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Greyhawk Reborn Narrative Late Night Worries, Needfest 7, 617 CY

The candles have long since burnt to the nub yet Rickanthus the Grey, Dreadwalker Master of Recruits
continued to pace in the dark. The nearby desk contained various messages, reports and opinions on the
political earthquake that has sundered Keoland. With a heavy sigh, Rickanthus sits at the desk once more in
an attempt to find the proper words to fully put his concerns on paper.

To my esteemed colleagues of the High Council,

Recent events have placed our fellowship in a precarious position where one sentence spoken without
forethought, one action taken without the thought of the consequences, one word not said when it is most
needed, may bring great pain and suffering to those who live within and around our beloved Dreadwood.
When Dreadwalker King Kimbertos Skotti ruled Keoland, we had the luxury of ignoring the political
maneuvering of the various noble families that are bound to the land around the Dreadwoods. He took care
of the politics so that we could concentrate on protecting those who live near our woods from the darkness
within. Without King Skotti or a leader of his caliber, once mighty Keoland has broken leaving us in a
most precarious position and unprepared for the new political landscape.
Due to over a decade of rapid growth, the Dreadwood now extends into the new kingdoms of Nume Eor
and Salinmoor. While most of the Dreadwood still resides in Keoland as the Dreadwood Preserve, we
have Dreadwalkers patrolling in areas that are new kingdoms. Our own recruitment camp resides in
Burle which is well within the Salinmoor border. How can we continue to honor our duties and oaths
within three different kingdoms? What do the newly crowned think of the Dreadwalkers and is beneficial
or detrimental to us?
Furthermore, we cannot presume that the breaking of Keoland will be peaceful. History is full of bloody
civil wars where a kingdom wages war to reclaim lands lost to counties declaring independence. If that
were to happen, the Dreadwoods would be in the middle of everything with Keoland to the north, Nume
Eor to the Southwest and Salinmoor to the Southeast.
There are no easy paths through this political forest of nightmares. I believe that we should try to remain
neutral with all kingdoms in order to preserve our autonomy of action within the Dreadwoods. We also
must engage each kingdom diplomatically and give them a diplomatic means of working with us. To this
end, we should appoint an ambassador to each kingdom to deal directly with each ruler. These ambassadors
will keep the high council informed of anything that concern the Dreadwalkers and the Dreadwoods. They
will be answerable to the high council.
I look forward to hearing your responses and I pray that you see a better trail through the difficult times
I see ahead.
Your Brother,

Rickanthus the Grey

Master of Recruits, Burle

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