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Peculiarities of operation cast lead

Operation Cast Lead refers to the 2008 offensive against terror groups in the
Gaza strip by the State of Israel and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).
Operation Cast Lead was a very successful operation for Israel. They
managed to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure of the Gaza Strip and
prevented further rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli cities. Clearly, The
IDF has managed to achieve the objectives of Operation Cast Lead.

The offensive however, showed certain peculiarities. They are as follows :-

1. In spite of Israel taking numerous precautions to prevent civilian

casualties, such as distributing countless leaflets, sending SMSes and calling
the people of the area which Israel was going to bomb, there was still heavy
casualties. Many innocent Palestinian civilians were killed or badly injured.
There was no shortage of warnings or time, but something prevented their
escape. How were there so many casualties, no one knows and no one wants
to investigate.

2. The UN fact-finding commission presented a report on this offensive to

the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The commissioner
who headed the commission, Justice Richard Goldstone, himself has
condemned the report and called it ‘one-sided and biased against the Jewish
State of Israel’. This statement was given to the Swiss newspaper ‘Le
Temps’ by Justice Goldstone himself. So much for the United Nations to be
called an “unbiased” organization.

3. When Israel had enough of the continuous rocket attacks and mounts an
offensive to prevent any more of it, the Amnesty international and all other
human rights organization come out of the blue and cry foul. NONE of these
organizations considered the fact that in the past 8 years almost 12,000
rockets were fired into Israeli cities and thousands of Israeli civilians were
either killed or severely injured in these attacks.

4. Just after the 6-month ceasefire ended on December 19th 2008, Hamas
fires rockets into Israeli cities of Ashdod, Sderot and Beersheba, showing
absolutely NO interest in extending the ceasefire and instead, opposing it.
Yet here, Israel is the aggressor.

5. It is widely reported that the Gaza strip was facing a humanitarian crisis
due to the blockage of supplies. Towards the end of the war, Israeli forces
find deep tunnels dug into the Egyptian border from Gaza strip. It has been
found out that these tunnels were used to smuggle in rockets and mortars.
Now, Gaza Strip faced such as acute shortage of essential supplies, yet, these
tunnels never brought in any food, fuel, medicines or any other essential

There are countless other such peculiarities which cannot be understood.

And most truths about Operation Cast Lead are indeed very peculiar.