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Every people has the right to marry regardless of sex, color and
race. Each of us has given equal rights to practice what we deserve
even if it includes legalizing gay marriage. Providing same-sex couples
with the same legal and social recognition of their relationships in no
way infringes upon the rights of others. Allowing same-sex marriage is
about extending the privileges already enjoyed by the majority to an
excluded minority who differ simply in terms of the sex of the person
with whom they are in a committed relationship. Thus, in the case of
Goodridge vs DOH held that the law is invalid and same sex couples
shall be allowed marital rights in the state of Massachusetts.
Though, it is very far from reality that gay marriage would be
legalized as the family code provides that marriage is a special
contract of a permanent union between a man and a woman entered
into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal family
life. Nevertheless, there would still be a hope for all the member of
LGBT community that they may be given a chance to have a legal
marriage out of their sexes. That their rights to marry may be
recognized by the state.
One of the basic principles on which this government was
founded is that of the equality of right which is embodied in Section 1,
Article III of the 1987 Constitution. The equal protection of the laws is
embraced in the concept of due process, as every unfair discrimination
offends the requirements of justice and fair play. According to a long
line of decisions, equal protection simply requires that all persons or
things similarly situated should be treated alike, both as to rights
conferred and responsibilities imposed.
Furthermore, legalization of gay marriage promotes true freedom
of religion freedom of religion allows a person or group to pursue the
practice of his/her own religion without government of dominant
church interference. The most fair and ethical approach which treats all
people equally regardless of religious affiliation is to factor out
religious points of view when crafting marriage laws within a secular
context. Same sex-marriage in the Philippines should be legalized for
the good of all.


Why legalizing same sex marriage in PH is good for all Filipinos.
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