Character Design Crit Presentation

Tuesday 10th January 2017
By Aureo Antonio

Audio Clip #23

“We don’t have anybody to back up your case”.
“That’s because all my witnesses are dead”.

• Two males adult having a conversation with
each other about a case were all the
witnesses have died.
• Sounds very sinister
• Quiet environment. It seems like the
conversation was taken place in a quiet area


The outline of my chosen idea is about two characters, a
detective bee and a scientist bear. The scientist bear steals
and secretly uses honey for his upcoming experiments in his
laboratory which then later the detective bee pays him a visit
inside the interrogation room to question him for his illegal
activities while the bear is in denial.

• School staffroom
• Zoo
• Wildcard (Interrogation Room)

Influence Map (Detective Bee)

Final (Detective Bee)

Influence Map (Scientist Bear)

Final (Scientist Bear)

Influence Map
(Interrogation Room)

Environment Design
(Interrogation Room)

Prop Design

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