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UT aa NL iele MR Mo M1 IA) Metal Ores, Sodium = rock salt ‘Aluminum = bauxite mm ‘Extraction Method of extraction = fh Ae = Calcium, Ca difficult to. ‘extraction ‘extraction o more diffcut more Magnesium, Mig ecomooce Hecteobss expersive ‘Aluminum, Al cn - z — eating with = ers ene on, Fe React moni a or carbon Lead, Pb monoxide ‘Hydrogen Copper, Cu a seeded Ory Silver, Ag, spurns ‘aia Least Reactive Lowrie _ _ wii _ Extraction of zine from zine blende Zenda may se pln, Zn. Fat msdn ak gh een Zneiphiée + Ongen > Zhen + Supt doxe ‘2208 (s) 3 (2Zn0 (8) 280" Then xe died one che ws ow 1. Ung cabin moneda Thi cid a mace: incoiie + Cabonmenosiée 3 Zre + Cobondosée ‘2n0 (s) CO (9) Zn(s) CO) ‘The final misture contains zinc and a stag of impurities. The zinc is separated from it by {ractional distilation. (t bolls at 907°C) 2. Using electrolysis ‘he enange ‘Smile Pej manent wh see ——— ‘Stage 1: The coke burns giving off heat “The blast of hot air starts the coke burning. It reacts with the oxygen in the air, giving carton dioxide Carton + Oxygen > Carbon dioxide ci oo cor Explanation: i's a combustion reaction which means I's @ redox reaction, The carbon ‘is gxidized to carbon dioxide. The blast of air provides the oiygen for the reaction. “The reaction is gxcthermic ~ it gives off heat, which helps to heat the furnace. ‘Stage 2: Carbon monoxide is made ‘The carbon cloxide reacts with more coke, giving carbon monoxide: Carbon + Carbon dioxide > Carbon monoxide cw CO) 200 (a) ‘Explanation: In this redox reaction, the carbon dioside loses oxygen. Its reduced. ‘The reaction is endothermic — it takes in heat from the furnace. This is good because ‘stage J needs a lower temperature, ‘Stage 3: The ironiill) oxide Is reduced ‘This is where the actual extraction occurs. Carbon monoxide reacts with the iron ore giving liquid iron: Ironill) oxide + Carbon monoxide 3 ron + Carbon dioxide FeO (5) 30 (gh 2Fe() 300" (9) ‘The iron trickles 10 the bottom of the furnace. Explanation: In this redox reaction, carbon monoxide acts as the reducing agent. It ‘reduces the iron(Il) oxide to the metal. ‘At the same time the carbon monoxide is oxidized to carbon dioxide. What is the limestone for? ‘The limestone reacts with the sand {sikea) in the ore, to form calcium silicate of slag. Limestone + Silica > Calcium silicate + Carton dioxide CaCor(s) — Si0*(s) CaSiO* (s) co*(g) ‘The slag runs down the furnace and floats on the iron. Explanation: The purpose of this reaction is to remove impurities from the moiten iron. ‘Silica is an acidic oxide. Its reaction with limestone is neutralization {because limestone is @ base), giving calcium sitcate, a salt ‘The waste gases ‘These are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Thay come out at the top of the furnace. Explanation: The carbon dioxide is trom the rectuction reaction in stage 3. The nitragen is from the air blast. It has not taken part in the reactions so has not been changed. “The: molten ion is tapped from the bottom. It is impure with carbon as the main impury ‘Some is run into moulds to give east iron. Thisis hard but brite. But most of the iron is turned into steel. Metal Used for. Properties that make it suitable ‘aluminium — overhead electricity cables a good conductor of dct (not as good as copper but {witha sive cor for strength) cheaper and unuch lighter; ductile, resists comoson coating (Ds and DVDs shiny surface reflec the laser beam tha “eax a CD or DVD. cooking fl and fod carters t-test to corrosion, canbe rolled ino thin sheets inks cans High, non-toxic resistant to corrosion. ‘copper ekectrcal wiring ‘one ofthe best conducts of elect, ductile seoling ‘allie, develops an tractive protective cating saucepan bases ‘conduct heat well unmeactive, tough ead holding the plas in stained-glass easy to bend at room temperature, unreactive ‘windows, and sealing joins in ols car batteries sjves a curent wien connect to eal) oie n an lect (ute sulphuric acd) sine protecting sel rom mst, _ofers sacrificial protection for toch batteries ‘gives a current when connocted to a carbon electrode, in anelectzlyte silver etic conection inside the best metal ofall at conducting electri, ductile ‘mobile Phones, keyboards, and Photocllac (PV) cells = rmimors, and mitrored sunglasses reflect ight very well even ina very thin coat |eoks good, and resists corrusion florium ——toothimplans, and replacement light tong, very resistnt to comoson, on-oi, malleable, hip and ke joints and ductile exhaust pipes for planes light very resistant fo comosion, ductile, high meling point Pipes anc tanks in chemical factories strong, very reitat fo corsion