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January 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

Notable & Quotable: The entire edifice of contemporary logic is resting on an unstable
premise. Yet this premise [endured] unquestioned at the root of individual and societal
behavior for thousands of years. Individuals and their civilizations have unsuccessfully
attempted to construct lasting achievement upon it. Only shallow and superficial
accomplishment has resulted, however, purchased at exorbitant cost to themselves and to
the earth ... The erroneous premise upon which we base virtually our every thought is simply
a mistaken way of thinking of ourselves.



Until we experience ourselves as integrated members of a single, interwoven, biological and

spiritual family, everything we think, say and do, no matter how well motivated, will be
subject to fundamental distortion. Before we are capable of creative thought, we must
experience ourselves in the context of the whole.

Ken Carey, Terra Christa (Uni-Sun, 1985)


1. "The Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar," by Anthony Goodman

2. "Within DNA Lives Our Yearning," by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

3. "Have You Helped Your DNA Today?," by Bryan Flournoy

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. The Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar

Anthony Goodman

For something like 16 billion years a process has been unfolding. That process is the
Evolution of Consciousness. Consciousness can be defined as "the experience of being,"
which suggests that the purpose of consciousness is to experience itself. From the earliest 26-6-2010
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moments of the Universe in what we currently call the Big Bang, the Universe has evolved
ever greater levels of complexity from energy to matter, from matter to life, from life to
awareness, and from awareness to self-awareness. Each step into complexity, or novelty,
happens quicker than all previous steps.

One could say that the universe is a novelty conserving engine. This is a universe
predicated on an evolving consciousness, a continuing expansion of the experience of
being. Who we really are is the universe experiencing itself being. We now have an
unambiguous and scientifically verifiable timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness, which
we can all understand. It is verifiable by empirical and historical data, which anyone with
good encyclopaedia access can understand and prove to him or herself.

This timeline has been decoded from one of the ancient calendars of the Maya by Dr. Carl J.
Calleman. Unlike other calendars, this one does not time astronomical bodies. It is purely a
calendar, a timeline, of the Evolution of Consciousness. The calendar comprises nine
discreet cycles of creation, nested within each other, all ending on a particular date. That
date, believed by Calleman to be October 28, 2011, as opposed to the more well-known
date of December 21, 2012, is when this phase of conscious evolution ends and a
transformation in consciousness takes place. We cannot know exactly what we will each
experience, what will take place or how, but we do now know the general timescale.

With the decoding of this calendar and its verification by scientific and experiential
observation, we can at last place ourselves accurately within it. We are only a few years
away from the re-birthing of humanity, in a way that seems utterly unimaginable to most
people now. Many people are feeling the quickening pace of life, as our culture goes through
rapid and accelerated change. We are experiencing exponential growth in many areas of
shared consciousness, and this cannot, and will not, slow down.

And now, the good news … Consciousness did not spend 16 billion years evolving to this 26-6-2010
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point just to slip up and annihilate itself with a cataclysm or catastrophe. Everything's on
track. Nothing's wrong. We are on course for a spectacular collective transformation and
Earth will wake up with a Planetary Consciousness that heals all ills and goes on to a whole
new cycle of conscious evolution.

So what can each of us do, personally, to consciously participate in this magnificent

adventure, as we ascend through the birth canal of individual and collective transformation?
We are indeed entering the Apocalypse, but it's not the Apocalypse we thought it might be.
According to Wikipedia, Apocalypse, which derives from the Greek for "transit" and "lifting of
the veil," is a term applied to the disclosure of certain privileged persons of something
hidden from the mass of humankind.

We are going through a process of "unveiling," "revealing," or "Revelation." This simply

means that the truth will emerge. We will all have to reveal ourselves and become ever more
truthful, honest, and visible. The truth behind our politics, economics, social structures,
religions and, most scarily of all, personal relationships, which are riddled with secrets and
lies, will be revealed in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

This process is unstoppable, but how we experience it will depend on how truthful, honest
and visible we are. This may be a frightening process for some, and we therefore need to
strengthen our communal ties with each other so we can support and be supported. We can
enjoy this transformation as long as we keep our eyes, minds and hearts wide open.

Our greatest enemy is fear. The less we fear, the more naturally truthful we are, the more
naturally joyous we are, and the more naturally loving we are. What's crazy is we fear each
other so much. Six billion magnificent Beings scared of each other's judgement and barely
communicating. Our fear of judgment and rejection cripples our self-expression and is based
on the greatest fallacy of all--that we are separate from each other.

Our next greatest fear is based on another fundamental fallacy--that there is not enough of
what humans need to make us happy. What's worse is that we believe the next greatest
fallacy--that we have to compete with each other for what there is not enough of. Earth is the
Garden of Eden. This amazing planet can provide enough resources many times over for
every man, woman and child to live a happy life. Almost every fear can be eliminated from
our lives by simply enlarging our collective understanding of who we really are.

This is where we are heading, towards the end of "separation consciousness." By the end of
this evolutionary cycle, just four to five years away at time of writing, humans will be naked
before each other with nothing to hide and nothing to fear. We will love each other without
any kind of condition, without any fear of loss. Indeed, we will have no fear of lack of any
kind, because in our unity we will share all our resources equally. This would be humanity
reborn in fine fashion, but that's barely the start of it. We can draw many astonishing
conclusions about the Transformation of Consciousness through a new, larger
understanding of the nature of consciousness.

So start now to dismantle your own Berlin Walls. Know your truth. Live it and speak it with
your utmost compassion, and never judge another for living his or her truth. Let's free
ourselves from the shackles and chains of fear and make the Awakening of Humanity a
glorious experience for all.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Anthony Goodman. All Rights Reserved.

[Anthony Goodman has been on a path of understanding the nature of consciousness for over twenty-five
years. In 2007 Anthony was trained in facilitating workshops, seminars and retreats by Neale Donald Walsch.
This training, combined with his own insights, has given Anthony a unique yet holistic perspective. Anthony is
an inspiring speaker on the nature of living the human experience, reminding us of our own truths and enabling 26-6-2010
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us to enlarge them through greater awareness. As well as presenting talks and workshops, Anthony also offers
one-on-one Spiritual Coaching and freedom of mind through PSYCH-K (Psychology-Kinesiology, a set of
simple techniques for reprogramming the limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs of the subconscious mind).
Anthony can be contacted through his website Also, Anthony has co-founded a
company,, dedicated to offering global solutions to climate change, soil
erosion, world resource needs, and the disproportionate concentration of wealth in the hands of the very few.]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Unity Consciousness: defining characteristic of the next evolutionary stage of human

consciousness which many believe is set to occur in conjunction with the end of the Mayan
calendar in 2011-13. Accessible at any time, Unity Consciousness has been called by many
names, including enlightenment as well as Christ, Buddhic and God consciousness. Unity
Consciousness recognizes the divine nature of all things and is capable of evolving an
enlightened biology or luminous embodiment.

"Breaking the Black Cube" by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Please consider joining our online community at The primary goal of Bird
Tribes is to assist, through conscious community building and sharing of knowledge and resources, in
the great Shift that is currently occurring in and through humanity. Happy flying!

2. Within DNA Lives Our Yearning

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

Deep within the heart of every person alive is a feeling that we often call yearning. In the
New Oxford American dictionary, yearning is defined as "having an intense feeling of loss or
lack and longing for something." It is derived from a Germanic base meaning "eager." 26-6-2010
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So what are we feeling a lack of? For what is our longing? What is our eagerness about?

Our minds work and have interplay within a field that is called the Quantum Hologram by
quantum physicists. According to them, the basis of subjective experience is rooted in the
concept of nonlocality. In a paper entitled "Nature's Mind: The Quantum Hologram," Edgar
Mitchell of the Institute of Noetic Sciences shows that humankind's perceiving nonlocal
information dates to prehistory. Within this quantum hologram is encoded the complete
history of every event.

Since the brain looks for that which is familiar and compares it to other experiences based
on memory, the yearning we feel must come from something that we already know. If this
were not true, there would be no yearning because our yearning is a feeling. We do not
experience feelings about that which we do not know.

Let us look at how this translates to our physical bodies, perceptions of our world, and what
we loosely all our "reality."

Our body is a protein making machine. The word protein derives from the Greek "proteios,"
meaning primary. Proteins (our primaries) are made of amino acids. The shape of the
protein is derived from a positive or negative signal produced by our environment. The cells
read the environment selecting the behavior (movement) that is appropriate based on the
information found there. The sequence of the DNA within the cell is the amino acid
sequence. The stability of the interaction resides within the DNA rather than the changeable

In the last few years, a team of researchers and authors, Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf,
have performed the necessary scientific experiments to confirm that human DNA is
effectively a "biological Internet." They published their findings in a German language book
entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence).

Fosar and Bludorf's basic thesis is that DNA can be influenced and programmed by words
and frequencies. They explored the ninety or more percent of our DNA that is not widely
understood and is commonly called "junk" DNA. Junk DNA, drastically misnamed, could
more accurately be called "non-coding DNA" or "potential DNA." Fosar and Bludorf's study
resulted in the conclusion that our DNA, while responsible for the construction of the
physical body, is also a data storage and communication device. In particular, non-coding
DNA follows the rules of syntax, semantics and the basic grammar rules with which we are
all familiar. Quoting from Vernetzte Intelligenz: "Living chromosomes function just like
solitonic-holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation."

What exactly does this mean? It means that laser radiation, inherent within DNA, flows as a
unique holographic wave. Since DNA contains within this wave the basic rules of language
that are used in daily life, no genetic decoding is necessary to interface with DNA. Simple
words and sentences of any human language suffice to create a vibratory environment that
is compatible with the wavelike, holographic activity of DNA, linguistically encoding it with
information that cell receptors respond to in order to create changes within amino acid
chains and hence proteins. Thus through our thoughts, words and feelings, we create not
only our perceptions, but also our bodies!

The question remains, How does this correspond to our yearning? Since mankind appears
to be on the fast track to accelerated conscious awareness, the vibrational frequency of the
DNA wave must also be accelerating ("As above, so below"). As the frequency (or
oscillation) of the holographic mind (in nonlocality) increases, we find our language
changing, thereby directly impacting DNA. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY January 2008 Page 6 of 11

The frequency of our thought patterns, words and feelings must be coherent (troughs and
crests equal in amplitude) to manifest this acceleration physically. This explains why some
of us feel that we are experiencing the shift in our DNA, and some do not yet. Coherent
frequencies allow us to consciously communicate with our DNA and create the space in time
for DNA to embody these frequencies, opening the door to clear reception of
multidimensional information.

How is this possible? Fosar and Bludorf also found that our DNA, when wave-activated, can
create patterns of disturbance within the space-time continuum by producing magnetized
wormholes. Most audiences are familiar with wormholes through science fiction (Star Trek,
for instance). Wormholes are actually tunnel-like connections between different universal
areas that transmit information outside space and time. Imagine an hourglass with one
round globe situated in one universe and the other globe situated in another, with the
second globe being energetically compatible or "aligned" with the first globe enough to
receive input. In the case of a wormhole, the two globes are connected by a thin "tunnel"
through which information travels instantaneously from one dimension to another.

The emotions we experience that create our feelings and manifest the thoughts created
within our minds generate a frequency within our DNA that attracts information from these
other dimensions (through wormholes) and passes it on to our consciousness. Again, this
ability is predicated on the proper frequency within our bodies which is most easily created
through states of relaxation, peace, and ease. Stress, worry and similar states create
incoherent waves resulting in confusion that prevents an optimal state for information
transfer that Fosar and Bludor refer to as "hypercommunication."

Based on these scientific findings and many others, it is apparent that the conscious
awakening of our holographic awareness is being promoted by the strong yearning to
become consciously aware of our inherent Oneness with All That Is--the very sense of being
we believe we lack or have lost. When our perspective of reality returns to that of the
holographic connection to multidimensionality and beyond, we will begin to experience an
awareness that is outside of manifestation in any form or expression. Every coincidence will
then become a "co-incident" (experiencing together). Intimacy will become "into-to-me-
see." At that moment, the yearning will cease and the "YOU-ning" that is Oneness will be the
only experience.

Practices that allow for the interpretation of day-to-day expression as one of union, joy,
appreciation, love and gratitude bring about a coherent waveform within the various bodies
(spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). Focusing on and deriving pleasure from these
practices creates the nonlocal paradigm and platform within which we are currently being
invited to function. When truly living within this new framework of perception, our attention
on our intention of Oneness is our only focus. We can then experience our yearning as
fulfillment without lack or loss and acknowledge that our yearning has awakened within us
the knowledge that we are truly home.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich. All Rights Reserved.

[Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Ph.D. is a visionary, weaver of grace, quantum physicist, and
multidimensional traveler. Born with memory of the etheric worlds intact, Toni uses her gifts to expand the
same re-membrance within the consciousness of other beings. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the
beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts personal sessions, retreats
and etheric readings for those drawn to the authentic Self. She is author of The Call: Awakening the Angelic
Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. Toni offers long-distance healing, spiritual counseling,
soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment. For more information regarding Toni’s
work or to contact her by telephone or email, please see her websites: and] 26-6-2010
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Did You Know ... that in a multidimensional reality composed of infinite parallel universes,
any of which can suddenly land in our own like a ball bouncing on a roulette wheel, we can
change the future by simply dreaming the one we want into being? "Rather than creating our
reality," Gregg Braden has suggested, "it may be more accurate to say that we create the
conditions into which we attract future outcomes, already established, into the focus of the
present." Barbara Marciniak conceptualizes such Mastery of Intention as "reality adjusting"
and understands it as an inherently energetic endeavor: "Refocusing your attention to
reinforce the outcome you desire will alter the frequency you transmit, inevitably opening the
door to another probable outcome."

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3. Have Your Helped Your DNA Today?

Bryan Flournoy

Learning a little bit about how your body functions on a microscopic level can allow you to
help your health in substantial ways. Nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), an integral
molecule contained in most cells, can be thought of as the blueprint to your body. With some
understanding of your body and how it functions, you can empower these processes for
optimal living through supporting DNA's role in replication, repair, and protein synthesis.

What Does DNA Do?

Contained in most cells with a nucleus, DNA houses the genetic information essential to the
development and functioning of all living organisms. It is responsible for storing and passing
on all genetic information, as well as giving instructions for creating other components of
cells and molecules used in various bodily functions.

For example, DNA directs protein synthesis. Many of the resulting proteins act as enzymes
to catalyze specific bodily reactions, such as the synthesis of insulin for sugar metabolism.
Other proteins, called amino acids, act as building blocks for important neurotransmitters
such as those involved in sleep, mood, and appetite. In addition, larger proteins provide
structure so that cells and tissues form, develop and heal correctly. DNA ensures that these
newly formed cells are able to make proteins with precision and that each cell inherits and
passes on the same genetic advantages that its predecessors acquired through natural

How Does DNA Function?

DNA is a long molecule made of two identical strands linked together, giving the appearance
of a ladder (Jacob's Ladder). In order to prevent oxidation and mutation, the molecule twists
and folds repeatedly so that it will not react with other chemicals. Although microscopic, the
size of the resulting globular DNA molecule does not allow it to leave the nucleus, where it is
protected from random cellular activity. When protein needs to be synthesized, nuclear DNA
unfolds only to expose the portion of the molecule containing the precise instructions for that
particular protein. A smaller molecule called messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) forms a
template that can pass through the nuclear membrane to deliver the chemical message to
another part of the cell where the actual protein synthesis occurs. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY January 2008 Page 8 of 11

During cell division when new cells are needed, DNA replicates, or copies, itself so that each
of the two new cells has an exact copy of it. During this process, the double-stranded DNA
molecule "unzips" as the chemical bonds holding it together break apart so that each
identical strand stands alone. Now, as two cells emerge from one via the process of cellular
division, each "daughter" cell contains only a single strand of DNA--but not for long. Each
daughter cell rebuilds a second strand attached to the original one. When this process
completes, each separate daughter cell has a double-stranded DNA molecule within its own

Stress on DNA

During a cell's lifespan, its DNA undergoes damage, but it is especially vulnerable when it
uncoils to replicate and synthesize protein. In spite of several enzyme systems in cells that
detect and repair damaged DNA, forces such as free radicals, ultraviolet light, radioactive
substances and toxic agents cause damage in the form of deletions, mutations or changes
in DNA sequencing.

Under usual circumstances, these cumulative effects coincide with cells' normal cycle of
aging, death, and replacement. When replacement cells undergo overwhelming stress early
on and are not immediately replaced, however, the whole body is impacted by way of tissue
and organ deterioration such as that found in neuromuscular disorders and Alzheimer's, for

Protect Your DNA

Free radicals are unstable electrons created during the process of oxidation. During cell
oxidation, a free radical must take an electron from another source--such as DNA--in order
to become stable. The DNA molecule, now lacking an electron, becomes mutated.
Antioxidants donate electrons to free radicals so that they will not rob electrons from DNA
molecules. For example, the inclusion of antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in the diet
(through good nutrition and supplementation) is beneficial to DNA found in tissues all over
the body; and vitamin A specifically blocks oxidation of DNA molecules involved with

In addition, the omega fatty acids found in flaxseed, safflower and certain fish oils also
provide antioxidant protection against free radicals. Trace minerals such as iron, cobalt,
chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and molybdenum work with amino
acids (the building blocks of proteins) and enzymes to neutralize less harmful radicals
created in the anti-oxidation process, and are only needed in small amounts.

Support DNA Replication & Repair

In order for DNA to replicate or repair itself, there must be a freestanding supply of DNA-
building materials found within each cell, namely purines and pyrimidines. To support the
good health of your DNA, biochemically convert basic molecules found within the body to
purines and pyrimidines by consuming foods or supplements that contain folic acid. Foods
rich in folic acid include fresh green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli. Folate,
another form of folic acid, is found in fruit, starchy vegetables, beans, whole grains, and

Foods specifically rich in purines and pyrimidines include anchovies, sardines, herring,
yeast, organ meat (liver, kidneys, sweetbreads), legumes (dried beans, peas), mushrooms,
spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower. It should be noted, however, that over-consumption of
these foods might aggravate gout (an inflammatory condition of the joints) or exasperate
kidney stone formation in those predisposed. Also, those who use anti-depressants or blood 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY January 2008 Page 9 of 11

pressure control medications in the category called MAOI's (monoamine oxidase inhibitors)
should check with their physician before intentionally eating more of these foods. In addition,
people sensitive to raw vegetables may have need of a digestive aid.

Some dietary amino acids aid in the precision of DNA synthesis. In order to support this
synthesis, be sure to consume plenty of B vitamins, which can be found in the nutrient
lecithin, usually isolated from soybeans, and the entire vitamin B group found in beef,
brewer's yeast, and legumes.

Support Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis requires additional support through supplementation, too. Although the
body can synthesize nonessential amino acids (protein building blocks) from other proteins,
certain (essential) amino acids must specifically come from the food you eat. Protein-rich
foods tend to contain a generous allowance of both essential and nonessential amino acids,
and food labels indicate the same. Increased awareness of the nutrition provided by your
diet, and supplementing any shortcomings you find, can enhance your DNA's effectiveness
and proficiency.


As it lives, breathes and functions, your body undergoes an incredible number of stresses
while carrying on an infinite number of processes in order for you to survive minute to minute
and thrive for a lifetime. Although you are not able to see your DNA carrying out these
essential functions, you can support its life-giving activities. The programmed intelligence
within your DNA encodes your natural will to survive; however, you can help it function
properly through good nutrition, supplementation, and avoidance of chemical toxins.
Copyright (c) 2008 by Bryan Flournoy. All Rights Reserved.

[Note: The information contained in the foregoing article is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical
condition. Please be sure to seek the advice of your medical professional.]

[Bryan Flournoy, pharmacist, medical intuitive and metatelepath, promotes the in-person and Internet radio
workshop Making It All Click! MIAC! is a collective intuitive experience through we we perceive and interpret all
kinds of energy impressions as practical, higher-purpose information for daily guidance and Akashic creation.
Contact Bryan by telephone at (419)260-2195 or via his website,] 26-6-2010
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