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October 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 9)

Notable & Quotable: "The entire microcosm is replete with harmonic concurrences. The
long strings of nucleic acid in DNA are structured precisely according to the Pythagorean
Tetractys, the fourfold subdivision of the octave (octave, fifth, fourth and major second). The
Pythagoreans attributed magic power to the Tetractys and called it sacred. This same
structure is almost ubiquitous in those mysterious processes whereby inorganic structures
are transformed into organic life. The four oxygen atoms, for instance, that surround the
phosphorus atom vibrate in the Tetractys! Lama Govinda's Word [...] has to be understood
literally: 'Each atom is constantly singing a song, and each moment this song creates dense
or fine forms of greater or lesser materiality' [...]

"[Rudolf] Haase has pointed out that the 'law of constant and multiple proportions' known
from chemistry leads to numerical proportions that are harmonics, and remarked that, since
it 'forms the basis for all chemical formulas, the formula idiom of chemistry can be
understood as a giant catalogue of harmonical proportions.'

"Here we have left the realm of atoms (and atomic particles) and entered that of molecules."

Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World Is Sound--Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of
Consciousness (Destiny Books, 1991)


1. "How to Progress on Our Spiritual Path," by Peter Shepherd

2. "Parallel Universes," by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

3. "Global Potentiation Day," by Sol Luckman

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. How to Progress on Our Spiritual Path 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 2 of 21

Peter Shepherd

Progress on the spiritual path is really directed toward Gnosis, which means intuitive
knowledge of spiritual truths. There's an interesting history to this that goes back to Egyptian
times, when the people worshiped Osiris, a man who found God within himself, was
persecuted and suffered, and was resurrected. His was the same as the Jesus story, and in
fact a myth that reappeared over and over in ancient Mediterranean cultures.

This archetypal story was the external knowledge that everyday people believed in, and it
gave hope to their lives. But for the priests it was a metaphor of the process of finding God
within oneself, and they taught this inner mystical knowledge only to initiates, the few who
were inspired to look inside themselves for truth.

Pythagoras visited Egypt for twenty years and underwent this initiation; then he returned to
Greece and developed a similar religion and inner practice for initiates, this time based
around the Dionysius myth. As a result, Greece became a highly evolved civilization, upon
which much of modern civilization is founded.

The above examples are considered "pagan" religions, but actually were highly evolved
philosophies to which Aristotle, Plato and Socrates contributed. The knowledge was a threat
to the later Christian establishment, so they did their best to erase it from history--though it
later emerged in the Renaissance.

Similarly, the earliest Christians had an inner Gnostic practice and an outer belief system for
the everyman. The latter version of Christianity was taken up by the decaying Roman
Empire to establish the Church as we know it today. Orthodox Christians insist that a chasm
separates humanity from its Creator; God is wholly other.

But Gnostics who wrote the early gospels that were not included in the bible, such as the
Gospel of Thomas, contradict this. In these writings, self-knowledge is knowledge of God
and the self and the divine are identical. To know oneself, at the deepest level, is
simultaneously to know God. This is the secret of Gnosis.

Many Gnostics insisted that ignorance, not sin, is what involves a person in suffering. The
huge accumulation of ancient wisdom in the library of Alexandria was burned and the
Gnostic practices were mostly wiped out, though a thread remained with the Cathars of
southern France until the 1200s, when they too were eliminated. We only know of the
original Christian gospels now through the manuscripts discovered hidden in a cave near
Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Some of this knowledge was also the basis for the initiations
practiced by the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

A similar history occurred with the Islamic religion, in which Sufism provides an inner
spiritual practice, though the latter wasn't brutally repressed by the outer orthodoxy. Gurdjieff
played a major role in making this mystical approach known in the West.

Inner practice was always maintained openly in Eastern religions. It is only quite recently
that philosophers like Ken Wilber and psychologists like Maslow and Assagioli have tied all
these ends together to reveal a non-dogmatic spiritual path of Gnosis that is not tied to
myths or accepted beliefs, but is about facilitating the unique individual process of finding
spiritual truth within through intuitive insight, or Gnosis. This is transpersonal psychology--
the psychology of the spirit, which is the context and foundation of our personality.

Gnosis is emancipation through direct experience of knowledge--i.e., through insight. The

knowledge that you will find within your self is all that is necessary for you to experience 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 3 of 21

your own truth, your immortal identity, freedom from limitation, and genuine happiness.

Surely, you may say, we are in the midst of a "knowledge explosion" today. But such
knowledge has not eliminated war, fear, poverty, anxiety, or Man's daily inhumanity to man.
Nor has it given man any legitimate knowledge of his makeup. Contemporary knowledge,
not to be confused with Gnosis, has only been "knowing about," not "knowing through and
from" direct experience, from looking within

All spiritual roads lead to that uncomfortable destination where the examination and
acceptance of the inner self must take place. The first step is to realize that our judgments
and fears are self-created and limit our scope to deal with the present. Judgments, fears and
past-future orientation are the surface manifestations that capture our attention and keep us
from focusing on the real blocks to wholeness deep in our psyche--the unconscious

So well have these blockages been hidden, covered by justifications and illusory beliefs, that
few have had the courage and strength to break through them. Such blocks are the
backbone of duality--the rigid "black and white" thinking that makes understanding of holistic
truth impossible.

So many of us are oblivious to this situation because we have protective shields; we hold on
to the past or hide in the future. We have consuming interests, worries about our status or
our possessions. Such shields are both a great help and a great hindrance. They pacify us
and at the same time fool us, giving us a false sense of security.

Wholeness, or being totally in the present, is dependent on breaking the patterns, erasing
their duality. Only then can new states of consciousness become possible. It has been
known since ancient times in Eastern religions and philosophies, as well as among some
Western mystics, that one's resistance to the events and forces of life lead to one's
imprisonment in a smaller viewpoint, an isolation from perception, participation, and
enjoyment of life.

Each of us is one hundred percent responsible for our subjective reality--i.e., our private
mental and emotional space, our own universe. This includes our interpretations of events,
based on our beliefs and memories, attachments and fears, and our corresponding 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 4 of 21

emotional reactions.

The corollary is that we are certainly not at all responsible for another person's subjective
reality--i.e., their thoughts and feelings. And another person (or situation or event) cannot be
at all responsible for our own thoughts and feelings.

Such thinking runs counter to our cultural programming, in which we are taught to blame
others or situations for our upsets, not recognizing that we create our own beliefs,
interpretations, and emotional reactions. This kind of dualistic perspective is built into
common phrases such as "He made me angry." By not realizing that we create our own
emotions, we identify instead with them and feel we actually are them. We say, for example,
"I am angry."

With identification there is no distance from which to view. Only by becoming the witness to
our feelings can we adopt the responsible viewpoint, from which we can then release the
emotion, let it go when it no longer serves. Then we can change our minds. Beliefs and
decisions can be changed in an instant when we have released the emotional charge
attached to them. This new understanding is well proven as the basis of successful modern
psychological practice and therapy and is typically applied in personal development.

Less identification leads us to gradually acquire a more spiritual viewpoint of our mind,
emotions, and body. We can be more stable and happy, with less stress and conflict, and
with a certainty of our own identity. At this point, when we have started on our spiritual path,
we now encounter a new hurdle ...

An even greater jump in consciousness is required to encompass the transpersonal spiritual

viewpoint in which we are no longer solely identified with our individual personality. I am
describing the ascension of one's awareness above the customary limited human
consciousness--which requires an open-mindedness to one's part in the causation of
objective reality, the world around us.

This is the spiritual viewpoint of life in which one is at the same time both an individual living
a life in objective reality, and also one with God, the creator of objective reality. As God, the
Prime Creator, one is obviously one hundred percent responsible for creation. Fully grasping
this, it follows that each of us is one hundred percent responsible for objective reality--what
we perceive and experience as the physical world. Everything in our reality is created by our
own beliefs. In this way our subjective reality transfers to our objective world experience.

This is definitely the bird's-eye view of reality, rather than the one we generally have when
involved in the game of life. You don't think about unconditional love when playing football--
you are concerned about how to win! But one needs to understand the ascended viewpoint,
the spiritual or God-like aspect of our nature, as these two levels of consciousness
continuously interact. There is a kind of magic that goes on here, where the world mirrors
our inner view of the world and ourselves.

People enlightened to this viewpoint have long found that life situations mirror the subjective
issues they are dealing with in their personal growth, and when these issues are cleared up,
situations "magically" change.

Each of us, through God, creates our reality according to our beliefs. We are God's contact
and intermediary with the world; or if you like, a channel for expression of the universal
mind. Nothing can be in your reality unless you create it. From this point of view, there are
no accidents, and nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 5 of 21

This can be hard to swallow, as it is quite opposite to the beliefs we are taught in our culture
and especially by the Church. Normally, things operate automatically and subconsciously,
but it is possible to awaken to our true power, to remember our higher nature, and
consciously to start influencing our world.

Since we create all, the dialectic qualities of good/bad, right/wrong and beautiful/ugly have
little meaning. It is only from this viewpoint that the non-judgmental qualities Jesus taught of
acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love can become a practical way of life.

Emotional frustration, which drives less-than-conscious behavior, is caused by resistance.

Resistance is feeling something is not okay the way it is (or was or will be). It is judgmental
and taking sides, rather than understanding with compassion. Truth is always seeing things
with love, as being an inseparable part of one's higher consciousness.

Power is recognizing that you are the source of your life--that you create in your subjective
reality (your beliefs) and this is mirrored in the physical world through the power of God, of
which we are each a part. The vibration and energy of God's power is Love. If our creation is
not of Love, then it comes back and hits us in the face and from that we learn. This is called

There are times when we face a frustrating situation--perhaps a person is not listening or
getting the point, or events are proving hard to control, or there is some kind of conflict. This
is a turning point in which we can go in two directions: Acceptance towards Light or
Resistance towards Darkness.

We always have a choice. This is also the test, and decides whether we are unburdening
our Karma or increasing it.

We can confront the situation, accept the reality that exists and work to improve it in a
proactive, conscious way--with enthusiasm, applying communication, understanding and
empathy, bringing light to ourselves and others. This is the path of gratitude, forgiveness,
and unconditional love.

Or we can resist the situation, refuse to accept the reality that exists, and instead apply
inappropriate solutions in a reactive, unconscious way--with consequent negative emotions,
on a slide into darkness through antagonism, anger, fear, grief, and apathy. This is the path
of ingratitude, resentment, and hatred.

As a part of God, one is responsible for all that is; as an individual person, one is
responsible simply for one's self and for behaving in an ethical way that does not infringe
upon the freedoms and rights of others. One is also responsible for fulfilling one's
agreements and obligations. For this reason, it is important to take on agreements and
obligations consciously so that one is happy to do one's part.

We are both a Games-Maker and a Games-Player. It is of utmost importance to recognize

these complementary but differing aspects of our being: the spiritual Higher Self and the
human being (physical body-mind personality) identified with and intimately involved with the
game of life.

The Gnostics taught that we can liken the truth of our situation to a wheel, with many spokes
and an outer rim. Each spoke is an individual. Where we connect to the outer rim is our
interface to the physical world; this is our Ego. At the hub of the wheel is Source, a unified
quality of creative Love. The center can be symbolized as God the father and the outside as
the Goddess, mother nature. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 6 of 21

The incredible thing here is that what we actually want, what resonates with our highest
aspirations, what is an expression of the true nature of our consciousness, is always an
expression of unconditional love. When we pass this energy from our Higher Self, near the
center of the wheel, to our outer self in everyday life, we are uniting male and female.

This unification is our highest spiritual nature--the wonderful aspect that we each have as a
human being. Yes, every single one of us, even our eccentric neighbor and, especially, our
rebellious child. And it is the challenge we each have, to rediscover and express our true
self in this life.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Peter Shepherd. All Rights Reserved.

[Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of the Trans4mind personal development website. A
transformational psychologist by background, Peter supervises The Insight Project and is author of
Transforming the Mind and Daring to be Yourself. He also edits and publishes the weekly Cultivate Life! ezine.
The aim of Peter's new book Daring to be Yourself (from which the above article was adapted) is to help the
reader achieve a "wide-awake" state of consciousness, with integrated use of left and right brain abilities,
forming the bedrock for breakthroughs in personal consciousness and spiritual insight. For more info about the
book, please visit Get in touch with Peter Shepherd here.]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Nada Brahma: primal phrase from Sanskrit indicating both India's great classical music and
the foundational truth that the universe is quite literally made of sound.

The Adventure of an imaginary lifetime begins. Request your FREE copy today!

"Definitely a spiritual journey that you do not want to put down." --Niama Williams, Ph.D.

2. Parallel Universes

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

The weekend workshop had closed splendidly with heart and soul awakenings being
dynamically demonstrated by all participants. My facilitation of the three-day process held at 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 7 of 21

the Aldermarsh Retreat Ceånter on Whidbey Island constituted only one in a series of
events I had held there over the years. The proprietor of the Center, Joy, is a very close
friend and her staff--indeed, the very grounds themselves--nurture all who attend programs
hosted in the Marsh House.

As usual, I stayed and slept in the bungalow on Joy's extra bed. The remainder of the
participants, including my friend, Marti, who assisted me in putting these workshops
together, stayed in the larger house in one of its many lovely bedrooms. Again, we were
used to this arrangement, having worked it out over the years.

On the Monday following the weekend workshop, I readied myself for breakfast, completing
my packing and thinking about the journey home (a lovely 1.5 hour drive). Joy, Marti and a
few others had agreed that we would eat breakfast together before finishing the cleaning
and leaving for the day. As I packed, Joy said, "Honey, why don't you go out to the garden
and pick some raspberries for breakfast. The vines are full and they would be so nice on the

Before I had a chance to agree, she added, "And, by the way, you know that Indian
gentlemen that I mentioned coming to Seattle a few weeks ago--well, he's here and I told
him you would do a soul reading for him this afternoon. You can take the ferry over to the
Seattle side and I'll give you directions to the guest house he's staying in. Hope you don't

I was used to my dear friend surprising me with adventures and semi-orchestrating life
around me. Because of my deep love for her and the ingenious manner in which she
schemes to create joy in everyone's life, I typically acquiesced to her desires. And so it was
this time, as well.

"Oh, all right. Let's see--give me a moment here and I'll connect with his soul and then I'll
rethink my plans about going home. I can drive back from Seattle instead of from here. What
time did you tell him I would be there?"

"About 1:00 p.m. You'll want to get going right after breakfast and catch the ferry. Thanks so
much for doing this."

With these words and a new journey ahead, I connected with the soul of my new client and
relaxed into going out to the raspberry vines to pick a bowlful for breakfast. I have been
doing soul readings for many years and it is very easy for me to connect with a person's soul
and let its information fill me for future access. As I picked the raspberries, I was aware that I
was "with" this person, though my concentration remained on the tiny red berries peaking
out from under their green bower of leaves.

Having filled the bowl to overflowing, I carried it to the main house and put it on the kitchen
table for breakfast. Joy soon entered, followed by Marti. The remainder of the staff who
would be eating with us were already in the kitchen, so we sat down to a sumptuous feast of
granola, warm muffins from the oven, orange juice and the rich, ripe raspberries I had just

At the beginning of breakfast, Marti said to me, "Thanks for telling me that you were going
out to pick raspberries. It saved me from having to do it."

"I didn't tell you I was picking raspberries," I responded. "I haven't seen you all morning."

"Yes, you did," she replied. "I met you in the hallway outside of Joy's door on the way to pick
berries myself. You told me that I didn't need to since you were going to pick them 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 8 of 21

yourself. You were quite clear about it."

I knew that I had not seen Marti in the hallway. If she had been there in my reality, I would
not have been able to miss her, since the hallway is roughly as wide as one person and we
would have literally run into each other.

We mused about this occurrence, looking at it from a couple of different perspectives, and
realized that we must have been living in parallel realities during this interaction! In one
universe, I had talked with Marti about picking raspberries. In another universe, I had not.

What are parallel realities? Why are we each living in at least one or more at a time? How
does this relate to "spirits," "ghosts," "Light Orbs," and all of the many phenomena that
"appear" to be outside of our physical "reality"?

Parallel realities are everyday universes in a region of space and time containing matter,
galaxies, stars, planets, and living beings. You might see such a reality as a duplicate of
your own universe, with other actions and responses occurring in simultaneous time. The
living beings that exist in these universes (you might also want to call them dimensions) are
connected with you through the mechanism of nonlocality or quantum entanglement.

Everything has a frequency. Frequency refers to how often something happens--i.e., a wave
crest appears, a wave trough appears. A wave moves through what is known as a medium,
that "stuff" that carries the wave from one location to another. Think of a wave on the
ocean. The ocean water is the medium that carries the wave. When one or more waves
have a similar or harmonic frequency, it is called resonance. One wave is "re-sounding" the
frequency of another.

Quantum entanglement is a state of two or more objects (which could be people, either in or
out of body) linked together so that one object cannot be described without mention of the
other object, even though the individual objects appear to be separated in space.

The above descriptions are extremely simplified to create an outline of how we experience
the "appearance" of so-called non-physical entities in our space-time continuum.

Here we get right into the meat of "reality creation" and, in particular, non-physical entities.
We are vibrating (oscillating back and forth) at a certain frequency of wavelength. The non-
physical entity is also oscillating at its frequency. When these two frequencies are in
resonance, we see/experience each other. This includes the pictures that are taken of spirits
or orbs, the sounds that are heard in "haunted" buildings, and the various other experiences
that we have, often believing that they are "out there" or separate from ourselves. But note,
each particle in the universe(s) has a shared ancestry and is linked in a synchronized
entangled state.

Rupert Sheldrake's morphic resonance concept explains how nonlocal fields also carry with
them the presence of the past. This model acknowledges that the idea of "past" is simply
part of this illusory reality. I use the word "illusory" here because the subatomic model of our
existence is outside the confines of time and space. Fascinatingly, the very double-helical
spiral pattern of DNA creates a balancing of our electrical fields, which in turn creates a core
vacuum that accesses the nonlocal fields (universes or dimensions) under consideration

In another example of parallel universes, a friend of mine went on a weekend camping trip
with a group planning to sleep under the stars and create community together in the
woods. She set out with the leader of the group before the remainder of the participants
arrived to set up camp. After the tents had been pitched and the fire circle created, the 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 9 of 21

leader left to direct traffic back at the turnoff to the campsite. My friend decided to go for a
short hike while he was gone.

Off and into the woods she ventured--only to find after a short while that the signposts the
forestry service had installed were no longer there; the trees had become burned-out
stumps; and she had no idea where she was! She had not been walking long enough to get
lost. She was simply "somewhere else."

She spent the entire afternoon in the middle of a burned forest, walking around in the
detritus looking for the way back to camp. In her reality, there was no path or camp. By
nightfall, she had resigned herself to sleeping alone in this neglected wilderness, until she
suddenly saw headlights appearing in the distance. She began walking toward them and, as
she did, the environment she was "in" began to transform into healthy, full-grown trees. The
signposts reappeared and she walked now on the original path/road she had set out on
earlier that day.

Upon reaching the headlights, it became apparent that the leader had been out driving
around looking for her since she had not returned to camp as dusk fell. No one had been
able to find her until the headlights intersected with "her reality" and she began walking
toward them.

In both examples above, the same principle of simultaneity applies. In the first story, Marti
and I were living in our own realities at the same time. We were living in parallel realities
entangled in nonlocality. We each were in resonance with the reality of our consciousness in
our own space-time. Not until something "triggered" us did we intersect with the other's
reality. In my case, the trigger was the raspberries on the breakfast table. In the case of my
friend's story about becoming lost in the woods, the trigger was the headlights on the road.

Every time you make a decision, you create an effect. The decision exists in one
universe/reality, while the opposite of that decision exists in another universe/reality. In
addition, all other permutations of that decision exist as well. Each and every one of them
continues to exist infinitely. They are always available to be accessed.

When you are observing or taking pictures of ghosts, spirits or light orbs, you are merging
into their reality and they are merging into yours. If you question, for instance, why spirits
that appear in pictures would be dressed in clothes when you believe that spirits really don't
have bodies, you are simply projecting your idea of what they "should be doing" according to
your own beliefs about them. In their reality, they are wearing what they wear and doing
whatever they do when your frequency and their frequency come into resonance.

These observations shed light on why some people experience the "unseen" and others do
not, giving us an opportunity to look at what we believe is or is not real. Whatever you
experience (or do not) is a creation of your own frequency. For those who are students of
The Secret or the Law of Attraction, this is how it works. If you say, for instance, that light
orbs do not exist, you are correct--in your reality. In someone else's reality, such
phenomena can be very real.

Stating that something does not exist because it is living in a parallel world that is outside of
our frame of reference is a short-sighted generalization. Not only is one thus saying that
something does not exist because he or she does not experience it personally; one is also
saying that the thing does not--cannot--exist for others.

The reality is that everyone's (parallel) reality is real. It may be relative to one's conditioning,
one's belief system, how open one is to new experiences, and how much fear/love ones live
in and with--but it is nevertheless subjectively real. Allow yourself to open to the idea that 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 10 of 21

every possibility that could exist already does. Any possibility you wish to experience is
simply waiting to experience you.
Copyright (c) 2008 by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich. All Rights Reserved.

[Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Ph.D. is a visionary, weaver of grace, quantum physicist, and
multidimensional traveler. Born with memory of the etheric worlds intact, Toni uses her gifts to expand the
same re-membrance within the consciousness of other beings. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the
beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts personal sessions, retreats
and etheric readings for those drawn to the authentic Self. She is author of The Call: Awakening the Angelic
Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. Toni offers long-distance healing, spiritual counseling,
soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment. For more information regarding Toni’s
work or to contact her, please see her websites: and]

Did You Know ... that in the words of Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief, you have the
choice to "live a life of fear or live a life of love"? If you "choose to see a world full of love,
your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark
world full of fear, your body's health will be compromised as you physiologically close
yourself down in a protection response. Learning how to harness your mind to promote
growth is the secret of life."

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3. Special Event! Global Potentiation Day

Sol Luckman

What is Potentiation?

Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, the first DNA activation of the "revolutionary

healing science" (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, initiates an electromagnetic
repatterning designed to "reset" the human bioenergy field at a higher harmonic resonance
with life-giving "torsion" energy (universal creative consciousness). Potentiation also
transforms the disruptive Fragmentary Body through a process called "sealing."

Sealing indicates the stage of "ener-genetic" repatterning during Potentiation where the
bioenergy vacuum constituted by the Fragmentary Body (roughly equivalent to Eckhart
Tolle's notion of the pain body and Don Miguel Ruiz's concept of the Parasite) is
permanently closed. Sealing is a critical step on the path to genuine healing and
enlightenment, and is an integral aspect of the Shift in consciousness (to say nothing of
physiology) now occurring as we near the end of the Mayan calendar and approach the
"singularity" or transformational window around the year 2012. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 11 of 21

From Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing: Sealing the Fragmentary Body. The left image
shows a typical human bioenergy blueprint with nine electromagnetic fields/chakras and a Fragmentary Body
in the second field/chakra from the bottom. The right image shows a "potentiated" bioenergy blueprint with an
"infinity circuit" of eight fields/chakras. Note how sealing the Fragmentary Body (which occurs at the five-month
mark following Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning) replaces fragmentation and duality with harmony
and sacred geometry, allowing for the free flow of bioenergy throughout the body. Copyright (c) 2008 by Sol
Luckman and Kara Brown.

This "paradigm-reworking" (Nexus) form of sound healing which employs the five vowels to
stimulate a self-healing potential in human genetics by way of the five corresponding
nucleotides of DNA and RNA will be of special interest to those who recognize or suspect
themselves to be Wanderers--a term employed in the unparalleled The Law of One material
to indicate perhaps millions of souls with philanthropic missions incarnate on Earth today
with "homes" in other "realities." In a similar vein, Barbara Marciniak has called these
"systems busters" or "frequency holders"--among whom my partner Leigh and I count
ourselves--Bringers of the Dawn. If you find yourself reading this, there is a good chance
you, too, are a Wanderer!

In The Law of One, the higher-dimensional consciousness known as Ra describes the type
of sound "catalyst" used in Regenetics (and perhaps other modalities) as a "scalpel"
compared to the "blunt instrument" of other methods of stimulating conscious evolution.
Over the years many clients of Regenetics have referred to this form of DNA activation as
"instantaneous karma," indicating a way of very, very rapidly clearing and integrating (i.e.,
learning and healing from) possibly lifetimes of unprocessed experiences capable of
expressing themselves in one or all of the so-called physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Compared to ritualistic forms of experiential catalyst such as prayers, affirmations, mantras,

reiki and other predominantly "light-based" approaches that by repetition may have
established a "morphogenetic" field that can be tapped into for certain healing purposes,
vowels, says Ra, "have power before time and space and represent configurations of light
which built all that there is." 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 12 of 21

From Conscious Healing: The Sacred Trinity. The image above illustrates the threefold process of universal
manifestation in which Silent Stillness (the "tone" of Ge, referred to by Ra as "Intelligent Infinity") gives rise to
sound ("free will" imbued with "unconditional love" in Ra's cosmology), which then translates into light (the
holographic multiverse or Ra's "intelligent energy"). Note that to return "home" to Source, we must retrace our
steps from light to sound. Attempting to achieve bio-spiritual enlightenment without embracing the Audible Life
Stream is a short-cut that leads to a dead-end. Copyright (c) 2008 by Sol Luckman and Kara Brown.

In other words, certain vowel sequences, termed the Language of the Birds in the Koran, the
Green Language by alchemists and Regenetics by us, appear to exist outside the Akashic
record or "holographic universe" and stem directly--with no intermediary or dimensional
"translation"--from the Mind of the One Infinite Creator. As such, these vowel sequences
have power above and beyond most energetic modalities to reset, on a permanent basis, an
indivdual's bioenergy matrix--inviting a quantum influx of the Creator's consciousness,
which is always already whole and intact, and tremendously encouraging healing or
"wholing" on all levels.

"In the case of the Hebrew," explains Ra, "that entity known as Yahweh aided this
knowledge [of sacred creational vowels] through impression upon the material of genetic
coding which became language." Nearly two decades before the fact, Ra's statement
uncannily anticipates the findings in the late 1990s of "wave-genetics"--a revolutionary
"transgenetic" science which clearly establishes that 1) human DNA is profoundly "linguistic"
in nature, composed of alkaline sequences with their own "grammar" and "syntax"; and 2)
human language can be adapted to activate and heal DNA and, thus, the entire organism.
Truly, in the beginning was the Word!

It is fascinating to note that the Regenetics Method came into being, complete with sacred
vowel sequences that often stimulate miraculous results in clients, five years before the
Developers of this work read The Ra Material!

Why are we offering Potentiation FREE to the public on November 13, 2008?

The short answer to this question is, Because our mission as Wanderers or Bringers of the
Dawn is to help as many people as possible all over the world prepare themselves for the
truly momentous transformation of consciousness and physiology set to occur in or around
2012. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 13 of 21

This massive global awakening--which is an awakening in a literal sense out of the deep
sleep represented by the "historical period," to use Ken Carey's language--is no spectator
event. Although there are powerful cosmic forces assisting our collective evolutionary leap
into a new way of being, participation in the next reality (Fourth Density, Heaven on Earth,
the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Fifth Sun, etc.) is decidedly optional, as free will is
respected at each stage of our journey back to ultimate wholeness in the identity of the
Creator. The choice is always ours to align ourselves with divine will with relative ease and
grace, or resist it through stubborn struggle to the bitter end.

As Carey succinctly put it in Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World back in 1992,
"Sometime during the next quarter century, each human soul will come to choose between a
god of love or a god of fear." Ra envisions this "polarization" as an integral aspect of our
personal (and collective) evolution on either the "Path of Service to Others" or the "Path of
Service to Self"--both of which, finally dissolving polarity, ultimately lead back to complete
identification with the One Infinite Creator. The imminent Choice between these two equally
viable paths to enlightenment, says Ra, is "the work of a moment but is the axis upon which
the creation turns." Potentiation and the Regenetics Method are specifically designed as
ener-genetic catalysts to assist those making the conscious choice to walk the Path of
Service to Others.

How can we best prepare ourselves to walk this evolutionary path, what the ancient Mayas
conceptualized as the "Black Road" into the next reality? This is an individualized question,
with individualized answers. In a holographic universe where the part contains the whole, all
paths ultimately lead to the center. That said, our path of service--and that of many, many
clients--has been tremendously facilitated by Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning,
which in sealing the Fragmentary Body initiates the healing of duality at the ener-genetic
level, rapidly and profoundly enhancing one's ability to adopt unity consciousness--and, we
propose, not only survive but thrive through these extraordinary times of planetary

It is also worth noting that Global Potentiation Day is intended to assist the planet, Gaia
herself, through her labor pains in birthing the New Humanity.

How is it possible to "potentiate" a large group of individuals at a distance?

For years now, we have often worked with couples and entire (sometimes extended)
families during a single Potentiation session. Repeatedly, our observation has been that
performing a collective session is not only capable of facilitating individual issues but also of
working morphogenetically to heal one-on-one and group relational dynamics. We also have
been given to understand, in no uncertain terms, that Regenetics is meant to be shared on a
much larger scale. That this type of thing can be done effectively has been demonstrated by
such events as last year's "Fire the Grid" and many other global "activations."

In addition, although Regenetics sessions can be done in person, they are typically
performed remotely. This approach was partly inspired by Dr. Larry Dossey's ideas on
"nonlocalized mind" and the human ability to employ prayer for distance healing as
documented in Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era
of Healing. The distance approach is further scientifically substantiated by the theories and
applications of wave-genetics establishing that DNA constitutes a real-time network, a
"biological Internet" that effectively does away with distance. One can "upload" data into the
network, "download" data from it, and even "email" other participants.

Research by Russian biophysicist Peter Gariaev, considered the father of wave-genetics,

indicates that language-activated DNA can cause "disturbance patterns" in space, 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 14 of 21

generating small electromagnetic wormholes of a subquantum nature. These microscopic

DNA-activated wormholes are connections between different areas in the multiverse through
which the Creator's consciousness (torsion energy) can be transmitted outside space-time.
DNA magnetizes these nonlocal streams of information to itself and then forwards them to
the recipient's genetic consciousness. Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, authors of an
excellent summary of Gariaev's findings entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz ("Networked
Intelligence"), refer to this bioenergy transfer as hypercommunication.

When hypercommunication occurs, an extraordinary phenomenon can be observed in DNA.

Fosar and Bludorf relate how Dr. Gariaev irradiated a DNA sample with a laser until a typical
wave pattern formed on his monitor. When the DNA sample was extracted, its
electromagnetic pattern remained intact. Many control experiments showed that the pattern
still emanated from the absent sample, whose energy field remained undisturbed in the
holding chamber, causing light to spiral all by itself following the shape of the physically
removed double helix.

From Conscious Healing: The Ener-genetic Composition Process. The above diagram illustrates how body
building is both genetic, involving RNA transcription of DNA codes to create cells, and energetic, dependent on
the interface between the electromagnetic fields and "junk" or potential DNA for regulation of cellular
composition. This diagram also shows how potential DNA's transposons ("jumping DNA") can be directly
prompted by consciousness, internal (personal) and external (universal), to modify cellular replication.

This nonlocal, light-bending phenomenon has since become famous as the "DNA phantom
effect." Torsion waves from outside space and time continue to flow through the activated
wormholes even after the DNA is removed. Remote DNA activation is thus easily explained
as an ener-genetic transfer of consciousness in the form of torsion waves that stimulate
DNA. In turn, DNA shifts the bioenergy fields, which then modify metabolic and replication
functions in cells, facilitating healing. This same process of DNA activation that encourages
healing, by inviting more torsion light into cells, by definition promotes enlightenment. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 15 of 21

NOTE: Those wishing to be "potentiated" on Global Potentiation Day are invited to call in
and hear the ceremony LIVE. Telephone communication is not necessary for Potentiation to
take effect, and typically is not used by Facilitators, but we have decided to do things this
way this one time because so many people have asked what Potentiation actually sounds
like. To register to be on the line for this unprecedented event, please continue reading. If
you prefer to experience Potentiation at the appointed time in silence on your own terms,
that is perfectly acceptable and viable.

What's so special about November 13, 2008?

Students of Swedish biologist Carl Johan Calleman, author of The Mayan Calendar and the
Transformation of Consciousness, may recognize the date set for Global Potentiation Day
as the beginning of the 6th Day of the 8th Cycle of Creation--the start of roughly a calendar
year of enormous breakthroughs in the evolution of consciousness. "Days" in Calleman's
penetrating model of the Mayan calendar are times of fruition of seeds planted during the
preceding phase or "Night." We can think of no better way to facilitate the success of the 6th
Day, individually and collectively, than to bring people together in order to bless this new
beginning through the act of Potentiation.

<!--[if !vml]-->


The above chart is courtesy of Anthony Goodman. In an article published in DNA Monthly
entitled "The Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar," Goodman writes, "Unlike other
calendars, [the Mayan calendar as decoded by Calleman] does not time astronomical
bodies. It is purely a calendar, a timeline, of the Evolution of Consciousness. The calendar
comprises nine discreet cycles of creation, nested within each other, all ending on a
particular date. That date, believed by Calleman to be October 28, 2011, as opposed to the
more well-known date of December 21, 2012, is when this phase of conscious evolution
ends and a transformation in consciousness takes place." 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 16 of 21

Interestingly, both Ken Carey in The Starseed Trilogy and Ra in The Law of One cite 2011,
as opposed to 2012, as the most probable date for the "discontinuous mega-event" (to quote
David Wilcock) that both often refer to as the Harvest. In addition, Barbara Hand Clow,
author The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, is one of
numerous scholars and indigenous wisdom keepers who have come forward in support of
Calleman's upbeat interpretation of the Mayan calendar, including its less well-known end

In a welcome synthesis of the two main interpretations--consciousness-driven and

astronomically/astrologically timed--of the Mayan calendar, Clow writes that "time and
evolutionary acceleration will be completed on October 28, 2011, yet the Maya actually had
the foresight to see that the Long Count will be completed on December 21, 2012, under the
influence of critical astrological cycles. Astrology is little more than weather forecasting in the
third dimension, yet we all like to know when a hurricane is coming. Time acceleration
driving evolution is a force that functions in all ... dimensions."

Ian Xel Lungold's Mayan Codex indicates that the full moon of November 13, 2008, in
addition to being a "red" day, meaning a day of birth or rebirth, is associated with the energy
of the Crocodile and the number 13. In the Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar for
2008, Karen Majorowski describes Crocodile as one who "receives messages of primal
creative force." The number 13 is associated with Ascension, going "from one step to the
next higher step." In the words of David Carson in 2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012
Awakening, "Thirteen is the magical number of the plumed serpent ascending into the
thirteen heavens. The mystical snake courses through the universe animating all of life with
its power."

Readers of Daniel Pinchbeck's bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl will likely
recognize in Carson's description the figure of Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican god who,
convincingly speaking through the author, admonishes readers, "Soon there will be a great
change to your world ... You have just a few years yet remaining to prepare the vehicle for
your higher self. Use them preciously ... Consciousness is technology--the only technology
that exists ... The current transition is ... a return to origin. The original matrix of this new
world reality is the ecstatic limitlessness of your own being ... My 'doctrine' is not
transcendent, but immanent. It is not 'somewhere out there.' It is here and now."

"Quetzalcoatl." Copyright (c) 2008 by Sol Luckman.

To bring this discussion full circle, readers of Conscious Healing may recall the following
passage: "In what is today Mexico, a figure known as Quetzalcoatl embodied the higher light 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 17 of 21

of divinity. Judith Polich has called Quetzalcoatl 'the Osirus of Mesoamerica' and sees him
as symbolizing the bridging of duality, a being who 'represents light in physical form … freed
from the confines of matter' ... It seems poetic justice that Quetzalcoatl is usually depicted as
a serpent with bird wings--an obvious reference to the ability of DNA (symbolized by the
serpent) to transform one into an angelic being capable of f/light, which is an excellent
definition of the merkabah. Equally important is that Quetzalcoatl is thought to have
revitalized the great ceremonial center of Teotihuacán, believed by some archeologists to be
Earth's interdimensional gateway to the legendary Tula, the celestial home of Quetzalcoatl--
and perhaps other 'messianic' herons or phoenixes who arrived in this dimension carrying
the key of life, or the knowledge of how to inspire ('breathe life') by speaking or singing the
bio-spiritual Language of the Birds."

Who can participate?

Global Potentiation Day is open to anyone on, or inclined to be on, the Path of Service to
Others genuinely seeking healing on one or more levels who is willing and able to connect
with this work consciously. I have previously defined healing, as opposed to curing, as an
"ultimately self-directed process leading to enlightenment that involves transcending duality
by returning to unity consciousness, reuniting with Source as an individuated being, and
becoming 'whole.'"

Participants should be ready to take full responsibility for their own healing journey and be in
a position to engage this work with an open mind and especially heart as an internal self-
healing catalyst, not an external imposition of someone else's will. "The healer does not
heal," observes Ra. The healer "is a channel for intelligent energy which offers an
opportunity to a [being] that it might heal itself." Long realizing the truth of this, rather than
"healers" or "practitioners," Leigh and I have always referred to ourselves as "Facilitators" of
the individual's own divine unfoldment.

NOTE: This work with its roots in free will CANNOT be engaged on behalf of another
person. The two seeming exceptions are minors under the age of 12 and persons with
mental disability, who can receive Potentiation under the protective wing, so to speak, of
their chosen parent, guardian, or caretaker. These are "seeming exceptions" only, as such
individuals will be fully conscious of the choice to engage Potentiation from the perspective
of their higher selves. Parents have reported significant benefits even in very young children,
who by nature engage the Regenetics Method less cognitively and more intuitively than

How do I participate?

There are two options for participation in Global Potentiation Day. First, you can choose to
be on the conference telephone line during the Potentiation ceremony at 6 PM EST (New
York time) Thursday, November 13, 2008. This option requires that you register for the
event using our registration form. The second option is to experience Potentiation on your
own terms and in your own way. There is no "better" way to receive Potentiation, so please
look to your own guidance as to how to proceed.

NOTE: Only those registering and confirming will receive login information for participating in
the clients-only Regenetics Method Forum, designed for sharing experiences and getting
questions answered.

What can I do--before, during and after the event--to maximize my benefits?

Prior to Global Potentiation Day, we strongly recommend that you spend time thoroughly 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 18 of 21

reading all the material available on the Phoenix Center for Regenetics website. Our
experience and observation over the years strongly support the idea that an appropriate
energy exchange is critical to maximizing this type of "co-creative" energy healing. At a
minimum, this work requires that you value it by giving it your undivided attention. Some
may also be called to offer a love donation--which, let it be noted, is in no way required to
benefit from Potentiation.

You might also consider requesting your free subscription to our popular ezine DNA
Monthly, as well as reading back issues of Volumes I-IV. In addition, Conscious Healing:
Book One on the Regenetics Method is available as an ebook and in paperback. Conscious
Healing is a proven companion for those seeking to maximize their experience of the
Regenetics Method. Click here to preview.

The Potentiation ceremony itself will last approximately 30 minutes. During this special time,
the idea is to infuse your being with positive transformational energy. Genetic research by
Dr. Glen Rein shows that feelings such as love and joy decompress DNA so that the torsion
energy of universal creative consciousness can activate the genome's extraordinary
transformative abilities. On the other hand, feelings such as fear and anger compress DNA
so that it is less accessible to activation through consciousness.

We also recommend that you set your specific intention for this work beforehand, preferably
in writing, and then freely release any expectations in the spirit of unconditionality.
Openness, in mind and especially heart, is a key ingredient of your success in healing
through Potentiation. If you choose to experience the ceremony on your own, please be in
an intentional space at the scheduled time. That space can be indoor or outdoor, stationary
or otherwise. For example, you might choose to meditate in the bedroom for 30 minutes, or
you might take a walk to focus your intention.

However you experience Global Potentiation Day, the most important thing is to avoid
distractions and honor this special half-hour as a time capable of seeding probabilities that
can lead you to the realization of your highest potential in which you manifest the reality you

We stress that although we act as Facilitators for the energies of Potentiation, energies
capable of benefiting you on many levels, ultimately you will do the real work of integrating
them. Use your intention to "meet us halfway" and focus on the areas most appropriate to 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 19 of 21

the full unfolding of your unique personal potential. In this regard you may also find our
Testimonials and FAQ helpful.

Following Global Potentiation Day, you might consider starting a Regenetics journal to keep
track of shifts, many of which may be subtle but significant. Even a notation on your
calendar or planner when you experience a shift is enough to paint a picture of your

After Potentiation people sometimes experience a period of three weeks to a month during
which they may or may not have a lot of palpable shifts. This by no means indicates that
nothing is happening; to the contrary, during that time you will be processing through
important energies in the outer, "nonphysical" electromagnetic fields which govern DNA and
hold the new energetic potentials that will be "downloading" in the weeks and months that
follow. Then again, you may experience immediate and palpable shifts. No two people's
responses are exactly alike.

From Conscious Healing: Energizing the Bioenergy Blueprint. This image shows the flow of "torsion" energy or
universal creative consciousness down through the electromagnetic fields that occurs starting as of the five-
month mark of Potentiation. Utilizing the genetic sound-light translation mechanism detailed in Chapter Six,
each sonic field, in turn, energizes the corresponding chakra with higher-dimensional light, which then transfers
as bionergy to specific aspects of the subtle anatomy. Copyright (c) 2008 by Sol Luckman and Kara Brown.

The process takes just over nine months (42 weeks, or a "gestation" cycle) to unfold: five to
recalibrate your bioenergy fields and seal the Fragmentary Body, then another four to
energize or "charge" your new bioenergy blueprint. After this, people often report a sense of
"grounding" that can continue for up to an additional nine months.

NOTE: If you register to experience the event, you will receive an email following Global
Potentiation Day with login information to the Regenetics Method Forum, which will have a
special discussion group for participants who desire to determine their own Electromagnetic
Group and chart the flow of torsion energy through their bioenergy fields over the 42-week
gestation cycle of Potentiation. Forum members will also be able to post questions and 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY October 2008 Page 20 of 21

share experiences with other members.

Can I participate even if I've already experienced Potentiation?

Definitely! Many Facilitators of the Regenetics Method experience an "activation" every time
they offer this work to clients. You may also just be curious, as many are, to know what
Potentiation sounds like. By all means, please consider lending your ener-genetic support to
Global Potentiation Day!

How might I contribute to making Global Potentiation Day a truly global event?

First and foremost, please help us spread the good word about Global Potentiation Day to
"Those with Ears to Hear"! For a grassroots event of this kind, nothing beats "viral"
marketing: emails to friends, blogging, posting on message boards and discussion forums,
etc. You can also copy and paste our linked banner above in various places in your online

NOTE: The URL for Global Potentiation Day is

We also humbly encourage anyone with sufficient financial means to support our ongoing
research and development at the Phoenix Center for Regenetics by making a love donation
in any amount. We sincerely believe Potentiation and the Regenetics Method are worth far
more than our modest fees (even when we charge one) in ways we trust will become
apparent to you. Should you at any point feel Potentiation has significantly raised your
consciousness or otherwise improved your life, we welcome your further contributions!

How do I register for Global Potentiation Day?

Just complete and submit the form posted here. You will receive further information on
Global Potentiation Day, requiring RSVP, via return email. At the beginning of November,
those who have confirmed will receive a second email with the telephone number for calling
in at 6 PM EST Thursday, November 13. We will also send a reminder email the day before
the event. Following Global Potentiation Day, registered participants will receive a final email
with login information for the Regenetics Method Forum.

NOTE: You can "opt out" of the mailing list at any time, and your private information will
never be given to a third party.

[Copyright (c) 2008 by Sol Luckman. The above article can be copied and shared, in whole or in part, provided
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Coming in our November-December issue ... "Four Pathways to Oneness" & so

much more!

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