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Waterloo East High School

Exploring Careers in Human Services

FCS 120
Class Days/Time

Jonna Paulson
319-433-2400 ext. 14347

Room 300
Period 2, 7 & 8

Course Description
Students will develop essential skills necessary to begin a successful career in Human Services. Learning and developing
important skills like interpersonal relationships, resource management, and heathy living habits. All of which are crucial to
achieving success in a career, with a family, and as a member of a community. Other items we will touch on consist of: Life
skills, wellness and awareness, serving your community, financial literacy, math connection, science connection, living green,
and analyzing and problem solving.
Recommended Course Prerequisite(s): N/A
Text: Succeeding in Life and Career, Frances Baynor Parnell : 10e
Student evaluation will be accomplished through in-class activities, team building & leadership, in-class discussions, class
participation, engagement with guest speakers, testing, and the final exam.
Learning Activities
1. Class and/or small group discussion
2. Guest Speakers
3. Demonstration and event practice
4. Lecture and guided notes
5. Team Building & Leadership activities
Participation- 40% (attendance, involvement in class discussions/work & engagement)
Daily Work/Homework- 30% (papers done on time, double spaced, and well written, worksheets completed correctly)
Tests & Quizzes- 30%
Classroom Policies:
Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy
The integrity of the academic program and degree rests on the value that the grades awarded to students reflect only their
own individual efforts and achievement. Students are required to perform the work specified by the teacher and are
responsible for the content of work submitted. Violations of academic integrity include various types of plagiarism and
cheating. Please refer to your student handbook for definitions of plagiarism and cheating, as well as the penalties for
violations of academic integrity.
Late Work
To receive full credit for your homework it must be turned in on the day it is due at the beginning of class. After this time it
will be worth half credit. If you had an excused absence, you have 2 days to complete any make-up work. Remember it is your
responsibility to get caught up on what was missed.
The technology that we have in todays society is vast, and can be used to access a wealth of information. I recognize that
smart phones can be a very useful tool for accessing this information. For this reason, I do allow cell phones in class, provided
that they are either turned off, or on silent mode once the class bell rings. There should be no texting, listening to music, or
ringtones going off during the class period. Cell phones will be allowed to be used for certain classroom activities designated
by the teacher or any other East High School Staff. Any misuse, however, will result in cell phone privileges taken away, and
the possibility of confiscation. This applies to iPods and any other media device as well. If cell phone use does become a
problem, I will ask you to hand over your device, and you will have to go through the necessary channels to get it back. Refusal
to hand over any device at the teachers request will result in an office visit and following disciplinary actions.

Course Outline
Unit 1 Career Preparation
Unit 2 Resource Management
Unit 3 Relationships
Unit 4 Parenting, Childcare, and Guidance
Unit 5 Wellness and Nutrition
Unit 6 Personal Finance
Unit 7 Fashion and Apparel
Unit 8 Housing and Transportation
Classroom Website
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