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President Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson
Old Hickory

About Me: The 7th president of these here United States. I served in the
Revolutionary War at the age of 13. Plus a fantastic military leader in the War
of 1812 that lead the US to victory in the Battle of New Orleans.
Hobbies: gambling ( a little money never hurt nobody), duels ( for the record
the other person started it - I just punish them for bothering me), enjoying a
cold glass of whiskey (Hey, drinking is healthy for the president! How else do
you expect him to put up with Congress?!)

Current Address: The


A government big
enough to give you
Age; 78, (but I can still take everything you want, is
strong enough to take
everything you have Birthday: March 15, 1767 Thomas Jefferson

I do not understand how people can be so clueless. It is evident that

some things are created for the selfish monopolistic woes of another.
Is it not right for a man to call a duck as he see one?!

John C. Calhoun

John Quincy Adams

July, 1832

Finally, got some of these buffoons to see their place. Those darn
banks, never liked em anyways! Now that my veto is complete
there is no need to fear of what could have become with paper

Martin V Buren

July, 1832
William Blount
South Carolina, a cowardice state. They threaten to secede
from our humble Union, after already pulling a stunt trying to
nullify the new tariff. Watch them tremble as my men and I
come and test their precious land.

William Hart Benton


It is our American right to move out west and if someone or some

people stand in our way. then by the force of my fist I say we smash
them and complete our duty. Let John Marshall make his claims, but I
am the President and he should know better than to go up against me!!


Henry Clay

< Messages

John Marshall

Mr. President, as much as I enjoy the

opportunity to speak with you, I must
keep this short. As you know I have a
very important decision to make. Is
there something I can do for you?


Good Morning, Mr. Supreme Court

Justice. I presume all is well on this
lovely day?

Just how I like it, straight to the

point! I was just interested in
discussing the matters of the
Cherokee with you.
Mr. President, I know you understand
the concept of Checks and Balances. As
you do, you know it would be a direct
conflict if I were to share any
information regarding the case.

As I said before, I cannot disclose any

information. Thus speaking I have made
my decision and without saying much. I
do not know how much longer we will be
on good terms. That is my decision for
the people.

John, I just want you to see the American

peoples perception of it. A group of
people that prevent them from reaching
their full potential. It just takes an easy
word to make the decision and relocate
the burden.

I see. Well I understand you made

your decision, as I have made
mine. I guess the stronger man will
win. Good night then!

< Messages

C. Calhoun
C. Calhoun

Good evening, Mr. President. May I

ask what your concern is regarding
the Speaker?

With all due respect, I cannot support

your decision to reduce the tariff.

I understand your need to preserve

the Union, but at what cost? There
is no logical reason to lower the
tariff. It is fine as it is.

Date & Time

We need to schedule an appointment

with the Speaker of the House.

Im hoping that after we speak to him,

he will take matters into his hands
and convince the rest of Congress to
reduce the tariff, before matters get

I never asked for your support, I asked

you to be in attendance with the
Speaker of the house and me. All that
matters is that you attend, just sit and
look pretty, let me do all the talking.

Preserving the Union is the only reason that should matter. We

are the United States not the dismantled States. South Carolina
will nullify the tariff, a treasonous act. Therefore we must
prevent the situation before it erupts. Either you attend the
meeting or do not bother telling me your opinion on the matter.
Decisions are made by the people that care to show up.


4:30 a.m.

Lets start the

day off right


Here we go again! If I knew wake up was this early I would have reconsidered leading the free world

7:00 a.m.

I Wont Back Down Tom Petty

Meeting with VPOTUS and Henry Clay on compromise over the Tariff of 1832 - remember do not compromise

8:10 a.m.
9:05 a.m.

I Can Help Elvis Priestly

Drop by the big block of cheese and listen to peoples matters - remember to hear them and make them feel like they are important

Well I guess we cant have everything

Discuss buying Texas from Mexico, -again- with Kitchen Cabinet (it'd be so much more interesting if I just agreed to take it by force)

11:50 a.m.

Money Thats What I Want Barrett Strong

Call Louis-Philippe (the French ruler) and discuss Frances snake like actions to delay payment - maybe war not the worse option?

3:12 p.m.

I cant get no Satisfaction Rolling Stones

Read over Congress final legislation - is using the surplus of money for the National defense such a bad idea? I feel a migraine coming on - Ill sign anything to end this feud.

11:45 p.m.

A Hard Days Night

The Beatles

Finally, some peace and quiet I swear if anyone dares ruin my sleep Ill beat them with my trustee cane


Andrew J. #
There is no pleasure in having nothing to do, the
fun is having lots to do and not doing it - AJ



In memory of my beloved wife. You will forever remain

in my heart. I will never let you be forgotten. Oh
Rachel I miss you so. I promise to care for the boys
like you would have! Till we meet again, my beloved.


#tbt to the early days. Whenever you feel
sorry for yourself, just remember I was an
orphan boy lived a harsh life, but I
overcame my issues and so can you!!


Let this serve as a warning for anyone who dares challenge
me. I take threats very seriously, and when we duel you will
lose. We may both be wounded but I will heal, but you will
never be heard from again. However if you still would like a
challenge, then meet me for a duel around brunch!


Perhaps the only man I trust, Martin I wish every person I dealt with
was like you. With the Lord on our side, I know you will become my
successor. I can only see a bright future with you leading the country.
Cheers, to a great man and an even better friend!


Just a shout out to one of the most impressive leaders in history. He
started off as an awful military leader, but his determination made him
successful. It was an honor to serve next to you in war, but It is an
even higher honor to share the same title of President with you!



As it is said, I am the Peoples President, that is why our 2 ton block

of cheese is for everyone. You take what you need and people can
share their issues and news. A tiny example of a united people.
Everyone is invited at any time! ( located in the lobby of the White

How many years did Andrew

Jackson attend a public school?

was self-educated.
None, he
he was
After 8 years of schooling, he dropped out to fight
in the Revolutionary War.

What was Andrew Jacksons

favorite athletic pastime?


Horse Racing
Shot put

Which political group

developed as an
opposition group to
President Jackson?

(National Republicans) and the
Whig (National Republicans) and the Anti-Masonic Party
Anti-Masonic Party
Liberal Democrats
Free-Soil Party

What did Jacksons

supporters call the
Election of 1824?

A Cat Fight Election

The Corrupt Election of 1828
Election of Abominations
Bargain of
of 1824

Why was Andrew Jacksons

parrot, Poll, removed from
his funeral ?

It screamed throughout the entire service.

It cried because it was upset with the death of

It screamed curses that it learned from


It screamed curses it learned from Jackson.

Andrew Jackson bird passed away a day
before the funeral.

was Andrew
one of Andrew
Jacksons favorite foods ?
Poll, removed from
his funeral ?

ice cream

cow tongue

About how many bullets did

Jackson have lodged in his
body that were never
Bullets from Duels

2 2

Andrew Jackson was the first

man elected to the House of
Representatives for which

New York
North Dakota


Andrew Jackson was 1 out

of 2 presidents to

lose their wife in office

test the Nations checks and balances

have killed a man

liveinina alog

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The Weekly Washington Post

Author: Collective group of journalists
for a month subscription

The Last of the Mohicans

Author: James Fenimore Cooper

POTUS playlist

God Bless the USA

Lee Greenwood
Battle of New Orleans
Jimmy Driftwood
Over There
George M. Cohan

Off-Duty Playlist

Im Still Standing
Elton John
The Beatles
Were Not Gonna Take It
Twisted Sister
One Way or Another

Jackson Edition Dictionary:

Na - Nu
Native Americans - noun
AJ Def: group of people that prove to be liabilities, especially
those Cherokees and Seminoles. They are preventing
Americans from spreading all the way west. They must be
True Def: indigenous people that were here before all Old
World immigrants came over, the people that were in the
USA first.
Sentence: The group of Native Americans, the
Cherokees have proven to be a burden to expansion.

Nullify verbAJ def: a treasonous act that is a step to toward

secession, which would have resulted in a Civil War.
True Def: the process in which acts are invalidated,
or legally void, when something loses its born worth.
Sentence: If South Carolina proceeds to Nullify
the Protective Tariff, my men and I will go down
there and show them a true whipping.

Pre - Pro
Presidential Veto - noun
AJ Def: a tool used only by the President to try
and prevent any legal matter that the does not
agree with, more specifically a tool to get rid of
the annoying National Bank
True Def: a power given to the president as a
part of the system of checks and balances. It
allows the president to stop a billon law from
being passed unless it is override by 2/3 of
Sentence: The President did not agree with
Congresss tax plan so he used his power
of the Presidential Veto to stop it from
becoming a law.

Ma - Mi
Manifest Destiny- noun
AJ def: Our (Americans) natural right to expand outward
while utilizing the land.
True Def: The Americans God given right to expand
Westward, the justification used to destroy Native homes.
Sentence: Manifest Destiny is the perfect way to see the
natural beauty of the United States of America.

Protective Tariff - noun

AJ Def: high tariff that will cause a wimpy
state will try to nullify, therefore making the
government (or me) angry and nearly
causing a Civil War
True Def: a tariff that is used to make a
good expensive and keeping the products
safe from foreign influence.
Sentence: Craftsmen such as
blacksmith often enjoy a protective tariff
that will protect their goods from foreign


Out of

Coming soon to Theaters

Fear the National Bank

Tear Built West

Spoiled People

Fear the National Bank

Ratings: 7/10
Whigs - disliked film very much - push for it to go straight to DVD.
People - generally pleased

Description: The year was 1832 and Jackson

was fueled with anger. How dare they, he
thought. How dare they ask the President of
the United States to allow for the National Bank
to proceed. A private corporation acting in
such a monopolistic way. I represent the
people and the people have spoken.
A feature film portraying the Bank War. The
vigorous fight between President Jackson and
the Whigs over the recharter bill of the National
Bank. Jackson would veto the bill and take the
money and place it in pet banks. In the future
creating the National Treasury.

Spoiled People
Ratings: 8/10
Congress - not a big fan of the spoils system - feel that government should be run by those
that can understand it
People love it, love to support the president and the president clearly takes this into
account and gives out jobs to the people he see fit - those that are prominent in the world simple citizens

Description: The Peoples President, the one,

the only President Andrew Jackson. Jackson
arose from a life of orphanage, living in a log
cabin. He lived a life of poverty and proved to
become one of the greatest leaders of the free
world. In the Spoiled People, see Andrew
Jackson as you have never seen him before.
The movie takes place directly after his
inauguration and continues to the end of his
first term.
For crude language - we ask that all children
under 13 are escorted by an Adult.

Perfectly depicts how Jackson takes the people into account and rotated the power into the common mans hands.. - Andy (farmer
from TN)

In Tears We Stand
Rating 4/10
Supreme court - disapproved of the action to remove the
Cherokee Indians
Many people however supported it as the removal lead to
more available land

Description: In this heartbreaking motion

picture, President Jacksons darker colors are
shown. Jackson is portrayed as a selfish and
racist man that only considers the feelings of
the white Americans. The Native Americans,
more specifically, the Cherokees are forced to
leave their homeland as an effort to push
forward westward expansion. Encounter the
Native Americans perception of Andrew

Incredibly true to history, the confrontation between the Chief Justice and the President is forever more iconic - Martin Van Buren

The Legend of Old Hickory

A documentary based on Andrew Jackson, the
man. The production focuses on the time from
his inauguration to his retirement to the
Hermitage. It is a very real and different form of
Jackson. It follow the man that knew the Union
had to be preserved at all costs. A man that had
to stop the huge corruption in the government
system. The man that changed American
politics. Andrew Jackson, the legend that put
those who knew nothing in the position to know
everything. Andrew jackson, a true American

Americans are not a perfect people, but we

are called a perfect mission
Andrew Jackson
*Out of respect to the President, we have chosen to not rate this production*

Special Note from the Kitchen Cabinet , (Lower Cabinet, Jacksons private
cabinet of 13 members act continued ti change, acted as friends and adviser)
On behalf of your staff we would like to say President Jackson it has been a
pleasure serving for you!

Home of the Peoples President, the Hermitage has served as a

tourist attraction in Nashville, TN for over a hundred years. It
portrays the Jacksonian Era like never before. Andrew Jackson
himself inhibited the Hermitage in 104 when he bought it from his
neighbor Nathaniel Hays. With 425 acres, Jackson was focused on
remodeling his home to his desire. In fact, he was so dedicated and
focused he quit his Superior Court judgeship to pursue his newly
formed enterprise and his new home.

After retiring from the Senate, Jackson was fortunate enough to

be elected to the superior court of Tennessee, the present day
Tennessee Supreme Court. For six years Jackson would work on
circuits throughout the state. There were times, however, that he
worked alongside the other judgeships. There was one instance
when a rightfully accused man stormed out of the court cursing
and began loading his weapons. Jackson requested to be
Summoned to retrieve the man. The man was brought back
with Jackson two minutes. Jackson would retired in 1804 and
pursued his next dream of working for the local militia.

There is not a more iconic symbol of American identity as there is

the White House. Serving as the 7th president of the United States,
Jackson truly made his time in office valuable. Not only was he the
first and only president to pay off the national debt, he was also the
first to install indoor plumbing into the White House. He often threw
lavish parties and invited all different people to join him. His notable
1,400 ton block of cheese was so impactful that its aroma was set
in some of the fixtures for months.

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