Fufu Flour

Fufu is a fermented wet-paste made from cassava. It is ranked next to gari as an indigenous food of most Nigerians in the south. Fufu is made by steeping whole or cut peeled cassava roots in water to ferment for a maximum of three days, depending on ambient temperature. Process flow chart for fufu During steeping, fermentation decreases the pH, softens the roots, and helps to reduce potentially toxic cyanogenic

compounds. When sufficiently soft, the roots are taken out, broken by hand, and

Gari Fufu lourHigh quality cassava lourTa ioca afunKpokp gariGlucose yrup GlueEt anolComposite readLivestock feed ind stryLivestock feed pro uctsStarch in paper, etc.Starch in foodStarch produ ction At present, processors sieve manually by adding water to the r

tted mass on nylon or cloth screens. The fiber produced as a by-product is sold for a imal feed, either in its wet form or after sun-drying. The sieved mass is allow d to sediment in a large container for about 24 hours. After sedimentation, the wat r is poured off while the fine, clean sediment (mainly starch) is dewatered using a high powered Press. The cake is then sifted before drying. Apart from being ea y to prepare the consumable form, dried fufu has the advantages of having a longer helf life,being more convinient to store, and less bulky. When cooked, fufu is a creamy/white smooth textured product. When properly packaged and stored, ried fufu flour has a shelf-life of six months or m ore. Postharvest Equi p • • • • • • • • • • Peelers Washers Graters Pressers Extruders Millers Dryers Pelletizers Sealers Packing machines

Fermentation system for fufu production The Two types of fermentation are currently gaining wider acceptance by cassava processors in Nigeria. Submerged technology The technique adopted is the typical Yoruba fufu processing method. Peeled cassava roots are washed and soaked in fermenting vats for 4 days. The fermented roots are then sieved in muslin cloths. The filtrate is discarded. The sediment is collected in baskets and drained, then packed in woven polyethylene fiber sacks and allowed to drain. Submerged/Solid State technology The technique adopted is typical of the south-south and south-east fufu processing method. It differs from the traditional in three ways: • • • Grating of cassava roots after 3 days of submerged fermentation using a mechanical grater. A second stage of solid state fermentation (this can be described as "double fermentation"). Sieving with very little water.

Use of surface tanks for fermentations The construction of surface tanks facilitates the soaking of cassava tubers and can increase the volume of fufu processed per cycle. Different types of tank can be constructed, but the most

efficient are those with accessible stoppers/taps to control water flow and drain off, and those with effective drainage areas. These save on the time and drudgery spent in emptying the tanks by hand. Processors can get tanks made for them or rent them from service providers. Processing Equipment 1. Weighing Balance 2. Washing machine 3. Presser 4. Grater 5. Rotary Dryer 6. Disc or pin milling machine 7. Sealer

The design should ensure that all parts of the equipment are accessible for efficient cleaning. Materials used to fabricate equipment should maintain a surface that is easily cleaned. The equipment should be located to allow adequate maintenance and cleaning and should provide easy and convenient handling of raw material and products. Operators must consider the occupational safety of processing staff and prevent chemical, physical, and microbiological contamination of cassava and its products. The equipment should function according to intended use.

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What is Fufu Flour [Fufu Powder]? Fufu flour is to Western and Central Africa cooking what instant mash potatoes are to traditional European-American cooking. Fufu flour is used to make fufu meal; a smooth and thick dumpling-like meal. Fufu flour-like

staples are traditional foods all over Sub-Saharan Africa: i.e., Eastern Africa's fufu flour or Ugali flour and Southern Africa's fufu flour or Sadza flour (which are usually made from ground corn (maize). Fufu is a main dish accompaniment for soups, stews or other dishes with sauce. To eat fufu: use your right hand to tear off a bite-sized piece of the fufu, shape it into a ball, dip into soup or stew or sauce, or whatever you're eating. In Western Africa, Fufu flour is usually made from plantain or yams or cocoyam, sometimes combined with cassava. In Ghana Fufu or Fufu flour generally refers to Plantain fufu or Plantain fufu flour respectively.In Central Africa, Fufu flour is often made from cassava tubers. Other Fufu flour-like foods, Liberia's dumboy flour for example, are made from cassava flour. Fufu flour can also be made from semolina or rice combined with flour from tubers. Making Fufu from fufu flour involves boiling, and vigorous stirring until the fufu flour- water mixture is thick and smooth.

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