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October 2007 (Vol. 3, No. 9)

Notable & Quotable: "The great Venus-Sun Calendar of the ancient astronomers
predicts with mathematical certainty that on December 22, 2012, a new ray of creation will
stream into our planetary system. Our motherworld will be completely reborn and literally
shifted into a new world [...]

"Myths abound. A variety of enigmatic stories have been passed down, encoding the
creation of life and describing the forces that enliven this plane of existence. Cultures of the
Americas and Mesoamerica left a legacy of cryptoprophetic information for us to ponder and
study. They left accurate prophecies hidden in sacred mathematics and calendarical
schemata. Most of the prophecies have already come to pass [...]

"The prophecies agree that we are nearing the close of this world. Some say we are at the
end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Some call it the end of the
great Kali Yuga. Others claim it to be the end of the nine hells. There is a question as to
whether we are at the beginning of the Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Sun. This Shift is called the
New Humanity, a new creation. It doesn't matter the name we give the next sun or world.
Prophecy says this is a time of transition to a new cycle of existence."

David Carson & Nina Sammons, 2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening (Council Oak
Books, 2006)


1. "Evolution, Process & Conversation: A Foundation for Evolutionary Agentry," by Peggy


2. "The Song of Science," by Sally Owen

3. "Cultural DNA: Introducing a Revolutionary Model of the Development of Consciousness

& Human Value Systems," by Rosemary Wilkie

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. Evolution, Process & Conversation: A Foundation for Conscious Evolutionary

Agentry 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 2 of 12

Peggy Holman

Why have an article on process in a newsletter largely devoted to evolution? What could
process possibly have to do with evolution?

In a word, everything.

We now know that our universe is not the static, clockwork mechanism scientists once
believed it to be. Rather, we know that it is constantly changing. In fact, change through time
is central to the definition of evolution.

A process is a naturally occurring or designed sequence of changes. Sound similar? You

could say that evolution is the mother of all natural processes. And, as our mothers often do,
evolution has much to teach us about the design of processes. Why do processes matter?
The better we are at designing processes that are consonant with the patterns underlying
the dynamics of evolution, the greater our likelihood of creating changes that serve us well.

This article is devoted to processes used in human systems--processes that empower

change to serve the needs of individuals, collectives and the larger whole of which we are all
a part. We offer such thoughts because we believe that we are all agents of evolution and
that the more conscious of this we are, the greater the difference each of us can make.

Evolution & Conversation

Since conversation is a primary means for human interaction, it is central to how process
happens in human systems. As such, conversation is as an evolutionary force of
extraordinary potential.

Over the last 14 billion years, as Western science currently understands it, the growing edge
of evolution--the appearance of radically new forms of complexity--has moved from cosmic
to geologic to biologic to cultural. The universe itself learns and transforms, having made a
variety of leaps through its billions of years. At every stage, single entities come together to
organize themselves into more complex entities--from hydrogen gas to stars and planets;
from molten material to a habitable planet filled with mountains and oceans; from single
celled entities to the wondrous array of plants and animals on the Earth today; and through
humanity itself, from family groups to worldwide socio-economic systems.

At each stage of evolution, the interaction that enables these leaps occurs differently. In
stellar and galactic evolution, gravitational and subatomic interactions dominate. In geologic
evolution, basic chemistry and Newtonian physics are central. In biology, interactions are
biochemical, physiological and ecological--and DNA becomes fundamental in mediating
them. And for humans, perhaps the most significant and ubiquitous form of interaction
happens through conversation, which mediates most other forms of human interaction (such
as conflicts and economic interactions). It is an intriguing concept, that conversations are for
the evolution of social systems what DNA is for the evolution of life and gravity is for the
evolution of galaxies and stars!

There is something vital and hopeful about the central role of conversation for the survival of
our species. With its primary role in interaction among humans, conversation has the
potential to do the work that interaction always does in evolution: to empower distinct
organisms (like singe cells) to self-organize, cohering into novel, more complex organisms
(like us). What are the implications for humans? What do self-organizing differentiated
humans become when they converse with each other? 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 3 of 12

We already know humans create tribes, nation-states, and other collective bodies. I believe
there is something of vastly more creative potential available to us. It involves another gift on
the emerging edge of evolution: consciousness.

What's consciousness got to do with it?

Cosmologist Brian Swimme has compared consciousness "to the emergence of oxygen
within Earth's early communities of life, a development that carried both the destructive and
the creative significance of that earlier event." When life first began generating oxygen with
photosynthesis, Earth had no way to use it creatively, and it accumulated as a toxic waste
product, oxidizing rocks and bacteria everywhere. This sparked the first environmental crisis,
almost eliminating all life. Instead, life mutated, inventing respiration--a new means to
interact, perfect for the times--thus finding new stability through increased complexity.

Could it be that consciousness is the latest evolutionary innovation that, when applied to
conversation, catalyzes a new form of social system, the conscious co-creative collective,
the radiant network of deep community? I believe that conscious conversation is the path to
what Thich Nhat Hanh imagined when he said, "It is possible that the next Buddha will not
take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a
community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful
living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation."

The practice of conscious conversation has the potential to help us creatively engage with
the overwhelming natural and human-generated crises we face today. In fact, it may be the
only thing that can.

What is conscious conversation & how might it be our salvation?

A conscious conversation continually increases our awareness of ourselves, others and the
whole in relation to each other and our environment. There is a growing body of experience,
research, philosophies, principles and practices that teach us about the power of
conversation to create breakthroughs. Where conscious conversation happens, violence

Individual practices such as nonviolent communication and projects such as the

Compassionate Listening Project are examples of what is possible. Processes that engage
hundreds, even thousands in creating the communities and organizations they want, are just
beginning to demonstrate their potential for creating forms of being together that benefit and
serve the needs of both individual and the collective. These processes that consciously
engage people in conversation are at their best when dealing with diversity, conflict, and
complexity. Processes such as Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry and The World Cafe are
making a difference around the globe with thousands of people.

What does conscious conversation mean for you?

Become conscious of the power of conversation to change the world. Learn how the
dynamics of conversation matter and use them. By learning to converse well and helping
others converse well, you become a conscious agent of evolution.

What are the conversations that matter to you? Who are the people who care as you do?
How can you engage them?

Explore the process websites above as well as other more general conversation-supporting
websites such as the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation and the Co- 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 4 of 12

Intelligence Institute--and try out some simple conversational hints and processes in your
own life and community. Conversations that have heart and meaning can change the world--
and you can convene them!

Copyright (c) 2007 by Peggy Holman. All Rights Reserved.

[Peggy Holman consults with organizations and communities, increasing their ability to achieve what is most
important to them through growing their capacity for inviting the emergence of new ideas and relationships.
She is acknowledged as a leader in generative processes for whole system change. Her work encourages
people to take responsibility for what they love, resulting in stronger organizations, communities, and
individuals. Her first book, The Change Handbook: Group Methods for Shaping the Future, co-edited with Tom
Devane, has been warmly received as an aid to people wishing to increase the impact of their organizations
and communities. For more information visit]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Age of Consciousness: phrase employed by the developers of the Regenetics Method to

indicate the dawning Aquarian "Age of Light" that many believe will soon precipitate the
dissolution of old hierarchical structures of control, fear and manipulation, followed by the
birth of social models based on principles of partnership, servant leadership, unity
consciousness, and unconditional love.

2. The Song of Science

Sally Owen

Do sound and science sing together in perfect harmony? They do for me, and most
importantly, they sing for the gifts of healing. The science of sound healing resonates within
the research of some of the top medical investigators worldwide. Their work is not limited to
how sound affects our bodies or even our planet ... Astronomers at Cambridge University
have now determined that the Perseus galaxy cluster sings its song in the tone of B-flat.
Sound exists everywhere, including within you.

I devour the science of sound because I am a soundworker who primarily uses tuning forks
to create a sonic permission field for the vibrational healing experiences of my clients. I use 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 5 of 12

over forty-seven different tuning forks that vibrate from 32 cps (cycles per second) to 4,225
cps. The forks sing to exact musical tones, and many of them are calibrated to the precise
rotational frequencies of our known planets, sun, and moon. My personal belief is that all
sound vibrates to a frequency of light, that sound is light, and that it has been slowed down
enough so that we can actually hear and feel it. My job as a sound healer is to translate that
light into your unique sound so that your body and spirit can sing your own song.

Why is the science of sound important? How important to you is your DNA? Musician and
researcher Susan Alexjander and cellular biologist David Deamer worked as a team and
exposed sections of human DNA to infrared light to determine the distinctive frequencies of
the four base molecules: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. They then converted
those DNA ratios of light frequencies into ratios of sound. What they heard sang to them,
and that DNA "music" has been recorded so that it can sing to you as well.

Physician and alternative-medicine advocate Larry Dossey observes that "the result was
haunting, beautiful music with microtonal pitch changes, much like music we associate with
India and the Middle East." I played Alexjander's DNA music Sequencia and Deamer's
recordings at my October 9, 2003 Tuning Fork Sound Healing presentation at The Golden
Braid. The audience was mesmerized. Consider what is like for your DNA to be serenaded
by the light of its own song.

Many of you know the profound spiritual and scientific work of Gregg Braden, who states
that the "natural elements of our DNA translate directly to a readable message in our own
cells, including God's ancient name." Braden believes that "the message in our cells was
described in sacred texts at least 1,000 years before modern science verified its existence."
He further suggests that a "literal message may be hidden within the DNA of life itself." Is
the "literal message" within our DNA singing in the music of Susan Alexjander and David
Deamer? Is this the song of science?

Imagine how the estimated 100 trillion cells per human body sound when singing their song.
Sound healer Jonathan Goldman provided me with DNA ratio-calibrated tuning forks that I
use to create balance on a subatomic level, which can actually "activate new aspects of the
DNA helix." Goldman says, "To our knowledge this ratio does not appear in any scales on
the planet." Maybe it sings somewhere within the music of the Perseus galaxy cluster.
Goldman, like myself, is careful not to make guarantees that this form of sound healing "may
indeed alter the DNA and allow new encodements of light." Perhaps the job of science is to
make that guarantee for us.

If you follow how important sound might be to the DNA in our cells, imagine what sound and
vibrational medicine may offer to the more than 5 million people who have been diagnosed
with cancer since 1990. Fabien Maman, a bio-energeticist, conducted a year-and-a-half
study with Helene Grimall, a biologist and musician, on the effect of sound on human cancer
cells at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. After mounting a camera
on a microscope where slides of uterine cancer cells had been placed, the researchers
played acoustical instruments and sang musical scales into the cells.

Maman and Grimall found that the most dramatic influence on cancer cells came from the
human voice. This is one reason why chanting, toning and singing (forms of sound healing
that require nothing more than the intention of your own voice), and the tone-of-voice and
choice of words we use when speaking to one another, are so amazingly important for our
health and wellbeing. For cells that had been sung to, it was found that "the structure quickly
disorganized. The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more
powerful than any musical instrument: consciousness. It appeared that the cancer cells
"were not able to support a progressive accumulation" after being exposed to vibrational
frequencies. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 6 of 12

The fact that cancer cells were unable to support themselves after they had been vibrated
by sound provides strong evidence that sound therapy should be considered as a potential
treatment option for this disease and many others. Maman also conducted research on two
breast cancer patients. Each woman toned for three hours a day for one month. For one
woman "the tumor vanished completely." The second woman underwent surgery to remove
her tumor. Her surgeon "reported that the tumor had reduced in size considerably and had
literally dried up." Photographs taken during these case studies substantiated Maman's
results that "the cancer cells show evidence of cell nuclei incapable of maintaining their
structure as sound wave frequencies attack the cytoplasmic nuclear membranes."

The work of Maman and many other medical researchers must be music to the ears of
millions of people worldwide. There is some fabulous work done by Masaru Emoto, a
Japanese researcher and author of The Hidden Messages in Water, on the effects of silent
sound (the written word), as well as different varieties of music, upon the structure of water
crystals. I would love to include some of his work in this short article, but it is something so
amazing that you have to see it in his photographs in order to truly believe it.

In the 6th Century B.C., Pythagoras claimed that he heard the "music of the spheres."
Nearly all research on sound and vibration is based in some way on his ancient
mathematical claims regarding sound, health, and structure. What was once a legend many
centuries ago has endured and now become scientific truth. Hearing ancient celestial music
has lead us today to hear the light in the sound of our own DNA and to scientifically witness
the power of sound healing. The evidence is not only clear on paper, but is experientially
overwhelming with respect to all kinds of emotional and physical problems, including but not
limited to cancer. I am fortunate enough to observe this amazing healing power almost every

Considering the celestial music of centuries ago that has led us to listening to our own DNA
is truly amazing. The fact that its presence has the power to heal the cellular structure that
makes up the human body is music to my ears.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Sally Owen. All Rights Reserved.

[Sally Owen is a professional intuitive and sound healer with a solid foundation of a long-term career in
traditional and holistic medicine and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Visit her website at The foregoing article orginally appeared in the December 2003 issue of The
Golden Braid newsletter.]

Support your evolutionary path of light--with sound.

Did You Know ... that, in the words of author Sai Grafio in a forthcoming book entitled The 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 7 of 12

Zerostate Universe, arguably the biggest "error we make in Western science is to think of
mind in physical form"? Explains Grafio, "Mind is what the brain does; the brain does not do
mind. How do genetic stem cells know in their undifferentiated state to produce a liver or
another organ? During sleep our parasympathetic nervous system [receives its information]
by bhavanga or the stream of consciousness in the subconscious state. This is the ground
luminosity for the individual in his state of becoming … The ultimate ground luminosity is the
dharmadatu or zerostate. The function of mind comes from the internal and external nondual
state. Unfortunately, Crick and Watson [believed] that DNA [is] just molecules without ... vital
force governed by spirit."

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3. Cultural DNA: Introducing a Revolutionary Model of the Development of

Consciousness & Human Value Systems

Rosemary Wilkie

Life is extremely complex, yet we unconsciously bring to any situation our own mental
background, the accumulation of our life experience in the society we grew up in: everything
we have been taught--or picked up from the media--becomes our opinion, defended
vigorously. We cannot understand how anyone could possibly think differently and we label
those who do stupid, reactionary, or trouble-makers.

We need to fully understand why people think as they do. Fifty years ago Clare W. Graves,
professor of psychology at Union College New York, was so frustrated by all the conflicting
theories on offer that he resolved to get to the root of what differentiates people, why they
perceive the world so differently, and why their reactions to physical, emotional and social
challenges are so dissimilar.

Decades of research followed, in many countries and at all levels of society. The result was
Spiral Dynamics, a revolutionary model of the development of consciousness and human
value systems. Understanding the progressive stages through which individuals,
organizations and cultures evolve provides the key to resolving major conflicts and global
problems, many of which stem from clashes between different ways of thinking.

Spiral Dynamics is well named. Spirals are a dominant universal fractal. Human DNA is
perceived as spirally wound ribbons. Spirals are powerful and multidimensional, all the
whorls alive at once yet with an inner intelligence that draws them into a spiral structure of
life. The forces inside human spirals push individuals and societies to evolve through higher
levels of complexity. Each upward turn marks the awakening of a more elaborate version of
what already exists, creating a coiled string of value systems, worldviews and mindsets,
each the product of its times and conditions.

According to Spiral Dynamics, human nature is not fixed and changes as our life conditions
change. Indeed, it is human nature to love solving problems and creating new ones. When
our circumstances change, we have the innate capacity to develop more complex thinking to
handle new problems, and we change our psychology and rules for living to adapt to new
conditions. But the old ways of thinking do not disappear; we carry them within us and call
on them when necessary. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 8 of 12

Each level of coping with human situations is based on certain values, called a vMEME
(value MEME). A vMEME is like cultural DNA, a container within which our values and
beliefs form and fit, and which attracts and repels others. Each meme contains behavioral
instructions that are passed from one generation to the next, a bio-psycho-social-spiritual
code that underlies every aspect of our lifestyle and culture and holds it together. Every form
of cultural expression is a manifestation of it--our forms of government, architecture,
language, religious expression, moral views, creative arts, amusements, sports, and sense
of identity.

Each meme builds on the one below, and everyone has to progress through each in turn.
Not everyone within a society exists at the same level. There are "misfits" with ideas "before
their time" and others who are not equipped physically, mentally or emotionally to "fit in." We
cannot leapfrog a stage because it doesn't appeal to us, or lift ourselves to a higher one
without experiencing and learning the lessons of the ones below. Nor, significantly, can one
country impose its way of life on other countries that have not lived through the stages of
similar development.

These memes become progressively more complex and expansive. Spiral Dynamics
recognizes a central core of eight levels. Six of these are in the first tier, or old paradigm,
and two are the beginning of the next tier, the new paradigm.

First Tier

1. Beige

This is the unemotional survival level of primitive humans, intelligent animals with finely
developed instincts that have atrophied in us. These are the life circumstances of a newborn
child, and of people with Alzheimer's disease. Anyone can regress to this level when caught
up in disaster.

Spiral Dynamics sees human evolution from this level in seven color-coded categories:
Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Turquoise.

2. Purple

As survival needs are met, new brain connections form allowing us to become aware of
ourselves as distinct individuals. We recognize danger and begin to band together for safety.
We notice cause and effect. The shift is made into emotional Purple, where fear becomes
our primary emotional response. We know our place in the tribe, obey the chieftain, and
share our food. To allay our fears, we attribute divinity to the natural phenomena over which
we have no control--sun, moon, fire, and water--and placate them with offerings. Storytellers
keep inherited wisdom alive. Our world is fearful and superstitious, and the lines between
reality and fantasy are blurred. This is the world of the settled tribe and the toddler. The
magic word "Mama" brings what you need. Scream if she disappears. The purple stage of
parental bonding is crucial to the healthy development and self-esteem of children, and the
lack of it is at the root of many of the problems of ill-adjusted and uncontrollable youth.

3. Red

When safety and security are assured, we begin to question our leaders and reach for
personal autonomy. The strongest individuals battle for limited places at the top. Losers are
expelled from the herd. Audacious spirits challenge the gods. New brain connections form
and we have moved into Red. And the terrible twos! Instant gratification, no sense of guilt,
no worries about consequences. We do or grab what makes us feel good without regard for 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 9 of 12

others. Anything that goes wrong is somebody else's fault. If we are thwarted our rage is
excessive, our reactions violent. Our greatest fear is losing face, being shamed. This is the
world of sports teams, sales teams, and street gangs. Of warlords, Vikings, James Bond
villains, and our deprived inner cities. The majority of the world's population lives at this
level--not because they choose to do so but because that is what their life conditions

All the memes have their positive and negative aspects. For example, Red is also extremely
creative. It gives us the strength to fight to defend ourselves. It gets things done, inspires
heroic acts, breaks with limiting traditions, and opens up new pathways.

4. Blue

The move to Blue occurs when we become desperate for two things: order to replace
anarchy and a good reason for all our suffering. The movement that arises may be political,
cultural, nationalistic, or religious. It provides absolute rules and laws, severe punishment for
transgression, and an allotted place for everyone in the hierarchy. And it inculcates guilt.
Good versus evil. Faithful versus unbelievers. Crusades and causes. We obey. We sacrifice
for the common good. There is only one right way to think or do things and the virtuous are
rewarded (in this life or the next). This is the world of the Salvation Army, Billy Graham,
guides, and scouts. The child learns about fair and unfair, right and wrong, and the
consequences of disobedience. Also that other people have rights, that actions have
consequences, and that it sometimes pays to defer gratification.

5. Orange

Those who fit this orderly Newtonian world tend to be happy, healthy and stable, and there
are plenty of them in our society. Others begin to question the unquestionable, seek new
and better ways of doing things, or simply rebel against the constraints. "What about me?"
they cry, echoing Red rebelling against Purple. We are moving into Orange, the
predominant meme in Britain and the United States. Orange is all about achievement,
competitiveness, technology, new ways of doing things, and the good life. Success is highly
rewarded. We have developed the ability to keep track of multiple interests and shift
attention between them. We are dressed for success, mobile, pragmatic, opportunistic,
independent, and in control of our own lives--but not as ruthless as Red because it doesn't
pay in the long run. We stand or fall by our own efforts and talents. If we are no longer
useful, we are scrapped like out-of-date technology. Hence perhaps the appeal of media
that "spill the dirt" on the successful.

6. Green

Eventually we observe the downside of Orange: the numbers of have-nots and the
disastrous effect of "progress" on our planet. We realize that material success and
possessions do not bring happiness and that there has to be more to life. We come to
Green, the top of the first tier of memes. We develop our interpersonal skills, cultivate our
inner child, and seek a purpose in life. We make peace with ourselves and endeavour to
bring peace to society by resolving inequalities. This is the world of Greenpeace, academia,
public education, and anti-discrimination legislation. Egalitarian and humanitarian, we
campaign for the rainforests and the disadvantaged, feel guilty about things our country has
done in the past, boycott multinationals who abuse Third World employees and consumers,
join groups and accept their thinking to make ourselves acceptable, decide (eventually) by
consensus when everyone has had their say, meditate for peace, care for each other, and
enthuse about the wonderful new age we are creating. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 10 of 12

So long as our consciousness is in one of these first-tier memes, it is quite impossible to

understand the thinking of any of the others. The people in our lives we can never agree
with probably have their consciousness in a different meme. Red thinks Blue is repressive.
Blue thinks Reds are hooligans and that Orange is pushy. Orange regards Green as loopy.
Many Greens who believe themselves highly spiritual are in fact regressing to the pre-
rational comfort of Purple. Worse still, Green, thinking it has all the answers, excoriates
Orange, which has produced the wealth that Green generously wants to share out. Green
can't see that the drive and expertise of Orange can be harnessed to resolve the problems
that Green has identified. And Green communities fail for lack of Blue to keep the accounts.

Second Tier

7. Yellow

The shift to second-tier Yellow is momentous (and only a minute percentage of the world
population has made it so far). Our ability to cope with complexity becomes greater than the
sum of all the earlier six stages put together. We no longer perceive the world only from the
human scale. We see it from a total or universal perspective--a radically different viewpoint.
We live fully, tread lightly on the Earth, treasure the magnificence of life above material
possessions, rate knowledge and competence above power and status, do more in less
time. In a crisis we can see the core of the problem and start to work on it without the help of
a focus group. We can see the whole picture, how each meme builds on the preceding one
and how everything fits together in one enormous never-ending spiral of life. We can see
what each individual, organization or country needs to help it evolve to the next level. Red
needs to be channelled, not repressed. Blue structures need to be restored. In Yellow we
are seized with the urgency of fostering the evolution of human consciousness so that
solutions can be found before the cumulative effects of action by first-tier memes destroy the
Earth and humanity with it.

8. Turquoise

Beyond Yellow is Turquoise, which is about global synthesis and renewal, then Coral, the
ninth level, which is just beginning to appear. According to Dr Graves, this second tier also
consists of six levels of complexity and there are further tiers beyond that our brains cannot
yet begin to envisage.

Spiral Dynamics connects everything to everything else. We can use it to observe our own
thinking and that of others, and it provides methods for building more functional families,
organizations, and social systems. It enables us to see globalization through an entirely new
lens, it is being used in the corporate world and local communities to assess underlying
value systems, and it is being applied in youth development projects around the world. It
provides invaluable tools for leaders, and probably saved South Africa from civil war by
replacing racial stereotypes with an understanding of the different value systems involved.

Can we individually aspire to reach a higher level? There are no methods that guarantee
that anyone will change their thinking! Transformation is more likely, however, if we meditate
and take an integral approach, improving the health of all aspects of our being: physical,
emotional, mental, and spiritual. Reading integral books like Ken Wilber's, or just thinking
about and observing how memes manifest, will help to develop our brain's capacity to
handle more complexity.

It is important to remember that although our psychology and rules for living adapt to new
living conditions, the older systems stay with us. We may devote the weekend to Green
projects, function well in a high-powered Orange job, and still drive like a Red road-hog, 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2007 Page 11 of 12

impose strict Blue rules on our staff, carry a Purple lucky charm, and wallow helplessly
Beige in bed with flu.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Rosemary Wilkie. All Rights Reserved.

[Rosemary Wilkie is ... a psychotherapist and heart awakener who writes adventure books for children. Visit
her website at For information on UK events and others around the world,
visit For advanced Cultural Surveys that explore the fitness of
organizations, visit The foregoing article was originally published in What Is
Enlightenment? magazine.]

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