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English is an international is been used as the first language in many
developed and developing countries. Bangladesh has also introduced as the second
language.IT is now like oil .As the world cannot think of a day without oil. We also
cannot think of a day without English. Ecommerce, business, banking everything is
done by English worldwide. English medium of communication between people of
different countries. As a student English is very important for me, I have to use it
every day for different purpose. But it was not easy for me to get a hold over
English easily.
When I was in class 09 I had to make an aim in life and strive towards it. So I
chose engineering as my aim in life. But only obstacle that came in my way was
English. As English was not my first language I was very weak in English. I had
problem in understanding very simple English. Then my term final exam started
and I cut a very sorry figure in my English exam. Which made me very angry. Now
it was my first priority to get a very good grip over English. So I went to my
English teacher for assistance. My English teacher helped me with everything
regarding learning English. My motivation was to get good grip over
English as higher education is fully in English. So to become a good engineer I had
to learn good English.
For improving my language my teacher told me to enrich my vocabulary as it is
one of the key to learn English easily. My English teacher also advised me to write
a few lines in English about myself and what I did all day. He also told me to make
a personal diary and write my hobby, passion, aim etc in that diary in English. I
followed everything he told me to was not easy to memorize vocabulary .but I
tried my best .I learnt about 10-15 words every day. Slowly I saw my English was
getting better. I was able understand simple and complex English. My fluency in
English was getting better I could talk in English without hesitation. It was like the
table was turned in favor of me.
My motivation for becoming an engineer was the thing that worked as locomotive
for me in learning English. My English teacher is a person to whom I am very
much grateful for helping me in my difficult times. He gave me his valuable time
and helped me to overcome any obstacle that came in my way. Now I am studying
Engineering and I can see that my effort was not in vain. I can now easily
understand lectures and all the topics in my books.
Nothing in this world is easy .Everything that is valuable we have to strive for it.
Today I am proud that I tried my best in learning English and it has given me a
good grip over English. I have not stopped learning English. I am still learning to
have more proficiency in English. Yes it is true once I did bad in English exam. But
I always take that as a gift from my creator. It was a very bad number but when I
look at the bright side of this poor number I become happy.
So I can say with pride that my motivation for learning English as second language
helped me learn the language.