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Influencer Marketing:

What You Need to

Know Before Your
First Campaign
by Brittany Berger

Writing & Research:

Brittany Berger
Victoria Hoffman
Graphic Design:
Quentin Zancanaro



1.What is Influencer Marketing?




Real-life examples


2. Why Leverage Influencer Marketing?


Expand your brands reach


Source user-generated content


Increase social shares


Drive traffic


Improve SEO


Boost your reputation


Drive sales


3. How to Create Killer Influencer Partnerships


Creating content


Expanding social reach


4. Influencer Marketing Tools


Influencer research tools


Influencer outreach tools


Next Steps


You see a new blog post or tweet about influencer marketing every
day. And youre very intrigued.
Youve heard crazy statistics, like how 74% of consumers rely on
social media to make purchasing decisions. Youve seen unknown
brands go viral overnight because of one mention from someone
who matters.
And you want that for your organization.
Sure, the expectation to go viral overnight may be unrealistic, but using those people who matter to increase your brands reach is not.
In fact, its more unrealistic to think you dont need tactics like influencer marketing to market your brand online. Social medias becoming
more crowded and its getting harder and harder to get (and keep)
your target audiences attention.
Influencer marketing essentially lets you borrow the engaged
community members and authoritative voice of someone else who
reaches your target audience.
But before you start emailing and tweeting some of the most important
people in your industry, you want to make sure youre doing it right.


In this eBook, youll learn more about influencer marketing, including reasons to work with influencers and different ways you can do
so, along with some campaign planning tips and, of course, tools to
make this all easier for you!
So, how can you make your content more searchable, findable and
shareable than ever? Lets take a look...


What is Influencer

1. What Is Influencer Marketing?


If you think about all the different types of marketing tactics today,
most of the names focus on what channel youre using. Its pretty
easy to figure out their definition.
Social media marketing = marketing on social media (a channel)
Search engine marketing = marketing on search engines (a channel)
Email marketing = marketing through email (a channel)
But when you break down influencer marketing the same way, youre
not left with a channel youre left with people. And thats essentially what it is: designing campaigns that use people as a channel
to reach your audience.

Influencer marketing is building relationships with key leaders

that can reach and engage your target audience.


The two main areas of your marketing strategy that work in sync with
influencer marketing are content and social media.
A lot of influencer marketing campaigns will involve creating content in partnership with an influencer. This may mean creating
something together or one of you creating content for the others
Social Media
Most campaigns also have a heavy social media component. Influencer campaigns often involve them sharing certain content or
participating in a campaign, such as using its branded hashtag.


1. What Is Influencer Marketing?

Real-life examples
To see how influencer marketing works in practice, lets look at a few
examples that each do something different.
Birchbox invites guest curators
Birchbox, a monthly subscription service for beauty and personal
care products, frequently partners with influencers to launch new
collections of products. Take, for example, their partnership with
Emily Schuman, the blogger behind Cupcakes & Cashmere.
A content partnership involved Emily creating a series of videos
for the companys blog. In them, she explains her choices for
her favorite products and shows you how she uses them in her
everyday beauty routine.

Birchbox May 2015: Curated by Cupcakes and Cashmere [Video]


But there was also a social media part of the campaign, as well.
Throughout the campaign, Emily shared photos of the products and
info on how she uses them on her own Instagram page, which has
over 300,000 followers. She also used multiple social media channels to direct her community to the content she was publishing on
Birchboxs website.


GE brings in Bill Nye

Another great example is GEs 2015 campaign with Bill Nye (the
Science Guy) to promote the launch of its #EmojiScience website.
Since the websites about using modern pop culture (like emojis)
to explain science, they brought in Bill Nye, who blends the two.
They teamed up and created a series of videos explaining topics
like super materials, evolution, and holograms using emojis. The
series is a part of the website and was also repurposed for social


CMI and TopRank leverage influencers in Wonderland

In 2014, TopRank Online Marketing and Content Marketing Institute
teamed up to run an influencer marketing campaign to promote
the Content Marketing World (CMW) conference. They enlisted
40+ influencers from major brands (including Kapost, MarketingProfs, and NewsCred) and provided them with a number of
content assets that they could use to promote their sessions at
CMW. The assets were created to match the campaign theme of
Alices Adventures in Wonderland, borrowed from CMWs theme
of Beyond Storytelling.

The campaign captured over 1,000 leads and 200,000+ eBook

views, generating substantial and sustainable exposure for the
CMW conference.


Why Leverage

When done right, influencer marketing is a quick (and usually fun) way
to make your campaigns more effective in less time. By reaching your
target audience through an influencer instead of finding them on your
own, people are already engaged and ready to trust and listen to you.
Additionally, here are some more excellent reasons to amplify your
marketing campaigns with influencer marketing.

1.Expand your brands reach

Growing an audience is a long-term task, but you want it to have as
many growth spurts as possible. Partnering with an influencer expands your reach more quickly than some organic methods, since
youre going straight to their already engaged audience, with a personal recommendation to boot.

2.Source user-generated content

Partnering with influencers to create content together takes some
of the content creation off your own teams plate. By publishing content created by influencers on your site, youre giving their followers
something that interests them, starting the relationship off on solid


3.Increase social shares

When content has a big name, such as an influential blogger, theyll
help promote it since its good for their brand, as well. When you
select influencers carefully and look for those with engaged audiences, theyll also have an audience who will want to share anything
involving them.

4.Drive traffic
Whether an influencer is promoting you in a website review or in a
tweet, including a link back to your website will drive their audience
to check out your brand. If youve planned the campaign well, those
visitors will be engaged and likely to convert.

5.Improve SEO
In addition to driving traffic, quality backlinks can help improve your
websites search rankings and traffic. A content-driven campaign
where bloggers talk about you on their site, for example, would ideally
include a link. By generating backlinks from influencers who have
high authority websites, you can improve your SEO game.


6.Boost your reputation

A personal recommendation from a trustworthy source goes a long
way in shaping someones opinion. Influencers are highly trusted by
their audience, so an endorsement or partnerships can go a long way
in building your brands reputation.

7.Drive sales
Endorsements are also very important for boosting sales. Surveys
have found that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key
influencer in their purchasing decisions. An influencer campaign can
drum up more conversions for a product or offer.


How to Create
Killer Influencer

Depending on what the goals of your marketing campaign

are, there are tons of ways to work with influencers. Whether its developing content or sharing it, on your platform
or theirs, what you create together is up to you.
But here are a few different categories your collaboration
might fall into:

3. How to Create Killer Influencer Partnerships

Creating content

Guest writing: you can either write something for an influential

publication to reach their large readership, or invite an influencer
to post on your blog to attract their readers to your website.
Interviews and Q&As: interview an influencer about something
both of your audiences have in common and publish as written,
audio, or visual content.
Livestreaming: for a real-time and personal campaign, host an
online event together to be streamed live.
Video series: a series of videos involving different influencers that
people can tune in to can build a deeper connection with their
Reviews: to promote a specific product or service, inviting influential target customers to create a review gives their audience an
in-depth recommendation.
Expert opinions: add more authority to the content you create
yourself by adding in insights from influencers.


3. How to Create Killer Influencer Partnerships

Expanding social reach

Content sharing: find influencers interested in your content topics

and show them why your pieces are share-worthy and important
to their audience.
Social media takeovers: handing your social media profile over
to an influencer for the day (or taking over theirs) brings their audience into your community and offers a boost in engagement.
Branded hashtags: if you have a campaign with a branded hashtag,
recruiting influencers to use it will encourage their audiences to,
as well.
Giveaways: hosting a social media giveaway or contest alongside
an influential partner expands the possible entries and increases
the chance of virality.


Marketing Tools

If you know how to build relationships, and most marketers do, the hardest part of influencer marketing can
sometimes be finding the time to do it. It can involve a lot
of research, evaluating potential influencer candidates,
and sending lots of emails.
As with most marketing tactics, the more popular it
becomes, the more tools pop up to help make sense of
things. These are some of our favorite tools to save time
on influencer marketing:

4. Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer research tools

Mentions own influencer scores and dashboards are great for
building a campaign with influencers that are true advocates.
Instead of looking at a list of influencers and finding people who
fit your audience, using Mention for influencer identification works
the other way around. We can show you people that are already
talking about and supporting your brand or a certain, then pick
out which ones are influential.


Little Bird
Little Bird is another solution that makes things easier by breaking
down influencer lists by topic. And they give you massive amounts
of other information, too.
As youre building your list within their platform, you can see information like the influencers likelihood to impact perception. And
isnt that one of the biggest benefits of working with VIPs in the
first place?
You can also run quick reports to see who youre already connected to and engaging with. That list is an important one. Why?
An influencer thats already a fan would be sure to say yes to a
partnership or campaign together.


BuzzSumos influencer search tool lets you find influential social
media profiles and publications based on a certain keyword or
what websites they share content from.
BuzzSumo also breaks down each persons influence, showing
you domain authority, number of followers, and how often theyre
retweeted. Those numbers help you narrow down your choices of
influencers to work with, and you can easily check out the content
they share.


MozBar, a Chrome plugin, makes it easy to see SEO stats for websites as youre browsing. If you have the full bar displayed, it will
show you things like keyword difficulty score and backlink info for
whatever page youre on. You can also minimize it so that instead
of the full bar, you just see the current sites domain authority on
the MozBar plugin icon.

Looking at the rankings and authority of a potential influencer can

tell you how well campaign activities on their website will increase
your reach, as well.


4. Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer outreach tools
If you know the company or website of someone youre reaching
out to, just type it into It will look around online
for all the emails associated with that domain. Once its done, itll
spit out a list, and you just look for the name or department you
need to contact!
You dont need to know much about a company to use it. For
example, say you want a quote from a companys marketing department but dont have names. Search for the company and
youll probably find a group email like
You can use that instead of a name, if need be.


An email plugin from the folks at HubSpot, Sidekick both tracks
email engagement (clicks and opens) and shows you a brief profile
of who youre emailing.
Because of that profile showing you the background info and social profiles connected to an address, it makes guessing emails
really easy. But aside from that, it tells you which influencers have
opened your email and clicked on any links inside.
This can help shape how youre going to follow up. If someones
opened an email a few times, clicked every link twice, and still
hasnt responded, they might not be interested. Dont have that
stop you from sending a second email, but you might want to follow-up less aggressively than with someone who hasnt seemed
to see your email at all.


BuzzStream is a CRM for PR and marketing that allows you to keep
track of anyone your team might be working with. You can create
projects for different campaigns, but easily copy contacts from
one to another for people you have ongoing partnerships with.
Theres also a Chrome plugin and Gmail integration that makes it
easy to add to your database while browsing.


Next Steps

Influencer marketing is a powerful tactic that can generate huge results when it comes to the amplification of content assets, generating
leads, and ultimately, closing deals.
By now, you should be equipped with the knowledge you need to go
forth and start your first influencer campaign, including:
Why your organization should leverage influencer marketing
How to create effective influencer marketing partnerships
The tools you need to get started with influencer marketing
Now that you know more about what influencer marketing is, how
it can help your business, and ways to get started, youre ready to
go! But just like any new marketing tactic, you need to build out a
strategy first.
Inject influencer marketing into your marketing strategy, and pretty
soon, other organizations will be reaching out to YOU to tap into your
influential powers.


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