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What Law


Common Law UCC

Mixed Contracts
Contract Formation Types of Contracts Sales of Goods (Sale of Goods &

Offer Acceptance Consideration Bilateral Unilateral Express Implied in Fact Implied in Law In excess of $500 Gravemen

Offer can be Looks at the

Can only be
Manifestation of intent particular Looks at the
accepted in any Promise for a accepted by Either written or Look at the Used to prevent
Objective Theory to be presently legally Ads are not offers Promise for an act Court imposes an transaction on transaction as a 4 Factors
reasonable Promise completion of oral surrounding unjust enrichment
bound(Offeror) obligation to pay which the whole
manner perfomance circumstances
on benefits complaint is based
conferred despite
the absence of a

Whether a
reasonable person
in the position of
the offeree would Just solictation of Nature of the Respective amt
Silence Topic Language Reason for the K
believe that the an offer business charged for each
offeror had a
present intent to be