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Ali day celebration in Bangalore

First time in Bangalore (or maybe in India) Ali day celebration has touch such heights. This is the grandest
celebration I have ever witnessed in my life. This was 3 day program from 23-25 April. This program was
organized by Agha Sultan, same person who organizes Hussain(a.s) Day every year in Bangalore
(Javed Jafri speech was from same event). I will try my best to include all major highlights of this event:1. Influential Ulemas & Khuddams from Iraq & India: Ulema of four roza e mubarak are present in
this event.
a. Roza-e-Aaqa Hussain(a.s),
b. Roza-e-Aaqa Abbas(a.s),
c. Roza-e-Aaqa Moosa-e-Kazim(a.s)
d. Roza-e-Aaqa Hasan Askari(a.s)
This event started with tilawat e Quran from khuddam of Roza e Mubarak of Hazrat Abbas(a.s).
From India, it includes ulemas from all part of nation. Notable mentions are Kalbe Sadiq, Kalbe
rushed. Apart from shia scholars, they included some sunni scholars. Their beliefs were one of
the major highlight of the event.
2. Inclusion of both tablighi and twallai takrir: This event is going in a fashion where a aalim deliver
his messages to people and a shayar will be introduced after him for twallai sher o shayari.
Whatever you are interested in you will never get disappointed and always take something from
the event.
3. Booths from all the above mentioned roza They have set up booths in Masjid premise for
spreading awareness about Imams(a.s) and our responsibilities. They are also giving books and
posters for raising awareness & religiousness in youth. Apart from this, they have put ariza box in
front of each both so that they can deliver ariza to their respective haram. This kind of attention to
detail makes the event a huge success.
4. Quiz contest- Yes!!!! There was a quiz contest as well, where 12 lucky winner(6 men, 6 women)
will be guest at Roza-e-Abbas(a.s)(
5. Awesome management: Ofcourse, this kind of event demand high management, which agha
sultan has successfully delivered. They have taken care of 30-50 uleams in highly respectable
manner. They have taken care of cleanliness inside masjid premise which is huge challenge in
this kind of event. They even take care of providing water bottles to the entire guest present. They
managed to do all this things with always smiling faces(which is a huge accomplishment IMHO)
Overall, this is highly enlightening event both in terms of religiousness & self-responsibility. I hope it
will keep me motivated like this. Request you to pray for wellbeing & success of organizers and all its
participants. I hope this information will motivates you and helps you to do better in your life as well.
Please do not forget me in your prayer as well.