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Once upon a time, there is a great kingdom called Prambanan.

One day, the

kingdom was attacked by the State Pengging Prambanan. prambanan soldiers are
unable to face Pengging forces. finally, the kingdom ruled prambanan Pengging
under the leadership of Bondowoso.
Bondowoso very powerful and have a genie forces. One day, he was attracted to
Jonggrang, princess Prambanan. "It's beautiful princess. I want to make him as my
wife." said Bondowoso.
the next day Bondowoso approached roro Jonggrang. "Hey, would you be my wife?"
asked Bondowoso.
"These men presumptuous all. Not know me immediately asked me to be queen."
roro said Jonggrang in the liver.
roro Jonggrang confusion, if he refuses, Bondowoso definitely a big upset and will
harm the families and the people of Prambanan. if he said yes, it was not possible.
because roro Jonggrang does not like to Bondowoso.
"Roro Jonggrang how?" demanded Bondowoso.
finally, roro Jonggrang get the idea.
"I am willing to be the consort of lord, but there are conditions. I asked for the
temple, the number should be 1000 pieces." roro Jonggrang said.
"Thousand pieces?" shouted Bondowoso.
"Yes, and the temple was to be completed overnight."
Bondowoso staring Roro Jonggrang. her lips quivering rage.
"Masters can make a thousand temples with the help of the genie!" said the adviser.
"It is also true you suggest, prepare the equipment I needed!" said Bondowoso.
Bondowoso stood before the altar stone. his arms spread out wide.

"Jin troops, help me!" he cried in a booming voice.

before long, the sky becomes dark. Wind howling. a moment later, the troops had
gathered around Bondowoso jin.
"What should we do sir?" asked the leader of the genie.
"Help me build a thousand temples," pleaded Bondowoso.
the genie immediately execute the orders Bondowoso. in a short time, the temple is
composed of nearly a thousand.
roro Jonggrang observe from a distance. "Well what about this? They are almost
finished work ,: said roro Jonggrang.
he was looking reasonable. the royal ladies were asked to collect straw.
"Quick burn all the straw that!" Jonggrang roro command.
most of the other ladies asked pounding mortar.
Radiating red tinge to the sky with the sound of bustle.
jin forces thinks about to break.
"Wow, the sun will rise!" exclaimed one of the jinn.
"We should get going before the sun burned our bodies." jin said another.
genies scattered leave. Bondowoso surprised to see them panic.
"Temple which you requested is standing!" said Bondowoso. roro Jonggrang count
the number of the temple. it turns out, only 999! "The number is less one!" roro
Jonggrang intriguing.
"impossible!" shouted Bondowoso.
"If so, you are complete!" wonderful! roro Jonggrang immediately turned into a
stone statue.

supposedly, to date, the temples that still exist in the area of Prambanan, which is
known as the 'temple roro Jonggrang.'

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