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22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --Navig8 Group (Navig8), the world's largest provider
of maritime services, today announced that it has been advised by Oman Shipping Company
SAOC (OSC), one of the leading international shipping companies owning and operating a welldiversified and young fleet of 51 vessels mainly comprising of tankers, that they have decided to
internalize the commercial management of their VLCC fleet which had been hitherto in the VL8
The VL8 pool is one of the largest VLCC tanker pools in the world and one of 16 shipping pools
managed by Navig8. The company's 16 shipping pools bring together multiple, like-minded
owners with vessels of similar type and characteristics, into distinct pools. Each pool is managed
by the Navig8 as a single, cohesive fleet, allowing owners to leverage Navig8's leading network
of charterer relationships and strong cargo base. The aggregation of pool revenues, diversity of
pool member base, quality of counterparties and Navig8's robust risk management framework
heavily mitigates counterparty risks for the pool members.
OSC is a quality ship owner of repute having an array of topnotch customers and operating
worldwide a fleet of 51 vessels including 44 owned vessels. Among the fleet, 33 vessels are
tankers including 16 VLCCs. Out of 16 VLCCs owned by OSC, 15 have been placed in the VL8
shipping pool by OSC since 2010.
Leaders speak
"We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial and close cooperation with Navig8 Group since we
joined the VL8 pool as a founding member in 2010," said Tarik Al Junaidi, Chief Executive
Officer of Oman Shipping Company. "Despite the many benefits we have received from our
vessel participation in the VL8 pool, we have made the decision to internalize the commercial
management of our VLCC fleet to meet our legitimate growth aspirations in every functional
area under the OSC brand."
"Navig8 is grateful to Oman Shipping for placing their VLCCs with us for commercial
operations, while they built their own internal capabilities," said Nicolas Busch, Chief Executive
Officer of Navig8 Group. "We look forward to maintaining our close relationship with Oman
Shipping and its affiliates."
About Navig8 Group
The Navig8 Group is a fully integrated provider of maritime services, and the world's largest
independent pool and commercial management company. Navig8 operates 16 vessel pools
spanning 4 industry segments and manages over 250 vessels (including commitments) on behalf
of a diverse pool member base comprising over 35 shipowners from 18 countries.

Navig8 has built, and maintains, a vast network of charterer relationships, driven by proximity to
customers and regional markets through a global network of 16 offices, employing over 300
staff. Its established track record of high-quality service provision is founded on a deep
knowledge of global commodity flows, which is derived both through information gained from
the managed fleet and a highly-regarded in-house research team.
In addition to its core commercial management platform, Navig8 provides technical
management, newbuilding construction supervision, bunker trading and brokerage, corporate
administration and asset management services.
About Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C.
Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C. is a closed joint stock company, incorporated in 2003 and
owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman through the Ministry of Finance (80%) and
Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C. (20%). The Company is involved in Ship Owning, Ship
Chartering and Ship Management activities through its Subsidiary Companies namely; Oman
Charter Company S.A.O.C. (OCC), Oman Ship Management Company S.A.O.C. (OSMC), and
Oman Container Line (OCL) S.A.O.C.
OSC has a crisp and focused vision to be the 'first choice partner in maritime transportation'.
Arising out of this corporate vision, it has dedicated itself to offering the most optimum seaborne
shipping solutions which benefit its worldwide customers. OSC also undertakes in-house
technical management of 38 vessels to the exacting international standards through its ship
management subsidiary, including the ship management of the bareboat tonnage. OSC has an
envious record of reaching the 8 million DWT mark in its operating capacity in a relatively short
span of about 13 years and at the same time handsomely contributing to the national economy.