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April 2009 (Vol. 5, No. 4)

Notable & Quotable: "In the beginning was the sound, the sound as logos. If you
remember, God's command 'Let there be ...' at the beginning of the biblical story of creation
was first tone and sound. For the Sufis, the mystics of Islam, this is the core of things: God
created the world from sound [...]

"In Egypt, the 'singing sun' created the world with its 'cry of light.' In an ancient Egyptian scripture it is written
that 'through the tongue of the Creator ... all Gods and everything in existence were born ... Atum and
everything divine manifest themselves in the thought of the heart and in the sound of the tongue.' The symbol
for 'tongue' in Egyptian hieroglyphics can also mean 'word'; it is the tongue that forms the sound that in turn
carries the word [...]

"In India ... [i]n the Aitereya-Upanishad ... [o]f Brahma it is said: 'He meditated a hundred thousand years, and
the result of his meditation was the creation of sound and music.

"Thus, the first act of creation was the creation of sound. Everything else came after and through it.

"Plato, in his famous dialogue Timaeus, tells that the creator constructed the world-soul (which to Plato means
the idea of the cosmos) according to musical intervals and proportions. And with his music, the divine singer
Orpheus was able to cast formless matter into form."

Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World Is Sound--Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of
Consciousness (Destiny Books, 1991)


1. "A Brief Introduction to Wave-genetics: Scope & Possibilities," by Peter Gariaev

2. "End-times or a New Age?," by Steve Kellogg

Nueva Columna en Español ... 3. "Presentando nuestro segundo y tercer cerebro," por
Gabriella Kortsch

Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. A Brief Introduction to Wave-genetics: Scope & Possibilities 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 2 of 11

Peter Gariaev

The history of wave-genetics has been developing for more than eighty years. In the 1920s
and 30s, Russian scientists A. G. Gurwitsch and A. A. Lubishev postulated that not only
does the genetic apparatus of Earth's living organisms operate at the material/physical level,
but also at certain wave/field levels, being able to transfer genetic information via
electromagnetic and acoustic waves. Recently, this science has taken a major leap forward,
both in terms of theory and reproducible experiments that substantiate the concept of the
"wave-based genome."

One of the first attempts to explain and expound on the wave-based genome theory in
Russia was made by myself in conjunction with A. A. Berezin from the Department of
Theoretical Matters of the Russian Academy of Science, with the participation of A. A.
Vaciliev, a fellow member of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Science.
Through many experiments since that time, in order to build a theoretical foundation for this
new science, we have examined principles involved in coherent physical radiation,
holography, solitonic waves, theories of the physical vacuum, DNA's fractal nature, and the
relationship between DNA and human speech.

The quintessence of the wave-based genome theory may be thus summarized. The genome
of the most evolved organisms, such as humans, is a bio-computer which forms the space-
time grid framework of the organism's biosystem. In this biosystem, as carriers of genetic
information from an epigenetic field matrix, waves are used, assigned by "gene holograms"
and so-called solitons in DNA. Such waves, comprising distinct types acoustic and
electromagnetic fields produced by the organism's genetic apparatus, are the medium
through which the biosystem exchanges strategic, regulatory information between the
organism's cells, tissues, and organs.

It is vital to note here that the field matrix or epigenetic framework for the organism,
produced holographically through fluctuating solitonic structures, is, at its most basic, simply
a code-originated informational structure anchored in the chromosome continuum of the

At present the dominant viewpoint proposed in mainstream genetics and molecular biology
is that 1) The genetic apparatus functions as a purely material structure; and 2) All functions
of genetic control of an organism originate in approximately only two percent of the
biosystem's DNA, which fulfills designated functions of a purely physical nature such as
replication of RNA and proteins. I speak here of the so-called coding DNA. The other ninety-
eight percent is considered "junk" DNA with no genetic functionality and is thought by many
to represent a "graveyard" of "virus DNA."

Mainstream biologists and geneticists typically use analogies and metaphors to "explain"
how the genetic apparatus operates. The genetic apparatus consisting of forty-six
chromosomes is viewed as a "library" of forty-six "books." Each book (or chromosome)
contains a "text" (instructions for building an organism) which consists of "sentences" (DNA)
containing "words" (genes). Each word (or gene) consists of four "letters" (chemical
sequences) that make up the "genetic alphabet."

The material form of DNA molecules is the famous double helix, consisting of gene
segments. Returning to the textual analogy used in mainstream genetic science, the genetic
apparatus operates as follows. Genetic texts, written in "DNA language," are first translated
by the organism into "RNA language" and thence into "protein language." Proteins are the
stuff we are mostly made of (not counting water). Proteins perform two primary functions in
the organism. They metabolize substances that we eat and participate in morphogenesis,
defined as the development of the spatial-temporal organization of the organism. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 3 of 11

The primary focus of the wave-based genome theory, quite different from that of mainstream
genetics, lies in the ninety-eight percent of chromosomes not included in the other two
percent of "coding DNA." Wave-genetics proposes that this ninety-eight percent of DNA, that
is typically ignored in molecular biology, is the key "intellectual" structure of all the
organism's cells, including those of the brain. This is because it is these apparently
noncoding chromosomes that operate on the wave or field level--what I like to call the "ideal"

This ideal level, which also may be called the "super-gene-continuum," is a strategic and
vital information field that regulates (programs) the embryogenesis, development and death
of biological organisms.

Here it is important to note that there is no sharp or insurmountable distinction between

genes and super-genes. Both these levels of (en)coding are involved in the construction of
material (i.e., physical) matrices. But whereas regular genes (those belonging to the
aforementioned two percent of DNA) produce physical replications in the form of RNA and
proteins, super-genes (those belonging to the aforementioned ninety-eight percent of DNA)
interface with and transform endo- and exogenous fields, forming from the latter super-gene-
signal wave structures that inform biological activity. Furthermore, regular genes actually
may be components of the holographic frameworks of super-genes and even supervise their
field activity.

Particular attention in the wave-based genome theory is to be devoted to substantiating the

overall unity of fractal (self-replicating on varying scales) sequences of DNA and human
speech. In 1990 Jeffrey Delrow discovered that the four "letters" (adenine, guanine,
cytosine, and thymine) of the genetic "alphabet" in DNA "texts" inherently form fractal

Later came the discovery of similar fractal structures in human speech that was not limited
to the multi-letter alphabets of Russian and English texts. This came as a (promising)
surprise both to geneticists and linguists. This discovery, however, was in accordance with a
branch of semiotics known as "Genetic Linguistics," devoted to the study of the heretofore
incomprehensible and inexplicable precise application of the laws of formal genetics to the
formation of human language.

Based on these discoveries, a group of scientists headed by M. U. Maslov and myself

developed a theory of fractal representation of natural (human) and genetic languages.
Among other things, this theory postulates that the "quasi-speech" of DNA possesses a
potentially inexhaustible supply of "words" and, moreover, that "texts," "phrases" and
"sentences" in DNA transform into the letters and words used in human speech.

This theory allows for a refined quantitative comparison of the symbolic structures of any
texts, including genetic texts. Furthermore, from this theory emerged the possibility of
deciphering the "lexicon" of the gene-code and, as a result, creating an accurate
composition of algorithms for addressing the human genome with the aim of potentially
programming one's vital activity (as a means of treatment), increasing one's life expectancy,
and so forth.

Empirical tests of the wave-based genome theory in light of the recently discovered
speech/linguistic characteristics of DNA prove that this theory's overall stance and direction
are correct. Some of these phenomenal experimental findings may be briefly presented

For the first time in the history of science, we successfully managed to obtain experimental 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 4 of 11

evidence of the ability of genetic data/information to function not only on the physical level
but also in wave/field (electromagnetic) form. Over a period of many years, in fact, during
which we conducted extensive theoretical research, we successfully managed to formulate
biological as well as mathematical descriptions that explain and substantiate the
fundamental principles of the genetic apparatus as it functions on the wave/field level.

This allowed us to design and build a quantum bio-computer, an essential element of which
is a specially tuned laser beam with specific wavelength (frequency) characteristics. This
quantum bio-computer can:

1. Scan and read the wave/field equivalent of genetic/metabolic data from (stem) cells,
tissues and organs of a donor's biosystem employing photons from the laser beam;

2. Convert the photons obtained into a wide-wavelength bandwidth that preserves the
scanned and read data;

3. Transform this scanned and converted data into radio waves that are then beamed into
the donor's organism, which can be located up to twenty kilometers away from the bio-

4. Regulate (manage) metabolism and postembryonic morphogenesis of the donor's

organism according to two vectors/modes:

4a. "Do as/what I do"--that is, a holographic principle; and

4b. Wave/field transmission of a signal that contains commands activating required

programs in the stem cells of, for instance, rats.

In our experiments, it became clear that these programs were essential in guiding the
development of stem cells while rebuilding a damaged pancreas in rats. Ultimately, of
course, these vectors/modes are intended to be used with humans.

Currently, we are able to encode (program and manage) stem cells of various types by
means of this quantum bio-computer. The quantum bio-computer initiates wave/field-based
commands to the cells and tissues of the donor, and accordingly stem cells exposed to
these waves/fields are prompted to begin guided cytodifferentiation leading to the
emergence and development of new organs and tissues. Obviously, such technology has
the capability of substantially increasing life expectancy.

Three series of experiments in wave-genetics of identical protocol were conducted by my

research groups in 2000 in Moscow, Russia; in 2001 in Toronto, Canada; and in 2005 in
Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. The goal of these experiments was specifically to test new
technology for regenerating a damaged pancreas in rats. The pancreas is an endocrine
gland with several vital functions, the major one being production of insulin, a hormone
responsible for sugar metabolism.

A control group of rats was injected with a lethal dose of a poison called alloxan that
destroys the pancreas. As a result, all the rats in the control group died from diabetes within
four days. Then the same lethal dose of alloxan was injected into another group of rats.
When this latter group reached critical condition, they were exposed to light images/waves
from our quantum bio-computer. These light images/waves had been created beforehand
when the bio-computer read information from a pancreas that had been surgically removed
from a healthy newborn rat of the same species.

We can explain the results of these experiments using the following analogy. The 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 5 of 11

aforementioned healthy pancreas contained "DNA movies" with all the necessary genetic
information about the healthy form and function of the pancreas. This projectable
"morphogenic" information, when beamed into the poisoned rats, programmed their stem
cells to regenerate their pancreas glands.

Altogether, approximately ninety percent of all the rats had their pancreas restored and
recovered their health. In some of the experiments the quantum bio-computer was modified
to allow successful transmission of the healing information to sick rats at a distance of
twenty kilometers. It is important to note that no known (or at least, admitted) biological fields
are capable of transmitting such extremely weak signals with such powerful results.

As mentioned previously, our research in wave-genetics also reveals potential applications

with significant prospects for solving issues regarding the aging process and thus increasing
life expectancy. This view is solidly grounded in evidence that emerged in our experiments
with rats.

In addition, it should be noted that the scope and possibilities of wave-genetics are not
limited to what has been outlined above. The applications of this technology are far-reaching
indeed, and have been substantiated by experimental data obtained through numerous
tests, experiments, and observations. On this subject, it ought to be mentioned that such
technology is capable of treating oncological diseases without use of any chemical
substances and eliminating pathogenic viruses, bacteria and agricultural parasites (for
example) also without use of chemicals.

Wave-genetics may strike the reader as a technology of another age, from the distant future.
However, the discovery of the fundamental properties of living organisms is occurring today,
and it is our task to research and explain these phenomena and bring them forward in
service to humanity.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Peter Gariaev. All Rights Reserved.

[Peter Gariaev, Ph.D., is considered the founder of the new science of wave-genetics and the discover of the
fascinating phenomenon known as the "DNA Phantom Effect." He is the Director of the Wave-genetics Institute
of Moscow and can be contacted at the following email addresses: and Your financial support of his revolutionary research is greatly encouraged and
appreciated by the Editor.]

DNA-related Definition of the Month

Wave-genetics: new scientific field that represents the exciting confluence of energy
medicine and molecular biology. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 6 of 11

2. End-times or a New Age?

Steve Kellogg
So what's the big deal about the Aquarian Age?

You have to wonder if some folks sat around 2,000+ years ago and spoke with great
anticipation of the Piscean Age, and at the same time "regular folks" sat around and made
fun of those "weird" new-age Pisceans.

Our current epoch is more than just the "next age." It is that, of course, as we've seen cycles
or ages come and go, each oriented to developing qualities in humanity and the planet so
that progress can be made.

But what's different about this period is that a major step is being made throughout the entire
planet which, of course, will impact everything and everyone on it. This step is nothing short
of a major planetary Initiation intended to propel the Earth from the cycle of involution to the
evolutionary path, which will eventually result in a return to the Godhead.

In the meantime, there are many ways to look at this changeover. Those familiar with
Initiation know that through the impact of higher energies, consciousness unfolds, matter is
refined, and attunement to a higher impulse grows.

The Bible refers to this period as the "end of days," seen as the final judgment, the battle of
Armageddon, and the return of the Christ. These views are essentially correct, viewed from
a different perspective and with a new consciousness.

For context, Earth is a schoolhouse for the evolution of humanity and many species,
including the Elemental Beings that provide the physical forms we occupy. As we all move
along taking classes, which are all designed to re-establish (eventually) contact with the
Higher Self, we progress through various grades of Initiation until we reach the point where
we graduate from the school of physical existence on this plane. We then move on to other
more advanced schools, as it were, for progress is seemingly endless.

So too does a planet progress, as it is a center in a great being referred to by some as a

Solar Logos. As this present cycle reaches it conclusion, not only will those on the planet be
taking final exams, but the entire planetary life will, too. Thus, schoolhouse Earth is
graduating. Many will proceed with it, and those who don't pass will be moved to another
school for more preparatory work. This is indeed the end of times, with respect to the
present civilization, for the next cycle will be different, a new era, a new time.

It will be an exciting ride, for Initiations are periods of upheaval. For Spirit to prevail, the old
forms and modes must be released. On a planetary scale, this will result in the breakdown of
aspects of civilization.

There's still a battle to be resolved between the old--the forces of stagnation--and the new--
the forces of evolution. This battle is being made manifest in the physical, and is the
equivalent of the Battle of Armageddon.

A literal fight is occurring to decide which will prevail: the one of staying put or the one of
moving forward. There really is no choice here but to move forward, sooner or later, but
those aligned with the old order are resisting any change or loss of control. 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 7 of 11

What's needed are enlightened servers who can assist with the unfolding of Spirit's plan in
the midst of turmoil. This requires knowing and commitment.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Steve Kellogg. All Rights Reserved.

[With over thirty years as a student, teacher, writer, teacher, trainer and server oriented to living the Path of
Initiation, Steve Kellogg has learned to intuit and apply spiritual truth in everyday life in practical ways. He has
been a group leader, minister/priest, and head of a metaphysical church. Experienced in assisting others to
optimize their spiritual potential, he has conducted embodiment reviews, reprogramming the subconscious,
and taught personal transmutation. He is also the author (writing as Lincoln Welles) of five books and manuals
containing exclusive and original information based on years of inner work. GRACE esoteric training center
provides a free "Service Bulletin" designed to expand and enhance your service. Visit for information.]

Did You Know ... that the "revolutionary healing science" (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method
employs the five vowels to stimulate a self-healing potential in human genetics by way of the
five corresponding nucleotides of DNA and RNA? In the unparalleled body of esoteric
knowledge known as The Law of One, the type of sound "catalyst" used in Regenetics (and
perhaps other modalities) is likened to a "scalpel" as opposed to the "blunt instrument" of
other methods of stimulating conscious evolution. Compared to ritualistic forms of
experiential catalyst such as prayers, affirmations, mantras, reiki and other predominantly
"light-based" approaches that by repetition may have established a "morphogenetic" field
that can be tapped into for certain healing purposes, vowels, according to The Law of One,
"have power before time and space and represent configurations of light which built all that
there is." Certain vowel sequences thus have power above and beyond most energetic
modalities to reset, on a permanent basis, an individual's bioenergy matrix. "In the case of
the Hebrew," it is stated, "that entity known as Yahweh aided this knowledge [of sacred
creational vowels] through impression upon the material of genetic coding which became
language" (italics added). Nearly two decades before the fact, this statement recorded in the
early 1980s uncannily anticipates the findings in the 1990s of "wave-genetics"--a
revolutionary "meta-genetic" science which clearly establishes that 1) human DNA is
profoundly "linguistic" in nature; and 2) human language can be adapted to activate and heal
DNA and, thus, the entire organism.

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"Definitely a spiritual journey that you do not want to put down." --Niama Williams, Ph.D.

3. Presentando nuestro segundo y tercer cerebro

Gabriella Kortsch

Por fin los neuro-científicos lo han logrado! Han demostrado que tenemos un cerebro en
nuestro corazón y otro en nuestras vísceras--en los intestinos. Lo que tenemos en cada uno
de estos sectores es, en realidad, una masa extensa de neuronas que se comportan de una
manera similar a las neuronas en el cerebro, y que además parecen funcionar a
velocidades mega, a menudo más rápidamente que la velocidad de las neuronas cerebrales
del cerebro.

El Segundo Cerebro

El segundo cerebro consiste en unas mil millones de células neurales en el tracto intestinal-
-un número mayor que aquellas en la espina dorsal. El Profesor W. Prinz del Instituto Max
Planck para Investigación Psicologica en Munich indicó a la revista Geo que es posible que
decisiones inconscientes se pueden tomar vía la red estomacal, y que luego el cerebro los
reclama como decisiones conscientes del mismo.

Este segundo cerebro salió a la luz por el neuro-biólogo Michael Gershon del Columbia-
Presbyterian Medical Center de Nueva York, autor de The Second Brain. Cuando se le
preguntó si el cerebro en nuestra cabeza influye sobre nuestro segundo cerebro, contestó
que si, como por ejemplo cuando sentimos nervios en el estómago cuando el cerebro envía
un mensaje de ansiedad a las vísceras. Esto, a su vez, envía un mensaje de vuelta al
cerebro indicando que no se encuentra feliz. Sin embargo--y esto es lo más fascinante del
tema--el cerebro en el intestino también puede trabajar en aislamiento, sin necesidad de
recurrir al cerebro ubicado en la cabeza.

El Tercer Cerebro

Con sus investigaciones revolucionarias el pionero Dr. J. Andrew Armour, neurocardiólogo

de la Universidad de Montreal presentó el concepto de un cerebro funcional en el corazón
en la década de los 90. Este cerebro en el corazón--igual que el cerebro en el tracto
intestinal--también puede funcionar independientemente del cerebro que tenemos en la

El tamaño de este cerebro, según el Institute of HeartMath ubicado en Boulder Creek,

California, es tan grande como varias de las áreas principales del cerebro en el cabeza. En
la revista Brain and Values se nombran estudios que demuestran que la consistencia del
ritmo encontrado en el cerebro ubicado en el corazón, es capaz de cambiar--y algunas
veces de manera espectacular--la efectividad del cerebro pensante de la cabeza. En teoria,
esto significa que lo que ocurre al nivel de los sentimientos, tiene la capacidad de influir
profundamente en lo que ocurre al nivel de los pensamientos.

En el libro The Heartmath Solution (aun no hay traducción al español), por Doc Childre y H.
Martin, se hace un estudio exhaustivo del corazón y de su asociación con la mente y el
cuerpo. Esto contribuye a la visión emergente del corazón como un sistema complejo y
auto-organizado que mantiene un diálogo continuo con el cerebro de la cabeza y el resto
del cuerpo. Investigaciones disponibles a Heartmath y publicadas en revistas importantes
médicas, demuestran que el cerebro del corazón tiene una influencia considerable sobre la 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 9 of 11

función de nuestros cerebros y todos nuestros sistemas físicos.

Lo Que Esto Implica

Imagina las implicaciones de esto! Aquellos que viven por su instinto, o que "escuchan" a
sus vísceras, o que toman decisiones basadas en lo que su corazón les indica, en vez de la
lógica del cerebro ubicado en la cabeza, saben ahora que aunque esto no sea siempre el
camino a seguir, todo lo dicho demuestra claramente que para hacer decisiones basadas
en todo el conocimiento de uno, se debe de aplicar no solo aquello que dice la lógica
(cerebro en la cabeza), sino también lo que dice el instinto (cerebro en el intestino) y el
corazón (cerebro en el corazón).

Investigaciones Vanguardistas

Mantenerse al día con investigaciones vanguardistas es algo fascinante porque significa

que se puede descubrir lo que está sucediendo en aquel mundo de pensamiento tan
intrigante y progresista mucho antes de que esa nueva información llegue a la prensa
generalizada. Significa, por tanto, que se puede empezar a aplicar dicha información mucho
antes de que el resto del mundo se entere de el ... y obviamente la única razón que eso es
importante, es porque tiene la posibilidad de influir sobre la calidad de tu vida ... algunas
veces solamente porque cambia la manera en que piensas sobre cosas.

Coincidencia en El País y Der Spiegel

Un articulo por Alex Celma en el suplemento de El País (2006) hizo referencia al valor de la
ternura, no solamente en el sentido de la ternura en la relaciones de pareja, sino en el
sentido de cómo la ternura puede estar implícita en acciones que dependen del
pensamiento, y por consiguiente hacen una diferencia en decisiones tomadas.

Un par de semanas más tarde un articulo en el semanal alemán Der Spiegel hizo referencia
al hecho de que números cada vez más grandes de investigadores, psicólogos, neuro-
científicos y incluso filósofos, están haciendo caso inédito al estudio de la intuición, donde
algunos incluso han llegado a decir que la intuición humana es mucho más aguda y fuerte
que la razón.

Aristoteles y Albert Einstein lo Sabían

Incluso Albert Einstein afirmó que "la mente intuitiva es un don sagrado y la mente racional
es un siervo fiel. Hemos creado una sociedad que honra al siervo y que se ha olvidado del
don". Está claro que reconoció el valor inestimable de la intuición sobre la razón, afirmando
a la vez que a la razón le toca un rol importante. Añadió: "lo único que realmente tiene valor
es la intuición". Dándo la razón a Aristóteles quien dijo: "la intuición es la fuente de todo
conocimiento científico", Einstein afirmó también "creo en la intuición y la inspiración, a
veces siento que estoy en lo correcto, aunque puede que no conozca la razón".

Antonio Damasio: "Siento, Ergo Soy"

Antonio Damasio, neuro-científico portugués de renombre, afiliado a la Universidad de Iowa,

y autor del elogiado Buscando a Spinoza: Neurobiología de la emoción y los sentimientos
ha demostrado, basándose en su extensa experiencia y estudios con pacientes
neurológicos, que cada decisión hecha por una persona requiere un impulso emotivo,
porque los seres humanos no pueden actuar basados puramente en la razón. En su libro
anterior El Error de Descartes: La emoción, la razón y el cerebro humano, Damasio insiste
que el axioma filosófico conocido: "Pienso, ergo soy", contiene un error, y que debería de
leer: "Siento, ergo soy", frase que llegó a ser el eslogan motivador de Daniel Goleman, 26-6-2010
DNA MONTHLY April 2009 Page 10 of 11

autor de Inteligencia Emoticional.

Cooper y "El Otro 90%"

Robert K. Cooper, autor de Aprenda a Utilizar el otro 90%, indica que mucha gente no ha
aprendido a hacerles caso a las mariposas en el estómago, y a lo que el corazón siente
porque así se puede ignorar aquello y es tanto más fácil permitirle a la cabeza a llevar las
riendas. Así, entonces, se arrollan posibles alternativas más productivas que pudiesen
hacer uso de todas las diferentes fuentes de inteligencia en el sistema.

Haciéndoles Caso a Todos Nuestros Cerebros

Como sociedad hemos menoscabado y saboteado el conocimiento que recibimos de

nuestros sentimientos y nuestra intuición. Incluso cuando quisiéramos darle valor a tal
conocimiento, debido a las constantes connotaciones perjudiciales conectadas a los
sentimientos y la intuición, generalmente nos echamos para atrás a la hora de hacerles
caso cuando surgen en nosotros.

Por tanto, investigaciones del estilo que se han descrito en este artículo, son muy
alentadoras, dado que posiblemente lleguen a convencer a muchos que bajo otras
circunstancias lo negarían, a prestar más atención a tal conocimiento y a empezar a usarlo
en sus vidas diarias.
Derechos (c) 2009 por Gabriella Kortsch. Todos los derechos son reservados.

[Gabriella Kortsch tiene un doctorado en psicología y es psicoterapeuta, hipnoterapeuta clínica, coach de

parejas, escritora, y conferenciante profesional. Emite un programa semanal de radio (en inglés) desde la
Costa del Sol en España, que también se puede oír en el Internet o como clips de audio en su portal. Ella
trabaja con clientes para llevarlos hacia un mayor éxito personal, profesional y de pareja utilizando un enfoque
integral basado en el desenvolvimiento del potencial humano. Suscríbete y motívate con su boletín
vanguardista, ahora disponible en español e inglés. También puedes leer y colgar tus comentarios en su blog
(en inglés).]

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