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To whom it may concern;

I saw the opening for the Administrative Assistant II - Extended Studies

position, and hope to be considered for an interview.
I have a background in health and support services from Colorado Bluesky
and Community Residential and Respite. During my time with these
companies I had direct hands-on experience providing balanced and
nutritious meals for our clients. Coupling this with a broadened sense of
situational-awareness, my mind is acute enough to make finely-detailed
changes at short notice.
With my previous service at the Pueblo Library, I was also able to train in
public customer service and resource organization. Here I became aware of
the importance of deadlines and getting a job completed. This has helped
foster flexibility and adaptability in an energetic position that is constantly
moving and evolving.
I am confident I have the skills and can perform the necessary tasks looked
for in this field. Feel free to call me at (719) 696-0211 at anytime to arrange
a face-to-face interview. Thank you for your time- I look forward to pursuing
this wonderful opportunity!
Jacob K. Barger