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September 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 8)

Notable & Quotable: "The change now required must come from within ourselves, within
our thinking--a shift in our attitude toward information itself. The information we choose is the
information we serve. Like electricity, information is polarized; it is either creative or
destructive. Destructive information is not evil; it is simply programmed to destroy ...

"The human mind ... is designed to operate on the creative, energy-rich currents of living
information. Destructive informational currents distort and eventually block its perception.
Those who attempt to 'own' truths soon find themselves orienting their lives around a
storehouse of accumulated facts--arbitrarily maintained and increasingly difficult to access ...

"We are embodiments of the universe's truth, products of its creativity, interpretive
mechanisms it has placed here to experience and enjoy dimensional life. Our human
biocircuitry is designed to create, but until we clearly understand the vital distinction between
forms of truth and truth's living reality, our bodies' higher creative functions cannot be

Ken Carey, "Where Do We Draw the Line?," from Solstice Shift, edited by John Nelson (Hampton
Roads, 1997)


1. "2012: Exopolitics, Global Transformation & Personal Empowerment," by Sol Luckman

2. "Points of Attraction," by Kenneth J. M. MacLean

3. "Ego as Spiritual Ally," by C. G. Walters

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. 2012: Exopolitics, Global Transformation & Personal Empowerment

Sol Luckman 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 2 of 22

Exopolitics is a wide-ranging and often controversial field of inquiry that has gained
momentum throughout the world in recent decades. Arguably, based on overwhelming
cross-cultural evidence dating back thousands of years, the phenomenon of exopolitics is as
old as human history itself. A leading proponent of the study of extraterrestrial intervention in
earthly affairs, Dr. Michael Salla, has defined exopolitics as "the study of the key individuals,
political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life." In Salla's definition,
exopolitics "focuses on the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence known to
clandestine quasi-governmental entities that keep knowledge of this presence secret" from
the masses.

Those researching and reporting on exopolitics do so with a wide range of more or less
obvious agendas, from outright skepticism to scholarly curiosity to starry-eyed, new-age
channelings heralding immanent "contact" with entities arriving on spaceships to "save"
humanity. I am no skeptic of extraterrestrial existence and even involvement in human
affairs, but I do question the wisdom of the widespread tendency to look to the heavens--
whether expecting to see Jesus on clouds of glory or fleets of UFOs--for our personal and
collective salvation.

I am well aware that to question the "exopolitics-as-savior" agenda is tantamount to heresy

among many believers in and proponents of "messianic" extraterrestrial intervention in
terrestrial affairs, for whom such a belief is often held with truly religious zeal. I would be
remiss, however, if I failed to point out what seems quite obvious: such projection onto yet
another "rescuer" represents a perpetuation of the very "victim consciousness" we, as
individuals and as a species, are striving to move beyond. In other words, exopolitics can
easily and naturally morph into an exercise in personal disempowerment, severely curtailing
our ability to adopt unity consciousness and unconditional love that honor divinity in all

I have studied the profound--and in my opinion, unparalleled--body of "extraterrestrial"

teachings known as The Law of One extensively and feel that, based on this material,
contact on a mass scale is not likely to be the objective of those extraterrestrials who desire
to serve humanity. The "social memory complex" known as Ra described itself in 1981
through renowned trance channel Carla Rueckert as "an humble astronaut" and member of
the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator--an alliance of higher-
dimensional beings (some of whom we can think of as our "future selves") with a number of
duties, one of which being to protect Earth (through a type of quarantine) during our Shift
from the third to the fourth dimension.

In 2005 I wrote extensively about this Shift, that by many indications is poised to occur very
soon during the 2011-13 window, in my book Conscious Healing, where I drew on the
meticulous and intellectually satisfying research of renowned author and psychic David
Wilcock, who has substantiated--unambiguously and scientifically--many elements of The
Law of One, including the upcoming dimensional Shift, called by Ra Harvest and known in
the Christian tradition as Ascension. 26-6-2010
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Preview the internationally acclaimed work that Nexus New Times called "a paradigm-reworking book"
that introduces "a revolutionary healing science that's expanding the boundaries of being."

In The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global

Transformation, Wilcock and co-author Wynn Free first publicized the "Energetic Engine of
Evolution," which owing to its importance in explaining the "ener-genetic" transformation now
taking place on a global scale, I will briefly recapitulate here. Citing the work of numerous
respected researchers, Wilcock outlines a model that unites a variety of disciplines and
provides some critical missing elements to the evolutionary picture. In Wilcock's words, this
groundbreaking model "suggests that humanity is on the verge of a near-spontaneous
metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness."

Basing his analysis on the increasingly popular notion that Darwinian evolutionary theory is
"extinct," Wilcock observes that the "probabilities that DNA could evolve by 'random
mutation' are so minute as to be utterly laughable." Greatly surpassing the reach of the
"gradualist" theory of evolution, which certainly occurs as environmental adaptation, the
fossil record makes it abundantly clear that species regularly evolve in previously
inexplicable leaps and bounds, leapfrogging what would seem from a Darwinian perspective
to be necessary evolutionary phases. Atop a long list of species whose evolution has baffled
science is the human species.

Although for many decades a "missing link" has been assumed to exist based on unproven
Darwinian presumptions, scientists have never managed to find it. "When we consider that
the size of the brain literally doubled between that of humanity's apparent ancestors and
ourselves, with no evidence of a smooth transformation whatsoever," writes Wilcock, "we
see a spontaneous evolution of the creatures on Earth." One scientist associated with
National Geographic, studying the complex bone carvings from 70,000 B.C.E. found at
Blombos Cave in South Africa, concluded that behavioral evolution reflects physical
development--an important observation meaning that (to cite Wilcock) "spontaneous
evolution is not simply physiological, but consciousness-related … When a new bodily form
has emerged, consciousness changes appear to occur."

Physicist Amit Goswami, author of The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 4 of 22

the Material World, advances a parallel theory of evolution in which consciousness is

primary and matter is secondary. Goswami similarly points out that natural selection simply
cannot account for significant changes in the complexity of systems--as in, from primate to
human. "Instead," writes Goswami, such changes "show the quantum leap of a creative
consciousness choosing among many simultaneous potential variations." On a related note,
human language, as pointed out by well-known linguist Noam Chomsky, clearly does not
exhibit a linear development from animal to human speech patterns. "This poses a problem
for the biologist," concedes Chomsky, "since, if true, it is an example of a true 'emergence.'"

Such an "emergence," or virtually spontaneous transformation of a species, or Harvest, is a

hallmark of Ra's cosmology as articulated in The Law of One, in which souls evolve through
dimensions or "densities" from so-called inanimate matter, to animals, to humans, to what
might be described as "angelic" incarnations in higher dimensions of existence. A central
point here is that such evolutionary leaps are indeed leaps, and typically occur within a
single generation. Ra states, "Those who, finishing a cycle of experience, demonstrate …
understanding … will be separated by their own choice into" an appropriate and comfortable
dimension of experience. "All are harvested regardless of their progress, for [by this time]
the planet itself has moved through the useful part of that dimension and begins to cease
being useful for … lower levels of vibration."

As indicated by both The Ra Material and the Mayan calendar, rather than in fits and starts,
such evolutionary fast-forwards of physiology and consciousness appear to happen in
systematized, predictable cycles. Ra points out that in the third dimension of experience,
Harvest occurs three times, once every 25,000 years, with those sufficiently evolved in
consciousness "making the grade," as it were, to gain admission to Fourth Density.

Fascinatingly, the Mayan calendar can be interpreted to map out a 26,000-year cycle--one,
like Ra's model, that ends in a few short years around 2012. Theorizing a "harmonic
relationship" between the 26,000-year Mayan calendar and 26-million-year period between
extinctions/evolutionary leaps in the fossil record, Wilcock notes that all terrestrial species
have suddenly evolved, or metamorphosed, every 26 million years--making a compelling
case for "an outside energetic influence that operates in a regular, cyclic fashion."

To understand what outside energetic influence is responsible for these regular evolutionary
revolutions, it is necessary to touch on the concept of torsion energy, universal creative
consciousness or--in Ra's terminology--"intelligent energy," a subject I elaborate on in
considerable detail in Conscious Healing. Some writers, notably Barbara Hand Clow, have
focused attention on something called the Photon Band, which can be envisioned as a
torsion-wave "light lattice" connecting Earth via our sun to the Core of our galaxy that serves
as a guiding data communication network for human as well as planetary evolution. Such an
understanding of the universal communication network is deeply "shamanic," underpinning
the majority of the world's native wisdom traditions, as well as my own form of energy
healing called the Regenetics Method.

Wilcock's impressive body of research indicates that something very much like a Photon
Band exists as lines of intelligent, higher-dimensional torsion radiation emanating from
Galactic Center. Both Wilcock and Clow envision the Photon Band as tracing figure-eights
throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It appears from Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev's research involving
aether that such looping "zero point" energy based on the phi ratio (1.6180339) is, among
other things, directly responsible for our spiral experience of time. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 5 of 22

From Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing: The Photon Band & Black Road. It
takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way Galaxy to make one complete rotation through the
Photon Band, which is believed to be a birth cycle for our galaxy. The Black Road, a Mesoamerican
phrase for a type of wormhole, can be conceptualized as simultaneously an astrophysical and genetic
alignment with Galactic Center that engenders a Shift in consciousness and physiology.

This same energy, as I will share momentarily, also directly creates our DNA and imprints its
inherent phi ratio on practically all of nature's systems, from the way our hair swirls atop our
heads, to the growth patterns of leaves on plants, to the unmistakable shape of many
seashells. As Geoff Ward observes in Spirals: The Pattern of Existence,

The spiral is the sign of the eternal, creative, unifying and organising force or principle at work in the universe,
and especially of the ongoing creation of consciousness. It is a divine mark on nature, what may be termed
God's personal signature on the cosmos, the Great Architect's own autograph--from the cradles of stars and
planets in the awesome spiral arms of galaxies to the beautiful double helix structure of the DNA molecule [...]
As the spiral seems to be integral to physical growth, so it is also the symbolic pattern of human spiritual
growth ... [T]he spiral is as much part of our "cultural" DNA as it is part of our biological DNA [...] Indeed, I have
come to realise that "spirality"--the condition of being spiral--and "reality" are almost interchangeable terms.

Recalling Kozyrev's aether theories, fellow Russian scientist Sergey Smelyakov's research
demonstrates that the harmonic vibrations of phi, also called the Golden Mean and
Fibonacci sequence, perfectly inform the fabric of space-time. Mathematically, the Photon
Band appears to be structured on phi, producing set galactic intervals the Mayans were
obviously aware of when constructing their uncannily accurate calendar and which Ra
describes as occurring in virtually clocklike fashion. The Golden Mean further precisely
defines the mathematical relationship between "above" and "below." The DNA molecule
itself is minutely structured on phi, measuring 34 x 21 angstroms for each full helical spiral.

Smelyakov's "The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor" convincingly affirms that Earth
connects to Galactic Center via our solar system in a harmonic fashion he calls "Solar-
planetary Synchronism," a vibratory relationship based on the Golden Mean. In an article
entitled "The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar," Wilcock cites Smelyakov's article,
writing that this study helps explain the end of the Mayan calendar in geometric terms as an
"infinitely-converging end point" in which time appears to "collapse." This is because time as
we experience it follows the imploding spirals of phi like a finger tracing the involutions of a
conch shell to its center. History thus does not technically repeat itself; it is more like
climbing a spiral staircase--one with pronounced evolutionary changes in consciousness
and body types as we ascend from floor to floor. 26-6-2010
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Torsion energy spiraling as the Photon Band from the creative consciousness at the center
of our universe--what Ra calls "Intelligent Infinity" or the "Logos"--is Wilcock's Energetic
Engine of Evolution. Because of its curvilinear form, the Photon Band comprises swaths of
lesser and greater density of torsion waves manifesting as higher-dimensional light. As our
solar system orbits periodically into galactic areas characterized by greater density of torsion
waves (i.e., greater light or consciousness), which it is now doing, life on our planet,
including the living organism that is Earth, is intelligently stimulated to evolve in phenomenal
ways--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The ancient Hindus were similarly
aware of the ener-genetic connection between Galactic Center and DNA, as well as of the
many cycles of time ending around 2012, employing the term somvarta to indicate the
intelligent waves of Core energy responsible for the spontaneous evolution of species.

A salient point in the developmental model I am sketching here is that evolution of species is
not driven by material, but by metaphysical energy, or consciousness, of a spiraling--what I
call transgenetic--nature. Swedish Biologist Carl Johan Calleman reaches precisely the
same conclusion in The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness,
cautioning "against a narrow interpretation of the term cyclical. The Mayan calendar
describes evolutionary rather than strictly cyclical processes, so history is more like a spiral
of evolution, in which similar types of events are favored at certain points in the cycle."
Calleman is quick to clarify that the "results of these cyclical bursts of creativity are never
identical; a repetition of identical cycles does not generate evolution. History is rather a
process resulting from stepwise increasing levels of consciousness."

In an article published in DNA Monthly entitled "The Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar," Anthony
Goodman writes, "Unlike other calendars, [the Mayan calendar as decoded by Calleman] does not time
astronomical bodies. It is purely a calendar, a timeline, of the Evolution of Consciousness. The
calendar comprises nine discreet cycles of creation, nested within each other, all ending on a
particular date. That date, believed by Calleman to be October 28, 2011, as opposed to the more well-
known date of December 21, 2012, is when this phase of conscious evolution ends and a 26-6-2010
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transformation in consciousness takes place." Courtesy of Anthony Goodman. All Rights Reserved.

Reading between the lines, the experienced student of the Mayan calendar will hear in
Calleman's words a critique of interpretations of the Mayan calendar as purely a
measurement of revolving astronomical cycles--the type of reading given to the Mayan
calendar by John Major Jenkins, for example. Instead, Calleman's Mayan calendar is, first
and foremost, a map of the evolution of consciousness. Driving home his point, Calleman
elaborates that "endlessly repeated identical astronomical cycles could never explain the
evolution of consciousness." On the subject of embracing the Mayan calendar as a spiritual
map with a clearly defined teleological focus, Calleman writes, "If today we are to embrace a
worldview in which consciousness is more important than matter, we … need to base our
timekeeping on the nonphysical, invisible reality [that gives rise to reality] rather than on the

Although to the best of my knowledge Calleman is not consciously drawing on The Ra

Material, his interpretation of the Mayan calendar is exceedingly consistent on numerous
points with Ra's cosmology--and indeed, constitutes a further validation of the latter (in
which the "body [the physical] is a creature of the mind"). Certainly, Calleman's central
theme, like Ra's, is unity. Ra explicitly describes how our movement into the next density will
have the effect of removing the veil in the mind that currently separates human from divine
consciousness. In parallel fashion, Calleman writes of the end of the Mayan calendar, "No
longer will there be an experience of separation between human beings and God. If we do
not experience ourselves as gods, we will, at the very least, experience ourselves fully as
the manifestations of the Divine that we truly are."

In The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, a recent study that
builds on Calleman's work, Barbara Hand Clow further elaborates on the very Ra-like idea
that mind or consciousness is at the root of all experience: "Time acceleration driving
evolution functions in all … dimensions … I believe that time in the ninth dimension is the
actual driver of evolution in the Milky Way Galaxy, and I also think this concept is very close
to what the Classic Maya thought."

In humans, as I observed back in 2005, evolutionary activation occurs as torsion waves

stimulate "jumping DNA" (mobile genetic units that Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock
termed transposons) to rewrite the genetic code--a phenomenon supported by a great deal
of scientific evidence. Bruce Lipton's research in epigenetics, as detailed in The Biology of
Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles, unambiguously
demonstrates that cells possess the ability to reprogram their own DNA, with tangible
physical results, when environmentally prompted. Dr. Lipton hypothesizes that such
rewriting, which is typically favorable to the organism (an important point), accounts for the
vast majority of evolutionary (trans)mutation.

In a similar vein, in a study entitled "Retrotransposons as Engines of Human Bodily

Transformation," biochemist Colm Kelleher discusses the subject of radical genetic
metamorphosis as a result of what he terms a "transposition burst." "If one were to
hypothesize a transmutation of the human body," writes Dr. Kelleher, it "would be necessary
to orchestrate a change, cell by cell, involving the simultaneous silencing of hundreds of
genes and the activation of a different set of hundreds more." Concludes Kelleher, a
"transposition burst is a plausible mechanism at the DNA/RNA level that could accomplish
such a genome wide change … that eventually results in transformation of the human body."

In much recent literature on the subject, the transfigured body Kelleher envisions has been
called the lightbody. Mounting evidence clearly shows that the lightbody is not merely an
esoteric fantasy but, at the very least, a bio-spiritual possibility. Many ancient peoples, in
fact, believed that to survive and thrive through the Galactic Alignment that is now occurring, 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 8 of 22

one must be willing and able to develop a lightbody--which, according to Ra, is precisely
what occurs, for those who have sufficiently prepared themselves, during the dimensional
transition to Fourth Density.

Throughout the centuries the lightbody has been called by many names. Other historical
names for the lightbody include the "Diamond Body" and "Jade Body" (Taoism), the
"Merkabah" (Kabala), the "Adamantine Body" (Tantra), the "Glorified Body" (Christianity),
"Holy Flesh" (Catholicism), the "Superconductive Body" (Vedanta), the "Supercelestial
Body" (Sufism), the "Radiant Body" (Neo-Platonism), the "Immortal Body" (Hermeticism), the
"Body of Bliss" (Kriya Yoga), the "Perfect Body" (Mithraism), and the "Golden
Body" (Emerald Tablets). According to author and researcher Sai Grafio, who contributed to
the foregoing list, the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is the only ancient tradition that actually
refers to our ascensional vehicle as the lightbody. It goes almost without saying that the
building of any kind of body, "natural" or "supernatural," is accomplished by way of life's
building block, DNA, in one form or another.

With great prescience in the mid-Twentieth Century, Indian philosopher and holy man Sri
Aurobindo referred to the lightbody as the "Divine Body," explaining that it "is indeed as a
result of our evolution that we arrive at the possibility of this transformation … Here a slow
and tardy change need no longer be the law or manner of our evolution; it will be only so to
a greater or lesser extent so long as a mental ignorance clings and hampers our
ascent" (italics mine).

In the Bible the lightbody is referred to as the "Spiritual Body" and the "Wedding Garment."
The resurrection and glorification of the body is a central dogma of the Catholic Church,
which maintains detailed records of lightbody activations in its strict records used in the
canonization process for saints. Perhaps the most famous biblical passage that appears to
describe the transformation of the human body into a lightbody occurs in Saint Paul's epistle
I Corinthians 15:39-44:
All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another of beasts, another of fishes, and
another of birds.
There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the
terrestrial is another.
There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differs
from another star in glory.
So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption.
It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power.
It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

In the words of James Redfield, Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers in God and the
Evolving Universe: The Next Step in Personal Evolution, we

can begin to picture bodily changes that might accompany the further development of our greater attributes,
supposing: first, that esoteric accounts of bodily transformation, though frequently fanciful, reflect actual
developments of physical structures as yet unrecognized by science; second, that supernormal capacities, like
their normal counterparts, require distinctive types of supporting structure and process; and third, that we can
extrapolate from physiological changes already revealed by modern research in imagining bodily
developments required for high-level change.

God and the Evolving Universe is a thoughtful and scholarly study of planetary evolution and
human potential whose focus--perhaps surprising for a National Bestseller--turns out to be
"luminous embodiment."

Wilcock concludes that the human species, much like caterpillars entering metamorphosis,
is currently "being programmed by the galactic center to become more advanced while …
still here in our bodies." This is made possible because the "DNA molecule is like a
programmable piece of hardware … so that if you change the energy wave that moves 26-6-2010
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through it, the jumping DNA will encode it into a completely different form." Thus it is entirely
possible that "as we move into increasingly 'intelligent' zones of energy in the galaxy, the
DNA energy patterns for the creatures on the planet are all upgraded, and the mutations
occur so rapidly--well within one lifetime--that no 'transitional' fossils exist."

In 2007 Wilcock expounded on the idea that DNA is actually a wave form in his blog on "For years now we've been saying DNA is a wave--spiraling 'nonliving'
material together into a molecule. Now there's proof! A huge validation has just been
handed to us from the annals of mainstream science, 'discovering' something we’d already
know--and published--since 2001. Loose inorganic materials can spontaneously and
intelligently spiral together to form DNA … in the cold emptiness of space! One DNA
molecule is as complex as an entire encyclopedia--so without a higher, organized
intelligence guiding the process, we really cannot explain this."

The research Wilcock is referencing involved controlled experiments in which DNA literally
formed out of a hermetically sealed container--basically, a vacuum--when exposed to human
consciousness, or torsion waves. "DNA is a physical materialization of what torsion-waves
look like at the tiniest level," he writes. "Don't forget we are dealing with intelligent energy …
This, of course, strongly suggests that life could form spontaneously from inert 'nonliving'

In 2006 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope discovered some of life's basic ingredients in the
dust spiraling around a developing star. These gaseous ingredients--precursors to DNA and
protein--were detected in the star's terrestrial planet zone, where rocky planets such as
Earth are believed to originate. The findings represent the first time that these gases,
acetylene and hydrogen cyanide, have been found in a terrestrial planet zone other than our
own. Caltech's Dr. Geoffrey Blake pointed out that if "you add hydrogen cyanide, acetylene
and water together in a test tube and give them an appropriate surface on which to be
concentrated and react, you'll get a slew of organic compounds including amino acids and a
DNA purine base called adenine."

"This infant system might look a lot like ours did billions of years ago, before life arose on
Earth," commented Fred Lahuis of Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and the Dutch
space research institute called SRON. Lahuis and his colleagues were surprised to discover
the organic (carbon-containing) gases encircling a star called IRS 46 in the Ophiuchus or
"Serpent Bearer" constellation approximately 375 light-years from Earth.

It seems hardly coincidental that Ophiuchus, which is an occulted thirteenth zodiacal sign
symbolizing, among other things, DNA in the form of one or sometimes two coiling snakes
similar to the Greek figure of Laocoön, is located (from Earth's perspective) almost on top of
Galactic Center (Ra's life-producing Logos). Writing on the subject of 2012 in Galactic
Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic
Traditions, John Major Jenkins explains that Ophiuchus was a key player in the cosmology
of Mithraism, the influential cult of the ancient Persian god Mithras who was associated with
the sun, representing the "soul's passage through the galactic gateways that open during
eras of galactic alignment." 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 10 of 22

Ophiuchus, the "Serpent Bearer."

Also in 2006, staff writer Bjorn Carey for reported on a new study revealing that
magnetic "forces at the center of the galaxy [had] twisted a nebula into the shape of DNA.
The double helix shape is commonly seen inside living organisms, but this is the first time it
has been observed in the cosmos." "Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the
cosmic realm," said the study's lead author, Mark Morris of UCLA. "Most nebulae are either
spiral galaxies full of stars or formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas--space
weather. What we see indicates a high degree of order."

"The DNA nebula is about 80 light-years long," reported Carey, and "about 300 light-years
from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way." Carey goes on to explain
that the "recipe for a DNA nebula is strict but simple. It requires a strong magnetic field, a
rotating body, and a nebulous cloud of material positioned just right. Massive central black
holes are the best sources for both the strong magnetic field and rotating body, and since
most large galaxies have them, Morris expects DNA-like nebula may be common throughout
the universe." 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 11 of 22

DNA Nebula. Image courtesy of NASA.

As co-developer of a technique of activating DNA using torsion waves of sound and light to
invite an influx of healing energy from Galactic Center, it is very gratifying that scientific
discoveries suggesting that the center of our galaxy does indeed intelligently give rise to the
stuff of life are occurring with great regularity. Equally gratifying is that the "wave-based
genome theory" of Dr. Peter Gariaev, what Dr. Leonard Horowitz has termed
"electrogenetics" and my partner Leigh and I call "Regenetics," also has met with further
empirical substantiation.

Wilcock is quick to bring the discussion of the "DNA wave" that is in a profound sense
"spoken" into being by Galactic Center, as I detail in Conscious Healing, back to the Shift or
Harvest: "DNA itself is a resonantly-tuned antenna for the 'consciousness field,' and our
entire Solar System is experiencing an energetic charge-up that our own fossil record
suggests will have a spontaneous evolutionary impact on our DNA ... triggering the
'Ascension' or 'Golden Age' so many prophetic traditions have spoken of."

Even with such paradigm-shattering information relative to DNA widely available on the
Internet and via such books as my own, not only does mainstream genetic science continue
to miss the boat by focusing on biochemistry; a preponderance of the interpretations of the
2011-13 "singularity" remain stubbornly--given the overwhelming evidence that species
evolve spontaneously--gradualist.

The gradualist way of thinking, although nuanced in its particular expressions, follows a
general pattern of proposing that somehow humanity is to be transformed, and our current
difficulties transcended, through external political and/or social means over a period of a few
years, decades, or centuries. Ra makes it abundantly clear, however, that the Harvest is
neither gradual, political, nor of any truly external agency (if not that of pure Intelligent
Infinity) whatsoever--being an internal evaluation of the self by the self. And now, as touched 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 12 of 22

on above, leading-edge scientific discoveries are beginning to lend strong support to just
such a radical possibility, or probability.

One distinguishing aspect of The Law of One, an aspect many still heavily entrenched in
dualistic thinking have difficulty grasping, is that there are two equally viable evolutionary
paths available to humans at this space-time nexus: the Path of Service to Others and the
Path of Service to Self. The philosophy presented in The Law of One, in which everyone and
everything in existence are seen as part of a single identity, that of the One Infinite Creator,
"blinks neither at the light nor the darkness," writes Ra, "but is available for service to others
and service to self."

To a significant degree, the difficulty in embracing and living this philosophy for us as
humans stems from the fact that our third-density "illusion," to use Ra's word, is all about
polarization. In fact, polarization, or making the "Choice" to serve others or serve the self as
a spiritual path, is the principle lesson to be gained in the third dimension, where we are to
learn the importance of love (either focused on others or the self) in order to move to the
next level. This ultimately "unitive" philosophy, in one fell swoop, once and for all does away
with notions of good and evil and moves one quite beyond dualistic thinking centered on
right and wrong.

Such wholesale dissolution of the old familiar boundaries between the acceptable and the
condemnable is a hard pill for many today to swallow. Yet it is precisely this unity
consciousness, founded in unconditional love, that is our one and only springboard into the
next stage of our individual and collective evolution: the Fourth Density, the Density of
Compassion or Understanding, in which not only our minds but our bodies change
dramatically--and that in virtually an instant, as plausibly and scientifically explained above in
a manner that is consistent with The Ra Material, at the moment of Harvest.

Wilcock has written a helpful article that, in my opinion, goes a long way toward debunking
the gradualist interpretation of the Shift entitled "2012: The Facts." He cites Ra, who
describes Harvest thus: "the movement over the boundary [between densities] is … that of
discrete placement of vibratory level." Wilcock's telling commentary follows: "DISCRETE
PLACEMENT. Discrete means 'separate and distinct.' A quantum leap. [Ra also says] that
there is a 'boundary' that we move over. When is the boundary? 2011-2013. DISCRETE

Many people at this historical crossroads are facing two related stumbling blocks relative to
traversing the 2012 "boundary." First, mired in materialistic lives and values, they experience
difficulty letting go of their third-density "reality," which, ironically, is really just an illusion--
what the ancient Hindus called maya. Second, many find it extremely difficult, if not
completely impossible, to release judgment and see their perceived enemies or oppressors
with all the unconditional love worthy of the self.

Barbara Marciniak, who writes a great deal about exopolitics--indeed, whose channeled
books are inherently "exopolitical"--cautions that things are extremely unlikely to be as they
appear during the "Nanosecond" leading up to 2012, and that discernment has never been
more vital than during these potentially confusing times if we are to stay on our
individualized "path of empowerment." On the subject of continuously vilifying Earth's
"oppressors," the Illuminati or "Anunnaki," as so many have done and continue to do,
Marciniak's Pleiadian sources state point-blank that such a focus, which almost
automatically detracts from one's own all-important Now, is likely to be misplaced as well as

"You are Family of Light [Path of Service to Others] and Family of Dark [Path of Service to
Self] simultaneously existing here, supporting and allowing each other to play out your own 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 13 of 22

dramas," the Pleiadians state from a highly "Law of One" viewpoint in Family of Light.
"Family of Light, do not worry about Family of Dark, for they will take care of themselves.
The more you worry, the more likely you will end up at their reunion [Negative Harvest] in
2012. Actually it would not be such a bad thing; you would find that they are similar to you.
Do you think Family of Dark worries whether they will end up at your reunion? They cannot
even conceive of it."

The choice for most individuals inclined to worry and anxiety concerning 2012, where there
is any consciousness of the impending Shift at all, is to choose a gradualist interpretation of
the movement of history while either 1) pointing the finger at or assigning messianic roles to
perceived Others (both forms of disempowerment) or 2) stubbornly and fearfully maintaining
the status quo. Both of these actions, or nonactions, let it be noted, lead nowhere in an
evolutionary sense; and such people more than likely will be faced, as Ra stresses
throughout The Law of One, with the prospect of repeating Third Density in the hope of
finally learning the liberating lessons of love.

By now I trust that most readers understand that an exopolitical solution to our world's
ostensible troubles in which humanity is rescued by outside intervention in a massive deus
ex machina, from the point of view of The Law of One, is neither necessary nor desirable. As
I will explain in a moment, it is also not permissible.

Extraterrestrial global mediation of a physically present nature during these times of crisis
and opportunity is not necessary because the dimensional transition is already well
underway and will proceed whether anyone is here to experience it or not. While through
various spiritual practices it is possible--and even advisable--for us to integrate this Shift
gracefully and help others do the same, no external agency is required for it to occur. In any
case, as Ra explains, the transition into Fourth Density is far, far beyond anything that
conceivably could be achieved through war or peace, a change in government or an
overhaul of the world banking system, grassroots community-building or green technologies.

In the words of Terrence McKenna, developer of Timewave Zero theory, in which with no
conscious knowledge of the Mayan calendar the year 2012 was envisioned as the "final
time," we are approaching a "necessary singularity, a domain or an event in which the
ordinary laws of physics do not function [and in which we exit] one set of laws that are
conditioning existence … into another radically different set of laws. The universe is seen as
a series of compartmentalized eras or epochs whose laws are quite different from one
another, with transitions from one epoch to another occurring with unexpected suddenness."

By indications too numerous to detail and only suggestively touched on in this essay, we
are, in fact, approaching a fundamental, quantum Shift in the very nature of reality, in which
even as I write these words the physical laws of the universe (including those governing the
expression of our physical vehicles) are transforming. Many of my fellow energy workers in
the field of nonlocal medicine--in which healings often happen before they happen, so to
speak, as I describe and explain in Conscious Healing--know this experientially.

And now, slowly but surely, the scientific community is coming around to the same
awareness of the mutable nature of what were heretofore considered nature's immutable
laws. In the words of biologist Rupert Sheldrake in The Presence of the Past, the
"assumption that the laws of nature are eternal" actually stems from early Christian influence
on the scientific method that was developed in the Seventeenth Century. "Perhaps the laws
of nature have actually evolved along with nature itself, and perhaps they are still evolving?"
wonders Sheldrake. "Or perhaps they are not laws at all" but are "more like habits?"

Another forward-thinking scientist on a similar wavelength is physicist Lee Smolin. In The

Life of the Cosmos Smolin writes that the "idea that the laws of nature are immutable and 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 14 of 22

absolute … might be as much the result of contingent and historical circumstances as they
are reflections of some eternal, transcendent logic." His intriguing alternative to this fixed
viewpoint is "cosmological natural selection," where black holes grant access (possibly via
"white holes") into different areas in the multiverse where cosmological conditions are at
least somewhat different. The student of The Ra Material should have no trouble seeing how
this is an uncannily accurate description of the creation of new "octaves" of existence after
the evolutionary potentials of the previous octave have been explored and integrated.

As an interesting aside, rumors of a third DNA strand, many centered on a purportedly

behind-closed-doors meeting of geneticists in Mexico City in 1995, have been circulating for
years. Spectacular as these rumors may sound, they are anecdotally supported by reports
that Watson and Crick, DNA's "discoverers," found additional protein material alongside the
so-called double helix as far back as the 1950s, leading some to speak of "evolutionary
debris" in a manner reminiscent of mainstream genetics' myopic dismissal of "junk" DNA--a
move now increasingly acknowledged even by many scientists as an historic oversight.

From Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing: From Biology to Triology. The above
illustration shows how a third strand of DNA might interface with and modify the existing double helix.
Both as a possible biological reality and as a metaphor for activating the latent intelligence in potential
DNA, the triple helix is genetically consistent with the movement away from a binary or dualistic
"operating system" in favor of a trinitized or "trinary" code capable of engendering an evolutionary
Shift into unity consciousness. Note how the geometry of three strands naturally produces interlocking
tetrahedral shapes suggestive of molecular merkabahs.

The generally accepted notion that DNA in its present form is a universal molecule actually
finds little support when we examine the activity of DNA itself. DNA is continuously
changing, mutating. To claim that it is impossible for DNA to morph into another molecule
represents an empiricist bias based on so-called immutable facts (that the DNA molecule
has been around a long time in more or less the same configuration, for instance) which are
called into question by, among other scientific discoveries, the Heisenberg Uncertainty
Principle and the logic-defying realization that we create our reality by observing it.

To focus solely on DNA as a biochemical phenomenon, as mainstream genetic science

does, is in essence to put the cart before the horse. In a profound sense DNA is the result of
Spirit's descent into matter. As Wilcock's research clearly demonstrates, behind the DNA 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 15 of 22

molecule exists a template of energy or consciousness that directs the formation of

organisms at the level of DNA. Change this energy template, alter this consciousness, and
we potentially transform organic expression. The inability of science to cure many very
curable diseases through the biochemical route is proof negative that biochemistry is merely
the tip of the iceberg of being. On the other hand, the ability of DNA activation to address
many of these very same conditions points us in a direction of great promise.

Moreover, if it is indeed true that a transformation is occurring not only in human

consciousness but in universal consciousness, as many ancient wisdom traditions maintain
for our historical moment, then such a microcosmic change in our genetic program would in
theory be supported by the change occurring in the macrocosm. Of course, the opposite is
also true, since the hermetic principle "As Above, So Below" can, and must, be read the
other way as well: "So Below, As Above."

In the theoretical case of radical genetic (trans)mutation from two to three rungs of DNA, we
are still looking at a single molecule of life. There is simply (or not so simply) the addition of
a third rung requiring a reconfiguring of the manner in which base pairs of nucleotides
(protein bases) attach to the rungs. This might occur through a large-scale genetic
rearrangement as described in Kelleher's article above and look something like the quite
obviously extraterrestrial Triple Helix configuration shown in the crop circle below.

Triple Helix Crop Circle.

As opposed to thought-provoking "teasers" like crop circles, exopolitical contact on a mass

scale, from Ra's vantage, is not only unnecessary; it is ultimately highly undesirable. Full
disclosure would constitute, from the perspective of the Path of Service to Others in higher
dimensions, "truth with proof," as opposed to "truth without proof," and thus infringe on free
will and the pivotal Choice between positive and negative paths we are all here to make.
From previous incarnative experience on Earth, as well as repeated observation of the
deleterious effects of alien interference in earthly affairs, Ra speaks of truth with proof
(which would include contact or disclosure) as an infringement on free will--one which
almost inevitably has the unintended effect of eroding the basic human desire to seek and
search for the truth that is so critical to polarization and evolution.

In the simple yet profound words (that can be directly applied to this discussion) of Ken
Carey in The Starseed Trilogy, "No lasting change is ever wrought from without." In many
ways very much in keeping with The Ra Material, Carey's focus is at all times on
"posthistorical," as opposed to "historical," solutions (of which exopolitics would be, although 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 16 of 22

extravagant, simply another example in a long line of botched attempts to "save the world").
"A moment is coming after which nothing will ever again be thought of as it was before, a
metahistorical moment, an event simultaneously alpha and omega to your species,"
explains Carey.

Although the above quote may sound to some like a description of contact, properly
speaking, as any student of Carey knows, it is merely contact with the true and authentic
self. "You who still slumber beneath the spell of matter, look beyond the descriptions of
reality given by those who seek to lead you from without. Open to the living information of
the life force that rises within you. This information is alive; it is the only guidance you

Once again, the similarities between this viewpoint and that of Ra are striking. On a related
subject, that of healing, Ra states, "The healer does not heal [but is] a channel for intelligent
energy which offers an opportunity to a [being] that it might heal itself." Virtually no external
agency of change, other than ultimately self-directed "catalyst" (evolutionary experience), is
condoned at this late stage of the game in The Law of One in "service" to those on the Path
of Service to Others--as such external agency, again from the experience and observation of
Ra, would violate the First Distortion, free will, and ultimately do more harm than good.

If The Law of One does indeed represent an accurate cosmology, which I believe it does far
more than it does not, recognition that our Higher Selves and related higher-dimensional
beings on the "positive path" have adopted a mostly "hands-off" policy rules out the
possibility of an exopolitical solution being extended by the Confederation to which the Ra
"social memory complex" purportedly belongs.

Indeed, in The Ra Material we learn that the Council that governs the Confederation of
Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator does not allow large-scale "breaking of
quarantine" with respect to Earth, although, admittedly, for other reasons with origins in free
will there "is a certain amount of landing taking place. Some are the entities known … as the
group of Orion." Ra elaborates that "the so-called Orion group calls itself to conquest" by
heeding the call of certain individuals (the Illuminati or Anunnaki) who "vibrate in resonance
with their own vibrational complex."

The nature of this "call" is thus described: the Orion group follows "the Law of One observing
free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those [on Earth receiving this call]
disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of their understanding of the Law of One which is
service to self. These become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a
condition whereby the remainder of the [people on the planet] are enslaved by their free

From the above information we can make three important observations. One, and most
importantly, any form of enslavement is a function of free will--on both the part of the
enslaver and enslaved. Victim consciousness, in any of its insidious expressions, is thus an
abdication of free will. Second, although there are occasional "ships" or higher-dimensional
beings who manage to slip through Earth's quarantine, the latter is quite sufficient to protect
the planet from any true extraterrestrial "invasion." And third, any widespread contact, were
this somehow to take place, would almost certainly not be initiated by the service-to-others-
oriented Confederation but by the Orion group, or another group with visions not of liberation
but conquest.

While there may be a great deal of media scare tactics involving such theoretical contact
that might seem to be initiated by the Orion group in an attempt to dissuade the public from
embracing contact by the Confederation, with discernment surely we can affirm that there is
an equal amount--often embedded in the most disturbing of such material--of media 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 17 of 22

veneration of our extraterrestrial "masters." As always with the Path of Service to Self, the
idea is not to encourage love of our "gods," but to shock and awe the masses into giving
away their power. Discernment and self-honesty here are paramount for the true spiritual

The Choice what to believe and how to act on our beliefs, as always, is ours. My belief is
that exopolitics is not only not a solution--at best, it is a distraction from our own necessary
spiritual preparation for Harvest; at worst, it is a trap to keep us from finding the limitless
power that resides in love and becoming harvestable. As Gandhi put it so eloquently, rather
than expect someone else to make our world right, we must accept responsibility for being
the change we wish to see in the world.

[The above article is copyrighted (c) 2008 by Sol Luckman and may be reprinted without permission provided
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DNA-related Definition of the Month

White Hole: "yang" complement to a "yin" Black Hole theorized to be the procreative aspect
of Galactic Center.

2. Points of Attraction

Kenneth J. M. MacLean

A point of attraction is defined as some physical container that is conscious. A blade of

grass, a tree, an insect, an animal, a human being are all conscious on some level. The
universe is essentially a soup of consciousness. All particles, objects, energy and life forms
come forth from a universal field of consciousness. All things exist within it, and are
connected in the most intimate fashion.

No two physical objects or energies can occupy the same place at the same time.
Therefore, all conscious viewpoints perceive differently and have unique points of view. As
human beings who have been given "dominion over the earth," as the Bible tells us, we tend
to forget (or don't consider) that we are surrounded by trillions of other conscious life forms.

Every dog, cat, tree, flower, plant, rock, mountain, insect--indeed, every CELL--is a point of
attraction. The consciousness of the cell directs the dividing into itself in the process of cell
replication. The environment, in other words, is not some stupid lump of dead matter, but a
living, breathing collection of consciousness. This understanding is present in virtually every
indigenous culture on the planet.

Mankind, in his arrogance, assumes that he is the only point of attraction that matters. It is
this separation or divorce from Source that has led to environmental degradation and the
continual infighting among our species.

Mankind looks about at the messes he has created and assumes that the earth is in sad
shape. In 1992, about 1700 of the world's leading scientists, including the majority of Nobel
laureates, issued the following World Scientists' Warning to Humanity from the Union of
Concerned Scientists: "We are on a collision course to disaster if we continue to damage the 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 18 of 22

planet ... Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. Human activities
inflict harsh and often irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources. If
not checked, many of our current practices put at serious risk the future that we wish for
human society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so alter the living world that it
will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know. Fundamental changes are urgent if
we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about."

There is no doubt whatsoever that mankind is creating messes for himself and other life
forms, but as a species we tend to project our distress onto the life forms that share the
planet with us. I suppose this is natural, for misery loves company. All other points of
attraction on the planet, in their trillions, however, are not separated from the universal field
of consciousness. They are all accepting of, and resonating to, wellbeing. Only man creates
disharmony. Therefore, the flow of wellbeing to the planet is so overwhelming that mankind
could never block off enough of it to cause planetary destruction.

Of course, many will find this opinion ridiculous. "If the environment is destroyed," they will
say, "all of your so–called points of attraction will be dead." I'm not defending pollution or
environmental destruction. I'm certainly not defending the environmental polices of the
current administration in the U.S. at the time of this writing, or their pseudo-scientific
"spinning" of facts which don't happen to agree with their political agenda. All I'm saying is
that the human collective resonance to planetary environmental destruction must, applying
the universal principles of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, lead to the
inevitable creation of that unattractive future. I'm also saying that mankind, in his blindness,
does not see or consider the enormous force of wellbeing that exists all around him.
Mankind is dying of thirst on a boat in the middle of an ocean of fresh water.

The point of this essay is simply to raise the vibrational tone of those reading it. Only a
resonance to wellbeing can create more wellbeing! If the collective vibration of mankind
were raised, the use of fossil fuels would inevitably diminish. Fossil fuels are inefficient and
dirty, and cause undesirable health effects. The simple fact is that a vibration that promotes
degradation cannot survive in a vibrational environment of wellbeing. This is just a common-
sense application of universal principles.

Pollution is the inevitable byproduct of disconnection from wellbeing. When you disconnect
from wellbeing, conditions change around you to match your point of attraction. Man has
decided that his point of attraction can only come from what he is observing, so when a
situation deteriorates, he continually attracts more of it by his attention to it. He forms
organizations to fight pollution, for example, he complains incessantly about it, and so his
vibrational signal to the rest of the universe is all about the very thing he does not want.

Your point of attraction is the vibrational signal you send out, and if you are continually
creating from what you are observing, nothing will ever change. Because individual human
beings interface directly with the universal field of consciousness, individuals have far more
power than they suspect. We are taught that politicians and corporations rule the world, and
individuals are mere ciphers who must inevitably be trampled underfoot. But this is
emphatically not so! Each of us is a powerful creator intimately connected to the incredible
power of wellbeing!

The power of wellbeing is evident in the planetary ecological, geological and weather
systems that keep life safely cocooned on earth. As a species, or as individuals, we do not
understand the power each and every one of us has to influence events. We have a light
switch in front of us to illuminate the darkness, but we are taught that it's hopeless even to
reach for it. That light switch is the power of the creative energy of the universe. We're all
connected to it, but many of us don't bother. "What can one person do against the big
boys?" is the common attitude. Well, it's that very attitude that has created a vibrational 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 19 of 22

environment that the current power-hungry players use to their advantage! A peaceful
society cannot take root in the vibrational soil of conflict.

Constant focus on a "dying" planet only creates more of the conditions which are not
wanted. Anyone who is concerned about the environment would be better off connecting up
with the energy of the earth, which is an energy of utter and complete wellbeing and health.
Go outside, take your shoes and socks off, and walk around on your lawn. Get down on your
hands and knees and smell the dirt. The fragrance of mother earth is sweet indeed.

Many of the gloom and doomsayers are actually well-intentioned persons who are projecting
their own pain and concern. Think of the hundreds of trillions of points of attraction on our
planet. Consider that we're already outnumbered 14 billion to 1 by the cells in our own
bodies, and consider other life forms, and all of the cells within them. Then think of all of the
grains of sand, the mountains, the oceans, the trees--well, you get the idea. There are so
many attractors of wellbeing they're uncountable. The 6 billion or so humans on the earth
are hopelessly outnumbered by the "good guys"!

In this essay I have painted a bright picture based on the power of wellbeing. Grab onto it,
go with it. Change your individual vibration about the environment from one of concern to
one of wellbeing. Personally connect to Source, and talk up wellbeing. In this way you may
have a profound and powerful effect not only on your own vibrational orientation, but on
others as well.

Join the trillions of other points of attraction! Go with the flow. Let wellbeing blossom and
flourish within you, and it will naturally promote itself with everyone (and everything) you
come in contact with. In this way, individuals can create a planetary vibrational platform for
more research into cleaner energy sources.
Copyright (c) 2008 by Kenneth J. M. Maclean. All Rights Reserved.

[Kenneth J. M. MacLean is author of The Vibrational Universe as well as dozens of articles. You can learn
more at]

Did You Know ... that in the words of physicist William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford
University, as "a species, we are cognitively moving away from space-time awareness only
and into frequency domain (conjugate physical-space) awareness"? In "the latter domain,
distance and time are not limitations to our perceptions."

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3. Ego as Spiritual Ally

C. G. Walters

A common "suggestion/implied obligation" encountered in one's spiritual study is to

"overcome the ego." The idea seems to be that one should subdue, train or even eliminate
the ego. As a tool to avoid misidentifying myself as only ego, it has often been suggested to
me to consider "the watcher" that remains outside the psychodrama of any moment of my
mind or life--a marker to bring my awareness to the true, higher self.

I, however, would suggest that as long as there is a "watcher," there is ego. Coming to
awareness of the watcher merely brings my attention from one level of ego to another.
Perhaps the nature of this next level of ego is something the (egoic) mind would consider
less objectionable, but it is still ego. Does the Tao "watch" the unfolding of its infinite
manifestations? Does it care? Caring and watching (more like "considering what we see," in
this context) is an anthropomorphic (human-like) characteristic. "Human" is by definition
"self-aware." Self-awareness is interdependent with the ego.

I am by no means in disagreement with the long-established practice of focusing on "who is

watching" to pull oneself from the mire of immediate obsession. Nor do I question the benefit
of this method. I have already suggested that we might better define where our attention has
arrived when considering this watcher, and I would also suggest we reconsider our intention
of subduing, training or (especially) eliminating the ego.

First and foremost, I disagree with eliminating ego. This is contrary to the entire nature of our
experience here ... much like coming into a physical reality for the purpose of experiencing
that which requires physicality, yet pursuing the elimination all things physical and sensual.
Paradoxically, the experience itself of pursuing such elimination requires the physical
environment and experience.

Another flaw in the idea of eliminating or confining the ego is that in this dualistic reality, 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY September 2008 Page 21 of 22

whenever you try to eliminate or restrict something, you make it stronger. In the unmanifest
Tao, neither black nor white exists. When you extract white--bring it into existence--you
create black. The more you try, the more energy you apply. Thus not only do you create
your intention--you also create what may seem to be the opposite of your intention.

I agree that our identity is not limited to the level of the conscious definition of self, though
the experience of that ultimate identity sometimes requires that we become lost in our
limitation. Our true essence, the state that is without ego and identity, exists eternally--it is
the prerequisite canvas for the painting of life and ego to exist. We always know that
Ultimate Nature intuitively, and become acutely aware of it now and then, even knowing that
Nature requires ego in order to achieve such a perspective. We cannot look into our own
eyes without a tool or trick. The tool to perceive the Self in this space is ego--the very thing
that segments us (gives us a sense of separate experience) from the Absolute, from All That

The ego has long been defined as a liability. Somewhere it was suggested to me that if you
have a characteristic that has consistently been pointed out to you as a liability, find a place
or a perspective where that "liability" can prove to be an asset. The ego has invariable
characteristics. You can count on a core pattern of behavior from the ego. We can trust it to
express its "flaws," and therefore we can benefit from its fixedness.

The ego is a master at working toward its own survival. It will morph into infinite expressions-
-fooling even the most adept onlooker into thinking it no longer exists or is not actively
expressing itself--when it has merely changed form. Historically great benefits to humanity
and spirit have been achieved under the mask of ego. Yes, quite a bit of damage has also
been done in the expression of ego. But would you eliminate horses because they have a
predisposition to kick in certain situations? As with the horse, the ego seems to do the most
harm when feeling threatened.

One does not need to try to master the ego or eliminate it, but only co-opt the ego into using
its tremendous talents of self-preservation and perpetuation to achieve what you (from your
current viewpoint) would consider a higher goal. Sell the ego on how it benefits from your
humanitarian effort, your monastic seclusion--anything!--and that intention will immediately
have access to a vast reservoir of focus and energy.

The ego is a powerful vehicle that remains in motion and always will exist for as long as one
has the desire for a spiritual path (that desire also springing from ego). Rather than fight
something that is our nature and is actually inclined to seek the divine, place the cargo of
your "highest" aspirations onboard this natural powerhouse ... and may we all benefit from
the ego's next ("higher") manifestation!

By the way, I am not saying that one can never escape ego ... just that one will not be in a
position or inclination to contemplate the achievement when it happens, having moved
outside duality.

Copyright (c) 2008 by C. G. Walters. All Rights Reserved.

[C. G. Walters's acclaimed writing primarily focuses on the multidimensionality inherent in our loves and lives.
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