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Barriers to Reading

Barriers to Reading

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Barriers to Reading

Barriers to reading are the hurdles or obstacles that Reader faces in the act of reading.
There are various sources by which the hurdles arise which leads to disturbances in reading.

The list mentioned below consists of some of Barriers that a reader face while reading.

I. Improper surrounding: -

a) Pollution- Sound, Air

b) Improper Light

II. Language
III. Phobia
IV. Illiteracy
V. Jargons
VI. Spelling Mistakes
VII. Slang (mixing of Language)
VIII. Errata (Error in Writing)
IX. Closed Mind.
Barriers to Reading

I. Improper surrounding: -

a) Pollution- Pollution sometimes comes as a barrier to Reading while reader is on the

way of reading. Pollution can be of any origin i.e. can be of Sound or Air. Sound pollution is a
major concern that most of readers take care of as sound pollution leads to improper
concentration while reading. Air pollution also sometimes comes into picture as air pollution
such as smoke or dust leads to irritation in eyes or difficulty in breathing.

b) Improper Light- Improper light plays one of the major role in barriers to reading as
improper light leads to difficulties like Reader is unable to visualize the words written.

II. Language: -

Language is a human communication through the structured use of words. Different

languages use different ways of writing styles. Thus sometimes if the reader is new to particular
language he or she is unable to read language.

E.g. Marathi Person in organization unable to read formal letter written in Tamil
Language if not aware of writing styles.

III. Phobia: -

Phobia basically explains an extreme or irrational fear. Phobia is a psychological pressure

that may arise due to different reasons such as unable to read, size of book, reading of a new
terms and technique.

IV. Illiteracy: -

The term Illiteracy basically comes across when the reader is uneducated personnel. The
barrier of illiteracy comes as reader is not aware of words that are used in written language. Most
of such readers are found in rural areas where people don’t give importance to education. Such
Barriers to Reading

readers can speak in their language but if come across same language to read are not able to read
because of illiteracy.

V. Jargons: -

Jargons are words used by particular group and are hard for others to understand. Jargons
mostly comprises of technical words that are used to describe conditions in particular group.

E.g. Esophageal Varices i.e. Condition of Rupture of veins.

Anemia i.e. a medical condition where there is a shortage of red cell or haemoglobin
in the blood.

VI. Spelling Mistakes: -

Spelling mistake is one of the barriers of reading that comes while reading. Spelling
mistakes can lead to major errors as sometime it can change the meaning of entire sentence
which leads to different perception of situation or improper justifications.

E.g. Spelling of Message written wrong as Massage which leads to change in entire

VII. Slang (Mixing of Language): -

Mixing of the languages leads to the problems or barriers same as that of Difficulties in
understanding and reading of language.

VIII. Errata (Error in Writing): -

Errata term describes the uneven or irregular way of particular thing. Errata in writing
means error in writing which can be due to the errors in grammar or bad handwriting. Error in
writing leads to difficulties in reading and difficulties in understanding particular topic.

IX. Closed Mind:-

The word closed mind stands for situation where Reader is not interested in reading.
Barriers to Reading