Field) as channeled by Catherine Bean Weser

2. "Doorways in Consciousness: An Exploration of Resonant Being," by Carlisle Bergquist

3. Introduction to Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, by Sol Luckman

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. Biopsychic Transformation, the Dreamspell & DNA

SELF (the Super Essential Light Field) as channeled by Catherine Bean Weser

Jose Arguelles has called The Book of Kin from the Dreamspell the DNA of the fourth
dimensional holon. The Dreamspell is a tool of biopsychic transformation. It contains the
divine and sacred codes of the being that you are beyond the three-dimensional self. In the
Dreamspell you have the opportunity to reconstruct your fourth-dimensional history/future,
and associate yourself with cosmic root races, with tones of creation, and tribal affiliations. 26-6-2010
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With this process, each of you has begun to create an entirely new template through which
you can begin to operate in a much more fourth-dimensional way. The fourth-dimensional
energy is not just associated with time--it is associated with the field of energy that holds this
particular galaxy together. For in moving through the fourth dimension, one begins to
experience the next dimensional universe by moving outside the currently created
dimensional galaxy. It is important for each of you to understand that the template you have
had as solar humans operating in this solar galaxy has been useful, but has only been
useful up to this particular point in so-called time. At this moment that solar template is being
overlaid with the galactic template in order to move you outside the galaxy and into the
supergalactic field.

The Maya were aware of their fourth-dimensional selves; in fact, they were fourth-
dimensional beings connected to their third-dimensional "ground crew." They were diviners
of harmony within this galaxy. Their mission was to synchronize the earth and its solar
system with a broader and more galactic consciousness. In so doing, the galaxy organically
gains more intelligence and each part of the whole joins a larger community of greater
awareness. In this holographic universe, you as human holons will, as did the Maya, seed
the consciousness of the supergalactic field with the information of the galactic template.

The last twenty years of this galactic synchronization beam is a time of organization of all
fields of light. There is a frequency of light that emanates from the most evolved of star
systems, perhaps coming directly from the galactic core, the Hunab Ku. In order for the sun
to resonate at this frequency, the earth and all its inhabitants must evolve into a harmonic
coordination. This can only be accomplished through global telepathy, or what we call global
rapport. Rapport is the entrainment of one whole being to another whole being in
holographic resonance. In order to facilitate rapport, you must move into the deepest parts
of your being and reconstruct your DNA to its original state. All beings will then resonate at
the highest frequencies of light, from the core of their DNA.

The Tzolkin, based on binary mathematical permutations, represents the sacred codes of
DNA transmutation. In engaging yourself in the relationships represented in the Tzolkin, by
diving into the Dreamspell, the organic result will be the ability to transmit yourself, as DNA
information, from one star system to the next--and surf the zuvuya, or travel
interdimensionally. This will create the biopsychic transformation that will result in galactic

In the synchronization of the field of energy that holds this galaxy together with the fields of
energy of all the other galaxies, biopsychic transformation becomes a grand movement, a
cycle of time and dimensionality. The imprinting of this new galactic template on your solar
template will be the preliminary process undertaken over the next twenty years. At that point,
when these templates have become synchronized, you will begin to feel yourselves in the
activation of the purest and most profound energy of light. For each of you is operating to
reconstruct the DNA, not through an effort or any sense of construction that would
necessarily employ a kind of activity or strategy. You are reconstructing the DNA from
information that has existed in seed form since the inception of this whole human
experiment. The DNA is a reflection of the morphogenetic field, or the information that is
held in the planetary holon. The Dreamspell is a picture of that information, accessible
through play, magic, and paraverbal recollection.

Because the Dreamspell is based on the Tzolkin, the sacred geometry of the Maya, it is a
tool for understanding how consciousness can express itself in matter. The Tzolkin itself is a
matrix of essence. Only that which is of the original blueprint can pass through it. The Maya
came to this planet to deliver information of consciousness evolution, and used human ideas
to explain it. According to the Maya, each of you is empowered to connect directly, in rapport
with Galactic Center, and to experience sensuously, as well as electromagnetically, who and 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 3 of 16

what you are. The seed was planted by the Maya.

That seed is primarily carried in the DNA that is known as mitochondrial DNA. This is the
DNA that exists outside the nucleus in each cell. It is the DNA that carries a kind of temporal
encodement for understanding time and space as a construct through which you
comprehend and create the nature of your reality. And it is in this DNA that all information of
the original blueprint for the human experiment exists. You will begin to sense the DNA that
exists outside the nucleus of every cell as the DNA of attunement. We would say that it is
the DNA that exists outside the galaxy, that is associated with the supergalactic sense of
who and what the human individuation is. The seeding from supergalactic energies or
thoughtforms has been carried in terms of a template in mitochondrial DNA.

What exists in nuclear DNA is the thoughtform of this galaxy. And your galactic gateway, the
specific holarchal position you carry within the field of light known as the Tzolkin or 13 x 20
matrix, is the portal through which you ultimately reconstruct the DNA that exists within the
nucleus. This step is significant and important in the totality of what is unfolding. As you
reconstruct this DNA, you are basically reconstructing the energetic fields of light that
existed when this galaxy was seeded, when you, as nothing other than a spark of light from
God-presence, were motivated to incarnate in human form.

Nuclear DNA exists in order to create a relationship with mitochondrial DNA. It is necessary
for you to understand that in the process of the reconstruction of the nuclear DNA, there is
simultaneously a process of reconstruction of the mitochondrial DNA. That relationship,
however, is dependent on the relationship that you as a human holon have to the light field
or planetary holon. This binary relationship is a specific way of understanding the
associations that are necessary in order to operate as a cellular being on the earth within
this galaxy. The binary code underlies all the sacred codes of life�electromagnetic,
neurological, and biopsychic.

Scientists have identified the energy of the seeding, carried in the mitochondrial DNA, as the
genetic blueprint which comes through the mother. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA operate
in slightly different fashions. Mitochondrial DNA is associated with creation--the thirteen
tones of creation--the way in which a species, thoughtform or seed evolves. It functions
through the galactic template as an evolutionary blueprint of human life itself.

Nuclear DNA, created from both the mother and the father, represents the resolution of
duality, or creation from a point of reference of relationship. With regards to the Dreamspell,
nuclear DNA relates primarily to the twenty solar seals. In other words, the solar seals
represent the twenty essential proteins that are part of DNA. Nuclear DNA operates through
the field of light of the solar template, and the solar tribes, the twenty "groupings of galactic
colonizers," represent the twenty essential elements of time and consciousness.

What you have been doing with regards to activating DNA through the Dreamspell is
opening the galactic portal to see, sense, experience and (at least at one level of your being)
understand the nature of these templates. Rather than looking at these templates in terms of
the particular proteins of DNA in what you might call orthodox science terms, you are looking
at these components in a very aesthetic, descriptive, almost poetic way. That is why the
Dreamspell has been created. It assists you in activating the right-brain part of your being,
the part that needs that kind of activation in order to engage the left brain, or the part of your
being that has been so highly charged and activated in society as it exists at this time.

Jose Arguelles has said that "for all intents and purposes, the entire modern world is a split-
brain culture so dominated by the left hemisphere that it has lost contact with its own innate
bodily functions." Configurations involving the numbers 12 and 60 are ultimately products of
the left brain. These are hemispherically imbalanced ways of perceiving the world, your
particular human world on earth, and your galaxy. From the perspective of a much more
balanced hemispheric perception, the energy of the right brain at this time must be
activated. The pendulum has swung and what is coming forward is a deeper commitment to
operating in the realms where there is less sense of segmentation and more sense of
unification. 26-6-2010
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The Dreamspell offers the opportunity to explore the spiraling evolution of energies that can
be understood through color, picture or glyph, and number--not number associated with
mathematical relationship but number connected to pictorial representation. That is what the
seals and tones are really about. Indeed, in a profound sense there is a left brain radial
matrix of numerical understanding that is the foundation of the Tzolkin and hence the
foundation of this Dreamspell game--but the Dreamspell game has in itself been created to
move you out of that kind of study and into a much more profoundly activated creative
potential that exists within each and every one of you.

The creative urge is stored in DNA from the original thoughtform or process by which you
found yourself motivated to incarnate in this space and time. Activation of both DNA forms is
a product of the creative process. The more you allow yourselves to create, the more you
are activating the original and most primary imprint or template of your DNA. DNA itself must
create, and as it creates, its evolution or biopsychic transformation organically emerges. The
organic emergence or evolution of DNA involves the incorporation of the DNA strands that
carry information from all of the profound light templates that have ever existed in all of so-
called human history.

We are not speaking of the dreamspell of recorded history based on orthodox left-brain
understanding of a linear progression. Nor are we speaking of Darwinian evolution. We are
speaking of the whole process of a consciousness evolution maintained through the creative
process that is the imprint or the template of DNA itself. We envision DNA as a very specific
unified matrix or unified field of energy. The real unified field is the template of creation
which exists in DNA. That is the life force and can be understood through many different
terminologies. It is through the process of creation, and identifying the creative process in
whatever terminology, that one begins to sense that the evolutionary and organic movement
of creation, of life itself, is underway.

From our perspective, the next twenty years will be a very profound time in which creation is
the partner to what might appear to be destruction. The more you associate yourself with
your own sense of creation, the more destruction will be merely the other side of the coin,
the other way in which organic evolution and biopyschic transformation take place. We are
not speaking of binary functioning in which death must precede life and life must precede
death. We speak of a simultaneity in which what is known as creation and what is known as
destruction are synchronized in a much deeper level of integration in human understanding,
a much deeper level of ultimately being the God-force that exists within you as the human
individuation on earth. If you set your intentions clearly forward, you can begin to map or
trace the activation of your creative process, for that creative process is synchronized in
many different dimensions. At this point, the opening of the galactic portal has occurred and
the synchronization is underway.

The physical vehicle itself is learning to operate through a much more profound structure,
matrix and movement of light. Whatever seems to exist in the reality that you have created
and structured according to the consensus does not have to be destroyed in order for the
creative process of the reality that you are now creating to flourish. In a synchronization with
supergalactic levels of dimensionality, overlaying of solar and galactic templates and
biopsychic transformation can occur simultaneously with consensus reality. It is not
necessary that destruction come first. Instead, creation of the new reality actually envelops
and becomes a kind of umbrella, a much grander level of operating, so that you will continue
to function effectively. Living multidimensionally means experiencing life in movement as an
integrated right- and left-brain human, as a solar and galactic being, as a creator from both
the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

You can play this Dreamspell in order to sense, ultimately, the unified field of light that exists
and is shared by all of you. For as you begin to find your identification in very individualistic
terms, using what has been created as a construct of reality--yet instead of saying that it is
space and time, saying that it is solar seals and tones--you begin to create a reality that
appears to function somewhat like three-dimensional reality. But it is in fact functioning in
another level of your being, because all of your attachments to time and space have been
altered into attachments to solar seals and tones, colors, glyphs, pictures, bars, dots and 26-6-2010
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experiences of waveforms of information and energy. The creative process is thus

stimulated and the activation of the movement of self through the galactic activation portal
begins. You can construct and reconstruct a reality through the process of playing the
Dreamspell. And the closer you get in touch with this process, the more creative you allow
yourself to be, the more you will have information about the nature of the three-dimensional
reality you have created--that is other than Dreamspell--that you have believed to be the

We are speaking of a biopsychic transformation in the understanding of who and what you
are and how you function effectively in reality. You will no longer plot or strategize or say
that the reality you want to exist in is "the one where everyone is beautiful and operates in
high integrity and is filled with light." Although that may be your desire, out of the current
tools you have in three-dimensional reality--namely, time, space and some of the other
beliefs and thoughtforms which maintain three-dimensional reality--it is going to be
extremely difficult to create that desired reality. You will tend to operate in the old core belief
that says that something must be destroyed before something new can be created. That is
part of consensus reality.

Instead, you must step through that perception and operate in the other creative field, the
field of light that synchronizes the solar and galactic templates. That is what occurs in the
process of playing the Dreamspell. That is what you will sense in an electromagnetic way at
the very core of all of your DNA. You must let go of all of your old attachments to create
reality effectively outside the consensus. As your DNA activates, you will find that the three-
dimensional time/space construct you have been operating in will shift as a result of your
attention and intention in playing the Dreamspell. This will occur organically as part of
biopsychic transformation.

Time is not a segment. The 12/60 segmentation is not really an appropriate understanding,
nor is it anyone's visceral experience, of time. Each and every one of you have had an
experience of time in which hours have flown by and in which minutes have taken years.
Might this mean that the segments have actually altered in the time/space construct? or that
who and what you are at the genetic level has reconstructed a reality in the cellular structure
of your being, thus shifting your orientiation? As you begin to understand these possibilities,
you begin to understand the implications which ultimately include a whole biochemical
reordering of every system that exists in the physical vehicle as well as every part of its light
field. That reordering happens in DNA as it returns to its original job description, which is to
create reality.

Those strands of DNA that are not in physical form at this point in evolutionary movement
are not in form because DNA's job description has been altered, remained unrealized.
DNA's job description has shifted from creating reality to creating survival. The creation of
survival is, indeed, a necessary component in maintaining reality, but things have gotten out
of balance primarily through misuse of free will. The human individuation who, as part of the
creative process, has mistaken creativity with survival, has associated the energy of birth
with what comes after death, or creation with destruction. Time has become money, and de-
synchronization has increased.

As you begin to see the constructs which overlay your perceptions of reality, and as you
begin to see the reality that you have created as a wavespell upon a wavespell, you will
begin to empower yourself once again to create, to give birth, and in so doing to nurture life
itself--in recreation. Ultimately, superluminal light moves through the supergalactic template
and directly into DNA. This activation engages the additional strands of DNA to create in
perfection. The twelve strands of DNA are synchronized in unification and become the
thirteen tones of divine creation. As reality itself shifts, creation once again begins, becoming
the trajectory through which life itself is experienced. If some of this dounds a bit confusing
or difficult to understand, simply know that the holon, your lightbody, understands.

If you wish for the activation of your DNA to become more conscious, play the Dreamspell.
The Dreamspell allows the human three-dimensional part of yourself to experience activity,
and it is through activity that understanding in a deeper way takes place, for activity is the 26-6-2010
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experiential component. Understanding that is not conscious is understanding without


You no longer need to try to create experience. Trying to create a positive reality ended with
the Harmonic Convergence. Since the blueprint is now in place, it is now simply necessary
to be the blueprint. From our perspective, we simply wish for each of you to create from that
place within yourself, the level of DNA that has been activated, a reality that moves beyond
the old collective time/space constructs, a reality that assists you in knowing the light, the
God-presence, in who and what you are. Allow biopsychic transformation to take place in
your being, and enjoy the magnificent wavespell you have created in the knowledge that you
are the grandest Dreamspell of all.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Catherine Bean Weser. All Rights Reserved.

[Catherine Bean Weser is a conscious integrated channel who has conducted workships in the United States
and Europe, assisting individuals with understanding themselves and the energetics of their life situations.
Catherine's work has been featured on major European television networks and in publications throughout the
Western world. Since 1982 she has worked in nonphysical partnership with Dwahl Khul in channeling the
S.E.L.F. (Super Essential Light Field). Catherine is also a decoder of the Tzolkin, specializing in the application
of birth information mapped into the Mayan Calendar and revealed as practical wisdom and guidance. For
more information click here. To inquire about private sessions in person or by telephone, contact Catherine

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Holographic Model: phrase based on the theories of Richard Alan Miller, Karl Pribram,
David Bohm and others that evokes the hologram-like nature of reality, including that of the
human body. A holographic universe is composed of intersecting electromagnetic waves of
sound and light that project the illusion of matter. In the human body, DNA's chromosomes
form a solitonic grating designed to map or project genetic instructions into the holographic

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Doorways in Consciousness: An Exploration of Resonant Being

Carlisle Bergquist

Sound as Healer

Many traditions demonstrate a belief that sound plays a role in creation, which is a
continuum spanning the macrocosm through the hierarchy of iterations to the infinitesimal
microcosm. Creation is beginning. Something becomes where there was previously non-
being. This article will discuss sound in the context of healing, which is more accurately the
process of re-creation.

Healing, whether emotional, psychological, spiritual or physical, is the act of reorienting a

created being back toward its original state of perfection, functionality, and health. Sound
has been used to heal for thousands of years in a variety of ways. These have included
music, chanting, toning and the use of instruments such as drums, bells, singing bowls, and
gongs. In recent times the list has also included the harp. I call all of these sound but will
organize them with the following categories: Music, Chanting, Toning, Instrument, and 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 7 of 16

Prayer and Mantras.


In the ancient Chinese text known as the Book of Rites, the author describes the Heaven-
like qualities available through sound as music. The pentatonic, or five-tone, music of that
culture used a soothing drone along with simple melodies and may well have induced such
Heavenly states. The influence of music, however, is complex as many variables come into
play on sound. Likewise, one must acknowledge that not all music in our modern times is
Heaven-like. Some contemporary music is more Hell-like and likely produces a comparable
state of consciousness in its listeners. Instead of healing or re-creating, it is overbearing and
destructive. These two extremes point to one of the key elements in sound healing:

To isolate empirically the cause of any phenomenon associated with music is like attempting
to describe DNA by measuring its dissected moieties. One can label the parts, but it is a
system of interconnected effects. Geneticist Susumu Ohno at the Beckman Research
Institute noticed that DNA, like music, holds order greater than the sum of its parts. He
assigned notes to the various DNA components which, when transcribed and performed,
sounded much like great classical music themes. I suggest that, like DNA, music's effects
are a broad interconnected system. Its components cannot by themselves yield

Kay Gardner identifies nine elements in healing music. Though much more can be said on
this subject, I will limit my discussion of music to these elements:

1. Drone--Healing music should have a constant tone that drones behind a simple melody.

2. Repetition--Short musical phrases, whether vocal or instrumental, should be repeated

over and over in order to produce a calming effect.

3. Harmonics--Sustained tones produce harmonic overtones which Gardner says "balance

the physical body with the unseen bodies--emotional, mental, and spiritual--that form the
aura's layers."

4. Rhythm--The function of rhythm in music is to duplicate the many pulses in the human
body and then through entrainment move the pulses into a more healthy natural pattern.

5. Harmony--Harmony affects the emotions. Various keys (major and minor) evoke feeling
states, be they sad, joyous, triumphant, soothing, or mysterious. According to Gardner,
intervals harmonize the emotions and can bring dis-eased organs back into molecular
relationships of harmony.

6. Melody--The mind is engaged by melody. This takes the attention away from day-to-day
afflictions and allows healing to occur.

7. Instrumental Colors--Each instrument has its own unique voice composed of

characteristic overtones and waveforms. These penetrate various areas of the body and
have a balancing effect.

8. Form--The structure of a musical piece determines where the journey will take the
listener. Pieces that have many changes in tempo and mood will be stimulating, whereas
pieces that are steady and predictable have a calming effect. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 8 of 16

9. Intention--Music seems written by the hand of the Divine. Many sources herein describe it
so. The musician must recognize and honor the power of music's effects. Music played with
focused intention has the power to harm or heal. Intention is perhaps the most important
attribute when considering music's potentials.

Rudolf Steiner expressed some additional attributes of three of these elements of music.
"Regardless of man's relationship to rhythm, all rhythm is based on the mysterious
connection between pulse and breath ... People understand each other in reference to
rhythm." Steiner also connected rhythm to the will. Melody is associated with mental images
that become associated with feeling. "Through melody the head becomes open to feeling, to
actual feeling. It is as though you brought the heart into the head through melody." Finally,
he connects harmony to feeling: "The element of harmony takes hold directly of human
feeling. What is expressed in harmonies is experienced by human feeling." Summing up the
common connection of feelings, Steiner says: "Melody thus carries harmony inward; rhythm
carries harmony in the direction of willing."

Joanne Crandall has applied music and its various elements to self-transformation. Her
interpretations differ from Steiner at times. For example, she writes, "The melody gives the
mind a rest; it provides space for the heart to open and receive the music." Crandall points
out that melody is a relationship between tones and serves as a method by which we bring
ourselves into relationship with others. Likewise, she understands music as representing
sound in its most ordered form which can help us experience a world made from sound
more fully. The fluid movement of music is a reminder that though the structure and form of
the world change around us just as the flow of music, order does not. Crandall, like Gardner,
suggests that musicians as well as listeners can be healers through focused intention.

Music has for centuries been used to heal in many cultures along with those mentioned
here. The Temiar people living in the rainforests of Malaysia treat all forms of maladies with
healing songs designed to effect change in the various souls of the individual. Native
American tribes likewise use songs to evoke healing and power. The occidental world is
"getting the beat" through works such as those of Don Campbell, who in an interview with
Jean Houston stated, "I think music actually raises the very molecular structure of body,
brain and being to ... larger dimensions. With music, you gain a coherence or bridging of one
reality with another." Helen Bonny's seminal work aligning various compositions with altered
states of consciousness and moods has also opened the Western ear to the power of music.


Every religious practice, tribe and tradition has a form of chant. Chanting resounds in
monasteries and on hilltops around the globe. It may be used for healing the spirit, mind, or
body. In the words of Alfred A. Tomatis: "If you put an oscilloscope on the sounds of
Gregorian chant, you see that they all come within the band-width for charging the ear.
There is not a single sound which falls outside of this. Gregorian chant contains all the
frequencies of the voice spectrum, roughly from 70 cycles per second up to 9,000 cycles per
second, but with a very different envelope curve from that of normal speech ... Thus the
sounds of Gregorian are, uniquely, a fantastic energy food." This section will briefly discuss
two forms of chanting among the hundreds that exist: Gregorian and Tibetan Tantric

Gregorian chant follows a simple melody. It has focused the daily practices of Roman
Catholic monks in various orders for centuries. Performed in unison, chant produces a rich
harmonic field. Cathedral architecture, where chants are traditionally performed, further
enhances the harmonic scale. Hildegard von Bingen likely never imagined that her gentle
compositions of praise, nor those of other Gregorian composers, would leap the centuries to 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 9 of 16

become bestselling records in today's music market. Chanting performs several functions in
the lives of monks that may contribute to its current appeal outside the monastery.

Composer Robert Glass in an interview with Carol Wright says that chant brings "the
consciousness of the group into resonance with itself" by creating a "harmonious field."
Glass goes on to explain that chanting's sustained notes allow the vibration of the tones
themselves to be vivid experiences that cause the individual to entrain with the frequencies.
The melodies themselves tend to repeat, producing a soothing predictability as Gardner
described. Within the walls of the monastic life chant allowed a common bond of
predictability among the chanters, encouraging the collective as well individual search for
the Divine.

In light of the fact that monks take an oath of celibacy and often silence, Garfield has
proposed that chanting releases enough rerouted energy through the fifth chakra or throat
center to maintain good health. She suggested a link between singing and sexual creative
energy that may also help channel this energy upward in pursuit of the Divine. Garfield goes
on to say that all chanting clears the chakras of blockage and thereby promotes health and

In the words of Don Campbell, "Sound is carried through the vowel sounds. Church Latin
has pure vowel sounds, not like the complex diphthongs of English, and tone is extended on
the vowel sounds. Self-generated tone--not singing--is the foundation upon which chanting
works with the body. Sound is created not only with the mouth, but with the bones and skin.
The vibration made through toning actually stimulates the central cortex of the brain.
Chanters receive a literal 'brain massage.'"

In contrast to the ethereal sweetness of Gregorian chant, Tantric harmonic chanting shakes
the soul. The sound is at first quite foreign to Western ears. Two Tibetan Buddhist
monasteries have brought the sound to the West after Tibet's rampant destruction under the
Chinese Cultural Revolution. The monks of Gyuto and Gyume are among a few hundred
individuals who have this unusual vocal capability. Unlike the Gregorian renditions that
extend throughout the vocal register, Tantric chants are extremely low frequency. Most
unusual is the ability to produce more than one tone simultaneously with the voice. Each
chanter produces a chord starting on the B, C, or D flat below middle C. The chord than
contains the second and third harmonics above that tone. According to Campbell, up to the
tenth harmonic is often audibly prominent. This is reminiscent of Alice Bailey's description of
sounding two tones in the process of transformation. (Bailey claimed a Tibetan llama named
Djwal Kuhl sent writings to her psychically, and at times physically, though they never met in

Khen Rinpoche, in an interview with Campbell, says that Tantric chanting is not a direct path
to enlightenment but is rather an invocation of certain deities with the request that these
deities protect and guide the entire world. It also protects the monk from obstacles he may
meet with on his path to enlightenment. Rinpoche states that the sound of Tantric chanting
produces chemical and electrical transformations in the body that intensify the immune

"The way we would explain how this works is that it happens in the mind first through the
aural consciousness and secondarily through the mental consciousness," he elaborates.
"There is a feeling of a certain kind of delight that stimulates these physical changes. Rather
than it being the sound going into the brain or skull, which is a more mechanical model, I
would explain it through the system of sixfold consciousness. We understand the body as a
secondary effect which corresponds with the state of mental consciousness ... It is this sixth
element of consciousness which determines the state of the body." 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 10 of 16


In recent years toning has gained acceptance as a personal transformation tool and
therapeutic modality. Toning has been defined as the use of human voice for the purpose of
healing. Three forms are included here: Kabbalistic toning, Chinese healing tones, and the
work of Laurel Elizabeth Keyes. Each is slightly different in its approach to healing.

In Kabbalistic toning, the force of sound plays on one of the Sefirat, or elements of the Tree
of Life. Each individual as well as each Sefirah have a resonant frequency. Sounding the
correct frequency releases blocked energy in the targeted area, restoring balance and
harmony. In this system there are two types, or modes, of toning. One is for banishing
negative qualities and influences. The other invokes the positive energy of love, light, and
right thoughts. The two form a cycle like breathing. The out breath banishes that which no
longer serves the individual, while the in breath revitalizes and restores the Sefirat of the
four bodies. The banishing or releasing tones are generally sharp, loud, and high-pitched.
The invoking tones are soothing, harmonious, and soft. After the cycle is complete with the
negative qualities released and replenished with healing light, smooth high tones of pure
simple wave form invoke healing energies from higher realms.

Healing tones are also part of a larger Chinese health system called QiGong. Along with the
use of "singing stones"--flat pieces of jade that produce musical tones when struck--six
special sounds allegedly heal and vitalize the organs. Each sound correlates with a certain
posture and focused intention on the breath. Though assigned no specific pitch, I include
them here because they most closely resemble toning as healing exercises. I will list the
sounds only and the healing they perform:

1. SSSSSSSSS--This sound clears and heals the lungs.

2. WOOOOOO--The kidney and bladder are treated with this sound.

3. SHHHHHH--This practice clears the liver and gall bladder.

4. HAWWW--The heart sound dissipates excess heat build-up from the heart.

5. WHOOOO--This sound cleanses the spleen and stomach.

6. HEEEEEEE--This sound revitalizes and balances the entire body, but is especially
important for the sex organs.

The sounds are written as they are vocalized. As with music and Kabbalistic toning, focused
intention directs the healing energy. In the case of Chinese healing tones, this energy is
called chi.

The toning theories of Laurel Keyes came out of her own spontaneous experiences, which
she describes as "a sensation in my chest and throat as though a force were rising, wanting
to be released in sound, but it would subside again ... I observed this as it rose and
subsided, almost a thing apart because certainly I was doing nothing to cause it." Continues
Keyes, "I found my lips parting and my mouth opened very slightly in an easy relaxed
manner ... Unexpectedly a sound bubbled up, like something tossed up on a fountain spray.
A single syllable emerged--'Ra.'"

The spontaneity of Keyes' experience characterizes her toning work. She proposes that we
need to allow the body to express its sounds, its voice, and not be subjugated to the mind
alone in communication. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 11 of 16

Keyes' toning system is very similar to Kabbalistic toning, though it espouses no direct
connection. She emphasizes, however, the need to develop one's approach as a feeling
voice, pointing out the need for balance between the generative and conceptive forces in the
creative process. She urges the release of the voice from cognitive control to enhance the
receptive feeling nature and thus the creative process: "Feeling must be fecundated by idea
or image to bring about results." She goes on to warn that when the mind dominates
ruthlessly, "feeling rejects the idea." Keyes' method of toning thus differs from the more
mentally focused Kabbalistic toning by bringing the head into cooperation with the heart in
order to free the body through vibration.


Like chant, every culture has developed its own musical instruments. Whether with a Pan
flute or pipe organ, lyre or lute, gong or gamelan, steel drum or sitar, people find a way to
make "a joyful noise" unto their Lord. Ethnomusicologists have spent entire careers
cataloging the history and evolution of such instruments. Discussing instruments in any
detail greatly exceeds the limits of this section.

All instruments have the capacity to affect us; however, certain of them consistently produce
changes in consciousness. These include the drum, rattle, gong, bell, "singing" bowl, bull-
roarer, didgeridoo, and droning string instruments like the sitar. An impressive number of
researchers note the use of such instruments to change consciousness.

Don Wright, for example, explored Peruvian whistling vessels, a Pre-Colombian instrument
originally thought to be a water vessel by anthropologists. Wright's exploration with these
vessels revealed that they produce powerful transcendent experiences. He proposes that
the indigenous culture kept knowledge of their true use from Spanish conquerors and thus
did not depict them in any records of their civilization. Clearly on every continent, in culture
after culture, instruments are part of an elaborate consciousness technology.

Prayers & Mantras

Neil Douglas-Klotz reminds us in Prayers of the Cosmos that words have power. They
invoke and move energy into action. He indicates that the Lord's Prayer was more than just
words in the Aramaic language which Jesus spoke --it wielded the power of the Divine into
action. Prayers and mantras, when used with intention, change consciousness.

Western religions have for the most part forgotten that prayer is an avenue to move our
consciousness into relationship with God rather than a wish list eloquently recited. Perhaps
because prayer often becomes commonplace, a moment of public oration or collective
recitation, one might speculate that we have come to accept God as deaf and mute. It is as
if many believe that God does not answer our prayers directly. God must not hear, nor has
S/He in thousands of years. But perhaps it is we who are deaf and mute, knowing little about
how to pray correctly and even less about how, and where, to listen for God's response.

Western societies are primarily empirical. Like Thomas who said, "Except I shall see in his
hands ... and put my finger into the print of the nails ... I will not believe," many Westerners
are hard to convince. Physician Larry Dossey has explored the difficulty science has
studying prayer in healing. He has also conducted independent research in this area.
According to Dossey, "The evidence seems to show that prayer works." I direct the reader to
his book Healing Words for a comprehensive and balanced review of the research and

Summary of Sound as Healer 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 12 of 16

This article has reviewed the various ways sound is used in healing, defined as an
intentional act of re-creation. As such, sound healing exhibits a strong connection to the
cosmologies expressed by many traditions. Sound healing, in its various forms, appears to
evoke a resonance that changes consciousness and thereby alters misalignments in our

Unfortunately, no efficacious method of application has been delimited in these systems,

with the possible exception of guarded secret teachings. Selected application relies
predominantly on the intuitive skills of the practitioner. Since most of the world's population
receives treatments other than those of Western medicine, it is likely that sound therapies
play a role in much of healing worldwide. It therefore seems appropriate to develop a
methodology for the application of sound to various infirmities through empirical and
phenomenological research.

This could enhance sound healing's effectiveness and expand its accepted use. Such
research could first qualify the various sounds' effects--pitch and intervals of tones, kinds of
prayer or mantras, etc. The Chinese healing sounds are from this perspective the most
sophisticated. Such knowledge could then be categorized into a coherent treatment modality
within a holistic medical science.


The Latin term personare means to "sound through" something. Joachim-Ernst Berendt
notes: "At the basis of the concept of the person ... stands the concept of sound: through the
tone." We are a silent symphony, interacting nodes upon nodes of resonance the music of
which we cannot hear, or have learned to ignore. Perhaps we can never hear the sound of
creation and must leave it in the world of myth, but science peers upon its borders with
growing credence to these quixotic ancient cosmologies. Perhaps we have trained ourselves
not to hear the sound that is the name of the Most High lest we pronounce the ineffable.
Perhaps we have not listened to our own resonant being.

Though most of us cannot hear such sounds, we can observe our interaction with them. We
are drawn to repetitive sounds like the babble of a brook or the beat of a heart. We watch
the shimmer of moonlight on fluttering leaves at times hypnotically as if reassured that our
origin is vibration. Vibration moves us. We dance before an altar of the Most High. We
dance to the beat of a resonant universe as resonant beings. As we listen, opening
doorways in consciousness, we come into harmony and may someday thus learn how to
heal the world.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Carlisle Bergquist. All Rights Reserved.

[Devoted to the creative process and consciousness studies all his life, Carlisle Bergquist was a songwriter,
producer and performer for Suitewinds Productions, Hollywood before graduate study in transpersonal
psychology. He is author of The Coyote Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom (Reality Entertainment--Reality Press) and
developer of Vantage Quest, a therapeutic sound application that evokes deep states of awareness, available
on CD. For more information click here.]

Did You Know ... many ancient peoples believed that to survive and thrive through the
Galactic Alignment that is now occuring, an event the Izapans immortalized as December
21, 2012, in their sacred "Long Count" calendar, one must develop a lightbody? Throughout
the centuries the multidimensional lightbody has been called by many names. In the Bible it
is referred to as the "Spiritual Body" and the "Wedding Garment." Indian philosopher and
holy man Sri Aurobindo calls it the "Divine Body." Other historical names for the lightbody
include the "Diamond Body" and "Jade Body" (Taoism), the Merkabah (Kabala), the
"Adamantine Body" (Tantra), the "Glorified Body" (Christianity), "Holy Flesh" (Catholicism), 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 13 of 16

the "Superconductive Body" (Vedanta), the "Supercelestial Body" (Sufism), the "Radiant
Body" (Neo-Platonism), the "Immortal Body" (Hermeticism), the "Body of Bliss" (Kriya Yoga),
the "Perfect Body" (Mithraism), and the "Golden Body" (Emerald Tablets). According to
author and researcher Sai Grafio, who contributed to the foregoing list, the Tibetan Buddhist
tradition is the only ancient tradition that referred to our ascensional vehicle as the lightbody-
-although this has become the term of choice in much recent literature on the subject. It
goes almost without saying that the building of any kind of body, "natural" or "supernatural,"
is accomplished by way of life's basic building block, DNA, in one form or another.

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3. Introduction to Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method

Sol Luckman

This is a truly exciting time to be alive. As a species, judging by our "postmodern" art and
"subquantum" science, we are learning just how completely we create our own reality.
Central to this evolution of human consciousness is a growing appreciation of the many
ways we (collectively and individually) create ourselves. Literally. DNA is the alphabet we
divinely endowed biological beings use to compose our existence.

Revolutionary new research in "wave-genetics" reveals DNA can be activated--

noninvasively--by radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies. Studies by
cell biologists further demonstrate that the genetic code can be stimulated through human
consciousness--specifically, the unity consciousness associated with unconditional love--to
heal not only the mind and spirit but the body as well. Benefits of DNA activation can range
from allergy relief and increased energy to better relationships and even renewed life
purpose. Since DNA regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our
being, the possibilities are endless!

In the words of bestselling author and leading health researcher Dr. Leonard Horowitz, DNA
with its "stunning ability � to function as a receiver and transmitter of � the Divine
Cosmic Song" represents "far more than a static blueprint for body building." DNA, which
Horowitz calls the "Sacred Spiral," is the "ideal super conductor, and micro-antennae,
designed to perfection beyond the reach of the wildest imagination, for physical re-
spiritualization." DNA constitutes the "central processing station for human electricity and
evolutionary destiny. If 'knowledge is power,' revealing [DNA's] secrets is the key to personal
empowerment, spiritual evolution, and even planetary salvation."

Taken together, such pioneering, relatively unknown, and often suppressed genetic
research reveals an astonishing wealth of potential: to "reset" bioenergetic systems
damaged by trauma and toxicity, to stimulate bioenergy and creativity, even to "switch on"
untapped capabilities in the human brain as steps toward unity consciousness and its
corresponding evolved biology. Thanks to a holistic technique for DNA activation we at the
Phoenix Center call the Regenetics Method, an affordable, effective means is now available
to "potentiate" one's entire being. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 14 of 16

Preview Conscious Healing. Listen to Sol Luckman's featured interview on Conscious

Healing with Dr. Stuart Titus on the popular Internet radio show "Health & Science:
The Next Generation."

Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, a central focus of this book, is the first of three
integrated DNA activations that make up the Regenetics Method. Regenetics is a unique
synthesis of ideas in action designed to improve lives in numerous ways, tangible and
subtle. It is my intent that your own life will be improved even as you thoughtfully consider
the concepts presented herein. Additional information on the second and third phases of the
Regenetics Method, Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement and Elucidation Triune Activation,
is available online.

This text is divided into two principle parts, the first reflecting the "micro" aspect of
Regenetics, the second providing a "macro" perspective on this method in relation to human
evolution. In the first part, "Textual Healing with Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning:
Introducing the Art & Science of the Regenetics Method," I share the story of my nearly
eight-year chronic illness, with an emphasis on the development of Potentiation and how I
used this DNA activation to heal myself.

Part II, "Sacred Cosmology, Sacred Biology: The Regenetics Method & the Evolution of
Consciousness," complements Part I with a macrocosmic presentation of Regenetics in the
greater context of the evolution of consciousness. Here I draw on the work of many
outstanding thinkers from a variety of orientations who share the belief in a purpose and
direction to human life--that as a species we are evolving in a specific manner on a
prescribed timeline. It is my intention that Part II will stimulate your curiosity about human
evolution in general, while inspiring you to explore avenues such as the Regenetics Method
for fully actualizing your own unique potential.

In addition to Parts I and II, I have included three substantial Appendices as educational
resources. Appendix A provides wide-ranging Testimonials from individuals who have
experienced Potentiation. Appendix B contains detailed answers to Frequently Asked
Questions about Potentiation and the Regenetics Method. Appendix C is a representative
Electromagnetic Schematic of the first of twelve "Electromagnetic Groups" encountered
during the development of the Regenetics Method as described in Chapter Four. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY March 2007 Page 15 of 16

Additionally, I have provided an extensive Index as well as a comprehensive Glossary of

Terms derived from various disciplines that may be new to the reader or that I employ in
specialized ways. I invite you to use this Glossary as a reference and also to read it in its
entirety as a "journey in consciousness." Finally, a complete Bibliography is included to
assist those who wish to explore the science and philosophy behind Regenetics in greater

Many of the concepts behind Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning and the Regenetics
Method outlined in this book may strike the reader as "cutting-edge." While they may indeed
appear that way in this day and age, most of them are also, paradoxically, extremely old.
They stem from time-honored practices rooted in the curative power of prayer, shamanic
medicine, and specifically the balanced use of sound and intention to heal in ways that can
seem miraculous to many Westerners. I will share some fascinating scientific research that
substantiates these phenomena. But before proceeding, allow me to call your attention to
the old adage of how a new truth typically comes to be accepted.

"All truth passes through three stages," wrote Arthur Schopenhauer. "First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." In a similar vein,
Albert Einstein once said, "If at first an idea isn't absurd, there's no hope for it." I offer that
the Regenetics Method (and modalities based on similar principles) represents one such
"absurdly profound" truth that will eventually become self-evident. Thank you for your
interest in this work and willingness to expand--perhaps--your vision of who you are and
what is humanly possible.
Copyright (c) 2007 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is author of the internationally acclaimed Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics
Method, editor of DNA Monthly, and cofounder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics. His articles on the
Regenetics Method of DNA activation have appeared in Atlantis Rising, Well Being Journal, Renaissance,
Odyssey, Sedona Journal of Emergence and Kindred Spirit, and also have been featured in the alternative
medicine anthologies Message of Spirit: A Manual for Your Mind and Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound
and Water. In addition, he has been a featured guest of Dr. Stuart Titus on the Internet radio show "Health &
Science: The Next Generation." Nexus New Times called Conscious Healing, which also received a five-star
endorsement from the Midwest Book Review and was recently translated into Turkish, a "paradigm-reworking
book" that introduces a "revolutionary healing science that's expanding the boundaries of being." For more
information click here.]

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