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It may arouse astonishment among the people of the world

that Bangladeshis devour adulterated foods from outside

and still they are alive. Food adulteration has become a
new problem in the country. People do not bother what
they are having as foods even they know that it may cause
them much harm.
There are hardly any food items from fish to meat,
vegetables to milk; biscuits to juice that are not
adulterated in one way or another. The hotels and
restaurants are also serving these poisonous and
unhealthy menus. Different reports show that adulterated
foods are causing serious diseases including diarrhoea and
dysentery round the year. Recently, the government and
general public have been much worried about this
issue. The government has set mobile courts to detect and
punish dishonest people. And at least some steps are taken
by the conscious people of the country. For example, they
are trying to avoid some of these foods. But it is not
enough. Both the government and public have to work
together in order to eradicate this problem.