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0 20/12/2016 . the website along with some best features in industry should be able to grab the attention of user. 2 V 1.Confidential Project Proposal Ticket # Project Brief The project is to revamp the website of as with changing time and trend.

2) Quality of images on the following path needs to be changed as it is difficult to read the current image. “E-mail” & “Sitemap” respectively. Home>About Us>Quality Charter) irrespective of what is being searched.0 20/12/2016 . It needs to be changed to “Privacy Policy”. platform and orientation. VMWare etc should be placed on the home page in the top. the window opens the “Privacy Policy” page. 8) When the cursor hovers over any of these icon at the top of the page. 6) Adding some material apart from the corporate brochure in the “Resources” page like some white papers or blogs. It is suggested that the website be changes to a responsive website **Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size. No.27001 labels in order to catch the attention of the visitor.e. along with the cmmi:3. but the title of that page is “Sitemap”. It also shows misalignment between the text “Search the site” and the search box. Name URL Description 3 V 1. 3rd Party Integrations System will integrate below mentioned 3rd party solutions. ISO 9001. a label should be produced like “Home”. Searching here directs to the same page (i. This needs to be changed and a plug in is to be employed here. 7) The blue box appearing here should not be visible to users. 4) When clicked on “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of the page. Regularly publishing these also help in the SEO. Home / Services / Enterprise Technology Services / Application Development and Maintenance 3) The logos of partners like MS gold partner.Confidential Project Proposal Ticket # Proposed Changes: 1) The current version of this website is a static version. 5) The content be changed from long paragraphs to short bullet points at some places in the site to make reading easier and comfortable for the user.

We will make minor changes in design like color. font type.Confidential 1 Project Proposal Custom Search Engine https://cse. 540x960. supported devices resolution/design will be 480x800. We will provide mobile app and web portal on promised staging/ production server as default deliverables. supported operating system versions will be from JellyBean to Marshmallow For mobile app. For Mobile app. 4. age. 480x854. Once logged in. Application will support portrait mode only. and 1920x1020. One-Time walkthrough demo/training of the overall system 3.x Radix will provide suggestions & technical instructions in order to run the site smoothly and believes that these instructions will be followed. Application must have GPS setting enabled by the user for Geo tagged the images For Offline mode support. 3.0 20/12/2016 . Assumptions (Website): # 1. Description For Backend/Web Portal. One month support for User acceptance testing and bug fixing as warranty Assumptions (Mobile App): 1. 5. their credentials will be saved in application and will be used to validate user in Offline mode. 2. we have considered integrating a readymade design templates of following type and complexity. It will not be dynamic and if any changes are to be done with respect to the data to be captured will need programming efforts which will be estimated separately.1/sort. Deliverables: We will provide below items as default deliverables: 1. 1280x720. We will implement standard validations for the forms & fields based on detailed requirements captured post project 4 V 1. m/ Ticket # Plug-in to make search on your website easy and simple. # Description Inspection form will be fixed and programmed into the application. 2. font size etc.desc?branch=3. 3. users must login first time in online mode.

0 20/12/2016 . 5. 6. We will perform QA/Testing on one of the platform/OS which is recommended by client. 4. 4. Required from Client: # Description 1.Confidential Project Proposal inception. Domain and Hosting Server details Google PlayStore account details Any third party tools required will be purchased and provided by client Theme to be used for Web Portal Tool for generating PDF 2. 5. We have considered the HTML5 supported browsers Website will be designed to support desktop machine browsers with support for minimum resolution of 1024x768px. Project Plan & Timelines Ticket # Timelines Deliverables Milestone/Phase Milestone 1 Week 1 – Week 2 1) Requirement Gathering and Analysis 2) Designing 3) Project Planning 4) Admin/Customer Interface 5) Staging Deployment 6) Radix QA 7) Client Demo & UAT Milestone 2 Week 3 – Week 4 1) Web Service Development 2) Android Application 3) Staging Deployment 5 V 1. 3. 7. Client will use PhpMyAdmin to manage customer accounts and staff user accounts.

00 2.00 per hour. The costs for the same are to be borne by the client.Confidential Project Proposal Ticket # & Demo 4) Radix QA 5) Client UAT 6) Live Deployment Costing and Payment Terms Cost Estimation & Timeline USD 6.500. 6 V 1. further for enhancements and maintenance work. failing which may extend the deadlines committed in Cost Summary and the deadlines are vulnerable to unavoidable delays due to external factors faced by either party. USD 2500.00 Advance Payment before Project Start On Completion of Project Milestone 1 On Completion of Project Milestone 3 Payment Milestones Payment Terms The system will be delivered with you with complete source code on receipt of final payment. No. Project Terms & Conditions  Customers agree to provide necessary feed backs and inputs within 24 hours of the request from the Developers.  After the development done from Radix. 1.0 20/12/2016 .00 Timelines – 4 . Wire transfer Transaction charges to be borne by client.00 3.  Any 3rd party component / library / tools used as a part of project development shall be procured by the client and provided to the developers.6 Weeks Amount Milestone Sr. USD 2000. Any change Requests shall be billed @ USD 22. client has full rights to do it themselves or any third party. USD 2000. Payment accepted by wire transfer only.

The Developers are not responsible for any down time.0 20/12/2016 .  Payments made to the developer are not liable to be returned. Developers have the right to remove the solution until payment in full is paid.  The Developers shall have no responsibility for any third party accessing. plus accrued late charges of 1 ½% per month.Confidential Project Proposal Ticket # In the event Customer fails to make any of the payments set forth on Cost Summary within the time prescribed in Payment Terms and Condition. The Customer shall take reasonably appropriate measures to protect the Web Site from unauthorized access. lost files. improper links or any other loss that may occur in the operation of the Web Site. using or taking all or any part of the Web Site. 7 V 1. theft or use of Materials.