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PERFORMANCE AUTO GLASS is a local company providing superior services and competitive

rates for all Auto Glass needs . We offer a fresh alternative for comprehensive auto glass
replacement and repair. We would like to become the preferred local provider for the Gulf
Coast's auto glass needs.Our team is comprised of knowledgeable, fully trained technicians,
working only with materials that measure up to strict Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Please fill out the form below to submit your information so we can get your organization
started earning money right away.


1. Submit your application below.

2. Once we recieve your application, we will issue you a partner code. This will be the code
you will place on your fundraiser cards so that your organization receives credit for any sales
generated through your network.

3. In the course of your regular contacts (friends, neighbors, co-workers etc...), simply share
your partnership cards..... Auto glass repair and replacement services are very common. All you
have to do is tell them about your partnership and ask for their support.We can also provide you
with our fundraising logo that will enable you to create additional advertising flyers and/or

4. Each month, we will generate a sales report and pay your organization a 5% fee based on your
total sales for the previous month (less sales tax). The payment will be made by check or
through Paypal the choice is yours.

Its that easy a fundraising program you can use indefinitely. Theres no order taking, no
products to deliver and no money to collect from your members and your organization recieves
a continuing profit.

WE REPLACE & REPAIR all kinds of auto glass!

WE INSTALL WHERE THE CUSTOMER with our mobile glass service work, home, anywhere!

WE PROVIDE DIRECT BILLING to all insurance companies .

WE WELCOME fleet & corporate accounts.

We offer super competitive rates !! This makes it a GREAT deal for both parties !

To be completed by Performance Auto Glass:

Partner Code

Organization Name :

Fundraising with
Performance Auto Glass

Application Form
Today's Date :_______________
Organization Name: ____________________________________
Contact Name: ________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
City: __________________ State: ________ Zip: _____________
Phone Number:(____) ___-_______ Phone Number:(____) ____-_______
Email: _______________________________________________
Federal Tax ID if applicable _________________________________
Agreement Terms: Approval of this application is at the sole discretion of Performance Auto Upholstery and Glass. This agreement may
be terminated and/or cancelled with thirty days written notice at any time by either party. The proceeds to the organization will be 5%
of the pre-sales tax sale receipt generated under your organizations refferals. A check will be issued to the organization on a monthly
basis within 14 days of the previous month. No guarantees or warranties of any kind are made by either party as to the anticipated
success of this fundraising effort. The terms above are agreed and accepted by:

Organization Representative: ________________________ Date: ________

To be completed by Performance Auto Glass
Manager Approval Signature:_______________________ Date: ________
We are excited about your desire to become a partner with Performance Auto Glass.
We love working with non-profits, sports teams, and any other organizations in need of operating funds.
Please submit this completed form in person or e-mail it to

Performance Auto Uoholstery and Glass | 17251 HWY 53 Gulfport, MS 39503 | 228-263-0007
Fax 228-539-0085 | e-mail